December 7, 2015 at 7:46 pm EST | by Michael K. Lavers
Dominican cardinal uses slur to describe gay U.S. ambassador
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A Catholic cardinal in the Dominican Republic on Dec. 6, 2015, once again used an anti-gay slur to describe gay U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic James “Wally” Brewster. (Photo public domain)

A Catholic cardinal on Sunday once again used an anti-gay slur to describe the gay U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez of the Archdiocese of Santo Domingo described James “Wally” Brewster as a “faggot” during an interview with Hoy, a Dominican newspaper. López also said the gay ambassador wants to promote “faggotry” in the predominantly Catholic country.

“What are we going to become with such a thing, an ambassador who is a faggot,” López told Hoy. “He [Brewster] should go home, he does not have to bring anything here.”

López spoke to Hoy less than a week after he described Brewster — who is married to Bob Satawake — as a “wife” who “should stick to housework.”

Brewster and Satawake discussed the comments last week during an interview with a Dominican television station.

“We consider this as noise,” said Brewster, noting he and Satawake continue to fight drug trafficking in the Caribbean country. The two men also highlighted their support of businesses and human rights for people with HIV/AIDS and other marginalized groups in the Spanish-speaking nation. “We want to keep working on those things that are important.”

Cardinal previously used slur to describe ambassador

López in 2013 described Brewster as a “faggot” after President Obama nominated him to become the next U.S. ambassador to the Dominican Republic. The controversial cardinal has also described gay men as “degenerates,” among other things.

“The Catholic Church constantly rebukes us,” Stephanía Hernández, a transgender rights advocate, told the Washington Blade during a 2013 interview in Santo Domingo. “If you are gay, you’re discriminated against. If you’re trans, you’re discriminated against. If you’re poor, you’re discriminated against.”

The State Department on Tuesday defended Brewster.

“U.S. policy is dedicated to eliminating barriers to equality, fighting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and engaging LGBTI communities around the world,” spokesperson Pooja Jhunjhunwala told the Blade in a statement that did not specifically mention López by name. “Ambassador Brewster, like all U.S. ambassadors, advances this policy along with many other aspects of our bilateral relationship. That there may be those opposed to the promotion of human rights in various societies around the world is not surprising, but it does underscore why this work is so important.”

Marianne Duddy-Burke, executive director of DignityUSA, an LGBT Catholic group, last week urged López to apologize for his comments against Brewster.

“On behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Catholics and our allies in the United States, I am writing to object, in the strongest possible language, to your recent remarks calling U.S. Ambassador James Brewster a ‘wife’ who should ‘stick to housework.’” wrote Duddy-Burke in a letter. “These comments are disparaging to a fine public servant, insulting on many levels, and entirely unworthy of a Church official.”

The Archdiocese of Santo Domingo has yet to return the Blade’s request for comment.

Dominican advocates have credited Brewster and Satawake with raising visibility around LGBT issues, which includes efforts to increase the number of gay tourists who visit the country. Brewster’s ambassadorship also coincides with the more moderate tone towards homosexuality and other topics the Vatican has adopted since Pope Francis assumed the papacy in 2013.

The Vatican has yet to respond to the Blade’s request for comment on López’s comments.

Wally Brewster, Dominican Republic, gay news, Washington Blade

U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic James “Wally” Brewster, left, and his husband, Bob Satawake, at their official residence in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in June 2015. (Washington Blade photo by Michael K. Lavers)

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  • The best ambassador of the United States of all time in the Dominican Republic! A unique and wonderful human being! Blessings!

    • Yeah, that’s how you guys describe gay people, “unique and wonderful human beings”, “fine” and “refined”, “exotic”. Gays deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, but not at the cost of changing our laws, culture and traditions tailored and designed to preserve the fundamental institutions upon which the rest of the world is founded, that is marriage and the family.

