August 12, 2013 at 12:36 pm EDT | by Chris Johnson
Controversial conservative neurosurgeon to speak at anti-gay summit
Ben Carson, who drew fire for anti-gay remarks, has been confirmed to speak at an anti-gay conference (Screenshot courtesy Family Research Council).

Ben Carson, who drew fire for anti-gay remarks, has been confirmed to speak at an anti-gay conference (Screenshot courtesy Family Research Council).

The conservative neurosurgeon who drew fire for comparing LGBT advocacy to pedophilia and bestiality is now confirmed to speak at a high-profile conference this fall hosted by the anti-gay Family Research Council.

On Monday, the Family Research Council announced in an email blast to supporters it has confirmed Ben Carson, who formerly was a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins University before retiring last month, for its Value Voters Summit in D.C. between Oct. 11-13.

In March, Carson sparked outrage when he said during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity he believes marriage is one man, one woman — a definition that he called “a well-established fundamental pillar of society.”

“And no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association,) be they people who believe in bestiality — it doesn’t matter what they are — they don’t get to change the definition,” Carson continued.

At that time, Carson was set to deliver the commencement address for Johns Hopkins University. In a later interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Carson apologized “if anybody was offended” and said he’d be open to withdrawing as speaker if students didn’t want him. As controversy ensued and a student petition circulated calling for his removal as speaker, Carson withdrew from the ceremony.

Carson is considered a rising star in the Republican Party, and conservative commentators have talked about him engaging in political career. The Family Research Council’s notice touts his speaking role at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast and his designation as a Presidential Medal for Freedom recipient. Carson didn’t immediately respond to a request to comment on why he wanted to speak at the Values Voters Summit.

Speakers at the Values Voters Summit; a conference for social conservatives, often express anti-gay views. It remains to be seen whether Carson will speak to the issue of homosexuality during his remarks.

In last year’s summit, Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan spoke as well as lawmakers like Reps. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas), who decried the Obama administration for refusing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court.

Michael Cole-Schwartz, a Human Rights Campaign spokesperson, said Carson’s decision to appear at the summit reinforces that he’s member of the far-right wing of the Republican Party.

“Ben Carson has further cemented his place on the far right wing with his association with the Family Research Council,” Cole-Schwartz said. “Their event is a cavalcade of some of the most virulently anti-LGBT leaders in this country and his divisive views will be in good company.”

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  • ….well, after looking at the requirements to post here, it will be hard to say what I wanted to say. I have absolutely no respect for a black man who takes it upon himself to moralize about a minority, and compare them to a criminal element (pedophiles,) when there is no correlation. Black people were once believed to be less intelligent, less clean, less work-oriented, and more prone to crime than other races. It was proven otherwise and backed up by medical evidence. Gay individuals are NOT pedophiles, are not "dirty" and do not have sex with animals. There is also medical and social evidence of this. SHAME on Mr. Carson for his slurs against another minority.

  • Assholw attract assholes.

    this guy needs to give himself a lobotomy.

  • Write to Johns Hopkins Hospital and complain LOUDLY about this a-hole and his public speaking with his baseless propaganda about the L.G.B.T. community! He is not a well person mentally. Do it and get him off the staff of such a good hospital. Can you imagine how badly he treats his gay and lesbian patients?

  • He must be a closeted man, why else would he…….

  • Ben Carson is NOT GOD period !!!!!!!! Dr. Carson CANNOT read GOD’s MIND period !!!!!!! How do I know God speaks with Dr. Ben Carson ?????? Ben Carson is NOT Moses or Daniel the lion or Noah or Samson period !!!!!! Does God tell Dr. Carson to run for a president of the USA ????? STOP LISTEN the sinners… JUST LISTEN GOD PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Personally, I say kudos to him for stating what he believes. Of course, to the “pro-gay” community I’m a bigot because, like Dr. Carson, I’m what they would categorize as “anti-gay”, and I am, in the same sense that I’m also “anti-alcoholism”, “anti-drug addiction”, “anti-domestic violence”, and “anti- fill-in-the-blanks-with-whatever-self-and-relationship-damaging-thing-you-want”.

