February 20, 2017 at 5:06 pm EST | by Chris Johnson
Trump admin to rescind trans student protections: source
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions are set to undo guidance protecting transgender students. (Washington Blade photos by Michael Key)

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions are set to undo trans student protections. (Washington Blade photos by Michael Key)

Despite pleas from parents of transgender children and LGBT employees, the Trump administration is set Tuesday to rescind Obama-era guidance to schools barring discrimination against transgender students and ensuring they have access to the restroom consistent with their gender identity.

Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, told the Washington Blade on Monday she’s heard from “reliable sources” President Trump has green-lighted the plan for the Justice Department and Education Department to send a “Dear Colleague” letter to schools rescinding the guidance.

“This is the first day of the president’s second month in office and he is now fully coming after LGBT people,” Keisling said. “I’m angry; I’m outraged. This is about kids who just want to go to school who just want to be themselves, and to hear the president a week or two ago talk about how supportive he is of LGBT people, it’s just outrageous that he’d go after trans kids this way.”

Removal of the guidance would fulfill a campaign promise from Trump, who pledged to rescind the guidance after it was issued, but still “protect everybody,” amid outcry from conservative-leaning states. The Trump administration would be moving to rescind the guidance shortly after the confirmation of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Jointly issued in May under the Obama administration by the Justice Department and Education Department, the guidance asserts that denying transgender students access to the restroom in accordance with their gender identity violates the prohibition on sex discrimination under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

Rescinding the guidance is consistent with a legal brief the Justice Department filed earlier this month in litigation against the guidance filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on behalf of 12 states. As a result of the litigation, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor issued a preliminary injunction barring the administration from enforcing the guidance nationwide.

Although the Justice Department under former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch filed an appeal along with a request with the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals seeking to limit the scope of the injunction to the 12 plaintiff states, the brief under Sessions withdraws that request and informs the federal appeals court the Trump administration is “currently considering how best to proceed in this appeal.”

Transgender advocates took the change in position at the Justice Department as a signal Trump would soon fulfill his campaign promise to reverse the guidance.

A flurry of letters were sent to the Trump administration calling for preservation of the guidance. One came from a quartet of pro-LGBT advocacy groups, one from nearly 800 parents of transgender youths and another from LGBT employees at the Education Department. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a statement to the Washington Blade the change in position at the Justice Department is “deeply disappointing.”

Other LGBT advocates over the course of the holiday weekend said they similarly heard the Justice Department and Education Department would act to rescind the guidance.

Kelly Love, a White House spokesperson, had no comment in response to the Washington Blade’s request to confirm the Trump administration would follow up on the Justice Department’s move and rescind the guidance.

“We have nothing to add to this report right now, but will keep you posted if anything changes,” Love said.

A spokesperson for the Justice Department declined to comment. The Education Department didn’t immediately respond to a request to comment over the holiday weekend.

A decision to withdraw the guidance could be an initial signal of the Trump administration’s position in the case before the U.S. Supreme Court known as Gloucester County Schools v. G.G., which resulted from transgender student Gavin Grimm suing his high school to use the restroom consistent with his gender identity. The questions before the court are to evaluate the guidance and whether the prohibition of sex discrimination under Title IX applies to transgender students seeking to use the restroom in school consistent with their gender identity.

The Trump administration would be rescinding the guidance weeks after the White House issued a statement declaring Trump is “respectful and supportive of LGBTQ rights” and would preserve a separate order from President Obama barring anti-LGBT workplace discrimination among federal contractors.

Even if the U.S. government rescinds the guidance, transgender advocates have insisted students are still able to sue on their own under Title IX if they feel they’ve experienced discrimination as a result of their gender identity.

“It doesn’t take away trans kids’ rights,” Keisling said. “It’s Title IX that protects us, not Donald Trump or Attorney General Sessions agreeing with us on Title IX.”

Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, said in a statement the Trump administration must affirm the guidance for transgender students must remain in place.

“Transgender young people face tragically high rates of discrimination and bullying, and they need a government that will stand up for them — not attack them,” Griffin said. “It’s shocking that this kind of harm would even be a subject of debate for the president. We call on Trump to immediately and permanently affirm the Obama Administration’s guidance and protect transgender students.”

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          • Don’t blame your teachers.
            Your ignorance is willful.

            Trans individuals neither harm you, nor do they harm anyone else. Your problems with them, and your biological essentialism has been refuted, repeatedly, by virtually every peer-reviewed research ever done on the matter. This is a fact, and it is not debatable.
            But hey, you keep on keepin’ on with that. Keep willfully hating that which you do not understand, and do not want to. Most of the rest of the world will find a way to be gracious and understanding in the face of that which harms no one.
            I have things to do today.
            Now, you get typing, young man. You need to make your obsession with other people’s genitalia public, yet again.
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          • Wrong. I don’t care how many quacks you can find to say that women can have penises and men can have vaginas. And I’ve never had a problem with transgender people, until they decided that biological male’s, with a penis, have a constitutional right to go into the ladies locker room, and that it needs to be the law of the land.

          • And what does it matter to you? Does it bother you to see the organs of the opposite sex, or if they see yours?

          • I don’t want vaginas in my locker room. Stay out, freak.

          • It is not acceptable for my wife or daughter is to walk into the ladies locker room and see a penis. If you need me to explain why, then you’re too sick to understand the answer anyway.

          • Actually, you know, I would like to see you explain it. I mean, I get it, penises are scary things but, I’d still like to see you explain it, just the same. Based on what you said, you having a daughter, I assume your wife has seen a penis before so I don’t believe it’ll come as an entirely surprising thing. It’s not as if they change room will be full of individuals waving the penises about yelling “TAKE A LOOK AT THIS”, unless that’s what you think transgender people will do. You’d be more comfortable with someone who looks every bit a man excepting they’ve a vagina.

          • Meowing weasel if you don’t get it you’re to f up to be discussing it do you need attention that bad?

          • No, no. Don’t dodge it. I want to hear the line of reasoning. You don’t like seeing a penis? Does it make you uncomfortable? If so, why? Is the aversion rational or not? People will have varying reasons, I was asking Count’s. Since you’ve inserted yourself into the conversation, I’d like to hear your’s now as well (though, apparently, it is I who is the attention seeker)

          • By your logic, lets just play this one out. And lets deal in absolutes, because your clearly worried about a worst case scenario. What happens when Man (born a woman) Who has gone through extensive hormone treatment and gender reassignment surgery, who is say 5′ 10″ + Broad, muscular, tatted and tough, waltzes into your daughters locker room to change out? Are you trying to tell me all of the women are going to just roll with it and not bat an eye? You’d be wise to accept the manner in which other people live their lives, and not just be perpetually terrified of anything that doesn’t fit your world. Why? BECAUSE IT IS THE SAME REASON YOUR ALLOWED TO SPEW THIS VITRIOL, AND THE REST OF US HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT.

