January 23, 2016 at 11:29 am EST | by Michael K. Lavers
Protesters disrupt reception with Israeli activists at LGBT conference

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Protesters on Jan. 23, 2016, gather outside reception at the National LGBTQ Task Force’s annual Creating Change Conference in Chicago that was to have featured two LGBT rights advocates from Israel. (Photo courtesy of Andy Thayer/Gay Liberation Network)

Protesters on Friday forced the cancellation of a reception at the National LGBTQ Task Force’s annual conference that was to have featured two advocates from Israel.

Reports indicate that more than 200 people took part in the protest against A Wider Bridge, an organization seeking to bolster “LGBTQ connections with Israel” that organized the reception at the Creating Change Conference in Chicago.

A video that Andy Thayer of the Gay Liberation Network posted to his Facebook page shows protesters chanting “no justice, no peace” as they walked up a set of stairs in the Chicago Hilton

Several of the protesters held signs that read, among other things, “no pride in apartheid” to draw attention to the Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinians. They also spoke out against efforts to promote Israel’s LGBT rights record in an attempt to deflect attention away from its controversial policies in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Windy City Times reported that the protesters gathered outside the reception. A few of them were able to enter the room in which it was taking place.

Sarah Kala-Meir and Tom Canning of the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance, an Israeli LGBT advocacy group, were scheduled to speak.

Kala-Meir, who is the executive director of the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance, told the Washington Blade that the protesters began shouting at her and Canning. She said that they left the room through a back door.

“We did not feel safe in that environment,” Kala-Meir told the Blade. “Once we were shouted at by protesters, we felt it was quickly escalating and we went out a back door.”

Arthur Slepian, executive director of A Wider Bridge, in a statement said that more than 100 people attended the reception before the protesters disrupted it.

“Part way through the reception, a handful of anti-Israel protesters entered the room and later commandeered the stage, denying the leaders of JOH (Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance) the opportunity to tell their powerful story,” he said.

Slepian said the protesters blocked others from entering the room “ and turned the LGBT Task Force’s conference and the Hilton Hotel into a fire storm of hate that felt truly unsafe and threatening to many of our participants, and especially to our Israeli guests.”

National LGBTQ Task Force Deputy Executive Director Russell Roybal told the Blade that hotel personnel called the police in response to the situation. He said that his organization does not “believe anyone was arrested.”

“We carefully monitored the situation,” said Roybal.

Roybal did not specifically comment about the protest itself.

Decision to cancel reception reversed

Dean Spade, founder of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, and others, including members of the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity, sharply criticized the National LGBTQ Task Force for allowing A Wider Bridge to hold a reception at its annual Creating Change Conference.

The National LGBTQ Task Force earlier this month announced it had cancelled a panel that was to have included officials from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after “listening to concerns from our community.”

“The Task Force pays a lot of lip service to being concerned about social justice, and to understanding the ways in which oppressions intersect with one another,” said the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity in a statement it issued earlier this week. “Their actions this year have demonstrated a clear hypocrisy and betrayal of what queer liberation truly means,”

The organization also called upon the National LGBTQ Task Force to “reject Zionism” by supporting a campaign that calls for a boycott, economic divestment and sanctions against Israel over its policy towards the Palestinians.

“By siding with the forces of oppression and occupation, the Task Force is clearly on the wrong side of history,” said the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity.

The National LGBTQ Task Force initially cancelled the reception.

LGBT rights advocates and their supporters, including the Anti-Defamation League, criticized the National LGBTQ Task Force over its decision to cancel the event. The organization on Jan. 19 announced it had reversed its decision.

“We want to make it quite clear that the Creating Change Conference will always be a safe space for inclusion and dialogue for people with often widely different views,” said National LGBTQ Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey in a statement that announced the decision. “It was not at all our intention to censor representatives of the Jerusalem Open House or A Wider Bridge at Creating Change and I apologize that our actions left people feeling silenced.”

Thayer told the Blade that the protesters were “very, very angry that an ostensibly ‘progressive’ outfit like” the National LGBTQ Task Force “would host a pro-colonial organization.”

Teenager killed during 2015 Jerusalem Pride march

The reception was to have taken place less than five months after an Orthodox Jewish man stabbed a 16-year-old girl to death and injured five others during an attack on a Jerusalem Pride march that Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance organized. The July 30, 2015, incident took place a day before two Jewish settlers allegedly killed a Palestinian toddler and his parents when they set fire to their home on the West Bank.