      • tough but you lose, almost all of western europe, and in the western hemisphere Canada, the USA Mexico, argentina , uruguay , brazil allow gays to marry under civil law

        if you dont like it go to the soviet union where it wont happen re gays for a millenium, also saudi arabia where 15 of the 19 nutcases came from re 9-11

    • teh dominican republic, where the so called gay conversion crap is moving and full of Jebus freaks

      Perhaps the cardinal should cum clean on how many sexual immature sexual predator sex starved priests he is hiding

      BTW he will probably appologize – the old game of saying something rotten and then after the media has moved onto tother story appologize, and almost no one will hear/ see the appology

  • Unbelievable. This needs to stop. He has tried to take him down way before his arrival. I believe that the embassador James Wally Brewster is doing a great job.

    • No more discrimination, it has to stop, immature and offensive remarks like these from closed minded and ignorant people like the cardinal lopez rodriguez just spread the hate in the Dominican Republic and sinks us even more in the category of being a third world country, it just contributes to the slowdown of growth as a country, what about the human rights, what about the freedom of speech, expression, choice etc., it’s not even about religion, it’s about rights

  • The Pope need to cleanout the stables.

    • well he appologized for the molester biz. How about a million $$ per head for the kid victims of the sex starved priests
      SNAP- the survivors network of those abused by sex starved priests says there were 100,000 kids in the usa alone

      $100 billion and the catholic church would be a “will the last priest out the door pls turn offf the lights”

      BTW many polls show that for catholics under 30, 75-80% of them support marriage equality under civil law.

    • hes trashed two bishops -the horrid Edmund burke of ST.louis and cardinal keith obrien who was actualy having sex with young church goers Ob’riens horrors resutledd in scotland voting for equal mariage 105 to 18 about a year ago

  • I’m a gay American who lived in the DR for a while… I’m familiar with the Cardinal and his homophobic vitriol. He is also on record as saying some time ago that “pajaros” — the equivalent of “f*ggot” in Dominican slang — should be “hung in the town square.” A real soldier for Christ! I think it’s worth noting, and investigating, that Cardinal Rodriguez’s good friend for many years was the recently deceased DR’s Vatican Ambassador Wesolowski, who was under house arrest in the Vatican awaiting trial for pedophilia, and crimes he committed against Dominican boys during his years there. Given the insular nature and size of that circle of senior priests, there is absolutely no possibility that Rodriguez didn’t know about it, and may very well have participated. We all know that the more vocal and hateful these types are in deriding gay people, the more likely they are to be dealing with their own self-hatred and internalized homophobia. I hope Pope Francis will reevaluate this man’s position and retire him. I heard he was already out or about to be, so I was surprised to hear of his raising his ugly, bigoted head again. What gay people, and all marginalized people of faith in the DR need (and they are the majority) is a representative from the church who understands their plight, shows them unconditional love and support, and offers a safe haven, not an alleged man of God (nothing could be further from the truth) who aggressively spreads more hate and intolerance. Wally Brewster and husband Bob S. are the best thing to happen to the DR in a very long time… A gift from the US whether many don’t yet see it that way and maybe never will. They also deserve a similar gift from the Church when this bigoted old dinosaur goes away and he is replaced by a true man of God.

    • Tu eligiste ser pajaro… naciste asi, es una preferencia sexual, por ende no es discriminacion. No queremos politica GAY en Republica Dominicana.

    • There’s one thing you ignore, our cardinal was the one who travelled to the Vatican to inform the Pope about Wesolosky’s wrong behavior.

      • That’s called “jumping the shark.” He knew the scandal was going to come to light so he thought he’d try to get ahead of the story so that people like you would think he wasn’t involved. How long did he know about it before he reported it? That’s the question. And the answer is that he knew for years… If he wasn’t directly involved in the abuse, which I think is highly likely, at the very least the Cardinal (aside from being a Godless, hateful, unholy bigot) is culpable by allowing the boys of his parish to be sexually abused by a pedophile priest. This not only makes him a criminal, but also makes him a de facto pedophile and sexual predator. He is an embarrassment to the Church and to the Dominican Republic.

    • May I remind you, MVByrne, that hatred of gay people does indeed come from both the Old Testament and the New. Severe homophobia is an indelible part of Christian tradition and teachings.