          • Fair question. Scroll up to my reply to “Raw B Yizzle”

            It’s a long post so I’ll just direct you to it, rather than say it again.

          • you are talking about a woman. so no, it wouldnt bother me. besides, just because they pass better than most MtT doesnt mean they are passing. except to the innocent. my optician probably thinks she’s passing to the majority of her customers, its not like im rude enough to mention it, but its still obvious.

          • Are you a transsexual too?

          • If you’re so obsessed with what’s between peoples’ legs, it sounds like you’re the pervert, not the people you’re speaking against.

          • I have 3 posts on here that are very long and quite respectful that explain in detail how and why I feel the way I do about this. If you have anything useful to say, reply to one of them.

          • Wasn’t necessarily referring to “you” you, but I’ve heard all of the perceived fears concerning transpeople in restrooms, and the obsession with people’s “parts,” and all of them are unfounded. I wonder if all of these “bathroom bills” will be used by the real perverts as a smokescreen (and I also wonder about the people introducing them: most sexual predators and child molesters are straight white males, many with families); while the “potty patrol” are doing their crotch checks, the sexual predators can sneak into the ladies’ room undetected, and have a field day, because nobody is keeping tabs on them anymore. They won’t have to claim they are trans, they never have before, either. These bathroom bills are a solution looking for a problem, and there is no problem, never has been. The pervs who dress like women to get into the ladies’ room, are pervs who dress like women to get into the ladies’ room, NOT transgender women. My apologies for not making myself more clear. ?

          • Lol. I’ve been misunderstood for using “you” the same way.

            When you say “I also wonder about the people introducing them”. I can tell you exactly who they are. Radical political leftists. Mostly straight people. I’ve read one post after another from transgendered people saying “I have no interest in going into the ladies locker room”. And to those people I would say: Then don’t be upset with me for opposing what you have no interest in doing anyway. You should be angry at the people doing this in your name.

            When you say these bills are “a solution looking for a problem when there’s never been a problem”. You are exactly right. Don’t overlook that.
            You hit the nail on the head and I wonder if you realize that. Do you honestly believe that people like me, who really didn’t care about this one way or the other for the last God knows how many years/decades, all of a sudden woke up and changed our minds one day and decided we now oppose it? Of course not, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It is the insistence, by these radical straight leftists, that a transgendered woman, with a penis, be granted a legal right to have full unrestricted access to the ladies locker rooms, that has destroyed what was a reasonably peaceful coexistence, and turned it into an all out war.

            Look, if you’re a transgendered woman, and you want to join the gym, and you want to have access to the ladies locker room, I’m sorry but you just can’t. And that needs to be the accepted law of the land. Many of us belong to gym’s or other institutions that have locker rooms. And our wives go there, and our daughters go there, and it’s just not acceptable for them to see a penis if they walk into the ladies locker room. You understand that right? It just can’t happen. And to make matters worse, when perfectly reasonable people like me, express their perfectly reasonable opposition to this, we are called bigots. And that is legitimately inciting hatred, that never existed before, from people like me towards transgender’s. Now, I don’t have any hatred of transgender’s, I do for the ones who actually support this filth, but I know they’re just a very small percentage. But that’s because I think I have a basic understanding of the big picture. But there are a lot of people like me who don’t blame radical leftist’s for this garbage. To them, that may even sound a little crazy and conspiratorial. They think that this is what transgender’s want. And it is causing them to have a legitimate hatred of transgendered people. Now, I think their hatred is misplaced, because they are more low information than me. But nonetheless, I understand where they’re coming from, and I don’t blame them.

          • That’s right some people believe in the no laws no rules anything goes mentality. Pretty scary when you don’t know right from wrong melissa

          • really? have you been married to one? have your children had to cope with abandonment of a parent who’s overwhelming urge is to erase you so as to expedite his ‘womanhood’? .. clearly you are biased and not qualified to comment.

          • That’s unfortunate, but your experience does not erase the fact that trans people exist, and that being trans is a real thing.
            Hopefully, we will have less stories like yours as acceptance allows people to transition at a younger age, and avoid the pitfalls of a lifetime of painful denial, first.

            no dear, I am not at all unqualified. As far as being biased is concerned, it appears as though that describes you. I am sorry that you had to suffer.

          • Trannies are pathetic creatures.

          • Melissa is a freak.

    • He wants them for himself so much he’s trying to legally force them into sharing little boys rooms with him.

    • All relevant and current research on the matter says that you are an uneducated ignorant putz.

      • So says the “woman” with a penis.

        • Says the woman who obviously knows far more than you are capable of knowing.
          ignorance is truly bliss.
          Willful ignorance is simply stupid.

          P.S. please stop sharing your obsession with penises. We don’t want to know that.

          • Boys have penises, girls have vaginas. And that maybe shocking to an ignorant moron. But it’s a fact that cannot be changed, no matter how many Frankenstein doctors you go to for surgery.

          • Actually, humans can have neither or both.
            Identity originates in the brain, not between one’s legs.
            Obsession with other people’s body parts is really not healthy.

          • You’re a transsexual freak.

          • Great question, I’m glad you asked.

            Warning: this will be a long post.

            First of all, you’ve got to break it down. Their are men’s facilities and ladies facilities, and they consist of bathrooms, and locker rooms.

            Let’s start with the men’s facilities, both bathrooms and locker rooms…do whatever you want. When I use the restroom/locker room, I have no concern for who is in there with me. No one, regardless of their anatomy or appearance, poses any kind of a threat to me. And I can speak for most people who oppose these transgender “rights”. Men’s facilities are not the issue.

            Now, let’s talk about the ladies bathroom. Again, not a very important issue to many of those who think like me. The truth is, if a person who reasonably looks like a female, discretely uses the ladies room, then promptly leaves, it’s not a big deal.

            So, right off the bat, we really aren’t opposed to each other on 75% of this issue.

