May 4, 2016 at 3:20 pm EDT | by Chris Johnson
Survey: LGBT voters back Clinton over Trump by 4-1 margin
A new poll finds LGBT voters back Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a 4-1 margin.

A new poll finds LGBT voters back Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a 4-1 margin.

As the nominees for the 2016 presidential election have become more clear, a new survey finds LGBT voters support Hillary Clinton for president over Donald Trump by a 4-1 margin.

The New York-based Whitman Insight Strategies made the findings public on Wednesday as a result of a nationwide survey it conducted of 338 likely voters who identified as LGBT.

According to the survey, 84 percent of likely LGBT voters back Clinton, compared to the 16 percent who support Trump, a significant margin showing more than 4 in 5 LGBT voters would vote for the former secretary of state.

That shows greater support for the Democratic candidate in 2016 among LGBT voters than exit polls showed among gay, lesbian and bisexual voters in 2012. At the time, exit polls revealed President Obama won 76 percent of the LGBT vote, compared to the 16 percent won by then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

The 2016 survey demonstrates LGBT voters back Clinton over Trump by a much larger percentage than the general electorate. Recent polls show the race is becoming evenly split between the two candidates. Although most results have Clinton leading Trump, a recent poll from Rasmussen Reports found Trump had a 2-point advantage against his Democratic opponent.

Moreover, the survey found LGBT voters are significantly more likely than voters overall to identify as Democrats: 60 percent identify as Democrats, and 40 percent say their intensity is strong. Meanwhile, only 15 percent of LGBT voters identify as Republican, while 22 percent identify as independents.

“Republicans are not reaching LGBT voters or speaking to issues important to them,” the survey concludes. “In fact, their efforts at the state-level to push anti-LGBT legislation have only further alienated this important community of voters. As such, Democrats are well-positioned not only to win strongly among LGBT voters come November, but harness this already mobilized voter segment into action.”

A total of 1,748 respondents overall took the survey between March 29 and April 2, but the sample of 338 LGBT voters doesn’t indicate the portion of people who identify as LGBT nationwide because that number is weighted. The unweighted number of survey respondents who self-identify as LGBT is 88, which is about 5 percent of total respondents and consistent with estimates of the percentage of LGBT people within the population.

The survey also made numerous other findings with respect to likely LGBT voters:

* The poll finds that LGBT voters are more engaged with the current presidential contest than any other voting population this election cycle. Nearly three in five LGBT voters say they are following this election very closely, a number that outmatches all other major subgroups.
* LGBT voters are also more optimistic about the direction of the country compared to other voters — while two-thirds of likely voters believe the country is on the wrong track, roughly half of LGBT voters say the country is headed in the right direction.
* However, although optimism is high, trust of government and politicians is low. Like other Americans, solid majorities of LGBT voters distrust government and politicians to do what is in their best interest. Some of this distrust may be related to what’s happening at the state level in places like North Carolina, where LGBT people continue to experience discrimination.

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  • What is the percentage who prefer the candidate who should be elected in November, Bernie Sanders?

  • Only the brain-dead conservative queers would vote GOP given all their bashing of our community this election cycle! Caitlyn Jenner likely will be calling on Trump to be his trans ambassador. Don’t quit your day job Caitlyn!

    Despite the margins in favor of Clinton, don’t take the election for granted. Trump has showmanship experience to dupe the masses. Further, many voters consider the economy and important issue and polls naively show Trump has more confidence in that regard than Hillary. Trump will try and exploit NAFTA and its impact on blue collar workers which Bill promoted.

    It should be interesting in that some GOP power players say they won’t vote for Trump. So that may well negate those that won’t vote for Hillary. That leaves the rest of us to go vote in what may become a tight election.

    Hopefully she can step up and whoop some Trump Butt! It’s hers to lose if she gets too over confident and arrogant.

  • Umm, 84:16 is greater than 5:1.

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