      I don’t see how one can separate homophobia from the Christian religion and still maintain a Christian religion. The purpose of religion is to shame and oppress somebody. This is why more and more people are becoming atheists. We don’t need a religion to teach us to love our neighbour. That comes naturally. Religion is needed to justify hatred.

      • One sees what one chooses to see in any religious doctrine… If you are a hateful, bigoted person by nature, that’s what you’re going to be drawn to. The bible is a manifesto of insane proclamations, bigotry, bizarre ideas and horrific violence, but strangely, not without some wisdom. I agree that Christianity, as a religion, often gets it wrong. In fact probably most of the time… Many Christians have simply been indoctrinated since childhood and are without the intellectual capacity to escape and abide by the church almost out of habit. They’re harmless for the most part. But many more hide behind their religion because they are too cowardly to admit that they are just selfish, hateful, narrow-minded, bigoted people who use their church to feel superior to others, and who, at their core, feel inferior and afraid… Bigotry is about tearing down other people so you can feel superior, and not having to face your own inadequacies, your own toxic self-loathing, and whatever other demons haunt you. But I disagree that homophobia is indelible in the Christian religion. True Christians rise above that simple-minded, hate fueled stupidity. Although raised Catholic, I don’t identify as a Christian. I do however adhere as best I can to the basic tenants of the teachings of Christ, namely “love thy brother as thyself”, and “judge not, lest you be judged.” I do not however anticipate a judgment day. I’m not afraid of God. I live with that mindset because that is my human instinct and it’s what makes me feel good about myself and others.To be a good person simply means living by the golden rule… It’s a shame more “religious” people, Christian or otherwise, can’t embrace that… “Above all else, love.”

      • a few years ago 2 orthodox in the Israeli knesset (parliament) caalled gays “worse then bird flu”

        After a lot of thought I mailed a letter to theirs offices telling them that their pixs was on the Hamas and Hezbola websites as the jews who wanted to throw all the Palestinians into the sea.I bet he lost 20 pounds as his digestive sytem went to warp speed

        for the kkkrazy ranters at DC pride a made a cross out of two sex toys, waved it around etc. the kids loved it,the rantrs having a fiit

        as the laughter died down I gave it oraln sex. thrilling the kids and hopefully preventing more suiicides

        Next year, bigger and badder to drive the ranters KKKrazy

    • I found a oix on the web of santorum (sanitarium) with his mouth replaced by an anus

      Sadly my old Photoshop wont run on windows 7

      scanning the web on sanatarium, there is so much about how orrid he is

      He’s dumb as a rock. Rachel maddow had him on MSNBC and he spilled all kinds of hared on gay peoplke , hopefully creasing more acceptance for marrge” =

  • I am appalled at the remark of this Cardinal. In which planet does this man live? These are times where tolerance, moderation and reconciliation is being worked all over the world. Simply, this venom cannot be tolerated. The dominican people should raise their voice. It is well known the association of Cardinal Lopez Rodriguez with the Nuncio Wesolowsky who abused dozens of poor children in this poor island and we are certain that this Cardinal has been protected by the corrupted officials and the corrupt justice of this country without paying the price, no doubt. We hope Pope Francis hear our sincere prayers and be the instrument of peace of this abused country and ban Cardinal Lopez Rodriguez from the public spectrum forever. The dominican people deserve better before more damage gets done. Enough is enough.

  • Could someone explain to me what “faggotry” is and what effects it would have on a community?!?!?

  • It’s a shame that people are still discriminating and is a big problem. There’s also a bigger problem the corruption that is happening in my beautiful country. The corruption in our country is circle that includes the politicians and the church sorry to say no I’m not sorry.