“We are still quite post-traumatic from the attack at Jerusalem Pride,” Kala-Meir told the Blade, referring to the protesters. “It definitely hit on a nerve.”

“I would have like a chance to speak about our work and what we do in Jerusalem, but obviously we were not welcome there,” she added.

Slepian in his statement further defended Kala-Meir and Canning.

“These remarkable LGBT leaders from Israel, who do great work in the very diverse and challenging city of Jerusalem, had spent the last six months helping their community heal and recover from the trauma of a barbaric act of anti-gay violence at last summer’s Jerusalem Pride march,” he said. “They expected to be supported and embraced by the U.S. LGBT community at Creating Change. Instead, the protestors denied their humanity and silenced their voices, and the conference tragically did little to provide for their safety and security.”

Thayer rejected the comments that Kala-Meir made after the protest.

“The victimhood at this event being claimed by the Open House representatives is also disingenuous,” Thayer told the Blade. “The event they chose to attend was hosted by ‘A Wider Bridge.’”

“A Wider Bridge is notorious for frequently partnering with the Israeli government — including its most violent, right-wing, racist elements — to promote media favorable to Israel,” he added. “In the LGBTQ context, that’s ‘pink-washing’ — using LGBTQ community as political cover for the daily violence of the Israeli state, and the theft and violence of settlers and other far-right elements.”

Michael K. Lavers is the international news editor of the Washington Blade. Follow Michael

  • It is truly a sad day when progressive GLBTQ activists like Tom Canning and Sara Kala-Meir are forced out of a reception where they were scheduled to speak. As leader of a recent National Council of Jewish Women’s trip to Israel where we visited the Jerusalem Open House, I must say that we, in America, have a lot to learn from our Israeli colleagues about peace, tolerance and civility. Let’s not forget that Israel is the only place in the Middle East where gays and lesbians are open and the government punishes hate crimes against them. The delegitimization of Israel by “progressives” has gone too far!

    • One would imagine that an LGBTQ group would not use bullying as a means to any end. Of all the people in the world to boycott! Sara and Tom are both inclusive, brave, progressive people working to make the world a better place for Israelis, Palestinians and all LGBTQ people .

    • Islam wants to stone you, and you are protesting Jews?

      That is dum :-)

  • While I believe the right to protest is important, as a non-American, I did not think that Freedom of Speech meant disrupting conferences and not allowing others to speak. Preventing guests in your house from speaking is extremely rude.
    I saw other reports: You failed to report on the protesters chanting: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”. This mob was advocating the destruction of Israel. They also created a hazardous situation by blocking all passage in the hotel hallway where they installed themselves, allowing no one to get through.

    • Your thoughts are exactly on point, sir. There is no right to disrupt on private property–especially when it will create an unsafe situation such as blocking fire exits, etc. As the U.S. Supreme Court has noted, “it is not freedom of speech to yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater when there is no fire”.

    • This is nothing different than what is going on in leftist circles all over the country. Instead of actually trying to create dialogue and listen- yell loudly and try and silence your opponent. It is no mistake that protestors were shouting, “shut it down.” Its not enough for there to be an opposing view, it must be shut down. Make no mistake, these people are no different than the Trump supporters who spit at black people and immigrants.

      • “Leftist”? How is that tactic leftist? Donald Trump supporters are not leftist.

        Try calling a Christian conservative radio station to give a contrasting opinion about homosexuality or abortion and you won’t even be allowed to speak.

  • This is an example of blatant antisemitism (hatred of Jews) that happens in some cases to include internalized antisemitism.

    The protesters appear to believe that Israel has no right to protect itself from the jihadists whose openly stated goal is to wipe out Israel and replace it with an Islamic theocracy.

    They also have nothing to say about what would happen to LGBTers now in Israel if jihadists achieved their goals.

    There was a two-state plan on offer from the U.N. in 1947. Middle Eastern Jews accepted the two-state plan; Arabs overwhelmingly rejected the two state plan.

    Had that two state plan been accepted by the Arabs, there would have been no wars and no refugees.

    An Arab with money may purchase private property in Israel.

    But in the P.A.-controlled West Bank, and in Gaza, the penalty for the “crime” of selling property to any Jew is death.

    These protesters are fine with that.

    They are anti-Jewish bigots, so full of hate for Israeli Jews that if to get all Israeli Jews killed, they had to see Israeli LGBTers wiped out, with no LGBT rights in the territory that was Israel, they would cheer that outcome.