            Finally, we get to the ladies locker rooms. This my friend, is where your side went wrong. This is where you’re fighting a war that you can not win. Because my side will not accept a legal defeat. We don’t care if a lunatic judge rules in your favor. We’ll take the law into our own hands. If you go into a ladies locker room, and expose your penis in front my 13 or 15 year old daughter, your physical safety is in grave danger, wether you’re technically breaking the law or not. And make no mistake about it. This is what your side is after. Weather it’s you personally or not, the laws that are being advocated for, by transgenders, would make it perfectly legal for a biological male, who looks like, and identifies as, a woman, to have full unrestricted access to the ladies locker rooms. And that is where the line is drawn. And we will not allow it to be crossed. The law is merely our first line of defense, not our last. Allowing a biological male to undress in the ladies locker rooms is not tolerance, it’s sickness. And it’s being advanced by the radical transgender activists in the form of inclusion. Under the guise that only bigots oppose it.

            So, between the men’s bathroom, and locker room, and the ladies bathroom, and locker room, we’re actually ok, for the most part, with giving you 75% of what you want. I advise you to take it and be happy.

            What about transgendered “women” who want to join a gym?

            Tough. I guess they can’t. Deal with it.

            If there’s one thing republicans are doing that I oppose, it’s that they are treating this as one singular issue. Just the term “bathroom bill” is a mistake that miss characterizes the whole issue. But that’s just my opinion.

            Please share your thoughts on my post. But only if you can match my level of sincerity and civility.


          • Here comes Internet tough guy to save our daughters..SMH

            Here’s the thing, your daughters ARE very likely going to see penis, probably without your consent and they are going to do more than just look at it. Best start preparing yourself for it.

            As to them seeing a penis in the locker room. Maybe they could not ogle the other patrons changing clothes, NO-ONE in the locker room is there to be “viewed”. Perhaps you teach your child this and stop worrying about stopping the inevitable with insane made up stories.

            I am married and have 3 daughters, I’m not naive, nor do I live in fear of them seeing a hidden penis one day in a locker room. You should seek therapy, it could help with the paranoia. They also have meds for such things.

          • Nope. Just my daughters. Your little (w)hores (daughters and wife) are of no concern to me. You wanna see what a tough guy I am? Try to bring your penis into the ladies locker room at my gym (lifetime fitness). We’ll see how many less teeth you leave with.
            Centreville, Sterling, Reston, Fairfax. Take your pick. Let me know when.


          • sorry to tell you this, but you ARE naive. either that or you’re desperately trying to cover your tracks.. im seriously worried for your daughters if this is the best you can offer them…

          • People who go against their birth gende should seek therapy you seem to have things twisted

          • You really don’t care much about your daughters.

          • Long, long post with many words, all to support cruelty and discrimination. You have no heart, Grinch.

          • It’s just incomprehensible to me how you degenerates can claim that exposing your penis in the ladies rock room is a right and that the only people who oppose it are bigots. Thank God you freaks are such an incredibly small minority

          • Heh. Based on your assumption of how few of “Us” you think their are, I just feel sorry for you. You’ve clearly never seen the Pacific Or Atlantic Ocean from a major metro area. That means you’ve never had good food, you still drink Budweiser. Your most certainly still riding an Oil Cooled Harley. Your really good at trolling though! Good job. It keeps the “Few” of us frosty.

          • Budweiser and a Harley. I’ll take that over a di#k in the a$$ any day princess.

          • Oh wow, so now it boils down to where you live and what beer you drink. What an arrogant freak you are.

          • You have no brains, baby.

          • Count, i understand your concerns, you obviously have daughters as do i. I know many trans people both male and female. And alot of men think well like all of us men do, that a trans woman will go into a restroom or locker room exsposing a penis to our women and children. 99.9% will not they will be very discrete and respectful because they dont want anyone to know they are not 100% female. Now that 1% that might be up to no good is just like any other 1% of any other thats up to no good. Im glad you wrote this post explaining your views.

          • Thanks for the reply. Honestly, I think telling the transgender people that can have everything they want, except the ladies locker rooms, is perfectly reasonable.

            In regards to your 1% point. While I completely agree with you, I think there is a distinction with this issue. For example, some people are very prejudice against blacks. Why is that? It’s not because blacks as a people are bad (I’m not talking about the sickos in the kkk, I’m talking about otherwise decent people, who just happen to have prejudicial feelings). It’s because, as you said, there’s a 1% (or whatever the percentage is) that commit crimes. Another example would be gays. Some people mistakenly link homosexuality to pedophilia. This is wrong. The percentage of homosexual men who engage in pedophilia with young boys, it’s no different than the percentage of heterosexual men who engage in pedophilia with young girls.

            However, the key distinction is that when these 1%ers I just mentioned do what they do, it’s a crime. A black person (or any person) who engages in criminal activity is obviously, by definition, committing a crime.
            A homosexual pedophile (or any pedophile) is committing a crime when they commit an act of pedophilia. There are legal consequences for their behavior.

            So if we look at the 1%ers that you mentioned in regards to the ladies locker room, what is the recourse? The legislation that’s being supported by the transgender community would not criminalize the behavior of those 1% who would NOT, as you put it, “be very discreet and respectful because they do not want anyone to know they’re not 100% female”. I’m not talking about people who would engage in sexually suggestive behavior, that in itself would be a crime. I’m talking about the individuals who would just disrobe in the ladies locker room in the exact same manner as other ladies do. Or, the exact same way men do in the men’s locker room. What do we do about that? It has to be established, and excepted by the transgender community, that my daughters right to NOT be exposed to a penis, supersedes the right of a transgendered woman to disrobe, and expose them-self, in the ladies locker room.

            That is why this issue is such a mess. It really has very little to do with bigotry.

          • Look, I am transgendered and the last place I would ever want to be caught dead is a locker room of either gender, bathrooms aren’t far off on that either mostly because of all this crap.

            Have you ever actually taken the time to truly get to know someone who identifies as trans and is actually in the transition process on hormones? Growing up all I ever wanted was to be normal or at least what society basically said was normal.

          • Like I said, the legislation that the radical transgender activists are supporting would make it perfectly legal for a transgender woman to walk into the ladies locker room and expose their penis. If this line of action was abandoned, and it was just accepted that no one with a penis can go in the ladies locker room, then “all this crap”, as you put it, would pretty much disappear. Transgenders have been using the restroom they identify with for decades, if not longer. No one really made a big deal out of it. Why do you think that just recently it has turned into the mess that it has become? The answer is, because filthy radical degenerates have decided that giving transgender women (with a penis) unrestricted access to the ladies locker rooms is a constitutional right and needs to be the law of the land. And on top of that, they insight hatred towards transgendered people, from people like me who oppose this, by referring to us as hateful bigots. What they’re after is not tolerance, it’s sickness. I think, with all due respect, that you should be much more concerned with the people who are advancing this degeneracy, in your name, then with the people who oppose it. It is not acceptable for my daughter to walk into the ladies locker room and be exposed to a penis. And there’s no room for argument or debate. Anyone who doesn’t completely agree with me on that is an absolutely sick sick person who needs serious mental help.