    • What has happend in latin america is that the churches (cath and shristian0 wanted power and joined the corrupt govts to get it

      now the people – a great majoority is some countries have rejected the churches and gays can marry in brazil, argentina , uruguay, mexico and a couple other nations

      The situation in columbia is ocnfused, their suppreme court ruled that marriage registrars must register marriages for gay people, but their senate said no by a big majority

      a reinfocing decison from columbiias supreme court is expected shortly

      see l

      another horror show for the pope, after catholic Ireland voted62% for rmarriage= last may 15

  • That was so funny to me….bad boy smh

  • Ambassador Brewster is fighting against corruption and discrimination of minorities in DR soil.
    Most of good dominicans endorse him.

    • “Most good Dominicans”, in other words, Mr. Soto, less than the majority of Dominicans who oppose and are against same sex marriages and gay rights, being that the DR is mainly a Christian country.

      • So You mean most dominicans are homophobics?

        • That’s what you said, Mr. Soto.

          • Most good dominicans endorse Brewster,that means majorities.

          • And who told you most Dominicans are good?

          • C’mon Titan, am dominican; I know my people, b/c few radical religous individuals are homophobics and haitians haters , thouse do no represent majorities.

          • My point is that most Dominicans don’t hate Haitians, but they don’t agree with illegal Haitians immigration. Understand the difference?

          • I do not agree with your point of view.

          • You forgot corruption issue
            Ambassador Brewster and the United states gov. are very concerned about that.

          • Yes, and I thank him for condoning and speaking out against corruption in our country, but he should go somewhere else with his pro gay campaign. He has to respect our stance on the issue.

          • His pro gay campaign is not my bussiness.

          • Nobody has to respect your idiotic, bigoted, discriminatory “stance on the issue”! And certainly not an envoy from the United States of America! How about we send you Donald Trump?! Sounds to me like he’s a guy you could support. Except he hates Blacks and Latinos… so maybe not a good idea?

          • In fact, I support Donald because I support Conservatism everywhere. He just might be what the Dr. recommended for this nation owes, regardless of his personal feelings and opinions towards Blacks and Latinos.

          • First of all, who cares who you support in the US presidential election? You’re not an American. Secondly, Donald Trump is not a conservative, he’s a radical. And he couldn’t care less about you because you are brown and from a Third World Latin country. In his eyes you are a rapist and/or a drug smuggler. And thirdly, you’re an idiot.

          • It would help the DR and the world if we DID alter the definition of marriage. Are we about preserving a definition, but punishing human beings? I think we can redefine, and we must redefine, marriage as a commitment between two loving people. But am sure you do not think that two men can love one another the same as two opposite-sex individuals.

          • This is where I lost my respect for this ambassador and gay advocates: He comes to DR as an official who promotes democracy, peace and “progress”, among other things, yet look at the kind of unhealthy behavior he’s helping to encourage and to propagate. What do you have to say about anal intercourse? Do you think that’s a healthy practice, penetrating the anus, causing the immunologic damage and tearing or bruising of the anal wall? Think of this. Rectal intercourse is arguably one of the surest way to spread hepatitis B, HIV syphilis and other blood diseases. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t have lubrication and is full feces, which combined with saliva (artificial lubricant), feces, semen and the germs contained in the saliva is a habitat for death and it’s against human health. I’m sure you all know and practice these things at your own peril. So, to most of us, it’s just unacceptable that this ambassador is trying to be an advocate for good while encouraging bad health habits, because, in the end, that’s what he’s doing and that’s what it’s all about.

          • Your ignorance is astonishing. I happen to be gay and I happen not to engage in anal intercourse or fellatio. Have you ever heard of masturbation? But, for those who do engage in anal intercourse, do they have condoms in DR?

            In addition, you have no concept of sexual orientation. You seem to think that it’s simply a matter of sticking one’s penis into a vagina or anus. Like it’s just a mechanical process with no emotions or other mental processes. Gay men are not sexually aroused by women. So, in your mind, you would say: “Then let them be celibate.” Sorry, that will never, never happen. Gay men are not going to observe close relationships amongst heterosexuals, whilst being celibate.

            This is why same-sex marriage is all the more necessary: To foster commitment and discourage sexual promiscuity.

            I don’t hear you criticising Lesbians. So, would you allow equal marriage for Lesbians?

