May 25, 2016 at 3:20 pm EDT | by Mariah Cooper
Time magazine’s rainbow cover sparks outrage

Time magazine’s “Battle of the Bathroom” cover is receiving social media backlash for using the rainbow colors of the gay pride flag.

The cover shows rolls of toilet paper in different rainbow colors on the cover of the magazine. However, it caused some people to wonder why the magazine didn’t use colors of the transgender flag.

BuzzFeed News reports people have taken to Twitter to express their frustration.

“Dear @time this is a gay pride flag, not a trans pride flag. This is erasure and a failure of basic due diligence,” one person tweeted. 

New York author Rachel Sharp was able to recreate the Time cover using colors of the trans flag using freeware. Sharp says she did it in “ten seconds” and that “it’s critical that news outlets get it right.”

“I love that a variety of gender identities and sexual orientations are becoming more visible, more discussed, and hopefully therefore more widely accepted,” Sharp told BuzzFeed News. “I’m cis, but I do give a damn about my trans friends getting good and correct representation. So should the cover editor at Time magazine. So should everyone.”

  • Erasure? Really? The cover of Time Magazine is the opposite of erasure, whether you like the illustration or not. According to Wikipedia, “Unlike within the wider LGBT communities worldwide which have adopted the Rainbow flag, the various transgender individuals, organizations and communities around the world have not coalesced around one single flag design. Instead there are several flags used and endorsed by the varying transgender individuals, organizations and communities.” The cover design is a striking graphic inspired by the far better known rainbow flag, which our enemies certainly regard as including the T even if you don’t. This is the sort of fake controversy that causes people whose support we need to roll their eyes and turn away.

    • To the contrary this is the most accepted Transgender flag

      • Lindy, I am familiar with that flag, but that does not refute the Wikipedia entry I quoted. The general public is not remotely as familiar with that transgender flag, which is far less striking visually than the rainbow flag. It therefore has little chance of catching on as a design theme. Demanding equal rights from our government is one thing; we cannot impose our preferences on designers and editors. The complaint about the Time cover is unreasonable.

  • I’m trans, myself and I see no real issue with this. TIME is an ally. I think we can overlook a design choice when they have done SO MUCH to help us.

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