            Just look at the absolutely idiotic and brain-dead replies to me on this post. By Beverly Cosgrove, static66 and Pe Nelope Kay, I can only hope you have the sense to realize that they are the problem, not me.

          • As soon as you’ve gone through the surgery, I’d let you into the facilities that correspond to your new gender.

          • …. it’s actually the majority of Autogynephile males sheltering beneath the trans umbrella seeking sexual validation at the expense of women and childrens safety. This has to be addressed before decisions are made to remove womens sex-based protections – the potential impact on women and children should not be underestimated.

          • Two words come to mind; bull and $#!+.

          • No Man born with a penis has ANYBUSINESS in a female locker room or rest room !

          • If he gets it cut off and has a tunnel dug, I’d let it into the women’s locker room, but not before.

          • Trans people don’t expose themselves to your 13 or 15 year old daughter. Anybody who does that is a pervert. The last thing a transperson wants to do is draw attention to themselves. And trans people, particularly trans women, are many times victims of the same perverts who wouldexpose themselves to your daughters.

          • You clearly don’t understand what I mean by the word expose

          • Yes I do. Truth be known, your wife or daughter could have been in the restroom today with a transwoman, and never would have known it. And no trans girl is going to show off her, um, appendage; she’s as appalled by as much as any other girl would be.

          • Absolutely they should. The cosmetic changes which they made to their appearance don’t change reality. If their bizarre appearance causes them problems, that’s on them. BTW, these cherry-picked, heavily edited, carefully posed pics don’t represent the reality of trans people. In 99.99% of cases, it is very easy to tell.

          • Why so much hate and ignorance?

          • I don’t know, why don’t you tell us why you harbor so much hate and ignorance?

          • Wrong. I know trans men and trans women who look very much like those pictures.

          • Nope science has proven someone can look like a female through and through but have male chromosomes and guess what medically they are male not female.

          • .. and AIS has what to do with transgender? please tell us. you obviously know so much about the subject.

          • The most thorough existing research finds intersex people to constitute an estimated 1.7% of the population*, which makes being intersex about as common as having red hair (1%-2%).

            Intersex is defined as a variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male.

            I am unsure as to proper term for someone clearly born without a brain such as yourself.

          • You have the perfect username. The can is obviously where you chose to get your $hit for brains

    • The Trump administration would be moving to rescind the guidance shortly after the confirmation of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

  • Count Dracula you first are heartless hopefully you’re child never comes out as trans shure you would not want him/ her bullied but then again you may be the type parent that drives you’re child to suicide

    • My child would never come out trans as he wasn’t encouraged to be one like you leftists are encouraging today

      • There isn’t a parent alive, anywhere who encourages their child to “become transgender”.
        The notion is ignorant beyond words.
        Even the most progressive parents are usually blindsided by the revelation.
        Most have no idea what to do.
        They do however, love their children.
        So, they listen.
        They learn.
        They educate themselves, and consult those who’s life’s work it is to have actual knowledge regarding the topic.

        Do you know what happens to the children of parents who react as you most likely would?
        They transition anyway. just much later in life, when it’s a whole lot harder, and after years of denial and internal self-loathing. they are scarred and broken at that point. Not irreparably damaged, as it is possible to lead a happy life after transitioning as an older adult. in fact, it’s generally exactly what happens.
        It’s just harder, and unnecessary.

        You, my dear, choose to be ignorant. And that is the worst kind of ignorance that there is.

        • Oh really? You think Angelina Jolie isn’t encouraging her daughter Shiloh ? You are naive ….the girl isn’t even old enough to fix her own hair and Angelina is ready to give her the surgery how sik. You should read tha stat on people who have transgendered and how they commit suicide after know why ITs NOT NORMAL and Subliminally this subconscious knows it states some facts cause opinions mean nothing.

          • People are committing suicide because their family, friends, church, and society does not accept them for who they are. I know a few parents with transgender children who are minors and those kids told there parents who they were. They were consistent and persistent and the parents choose to listen to their kids and love them for who they are. Many of the parents sought out therapist because they didn’t know what to do about it. They love their children and didnt want to ignore them. You have no understanding of any of this. Have you even met a transgender person, had a conversation with someone. We are not the issue. Society is the issue, because many people are without compassion or empathy. Your mind is made up on what you think so the only way that you could begin to understand is if you loved someone who was transgender. What would you do if your child/grandchild told you that they were transgender? Would you disown them?

          • No but I would get them some help

          • What in the world are you even talking about.
            You want facts? here are some.
            here is the American Medical association’s policy:
            Sexual orientation and gender identity are integral aspects of the AMA communities and AMA policies on LGBTQ issues that work to inform individuals about LGBTQ discrimination and abuse. AMA’s policies for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people’s rights represent a multiplicity of identities and issues.
            Here’s what the APA has to say:
            APA and other groups have increased their advocacy on behalf of transgender people as well. In 2008, APA’s Council of Representatives adopted its Resolution on Transgender, Gender Identity and Gender Expression Nondiscrimination to support full equality and “the legal and social recognition of transgender individuals consistent with their gender identity and expression.”

            Furthermore, trans individuals commit suicide at a highr=er rate than the general public largely because of people like you.
            You should be ashamed of yourself. not just the bigotry, but the willful and proud ignorance and the cruelty.

        • Melissa, thanks for speaking out. Its true. Many parents are blindsided.

  • Transgender would be fine if it were the traditional category, but when the “LGBTQ community” decided that every whackjob who “indentifies” as male on Tuesday and female on Thursday is included, you lost the country.

    • Except, no one is making any such demands.

      • Oh yes you are. You want every pervert who says it “identifies” as whatever it wants to to have access to every restroom and lockeroom of its choice, any time.

        • “Oh yes you are.”
          Don’t mistake extreme examples as being representative of the whole.
          I don’t know of anyone who’s doing what you’re saying, but you could be telling the truth.
          Your mistake is accusing the group as a whole of doing it.
          It would be like me claiming that all religious people abuse children, because there’s a certain minority who have done so in the Christian and Muslim religions.

        • You haven’t got the slightest idea of what it is that I want.


          • I know what you want, baby doll. You want every whackjob who thinks it’s a girl on Tuesday and a boy on Thursday to go into any bathroom or lockerroom they want to. You and your crowd are seriously twisted people, and you want to infect everyone else with your mental illness.