    They have ZERO practical suggestions of how Israel is to defend its population against the jihadist threat. They demonize Israel for protecting itself against the jihadist threat.

    And they certainly aren’t defending the rights of people of the Baha’i faith, who have their headquarters in Israel but are not allowed to exist in Gaza, the P.A.-controlled West Bank or in any Muslim-majority country.

    • scottrose, you say “The protesters appear to believe that Israel has no right to protect itself from the jihadists whose openly stated goal is to wipe out Israel and replace it with an Islamic theocracy.”

      That may also be the goal of these protesters. They chanted “from the river to the sea”, a phrase which means that the state of Israel should be dissolved and replaced with a palestinian state.

  • Andy Thayer ought to be ashamed and has a history of organizing anti Semitic events including hosting Russian who made flagrant anti Semitic statements a few years ago. His agenda is suspect.
    In effect the protestors called for the destruction of Israel . Is that in line with Thayers concept of social justice?


  • One group’s freedom of speech does not give them the right to deny another group’s freedom of speech. Don’t like what someone has to say? Don’t attend. Organize your own talk. Write a letter. But you don’t have the right to decide who can speak or not speak. In the U.S., freedom of speech is fundamental. Period.

  • I am afraid some of this is motivated and fueled by growing antisemitism that plagues the Middle East, Europe, Russia and America. We should be angry and protest the policies of the current Israel government; however, at the same time we must listen to its’ LGBTQ citizens at our queer tables. We already do this with fierce Catholic clergy, Baptist ministers, and other world leaders working inside very oppressive systems, religions, and governments. We do this because they advocate for LGBTQ lives, working and living inside those systems as individuals. The LGBTQ Creating Change protesters have just marginalized many Queer Jews from inside their homeland Israel. Ironically, the protesters in Chicago have become just as orthodox in their views about who does and who doesn’t get invited to the queer table; that they may look more like the Ultra-Orthodox murderer of Shira Banki at last years’ Jerusalem Pride, than Shira’s own LGBTQ family and mourners, including Jerusalem Open House.

    • Oh yea, what policies of the current Israeli government should we be angre about and protest?

      • Daniel whatever people want to be angry or disagree with is fair game; however, it doesn’t give the right for anyone who is in disagreement with Israeli government policies to shut down the conversation and dialogue. That was my point I was attempting to make. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

        • I got your point and I agree with it.

          As an aside, I was curious what policies from the current Israeli government make you angry?

          I personally think that’s a vapid PC throwaway line.

  • Awfully Jewey article…

  • If a conference is about LGBT equality, why would anyone think it an appropriate forum for debate over Israeli policies which have nothing to do with the LGBT people in their country or elsewhere? The gay community needs to remember that we are a politically diverse community of people with common cause: to seek equality before the Law.

  • At the end of the day, this is what Creating Change, and the leadership of the Task Force has created. They have repeatedly refused to stop protestors when they have interrupted events. In fact, leadership has cheered protestors on as they have interrupted scheduled speakers and events.

    When you refuse to actually control your own events, don’t be surprised when things spiral out of control. If I was a major funder of NGLTFQ, I would be asking myself if this is the kind of an organization that I want my dollars to fund.

    As to the protestors themselves, it is greatly disturbing to see videos of protestors shouting, to the sea, Palestine will be free, people being called kikes as they try to enter, and blocking jewish people from getting to an event. The video is quite disturbing.

    And regardless of how the Task Force tries to play this: it happened under their watch, and it is because they have fostered an atmosphere where whoever shouts the most is the one who is heard. That’s not how you create change.

  • Israel is supposed to be a holy land.
    Move to the Arab countries and do this

  • And the word “Kike” was used by some of those disrupting the Shabbat service and reception at Creating Change. Do queer Jews deserve this sort of verbal abuse in what bills itself as a “safe space”?


  • Once Israel joins the community of law abiding nations, it will face no such resistance. But so long as Israel illegally occupies Palestine, so long as Israel remains a theocracy where members of only one ethnicity/religion can be a first class citizen, so long as Israel engages in war crimes and crimes against humanity to support all of this, then under the Nuremberg principles, we are all compelled to intervene to stop this crime spree.

    As American Jews, the burden falls upon us especially to take a stand against our tax dollars being sent to Israel to perpetrate these crimes ostensibly in our name. Never again means never again. Any questions?

    • Golly, your screed is filled with lies and superficial slogans.

      Israel has offered an end to the occupation multiple times in exchange for peace and secure borders, as per UN SC Res 242, which is the overriding international law on the matter. All offers were rejected by Arab regimes and the PLO.

