October 11, 2017 at 1:50 pm EDT | by Mariah Cooper
Kathy Griffin spills ‘scandalous gay tea’ on ex-friend Anderson Cooper

(Screenshot via Twitter.)

Kathy Griffin made her stand-up comedy comeback at the Best in Drag fundraiser in Los Angeles over the weekend where she wore a Donald Trump mask, blasted Harvey Weinstein and spilled “gay tea” on Anderson Cooper.

“I’m going to spill the f*cking tea,” Griffin says in her first stand-up routine since the Trump photoshoot controversy. “I was part of an international scandal, under federal investigation for two months, my sister died, my dog died, and my mother turned on me. My mother took Sean Hannity’s side. She was a little drunk. She goes, ‘Kathleen, I was watching my Fox News and do you know not one of those guys took your side. Not once.’ I said, ‘Yes.’ I got letters from them saying they wanted to shoot me in my cu*t.”

Griffin addressed her former friendship with Anderson Cooper who called her Trump photoshoot  “disgusting and completely inappropriate.” She has said that she severed ties with the CNN host for his lack of support.

“I’m going to leave you with a cup of tea, honey. This is a cup of gay tea that is f*cking scandalous and it involves Anderson Cooper,” Griffin says. “For some reason this gay sent me a letter and sent a copy to Anderson. It’s so heinous and so over-the-top horrible that I admit it made me laugh out loud.”

Griffin continues, “Dear Anderson, from one homo to another, you’re a fickle faggot. Really? Not supporting and backing Kathy Griffin after she had your back for years. Even to talk about your c*ck-sucking in her comedy back when you were still a closeted queen. And another thing, Anderson: Homo rule 101, you always back your fag hag.”

The comedian went on to address the recent controversy of sexual assault and harassment allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein.

“The Weinstein thing is just f—ing unbelievable, but I’m not afraid to say anything because I don’t appear in movies ever and no one will ever put me in one,” Griffin says. “That guy seems to be what’s called a rapist. I’m using it as a broad term. There’s a lot of them, and they are everywhere. So it’s time we started to f—ing look out for each other because this s— has been going on for way too long.”

  • what’s the scandalous gay tea on Anderson Cooper? that a gay sent a letter to him?

  • Kurt 20008

    She needs to find a new line of work.

  • The Observer

    Her pity party is beyond old..and all of her own making. For the slightest chance of ever having a semblance of a career again, she should keep quiet for the next 6 months to a year, and stop blaming everyone else for her idiotic moves.

    Then come back, do some actual comedy without making a total a*s of herself. At one time, she was funny.

  • RedRider67

    I have always supported her and always will – and her comments about “fickle f/s” apply to the rest of you as well.

    • Steamboater

      She’s right about Cooper. he should have had her back and at least not said anything.

  • riskey .

    C*ck-sucking? Is the blade a family publication?

    • Drew Neal

      no issue with that. it’s usually included in my holiday cards.

  • Misty Cohen

    She has become the Sinaed O’Connor of comedy,,,

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