May 9, 2016 at 1:07 pm EDT | by Mariah Cooper
Dan Savage slams Ann Coulter over anti-transgender bathroom laws
(Screenshot via YouTube)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

Dan Savage went toe to toe with Ann Coulter about transgender bathroom rights on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday.

Speaking in a panel discussion on the issue, Savage compared transgender bathroom discrimination to the discrimination gay men have faced.

“They took the same old script – they’re recruiting children, preying on children, threatening children, creeping in bathrooms – that was what they said about gay men forty years ago,” Savage says. “And they’re just taking that and applying it now to trans women. And it’s bullshit. And trans women and men use bathrooms all over the country and have forever.”

Coulter shot back that the laws aren’t to discriminate against transgender individuals, but to prevent child molesters from entering public bathrooms.

“It’s not that transgender people are going to go and molest children,” Coulter says. “It’s that once you say men can go into women’s bathrooms — men who are out shopping with their little daughters and don’t have mommy to bring her in there. It’s not that the trans are going to molest them, it’s that a child molester now has the right to go into that bathroom.”

Savage responded calling her argument “bullshit.”

“A child molester doesn’t need to put on a dress to go into a bathroom. You can Google ‘sexually assaulted in a restroom’ and you get thousands of examples of cisgendered straight men,” Savage says.

  • Isn’t an coulter a drag queen OR trans woman?

    Don’t conservatives always claim that child molesters prey on little boys? Now it’s that men dress like women to prey on little girls.

  • If you were on a commercial airliner and had to use the restroom, and Ann Coulter stepped out of it as you approached it, would you use it?

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