          • Actually, no. You haven’t got the slightest idea what it is I want.

      • Trans activists oppose any objective criteria for determining who is a man and who is a woman and they oppose any requirement of medical proof, such as a doctor’s note. They want “woman” to mean “anyone who self-identifies as a woman” with no other criteria attached. It’s insanity and it is a position which will not only lose in the court of public opinion, but which will erode support for transgender rights generally.

        • First of all, that is quite false, especially in schools. When a trans youth transitions, and needs to use facilities congruent with their gender, they must make an actual commitment. No one gets to say, “today, I feel sorta like a man, but I may not tomorrow”. It is a big deal, and it is treated seriously.
          As far as adults are concerned, no one should be forced to walk around with “papers” That is what is insane. and the notion treats people as less than full citizens. In what situations do you actually see what you are describing being a problem, for anyone? Where has this happened?

          • Um, no you’re wrong. In California, trans activists got a law passed allowing anyone to “identify” as any gender and gain access to facilities of their choice. There is no requirement for a commitment, no medical proof and school administrators are given no authority to probe or verify the student’s declaration. This is true in other jurisdictions. Trans activists want the declaration to control and oppose any requirement for any proof. It isn’t “insane” to require proof when a biological male says “I am a woman.” It’s insane to allow anyone to be treated as a woman if they utter a few magic words.

          • Um, no.
            “As stated in CSBA’s Interim Guidance, a district should take seriously any manner or
            method by which a student chooses to notify staff of his or her new gender identity.
            Additionally, a district should accept the student’s assertion unless staff has a credible basis
            for believing that a student’s gender identity is being asserted for an improper purpose. If
            district personnel have a credible basis for believing that a student’s gender identity is
            being asserted for an improper purpose, this basis should be documented and a written
            response should be provided to the student. This protects the district from making an
            undocumented decision and ensures that the student understands the reason for the
            denial. ”
            That is from the official guidelines per California school system.

            Your fears assume that there are a whole bunch of trans students just waiting with bated breath to take advantage of some kind of “free pass” into facilities, or that there are no checks or oversight, and that is a lie.

            California has had these guidelines in place for quite a while, now. So have several other school systems, including NYC and other places.

            Number of actual, documented problems that you describe or are afraid of, as a result:

          • You and your “trans youth” are pathetic creatures.

          • You are entitled to your opinion.
            Fortunately, people in the educated and informed world know that you are full of crap.
            Good day.

          • Bad day to you, freak.

    • I agree, but there is no such thing as the “LGBTQ community.” There is an LGB community. Trans activists and “queer” SJWs concocted “LGBTQ” in order to boost their own movements. But “LGBTQ” is a fraud.

    • Apparently, you don’t know what being transgender actually is.

  • That’s something that these simpletons don’t think about.
    If they have their way they’ll have people who were born, say, a woman, who looks, acts and identifies very much a male, using the female bathroom. And vice versa, people born male who look, act and identify very much a female using the men’s room.
    They’re making it much more awkward than it needs to be.
    And if someone’s seriously intent on abusing, say, a girl / woman, “going trans” is hardly the most productive and simple way to go about it.
    If a guy seriously wants to abuse a woman / girl, they’re not going to pay much attention to the label on a bathroom door.

    • “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out. For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me. This is the will of Him who sent Me, that of all that He has given Me I lose nothing, but raise it up on the last day. For this is the will of My Father, that everyone who beholds the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life, and I Myself will raise him up on the last day.””
      ‭‭John‬ ‭6:37-40‬ ‭NASB‬‬

      God Bless bless God,



      “For God So Loved the world, He Gave His Only Son….”

  • Typical of Trump: Like all bullies, he’s going after the most vulnerable.

  • Given the findings of the suicide study that showed how suicides among teens fell following the legalization of gay marriage, it should be clear that these discriminatory practices have a profound effect on young people’s psyche. Its a shame that under this change, schools may end up being not the most welcome and tolerant place in a young person’s world but instead the most dreaded place of all….

  • New position available: Genital Inspector.

  • I suspect this is more “Fake News”. The leftist gay-activist crowd just loves to fear-monger the community into a panic #SIGH

  • How about people born Intersexed? People who are born with both male and female characteristics. 1 in 2,000 persons is intersexed, then intersex is more common than cystic fibrosis, a condition most people have heard of. In fact, if you do the math, there are more intersexed people in the world than there are Jewish people! So if it’s conceivable that thousands of people are born with both male and female characteristics then isn’t possible that Transgender people exist? That Transgender people’s bodies and minds don’t match? And if you do understand that it’s a possibility with that logic as well as people’s stories like myself then wouldn’t society have to change to allow transgender people and intersex people to use the bathroom of their choice? I didn’t want to believe that I was transgender. I fought against it and tried to ignore it. But decided to choose happiness and I am happier in this body then I was ever in a female body.

    • You wrote elsewhere that you have a vagina. This means that you’re a woman.

      • I would say that because this doesn’t effect you personally then you don’t care how this effects others. Its already illegal to rape women. Its already illegal to molest children and news flash, pedophiles who are typically are STRAIGHT men are also willing to molest little boys.  You know who uses the mens restroom, little boys.  So dont you dare say that this is for safety. 

        The truth is that you are uncomfortable being around Transgender people because we are different.  You want us hidden like the good Ole days.  Well, I am sorry.  I didn’t want to love women but I do and I didn’t want to admit that I was transgender, but I am.  And I am not going anywhere. 

        We have the freedom to buy guns and everyone cares so much about individual freedoms……how about ya’ll get out my business and pee where you want and I will pee where I want.  I want to be free to pee in the men’s restroom. 

        And I am not Fake nor did I recieve any money for this.  My name is TR Nunley and I am one of thousands of transgender people in North Carolina.

    • A transgender body and chemistry is normal it’s the mind that has the disease. People that are born with both male and female at birth generally the parents choose what they feel is best to decide on and pick a gender, so the child can get additional hormones exotic instead of leaving the child messed up

      • Actually Doctors don’t pick the gender anymore. In fact there is a hospital in San Francisco that provides education to parents with intersex kids and follows the child’s life until they are a teenager and can make choices for themselves. Isn’t that cool? These kids are not told that they are messed up.

    • Incidentally .05 percent of the population is born with ambiguous genitalia. Hardly worth being to concerned about.

  • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    News Flash: There are no such things as “transgender children,” only children whose parents have utterly failed at parenting and are trying to cover up their failure.

