August 16, 2016 at 12:08 pm EDT | by Mariah Cooper
Johnny Weir called ‘a bad drag queen’, responds on Instagram
Johnny Weir, gay news, Washington Blade

(Johnny Weir. Photo via Wikimedia.)

Johnny Weir responded to internet negativity directly with an Instagram message aimed at one troll in particular.

Weir is currently covering the Rio Olympic games and brought along his trademark eccentric style. His eye-catching clothing elicits many comments, but Weir decided to call out negative comments by using one particular message as an example.

The 32-year-old posted the message in question over a photo of himself.

“You give gay people a bad name. You are a bad drag queen. And not pretty. You come off as a sad faggot. Shame on you,” the message reads.

Weir posted his response in a caption under the photo.

“This message was sent to me today,” Weir writes. “I don’t feature being called a ‘faggot.’ This has to stop. This jealousy and hatred from within my own community is stunting our growth.”

“I wear the clothes that I like and clothes that entertain, which is my job,” Weir continued. “At home, I am not this person. I can wear whatever I want because I can. If you aren’t interested in me, stop following me. I work on television, fly around the world all year to different events. What do you do Gary?”

  • I agree. I have to turn off the TV when Weir comes on. He doesn’t add anything to the commentary and is an embarrassment to the community. To Weir: Just because the person who commented might not be on TV and flying around the world free as a privileged person, doesn’t mean he isn’t contributing to his community. But, I would expect you to believe nodody does as much as you. And that makes his point.

    • I think Johnny’s point is that there’s enough anti-LGBT hatred out there without us, the LGBT community, adding to it. Who cares what he wears? Isn’t that one of the things we’ve been fighting for years, our worth being judged only by how different or same we look?

  • I just watched he and Tara Lipinski do a golf commentation with Terry Gannon and I thought he was very funny. I myself am not gay but I do have a lot of gay friends who I love just as much as my heterosexual friends Isn’t this world hard enough??? Lets all try to love each other for who we are and our differences. I like to reference the Bible verse ” judge not lest ye be judged ” ❤️

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