          • Go read the statistics and check out for the % of gays who have anal sex, the number of sexual partners they average and how many times they do it in a year, actually every six months. And the argument against lesbians is no different. Do you think many lesbian don’t have anal sex simply because they have a vagina? You know better. and, in fact, the argument against same sex is the same for both: it’s against christianity and society, unnatural. God prohibited same sex unions. Period. And when someone prohibits you something you don’t questions his or her authority, you simply obey. But no, our society what’s to reason with God (nature) through naturalism and liberalism, in order to challenge his authority.

          • Fact is: there is no such thing as a “god”. So all arguments involving an imaginary god are invalid.
            Fact is: Homosexuality is natural for humans and about 1,500 species of animals.

            It seems that you are like a Muslim, you want to force your religion, thru legislation and the police force, upon others. I love this: “And when someone prohibits you something you don’t questions his or her authority, you simply obey.” That’s quite amusing.

            Looks like you’re going to be an increasingly angry person as more and more people are leaving religious dogma and setting themselves free to love whomever they wish.

          • That’s your argument, “there is no such thing as a god”, to prove the inexistence of God? If you heed the tone of my voice, you’ll notice that it’s not personal and free of hate. It’s, after all, for your own good.

          • How you know that? Did you conduct a poll?

          • at least he didnt put his finger up his butt like you prob did to find out about gay people and rights

        • Last time I checked, Christian is not a synonym of homophobia.

          • But been against same sex marriage is equal to be homophobics!

          • No, being against homosexuals is homophobic. I’m against same sex marriage and don’t accept homosexuality, which are two different things. Same sex marriage is not the same as being homosexual, Jaime.

          • That is a religous statement, same sex marriage is about legal rights for spouses,not matter wether they are male or female.
            I am not gay but understand others people rights.

          • Now wait a minute. If you’re not against homosexuals, but you’re against them marrying who they love, that’s a contradiction. And then to say that same-sex marriage is misguided, bent, malformed–wow, that’s about as homophobic as one can get. Yes, you are a true Christian!

          • It’s not. Marriage is an institution, independently of a person being gay or heterosexual. And that list of things I mentioned are part of a definition and doesn’t mean I’m being homophobic. You have to learn how to conceptualize. I, like most people, don’t agree with that kind of lifestyle exactly because of what you called me.

          • y ou have the right to rant on and make a fool of y ourself titan

            BTW titan thinks he is big and powerful. the definitian of titan is

            Titan : one of a family of giants in Greek mythology

            he’s also entitled to his MYTH-eology

          • keep hating and making a fool of yourself. For you and your kind, too bad the romans ran out of lions long ago but I do have a hungry similar tiger for you

            back when intel corp got in trouble re competition they had “operation crushs” that esesntially drove the competition into obscurity

            here is the music, and they actually had an enomous guy with a magnum walk down the ilse with a 400# monster tiger

            your being crushed re y our ideas all over the westernized world


            BTW intel was one of the first to offer partner benefits eg medical care to gay employees partners

          • depends, in the usa two of the most horrrific anit gay groups are christian extremists, eg the american family association and the family research council –
            both are filled with haters, basically racist with a new group to hate check nad

  • I dont know why you feeling so bad about the cardinal he just said the trust.
    No se porque ustedes se siente tan ofendido, el cardinal solo dijo la verdad, que el embajador de Estados Unidos es GAY, y que como Mujer que es que vaya a atender su Marido…..James Wally vino a Republica Dominicana a representar el pueblo de los Estados Unidos, la labor anticorrupcion que realizar es buena………..pero peor aun es la agenda GAY que tiene James en RD, desde auspiciar el matrimonio GAY y la Promocion GAY cada vez que puede…..Fuera el Embajador, necesitamos un mejor representante de USA.

  • Seriously, a corrupt, little man who wears a red dress and matching hat attempted to insult a US Ambassador by telling him to go and pretend to be a woman?

    The irony couldn’t get any richer.

  • BTWe ven GOP repubs are recognizing how far the repubs have run off the rails

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