January 23, 2012 at 5:09 pm EST | by Phil Reese
Ecuador President appoints lesbian to cabinet
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Carina Vance Mafla, a lesbian, is Ecuador's new Health Minister. (photo courtesy of the Government of Ecuador)

Announcing her presence with a major gesture with the closure of ex-gay torture clinics, Ecuador’s new American born Health Minister has been revealed to be an openly gay woman who led the charge against those clinics since 2008.

According to LGBT Latino news blog, Blabbeando, Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa announced Wednesday the appointment of Carina Vance Mafla as the replacement of outgoing Health Minister, who resigned earlier this month over charges that he’d left the health system to languish without proper modernization efforts. Mafla was born in California, but spent her high school years in Ecuador, and returned after college and graduate school in 2004.

Yesterday, the nation’s most prominent LGBT organization brought attention to Mafla’s sexual orientation by heralding her as a “lesbian activist.”

According to the Blabbeando translation, “the organization goes on to say that they hope the newly appointed minister will pay attention to current delays in the distribution of HIV medications, create guidelines to prevent discrimination against LGBT individuals at hospitals and health centers and take action on shutting down illegal religious “clinics” that promote “cures” for homosexuality.”


  • Cures to homosexuality – thats just relgion masquerading as medical science and its really cruelty to children.

    People are forced to listen to continuous sermons for eg 30 hours and these sermons condemn them in so many ways. Also used is baths filled with ice water and ice cubes and even electro shock therapy.

    Of the younger victims of this cruelty and physical molestation about 30-40% pf them commit suicide within a year. The purveyors of this BS should be charged with mass manslaughter.

    BTW when we got our prisoners back from N. Korea after the armistice in 1953, the commies had treated them terribly and also b roke their spirit to the point wherre some of them said that communism was the wave of the future.

    I guess the purveyors of ths monstrosity treatment – akin to bloodlettng in the past – learned theri techniques ffrom the commies.

    They succeeded not in “curing people” but turning them into pathological liars.

  • Quador has civil unons. with the tolerance of the govt appointing this lesbian lets hopee that it follows Ururguay and changes to marriage equality.

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