      Israel is not a theocracy. A Muslim who sits on Israel’s Supreme Court just sentenced a former Israeli Jewish Prime Minister to prison for corruption.

      Any questions?

      • Israel has slow walked the “peace process” to the extent that it is meaningless. Israel has practically ignored Res 242 not to mention nuclear non-proliferation. Israel has established an apartheid wall that is illegal in and of itself and carries echoes of Israel’s collaboration with the apartheid South African regime as well as Honecker’s East Germany.

        This is because Israelis see Israel is being divinely gifted to “the Jewish people” simiiarly to how ISIS sees itself as being divinely ordained to establish a Caliphate and how American fundamentalist Christians see American support for Israel as their duty to hasten the second coming of Christ.

        There is no such thing as “the Jewish people.” The nonexistent community created of by and for Israel’s existence thus needs no homeland. Israel’s record of state sponsored brutality and terrorism belies any democratic claims boosters might make.

        Israel must make a choice: democracy or apartheid. Israel is currently doubling down on apartheid, thus Israel’s legitimacy is deteriorating in the eyes of the world along with its imperial patron, the US.

        • Aside from your offensive rejection of Jewish peoplehood, as well as your trite ignorant screed littered with bullshit claims of Apartheid, let’s just deal with a verifiable truth:

          Israel is in compliance with 242, which called not for a total withdrawal of occupied territories, as well as “secure and recognized borders, free from threats or acts of force.”

          The other side has ignored 242, and how.

          • Your imposition of peoplehood on us all with violence towards Palestinians and vicious attacks against any of us who don’t march in lockstep with you offends more and more American Jews every day. You delegitimate Israel with your vitriol.

          • No imposition; Jews were a people before Palestine had Arabs.

            Nah, overwhelming majority of American Jews believe in Israel and Jewish peoplehood.

            It’s Palestinian peoplehood that’s caused nothing but conflict; has imprisoned its own people and condemned its children to death.

          • The notion of “A Jewish People” is a 19th century European Zionist construct.

          • Jews are widely acknowledged as an ethnic religious group.

            Tell me, how is a Palestinian people not a complete invention?

          • I think that it was the Soviet Union and Germany during WWII that indicated Jewish ethnicity on passports. Maybe South Africa did too. Israel keeps this kind of company and that is why Israel is being delegitimated in the eyes of Americans and American Jews.

          • How many Jews have been expelled from Muslim countries after living there for generations? Yet that’s okay to you, right?

          • When you change the subject, you stipulate to the bankruptcy of your position. You cannot defend Israel on its own merits because Israel is simply indefensible as currently constituted.

          • The subject was glbt rights in the middle east. It’s you who hijacked the subject to make it about your hatred for Jews and Israel in particular! Your just a modern day nazi spewing BS about Zionist conspiracies!

            It’s your agenda that’s indefensible and offensive!

          • There was no such thing as “The Jewish People” until European Zionists invented the concept in the late 19th Century.

          • As if Palestinians are not perpetrating vicious attacks themselves! Who are you trying to kid? Suicide bombing have no justification! It’s your ilk that are imposing vicious attacks for showing anything that paints Israel in a positive light! Why shouldn’t Israel retaliate against such barbarity?

            Europeans do it against Muslims then it’s fighting terrorism but when Jews doing it against Palestinians for doing the same then they are condemned! It’s a very convenient double standard!

          • People living under illegal occupation are allowed under international law to resist. Israel needs to comport with the law if it is to not be rendered completely illegitimate.

          • Israel is recognized as a nation by many countries such as the U.S. so it’s not illegal occupation!

            Show us the deed to the land Palestinians have to it? The kingdom of Israel existed long before those Palestinians moved in. When Jews were forced out of Israel the “illegal” occupation came when the Palestinians moved in!

          • The legally accepted territorial bounds of Israel are recognized by most nation states. Israel’s illegally occupation of the territories are not recognized by any nation state. This is all well settled international law.

          • Palestinians and most Arab nations don’t even what to acknowledge Israel and you people only advocate its destruction.

            Who are you to determine those boundaries?

          • It is not me determining these boundaries it what is the relevant international institutions as well as the preponderance of what other governments recognize.

            Israel is the illegitimate outlier on this.

          • Relevant? Define relevant? Nations often disagree about what a nation and it’s boundaries are.

            Russia supports your Palestinian boundaries but the also annexed the Crimean peninsula against the wishes of Ukraine which many other nations condemn as illegitimate.