    He didn’t say gays were into bestiality, nor pedophilia. He simply classified it where it belongs: with other behaviors that diverge from the Biblical parameters for sex. (Psst! Heterosexual sex between unmarried people goes into this category too, f.y.i.)

    What’s so funny (and sad), is that while they’re so busy labeling good people horrible things for refusing to compromise their beliefs (and let me be very clear, here: I have never, not once, been asked for “tolerance” from the LGBT community. I have only been ordered to compromise what is true for the lie in which they’re ensnared, and labeled when I won’t. I will certainly let you live the way you want to live- even when it diverges from that which is right- without interference or persecution from me (this fits a couple of definitions for the word “tolerance”, which is, according to “a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one’s own”, or another definition from the same source “the act or capacity of enduring”), but I will not support that which is wrong, for any reason.

  • Need to focus on Lord Jesus Christ, Son of living God word than Dr. Ben Carson. He is a man, not a God. God does not speak or send or appoint for they have a false teaching, false vision, divinations, and their own mind, not from mouth of Almightly God. Dr. Ben Carson is not Moses or Daniel the lion, or others. Dr. Ben Carson can has his own mind, not a God. Does God speak out Dr. Ben Carson to run a president of the USA ??? Does God speak out ?? who is MIND ? God or Man Who do you trust ?

    • God NEVER a mistake !!! God NEVER lies !!!! President George Bush broke his oath that he let the people down !!! it makes a sense !!! God does not speak with the former President Bush who ran in the White House. Who do you trust ? God or Man. Picture it !!!!!! I trust Jesus Christ, son of living GOD all my mind, soul, heart FOREVER !!!!!! I am a deaf African-American gentleman and is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Jesus Christ can save YOU, not in church. YES, I do love and forgive Dr. Ben Carson and all the people on this world. Please REMEMBER Dr. Ben Carson is NOT a God. :)

  • These conservative right wing extremists are lamentable… what else can one say? And don't forget now, they're "Christian!"

  • The FarReich needs and desperately requires a face of color just now, so guess who stepped in like a good little boy to give it to them? As an interracial man, I find all of this grotesquely ironic. I mean, isn't this the pot calling the kettle black? Here's a black homophobic idiot bigot, a minority, hiding behind a trumped up white Reichwing Russian Republican homophobic, anti-Hillary, hate-machine being paid high sums of money while being seduced into lying and screwing in the FarReich political bed, no doubt, all designed to manipulate support and drum up money and political power from black, Hispanic and other minority idiots who might be seduced by their Neanderthalic homophobic vitriol for the upcoming 2014 and 2016 elections, in which the FarReich knows that it shall lose badly in due to its ever-continuing refusal to pull their heads out of their own c(u)ntsy, obsequiously racist, homophobic, anti-human, anti-God a(s)ses and breathe some much needed fresh air, thereby finally stepping out of 12th century A.D., and into 21st century A.D. reality and civilization, so go figure!

    Every dog has its day, and theirs is truly coming. And not soon enough it is. As people in general are NOT stupid, and many so-called "minorities" are beginning to awaken with a vengeance, I believe that they are going to have their political oven turned up to 500 degrees very soon. After being baked to a nice crispy death for several more months, they shall then be removed from the societal oven, scorched, charred, and burnt to death, and then promptly and properly discarded forever. All this by 2016. And a good riddance it shall be! The FarReich has doomed itself in the 21st century for never letting go of 12th century bohemianism! They wish to go backward rather than to progress ever forward. So be it. They're at war with society. Guess who's going to win it? Since they are vastly and quickly becoming extinct, they shall soon go the way of the dinosaurs! So be it.

    Boy, when they were passing out brains these idiot haters must have been standing there with a thimble!

  • Would he treat a gay patient, and would he behave towards this patient the same was as any other patient? Especially, would he respect his next of kin? If not, he should lose his medical license.

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