September 7, 2011 at 3:51 pm EDT | by Kat Skiles
Lesbians + A Social Network

It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight or have purple polka dots and funny toes. Finding a community is important no matter who you are. It is particularly vital for LGBTQers and especially lesbians. Creating a space where people can relate to each other’s unique life experiences makes a city into a home instead of just the place where a person lives. Thriving in a sense of belonging and relevance, a gathering space for community can position an individual to grow into the very best version of themselves – the person they were meant to be.

But where does a person go to find a community anyway? Being gay isn’t a hobby. It is an identity.

I spent my first few years in the Washington, DC area looking desperately for a diverse gathering space where I could find friends of different backgrounds, nationalities and interests. If you’re a lesbian, perhaps you’ve searched far and wide like I did, screaming over loud music to sweaty strangers at bars, wandering through awkward book clubs, chatting your way through vocabularies as bad as, “like, whatever” and looking curiously at that girl on the Metro, thinking, “Is she on my team?”

Oh, you have?

Well, you are not alone. As I continued my expedition for this community half-remembered and half-envisioned, I began thinking about how wonderful it would be if I could just go pick up some gay friends at the supermarket with my bread and milk. Maybe I was missing something. Did you know that wikiHow has over 120,600 how-to articles? – Zero detailing the friend making rituals of DC area lesbians. The digital age had let me down! I thought, “Shouldn’t a girl be able to Google her way out of this pickle?”

A few years wiser, I got to thinking. What if you actually could just Google it? If the absence of a common gathering space was the issue, well I was going to make a space. I got my Rosie the Riveter on and after hours of blood, sweat and tears came up with a formula.

Brought to you by the 21st Century! It goes like this. DC Area Lesbians + A Social Network =

Think Facebook for lesbians. There is a better way to network, mingle, make friends and socialize. The development of new electronic technology has permanently altered the traditional patterns of correspondence between individuals and provides greater access to relationships within a number of communities and contexts. Built with love from the ground up, it is my hope that lesbian, queer, bisexual and trans women in the greater DC metro area are able to thrive within the new gathering space at

Kat Skiles is a communications professional specializing in the realms of social media, political campaign strategy and general press operations. The views expressed in this article are her own.

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  • Kat, I’d love to meet you as you have many ideas I’ve had in the past but was raising my twin sons, as a lesbian single mother….professionally working in universities and then software co. in the Boston area. I’d love to meet for coffe/tea sometime! :-) Kristin

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