            So you think Russia is right on Palestinian territories but wrong to take Crimea? Historically Crimea was Russian.

          • There is a legal basis for the transfer of the Crimea by the Soviet Union to Ukraine as a gesture of friendship was illegitimate just as there is a legal basis that Israel is illegitimate.

            There is no difference between Russia’s reannexation of Crimea and the inevitable replacement of a theocratic state of Israel with a secular multiethnic democracy that comports with international law rather than wield thermonuclear weapons and white phosphorous against civilians.

          • Israel consistently kicks ass in the region it won’t be replaced by your Hamas terrorist.

        • What about Muslim nation apartheid against GLBT people in genera let alone imprisonment, torture and execution? GLBT can live openly in Israel could then in the Palestinian Territories without assault or murder? If you’re gay why don’t you declare it openly to all in a Muslim nation? I’d like to see how long you will last!

          • We’re talking about Israel now. We can talk about other countries elsewhere.

          • When you defend murderers as if they were martyrs or Iinnocentssaints while reviling others as devil incarnate it is a fair assessment to evaluate actual truth and facts of what you defend.a half picture is not a full story. Hiding these facts is injustice meant to push an agenda and bank on the support of the ignorant who accept what you claim at face value! We are not all your feeble minded sheep.

            These are all facts that need to be brought forth to avoid your Half-truths and facts by omission. Your’re no better than revisionist nazis by your tactics. If you fear getting burned don’t play with fire!

          • This kind of frothy vitriol, erecting strawpersons conjured in your own mind to demolish, is what delegitimates Israel. The US supports Israel, Israel claims to act in our names when it perpetrates its crime spree, and this story is about an action standing up to that. I could see why you’d want to change the subject but I will not have any of that.

          • Your hate for Israel blinds you to the truth of glbt under Muslim countres. You can’t negate this reality!

          • You are projecting your own narrative onto me just as you are asserting that your crime spree is being perpetrated on behalf of a group that you insert me into against my will based on your criteria. Please stop that.

          • How many crimes have Muslim countries perpetrated against GLBT people around the world? Sharia law for example. ISIS murders. When Palestinians embrace GLBT on the same level as Israel then we can talk about human rights. Until then you are only blowing smoke out your rear!

            I will not put a blind eye to Muslim Extremist violence against GLBT to support your Greedy Palestinians who want it all and refuse to compromise rationally for peace! This is a GLBT website so those issues matter and are not off subject! Further, the conference you people disrupted was on GLBT issue not the conflict between Palestinians and Jews so you brought it off subject!

            Hamas is a terrorist group supported by Palestinians who perpetrate violence and promote murder through suicide bombing! Barbaric and not what Americans support!

          • We are not talking about Muslim countries, we are talking about Israel. It is clear why you want to change the subject. But that is not going to happen.

          • What are the Palestinian territories recognized as? A Muslim country and it is you who bring the issue up about Israel’s policies towards them!

          • There are plenty of Christian Palestinians. Your hatred and prejudice consume you.

          • Now who is changing the topic? Hamas is not Christian.

            But if you want to go there the Christian bible states that the Jews will return to Israel before the 2nd coming of Jesus so Jews must be there in order for Christian prophecy to become reality. That’s why many American christians especially the fundamentalist support Israel.

          • “There are plenty of Christian Palestinians. “

            The same percentage of Palestinians are Christian as people are queer. That’s plenty.

            Your hatred and prejudice consume you.

            Presuming that Palestinians don’t exist is like claiming that lesbians and gays don’t exist and is what prejudice looks like.

            I question the legitimacy of a nation-state of, by and for “The Jewish People” where worldwide the majority of Zionists in support of that project are millennial fundamentalist Christians. I grew up for a time in Texas. Trust me on this.

          • Look who is talking about consuming hatred and prejudice using words like Zionist! Hypocritical and specious arguments!

          • I use “Zionist” to distinguish those who support the political project of Israel from people who are ethnic Jews and those who are religious practitioners.

          • sffoghorn — You need to drink a long tall steaming glass of STFU.

            Middle Eastern Jews need appropriate advocates in the United States — You are behaving and talking more like Rabbi Stephan Wise who persuaded U.S. Reform Jews to keep quiet about the Holocaust as it was ongoing.

            Your wild-eyed distortions, your lack of any balance in what you say about Israel disqualify you as a commenter with whom reasonable people could discuss these matters.

            You have the commenting habits of a TROLL.