  • Sweet, sweet karma for trans activists, who did everything in their power to malign, undermine and sabotage our marriage equality movement, who hold gay civil rights as hostage to their own demands, and who view LGB people as their personal servants and ATM machine. LGB people need to recognize how trans activists see us and throw off the hegemonic yoke known as “LGBT.”

  • “I was born female however . . .” It’s simple. There is no however. You are female. Use the ladies room or find a private bathroom or go before you leave home. You aren’t a man.

    • You are hedious…. what do you know about the way these people feel !?!? A “woman” just walking into a men’s bathroom… really????

    • You are beyond ignorant. Did you miss TR’s statement that “HE HAS A MUSTACHE AND BEARD.” Imagine standing outside the ladies room waiting for your daughter to come out and out walks TR with facial hair. TR, you use whatever bathroom you want – I would feel more comfortable having you around my kids than Deanna B.

      • Facial hair makes you a man? I would say having a uterus would be stronger evidence against. Don’t care what bathroom people use, but having a mustache doesn’t make you a guy.

        • That’s for sure!

        • The existence of a uterus is really no one’s business.
          Do you see a uterus when someone walks into a facility?

          As a society, we place far, far more weight onto secondary sexual characteristics than anything else when we make the split-second judgement regarding someone’s gender.
          This is about one thing: trans individual’s ability, and right to function out in the world just like anyone else.

          • My point was that gender presentation does not supercede anatomy in determination of gender. Most people don’t accept that you can decide to change your gender by force of will. If you wish to present your gender as a male having a mustache doesn’t change the fact that you are anatomically female. Only point I made. Don’t care what bathroom anyone uses. That being said there are plenty of women who do not want blanket laws passed that allow anyone in their locker or changing rooms. Without an objective standard for what qualifies someone as transgender then that is exactly what those laws do and their concerns should not just be brushed away.

          • The concerns are unnecessary, and a smokescreen for discrimination. there are no “blanket laws that allow anyone” anywhere.
            Trans women are women.
            Trans men are men.
            All we want is the ability to function in the world equally and fairly, like everyone else. No one, anywhere parades there genitalia around. If you knew one thing about trans people, you would know that for most of us, people actually seeing our genitals(even us!) is a mortifyingly crappy thing. We are some of the most modest folks, anywhere.

            Virtually every single current and relevant research on the topic comes to the same conclusion-being trans is a real thing, even though we don’t exactly know every detail yet, biologically. The scientific consensus that trans individuals are born, not formed. that there is not any choice.

            No one “changes their gender by force of will”
            They are mistakenly assigned one at birth, though that is no one’s fault.
            We use primary sexual characteristics as our guideline for determining s*x. There isn’t anything wrong with that, most of the time.

            But sometimes, we are wrong.
            This is a thing that happens. people need to get over their discomfort with this, and stop mixing it up with s*x and a host of other things.
            It is about identity, and we know. We know very, very early. I was three. S*x was the last thing on my mind.

            The objective standard is having the overwhelming imperative need to live your life as who you are.
            Who does that if it isn’t so? It’s not fun, it’s not easy, and it is work.

      • Calm down you’re acting psycho. So what female pee pee use female bathroom boy pee pee use boys bathroom. Other way round is perversion!

        • religious moron, using a restroom is not perversion.

          • “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out. For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me. This is the will of Him who sent Me, that of all that He has given Me I lose nothing, but raise it up on the last day. For this is the will of My Father, that everyone who beholds the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life, and I Myself will raise him up on the last day.””
            ‭‭John‬ ‭6:37-40‬ ‭NASB‬‬

            God Bless bless God,



            “For God So Loved the world, He Gave His Only Son….”

      • A woman with facial hair isn’t a man. If she has facial hair and someone reacts to that, she can simply be a grown-up, ignore it and use the bathroom. If further challenged, she can simply state truthfully that she is female. In 99.9% of cases, you can tell a “transman” from a real man. This is a non-issue. BTW, I don’t want to be around your kids if they are anything like you.

      • When I was young in the 60’s gay people cross dressed in the privacy of their bedrooms. I suggest we Make America Great Again by leaving gender role playing at home where it belongs.

  • Good LORD Have Mercy… Lord Willing, transmen are men, transwomen women…however “unconventional” their realization or such may be or seem

    God Bless bless God,



    “For God So Loved the world, He Gave His Only Son….”

    • There is not god.
      – Scientist.

      • There Is, Lord Willing, God…Who Made all things…Who Is Love, Good, Mercy, Might, Salvation, etc.

        “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out. For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me. This is the will of Him who sent Me, that of all that He has given Me I lose nothing, but raise it up on the last day. For this is the will of My Father, that everyone who beholds the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life, and I Myself will raise him up on the last day.””
        ‭‭John‬ ‭6:37-40‬ ‭NASB‬‬

        God Bless bless God,



        “For God So Loved the world, He Gave His Only Son….”

      • There Is, Lord Willing, God… Who Is Love, Creator, Mercy, Might, King, Salvation, etc.

        Believe, read, live, share..HalleluJah! Amen!

        “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out. For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me. This is the will of Him who sent Me, that of all that He has given Me I lose nothing, but raise it up on the last day. For this is the will of My Father, that everyone who beholds the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life, and I Myself will raise him up on the last day.””
        ‭‭John‬ ‭6:37-40‬ ‭NASB‬‬

        God Bless bless God,



        “For God So Loved the world, He Gave His Only Son….”

  • Get is through your thick liberal heads, you lost the election because youre the VOCAL MINORITY. Most Americans want this bs ended. Glad its done. Get ready liberals, this is but the first domino to fall. We want our country back.

  • GO TRUMP GO!!!!!

  • By they way, try shaving, it works great.

    • Gosh I know huh! Some people love to go against the grain and shaving is a no brainer Duh!

      • Oh, honey, most trans people were never encouraged to be trans; it was quite the opposite. Do some homework before you get back on here and make yourself look worse than you already have.

        • You do your homework hon you are stupid why don’t you look up Johns Hopkins the authority on trans genders and educate your ignorant self?

          • Ah yes, the “distinguished Johns Hopkins professor” who was debunked and discredited years ago. Old news. By the way, Johns Hopkins is resuming gender reassignment surgery this year. Look it up.

          • It was never debunked! Pressure from the left like everything else their try to anormalis. People will keep their careers cause that’s what they do for a living regardless of sick left wingers! Their beliefs habpvent changed

          • 40 years of research and over 50 studies say you’re wrong. And yes, the “research” done by Paul McHugh has been debunked. When you’re primary objective when you take the job is to shut down the Gender Studies program and clinic, your research is going to be tailored to give you an outcome to justify your actions. And that’s exactly what he did.

