April 12, 2016 at 1:41 pm EDT | by Mariah Cooper
Chariot for Women is female-only Uber; welcoming to trans women
(Screenshot via YouTube)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

Chariot for Women, a new ride sharing app for women only, launches in the Boston area on April 19.

Former Uber driver Michael Pelletz created the service for women to feel safer using ride shares. Drivers must be women and undergo a rigorous background check. Passengers must be women or children of any gender under 13.

In an interview with Tech Crunch, Pelletz says trans women are also welcome to use the app either as a customer or to work for the company.

“If [passengers are] trans and identify as a woman, they can drive and ride with us, no problem at all,” Pelletz told Tech Crunch.

“We believe that giving women and their loved ones peace of mind is not only a public policy imperative but serves an essential social interest,” Pelletz says. “Our service is intended to protect these fundamental liberties, and we look forward to ending the inequality of security that currently afflicts drivers and riders on the basis of gender.”

Women’s safety when using Uber has been called into question. BuzzFeed obtained numerous screenshots in March of Uber customer rape and sexual assault complaints.

“We’re doing this because there is such inequality when it comes to security that afflicts driver and rider due to gender,” Pelletz continued. “Women are across the world the ones being harassed and assaulted by male drivers. In my eight months as an Uber driver, I didn’t hear any negative feedback from men.”

Discrimination could also be considered a legal problem for Chariot for Women, but Pelletz told Tech Crunch they are prepared.

“We look forward to legal challenges. We want to show there’s inequality in safety in our industry. We hope to go to the U.S. Supreme Court to say that if there’s safety involved, there’s nothing wrong with providing a service for women,” Pelletz says.


  • Does Chariots for Women have a policy on tipping?

  • I am woman, hear me roar but don’t put me in a car with a strange man. I’m strong but not that strong. I also get my feelings hurt easily and for the most part I’m unsure of myself and easily deceived.

  • This is pure sexism at its best. If men tried this we would be called out. I hope they get sued out of business. Discrimination on any level should not be tolerated.

  • Wait..They want to allow God knows what in their bathrooms but Uber just for them?! And isnt this discriminatory? As a male, I take offense and would sue.

  • So, it might just be me talking, but I have a feeling that this is just a bad idea waiting to happen. It’s got sexism and discrimination written all over it. Plus, it’s not really a great deterrent against sexual assault, since a woman and minor can just as easily be assaulted by a woman as well as a man. This just seems like another attempt by those ridiculous feminazis to show men in a bad light. Though, I would hope people are wise to this game and refuse to indulge this unnecessary battle of the sexes, because at the end of the day, both sides need each other.

    • Yeah cause just as many woman police officers, taxi drivers, and whatever else, have sexually assaulted women and children, as males, right?
      “We need each other” don’t be a hypocrite, cause you obviously don’t care.

  • Didn’t a limo service get sued for 1 million by a group of woman drivers who weren’t fired just not allowed to driver for specific passengers?

  • This service cannot be female-only if it allows transgendered “women.” Spoilers: Men who think they are women are still biologically male.

    MtF transgendered people commit violent crimes against women at similar rates as non-transgendered men.

    Why not just use Uber and pick a female driver?

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