August 14, 2010 at 3:28 pm EST | by Lou Chibbaro Jr.
Arrest made in gay man’s murder

D.C. police have arrested a suspect in the murder of gay federal worker Delando King, who was found stabbed to death Aug. 8 in his apartment at an upscale condo building at 1117 10th St., N.W.

Police charged Marcus McLean with premeditated first-degree murder while armed in connection with the case. He was apprehended at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday on the 2100 block of P Street, N.W., according to a police statement. Two gay bars are located along the block.

The statement says police obtained a warrant for Mclean’s arrest sometime earlier, but it gave no further details on how homicide detectives identified him.

Shortly after King was found dead in his apartment, D.C. police homicide branch Capt. Michael Farish told the media that surveillance cameras at King’s building captured video footage of an unidentified black man entering the building with King early Sunday morning. Farish said the surveillance video also showed the man leaving the building alone while carry a bag with something inside that the man did not have when he entered the building.

The police statement that announced Mclean’s arrest describes him as a black man.

“This case was brought to closure by detectives Brian Wise, Hosam Nasr and the other members of Squad 2, with assistance in the apprehension by members of the Second District, Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit” and other units, said Capt. Edward Delgado, who issued the statement.

King, 34, worked for the U.S. Indian Health Service, an arm of the Department of Health & Human Services. A statement released by the Indian Health Service said King was a member of the Navajo Nation and highly regarded in the local American Indian community.

Police said they don’t believe King’s murder was related to a series of anti-gay attacks targeting gay men that have occurred in the Dupont Circle area in recent months.

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  • Chet

    I’m so happy to see they caught him!
    What a terrible and senseless murder!
    If only he could get the death penalty!
    Great job MPD!

  • Bill

    I highly doubt that this murder wasn’t connected with the maundering gangs of black thugs victimizing the community. It is great that this murderer was arrested so very quickly. Now, will they also charge this scum with a hate crime?

    • mark holiday

      there is really no need for racism in this case. black men have been killed as well. also you need to learn to spell before you go spewing hate!

    • alexander

      what is wrong with you people. i dont care what color an person is ,but an young man is dead and you all are only about the colors of ones skin. check yourself where do it stop. The guy that killed him i hope will spend the rest of his life in jail.

    • Bob Zuley

      Oh, please. Why charge with the absurd hate crime charge when he’s already going to be charged with murder?

  • Sheldon

    Hate crime? And if the suspect is gay himself?

  • someone

    yes he is gay, but what he did was wrong. I really wish that Mr. King would have been a little more conscience of who he was bringing home. my heart goes out to his family.

  • Craig

    @Bill – The evidence doesn’t support the suspect being charged with a hate crime, it’s unfortunate that a gay man was killed (whether it was a botched robbery or hook-up gone wrong) but sometimes murder victims just happen to be gay… and what’s with your description of “black thugs?” Wouldn’t “thugs” have been sufficient?

  • Yes, I agree with Craig, the “black” thugs reference seems to segue your point in an uncomfortable direction. Does anyone ever really care what color a band of marauding thugs is?

    • ashley

      can u really rely on gay pple

      • ashley

        arrest the guy then try to get some one that lives in the buliding then try to catch the guy hope you get him realy good tie him up in jail make hi stay there till he dies make him sta there forever . ashely .com

  • Bill

    @Craig and Taylor: I am connecting this murder to last week’s article where five men where attacked by blacks and the wilding done by “15-20” black youth against gays. (

    This article identified the suspect as black. This issue has been discussed in other posts.

    In other articles, there has been discussion that black, straight (thugs) have been accosting gay men seeing them as easy marks.

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  • DC Live

    Sheldon & Craig, please note that Bill has serious racial issues as it concerns the “black thugs” he frequently brings up on this site. In his frail little mind, the horrible murder of Delando King and the recent rash of attacks on gays are directly related. Remember, “black thugs” is a key term for him.

    • AJ

      You are so right! He is clearly a racist! Post after post!

  • Bill

    All – Regarding DC Live’s comment that I have a focus on “black thugs,” he said the same thing last week about me, Kraig Rasool, MikeINdc, and whiteboy in the comments regarding “Gay men targeted in 5 D.C. hate crimes” ((

    Judge for yourself.

    • Chris

      What’s to judge your Teabagging hating you’re giving on this thread?

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  • r2d2xx

    Let’s be clear about who is committing these crimes. Have you seen any gangs of white thugs roaming the streets near DuPont Circle. Stating an obvious fact does not make one a racist.

    • mark holiday

      I beg to differ, they are several white thugs IN Dupont Circle on any given evening after midnight. I live two blocks away and walk that route regularly. If you think they won’t take your designer duds, just give it a try sometime.

    • Chris

      No it doesn’t but the context from which he speaks does….And by the way who asked any of you to move to DC if you don’t like Blacks???? oh and yeah WHITES COMMITS GAY CRIMES ALSO
      Take a look for yourself!

      And another one!

      So crime has no color especially when it comes to Gay people where ever. And if you don’t care for DC..THEN MOVE! It thrived before you and will thrive without you!

    • AJ

      Whenever there is a “gang” or a “white” person committing a crime there is no mention of race.

    • ericb

      havent seen any back ones either…a gang is a gang regardless of race

  • That was very sad, you really should NOT bring anyone home that you dont know even if you have had a few drinks. You are better off coming home alone and jerking off or hooking up with someone that you already know.

  • Kraig Rasool

    I have to to say r2d2xx’s comment is the best statement thusfar…you dont see whit thugs roaming the dupont cirlce area attacking gay people…Lets just give thanks to the DC Metropolitan Police Dept for handling and closing this senseless crime in the fashion that they did…and hope that streets can become a tad bit safer at least for now.

  • Bob Zuley

    Living in Chicago and aware of similar crimes in other cities, I really have to commend the WDC MPD for successfully investigating yet another gay murder. This is one municipal PD that takes gay homicides seriously unlike many other PD’s.

  • AJ


  • ashley

    the gay man is so stupid i saw him in wite planies he was with a girl and she said were is the gay man i like him so much they got marrid so he has to get in jail . ashely .com i love sovleing chins

  • ashley

    so stupid

  • ashley

    my famaily says the guy is in new jersey

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