          • Excuses excuses . Get real and deal with it. Get over it , quit obsessing over it and do something constructive for someone else. Now THAT matters. And you were there and now you’re an authority. Get off you soapbox and do something besides whine and complain. Good God get a life. Im done with this site. Heal yourself and quit complaining. You all are like dealing with a drunks! I have more important things to do. Get help for you alls DEPRESSION….

          • I have no idea what you’re talking about; I’m neither whining nor complaining. I have gotten treatment for my depression, which has nothing to with the situation. I have a life, thank you, and it’s pretty good. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.

          • I wouldn’t want to be ya either.

          • Try the world health organization. They call it a mental Disease. If you don’t believe me just ask meowing weasel. She has the paperwork to show it. Told ya! As per World Health Organization!!! You do your Homework Hun…

          • You mean the Johns Hopkins University which has done an about-face on the transgender issue, and will resume providing gender reassignment surgery this year? Um, okay.



  • It’s about time…….. transgender needs a third bathroom OR you go with the parts you got. That’s it…… As the Liberals keep telling us………..MAJORITY WINS!

  • Do away with Separate toilets and adopt unisex toilets simple – Now why didn’t anyone else think of that – You Americans when are you going to grow up, oh I forgot America is only 241

  • If you were born with a girl pee pee you are a girl and should use the girls bathroom and if you have a boys penis you are a boy. It’s really very obvious.

  • I believe attempts to give transgendered women legal rights to the ladies locker rooms predates that bill. That bill did not come out of thin air. It was a response.

    Regardless, I don’t like the republican approach of lumping everything into one issue. No penises in ladies locker rooms. If everyone gets onboard with that, we’d be fine.

  • Here’s an idea: Shave.

  • Catcalling? That’s your cause now?

    • Simply pointing out that if you are concerned with the safety of women and girls there are many things that you have the power to control that would actually make a real difference in our lives. Trans women are our allies and friends. They don’t threaten us. Men threaten us. And them. So if there are things we are concerned about, and you have the power to change it, step up or admit that your obsession with controlling where someone pees has nothing at all to do with your concern for women

      • So you hate men? Guess what? I’m a man.

        • OK dude. You obviously have issues with the transgender community that have NOTHING to do with your concern for women. That’s clear, and also was my exact point. Don’t pin your ignorance and hatred on chivalry. Further, I don’t hate men. Many men are allies to women and minorities. They have the ability to see their own privilege and USE it to be a voice for oppressed communities. Finally, Trans people have YOUR back as a gay man, and you should have theirs too. It blows my mind that you face a country that continues to deny and try take away your civil rights, and treats you like you’re less than, and you would turn around and do that to someone else. You’re talking about KIDS here. Children. Putting their safety and mental health at risk because of your ignorance. You’re cool with that?

        • This Tuesday/Thursday crap is just that; crap. Get a clue about what being transgender really is. You’re welcome for Stonewall, btw. It was transwomen who led the charge; look it up.

      • This. Thank you.

  • Third bathrooms have been offered in schools for transgendered and they have always been refused. The idea is to shove this sick sin down the throats of normal people and destroy the biblical family in America starting with the children. Can there be any other reason?

  • I’ve never seen a vagina in my locker room, and I don’t particularly want to.

  • You are a freak. It’s why your kind have a suicide rate 10x higher than the average.

  • Oooh, now it emerges: Kate Phillips is a racist freak who hates straight white men. Surprise, surprise.

  • Susan, you don’t get to decide where anyone pees.

  • Actually, no.
    Ending the guidelines that protect trans students from violence is not “fake”. It is sadly, quite real.

  • The fascist thugs continue their cult of hate, racists, misogynists, haters of LGBT people, xenophobes, the Republican Party is now just a RepubliKKKan Trump cult. It will take the hypocrite self professed right wing cultural “c”christians generations to wash the stink of RepubliKKKan Trump hate off themselves. Christ warned more on money worship than any other sin. Don’t see any action to help the poor other than trickle down crumbs for the poor and middle class. Hate, a RepubliKKKan virtue.

  • No, you have that backwards, TERF. Before this was an issue, trans individuals were using bathrooms, in 1977, 1987, 1997 and 2007, and hardly anyone noticed, much less cared. Municipalities and states throughout the country were protecting them from lunatics like you(way over 200 at this point), but it hardly mattered. It was mostly not an issue. Then, the alt-right, evangelical busybodies, and TERFS screamed loud enough, and told enough lies until they finally got everybody’s attention.
    There is no”standard”. Stop making stuff up. Overwhelmingly, private business owners are just fine with trans people using the safest restroom-i.e.; the one that coincides with their identity.
    You warning regarding non-compliance with rules that mostly don’t exist smacks of authoritarian big brotherism.

  • And they’re not going to go in the LADIES locker room and see a penis. Only your own sickness could prevent you from seeing why that is unacceptable.

  • Sorry, freak, but I know of exactly such a case in a school in Oregon. You people are menally diseased.

  • Hey transgender go get some medicine for your mind, it’s not your body that’s sick

  • And don’t forget the locker rooms. That’s the number one problem with this issue that unfortunately, often gets overlooked.

  • Ladies rooms are for ladies, chix with dix are not ladies.

  • “”Closer to Christ”, Lord Willing, a Scriptural reflection and study related to trans* (and also some non-binary and other) stuff. thanks and thank God, (God Is Good, all the time, all the time, God Is Good) HalleluJah! Amen!
    Lord Love yall and all and The Lord Himself, Lord Willing, as ought i and all…

    I think one problem faced is, Lord Willing, Lord Forgive, a false notion, that should not be present! That of “one such as yourself” couldn’t or shouldn’t ever find God, have God, know God, love God, be loved by God, etc. One that strives to put a caveat on Christian songs such as “All Are Welcome” and “Come As You Are”. Well, Lord Willing, Truth Is all can and should find, have, know and love God, be loved by Him, and love and serve Lord and neighbor.