            The bottom line in this matter is that gay Israeli groups are very welcome in the United States and that when they come here they are to be accorded the same courtesies that anybody else speaking at a particular conference is given.

            This country has freedom of speech and freedom of association, and Israel is one of its strongest allies and trading partners.

            The American people overwhelmingly support Israel against jihadists and people like you.

            There will always be someplace where lunatics and bigoted jerks won’t permit people to speak but we will find good secure venues for our gay Israeli friends to come and speak with us.

          • Why might you think that ISIS, not to mention other jihadi groups, have yet to try an attack on Israel?

            Israel stands in stark violation of international law. Israel is in violation of the nuclear non-proliferation treaties using technology developed with its partner in apartheid, the former nationalist quasi fascist South African government.

            Gay civil rights can never be built on a foundation of apartheid for others. That is the same thing as claiming that since some white women in the antebellum south were well off compared to women in the north, that slavery is no big deal.

          • What you can have is your Palestinian suicide bombers! Americans would never empathize with such tactics! Palestinians cheered the 9/11 attacks on us!

          • This kind of prejudice has no place in civilized society and it indicates how far discourse in Israel has deviated which is why Israel faces increasing delegitimation amongst Americans and American Jews.

          • Israel is the nation state that is illegally occupying territory and which displaced countless residents in the years of terrorism leading up to its “declaration.” That is the crime in the first instance.

          • The land was israel’s for centuries before the Palestinians lived on it!

            Until Arabs stop suicide bombings they cannot whine about terrorism! You are blind to that but many are not!

          • There was no such thing as Israel until 1949, no such thing as “The Jewish People” until conjured up by European Zionists late in the 19th century.

          • Really? What did kings david and Solomon rule over thousands of years before? Don’t BS us!

            Palestinians have respect for nothing! They destroyed the grave of Joseph not long ago! Even graves can’t be treated with dignity and respect by them!

          • There were no nation-states as we know them now at that time in history.

          • But there is precedence for an Israel in the place it is now which included those territories you say are Palestinian. Jews were there first and what you call Palestinian today we’re not!

            Palestinians came in when Jews were forced out through diaspora. Their descendants are claiming their legacy.

          • None of that has any bearing on international law and the posture of the global community and its multilateral institutions reflects that.

            Israel is the illegitimate outlier.

          • indeed it does because many nations don’t recognize international law. Russia doesn’t and China doesn’t in relation to Taiwan. Israel will be here long after you are gone. Get over it!

          • Either Israel is continually facing an existential threat or it is here to stay. If Hezbollah could kick the IDF’s ass as it did last time Israel went in to rescue its kidnapped soldiers, then it is increasingly less able to project power. Not only is Israel increasingly illegitimate amongst an American electorate that prefers to take care of our own arrears than send money out of the country, that means that future subsidy might not be a slam dunk should the political class lose upcoming elections.

    • We all know you’d never be writing these things about the Chinese in Tibet, the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, the brutalizations of Kurds. I could care less that you say you’re Jewish. You’re just another hyperfocused hater of Jews

  • f—g weirdos, anyone who is associated with the anti- Israel movement should be deported to live in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

  • GLBT is not about rights for homosexuals, it is about the elevation of bureaucracy and the free market over the human sex drive, and the capacity of already privileged individuals to further their own privilege by claiming victimhood at the expense of the legitimately disadvantaged. GLBT does a disservice to actual homosexuals by propounding the pernicious claim that love and personal lifestyle preferences derive their legitimacy from legislation. What the government gives, it can take away.

    GLBT supporters support Fakistinian terrorists more often than Israel despite the latter being hospitable to them while the latter officially seeks to exterminate all homosexuals because they share common means and ends – leveraging doublespeak, doublethink and aggressive victimology to get money and power and to antagonize legitimate and responsible social authorities. What drives these victimological hypocrises into the same boat is ultimately their mutual inability to produce anything of value – to create a better life for Arabs or address real problems in Western society.

    Those who cannot create will be inclined to destroy. Or, as Hitler put it, “the great strength of the totalitarian state is that it compels those who fear it to emulate it.” GLBT activists are too cowardly to take on real social evils and would get killed if they pulled their shtick in Hamastan, so they prefer to side with other authoritarians against the forces of freedom.

    And that is why so many GLBT thugs also support Hamas.

  • Anybody who is Israeli or Jewish needs to worry about brownshirts attacking any event that features them. The two Jews in this case were shocked despite ample warning. Jewish groups need to develop a strategy for how to deal with brownshirt activity.

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