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Call me ‘transgendered’
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In “Cruz floats report Planned Parenthood shooter ‘transgendered’ activist” (Nov. 29), Chris Johnson reports on the Texas senator’s outlandish assertion about the Colorado Springs shooter’s gender identity, quoting the Republican presidential candidate as calling Robert Dear a ‘transgendered leftist activist.’

While Johnson’s news story is welcome, his description of the term ‘transgendered’ as an ‘objectifying pejorative for transgender people’ is simply incorrect: many members of the community identify as ‘transgendered’ (including me), and it is in fact the correct adjectival form of the term ‘transgender’ when applied to people, as I explain in “Transgender usage: five misunderstandings about “transgendered.'”

Pauline Park is chair of the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy.

  • Yes – in the same way someone is gayed or Irished.

  • They call me ‘Bell’
    They call me ‘Stacey’
    They call me ‘her’
    They call me ‘Jane’
    That’s not my name
    That’s not my name
    That’s not my name
    That’s not my name

    Well, I’m open-minded but transgender issues stymie me a bit. Telling people not to use certain words tends to fail miserably… see “gay,” the n-word, etc.

    I work with a transgender male who just reads like a very butch lesbian to me. I have almost called him “her” multiple times because my brain doesn’t read him that way and I have to -willfully- override a lot of years of programming to not accidentally offend him.

    I feel quite bad for the transgender community because I see just a glimpse of how hard their struggle is. I do my part to educate people when I can but this one looks all uphill. Gay marriage was nothing by comparison.

  • I call you, ‘It’.

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