    “For GOD So Loved the world, He Gave His Only Son, that whosoever believes
    in Him might not perish, but might have Eternal Life.” John 3:16

    “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will not cast out.
    For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him Who
    sent Me. This is the will of the Father who sent Me, that of all He has given Me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up at the last day. And this is the will of Him who sent Me, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him may have everlasting life; and I will raise him up at the last day.”
    John 6:37-40

    Another, also Biblically addressed, is:
    “ …My people go into exile for their lack of knowledge; And their honorable men are famished, And their multitude is parched with thirst.”
    Isaiah 5:13 NASB

    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”
    Hosea 4:6a NASB

    Isn’t that “what’s up” in terms of folks who have issue with us or transition? Misunderstanding, ignorance, not knowing and perhaps in some instances, for at least a moment, not desiring or “caring to know”?
    But are we or at least me ever guilty of this as well? with cis-(white-hetero-)? The churched? Etc.?

    However, let me bring some news of oneness and unity for you though, trans and fellow travelers. Some wonderful news, trans-community! Great News! It’s a shame if you don’t yet know it, and/or if nobody’s told you yet…
    …you, Lord Willing, may be closer to Christ than you think or you know!

    Put out the notions of pens to the bathroom bills or hate-laden picket signs, and consider what The LORD Says:
    “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”
    Matthew 5:10-12

    Have you ever thought about this Passage or sentiment on the “flip side” of the usual? Many in our community have likely experienced, whether directly, through family, or via some of the media message supposedly portraying “Christians” and “Christianity” what I’ve come to call being “church-burned”. Not welcome in the pews “as you are”. Or told that who you are isn’t actually you. Or perhaps the subject of whispers, gossip, or some form of willful ignorance or discontent. Perhaps told that in some opinion “The Bible Says” you aren’t or can’t be you. Told your “condition” is incompatible with a Christian life. Whether “religious” in motivation or otherwise, some are beaten or furthermore killed essentially for being trans, as we see here tonight. Have you in the community been persecuted for His Name’s Sake? Blessed are you, Lord Willing, HalleluJah! Amen!

    In the case of transman Alex Salinas he’s told by some Catholic officiation that him being “padrino” for his nephew is “impossible”. That’s what some people may say, but, Lord Willing, what HE Says:

    “for nothing will be impossible for God.””
    Luke 1:37 NABRE

    Jesus looked at them and said, “For human beings this is impossible, but for God all things are possible.””
    Matthew 19:26 NABRE

    We are Blessed as a community in these times, as medical information and treatments as well as societal adaptions and adjustments such as documentation rectification becomes significantly more known in some instances, available in others, though there is still quite some way to go. We can be grateful to be medically and legally recognized as who and what we truly are. But we ought recall, in any event, that no doctor, politician, co-workers or HR reps, likely not even our earthly SOFFAs, nor even I decide your gender, nor you mine. Lord Willing, nor I mine. Nor you yours. It’s God-Ordained, and God-Created, just as i’d hope and pray, Lord Willing, many churchfolk would likely say.

    Transfolk need not be seen as any defiance of Divine Creative Order. Being trans is not casting out or against the Genesis Given of “male and female He Created them”, but a way we have come to pass in and manifest that order, despite the “fallen nature” of the world we live in, with disease and disorder as we see. For me, well, Lord Willing, in a pretty binary way. For some, perhaps an expansion on the understanding of that fundamental notion of “the sixth day”.

    “And God Saw It Was Good”
    Genesis 1:31

    “How could that possibly be?”

    “Trust in The LORD your GOD, on your own understanding rely not…”
    Proverbs 3:5

    That “possible notion” again?

    “Jesus said to him, “‘If you can!’ Everything is possible to one who believes.””
    Mark 9:23

    I take a tip from John 9 I’ve been prone to use in Theological discussion on “transness”. The Passage begins with Jesus and His disciples on a journey, coming upon a man born blind. They ask who sinned, this man or his parents, that yielded to him being born this way? What if “trans” was plugged into that answer, into Jesus’ Response? He Knew and Knows about us, Lord Willing. The response for which I hope and pray, and, Lord Willing, currently believe in and of Him:

    “Neither they nor their parents sinned [that they were born this way], but rather so The Work of God might be shown in them.” cf. John 9:3

    And another tip, also from that Passage:
    [Some Pharisees] answered him, “You were born entirely in sins, and are you teaching us?” So they put him out.
    Jesus heard that they had put him out, and finding him, He said, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” He answered, “Who Is He, Lord, that I may believe in Him?” Jesus said to him, “You have both seen Him, and He Is The One Who Is Talking with you.” And he said, “Lord, I believe.” And he worshiped Him.
    John 9:34-38

    Jesus Is There Present to a man sharing His Love and Testimony, that Of God, who was questioned and cast out by the “religious authorities” of that region and time. Ever been called into question or even cast out by the religious authorities of the region and time in which you live? Tried to dialogue with them about His Work in your life in things seemingly as “unconventional” or “misunderstood” as transition, or of transition itself? Gotten the slew of questions and/or retorts? “You’re defying/rejecting God.”, “That’s a sin.”, “How could He Accept/Work that way?”, “What do you know?” “That’s not how it is.”, “You’re wrong.”, “He doesn’t work that way.” Do not be deceived, Lord Willing…

    “For My Thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My Ways,” Declares the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My Ways higher than your ways And My Thoughts than your thoughts.”
    Isaiah 55:9-10

    When religious and government authorities literally had Jesus killed and attempted to have Him sealed away, perhaps because He didn’t “fit” with their notion of God, Law and Order, etc…
    He Took Away Sin! He Rose Again! HalleluJah! Amen!

    Lord Willing, He loves you (as ought I/we He and all as well). He Heals you. He Saves you. He Is Right There to receive you. He Gave for you. He Advocates, for you, who you Truly are, who He Made you to be, to find and worship He, to love and serve Lord and neighbor.

    Love and service of Lord and neighbor. Similar to what Joshua told the Israelites of old coming into the land, we too must choose this day Whom we will serve, and how we will serve. As for me, as Joshua stated, Lord Willing, I will serve The Lord. After all, He’s The One Who Gave and Gives His all for me, as all ought for each other and for He, and, after all:

    “The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” 1John 4:8

    “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear…” 1John 4:18a

    Thanks team and thank God, keep taking up that cross daily, follow Him! It does, Lord Willing, get better folks. It is getting better. God Bless and bless God. HalleluJah! Amen!

    God Bless, bless God
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  • The Trump administration would be rescinding the guidance weeks after the White House issued a statement declaring Trump is “respectful and supportive of LGBTQ rights” and would preserve a separate order from President Obama barring anti-LGBT workplace discrimination among federal contractors.

  • A spokesperson for the Justice Department declined to comment. The Education Department didn’t immediately respond to a request to comment over the holiday weekend.

  • The existence of a uterus is really no one’s business.
    Do you see a uterus when someone walks into a facility?

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