August 6, 2010 at 9:41 am EST | by Chris Johnson
Ann Coulter to headline gay conservative convention
Ann Coulter (Blade photo by Michael Key)

Ann Coulter (Blade photo by Michael Key)

Conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter is scheduled to headline an upcoming New York City event for gay conservatives, according to GOProud.

The gay conservative group announced in a statement on Friday that Coulter would make an appearance at Homocon 2010, which is set to be the first annual convention for gay conservatives. The event is scheduled to take place September 25 in New York City.

Coulter is a controversial conservative who often faces criticism. Titles of her books include “If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans” and “Treason: Liberal Treachery From the Cold War to the War on Terrorism.”

She’s called Democratic presidential candidates Al Gore and John Edwards gay, using anti-gay slurs, and suggested former President Bill Clinton is gay.

In a statement, Chris Barron, board chair of GOProud, said Homocon 2010 is intended as an alternative to what he described as liberal-leaning political events for LGBT people.

“The gay left has done their best to take all the fun out of politics, with their endless list of boycotts and protests,” Barron said. “Homocon is going to be our annual effort to counter the ‘no fun police’ on the left.”

Barron said he couldn’t think of a better conservative to headline the convention than the “self-professed ‘right-wing Judy Garland.’ — Ann Coulter.”

“I can promise you, Homocon 2010 will be a hell of a lot more fun than chaining yourself to the White House fence,” concluded Barron, presumably referring to gay former Army Lt. Dan Choi’s acts of civil disobedience by chaining himself to White House in protest over “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

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  • They couldn’t have picked a better man for the job.

  • Look, putting aside the merits or liabilities of being Conservative IN ALL OTHER AREAS than that of Gay Civil Rights, Under that specified heading, it is categorically not Conservatives who are on our side.

    Troubling to me are those national Gay leaders who campaign touting Gay rights, some of whom I have personally donated to, taking in large amounts of Gay money, intended clearly to be for the use of said mission, AND THEN they turn around and present themselves in the Generally Conservative Arena using my Gay money promoting either themselves as a Conservative Candidate, or as an overall Conservative Promoter, who happens to be Gay. Problem. This is a misuse of the hard earned money of Gay Americans.

    In an airplane emergency, we are told to put on our own air mask BEFORE helping others – makes sense! You cannot help others if you yourself are endangered. Surely there are a plethora of National issues all worthy of attention, but really, in the lives of Gays and Lesbians, is there truly any more important issue other than our rights. The health, security and happiness of Gays and lesbians is important.

    Our right to marriage, emotional benefits aside, are politically important in gaining all of the other needed protections and benefits for Gays and Lesbians. Even Gays who do not ever care to be married are affected by the lesser financial status of Gay society overall. It is Finances that make the Political Machine move. Currently Gays are financially oppressed because we do not receive the huge financial benefits which are currently only given to Straight couples.

    If Gay folks ever want to have a society free or even freer of harassment and oppression, then it is strategically important that they and/or their friends gain the financial fortitude to devote toward Gay political movements. This is a practical matter. Marital Status under the federal Government makes a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime to the median wage earner. Greater earnings means greater political power, directly.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that Coulter, or other National figures, are genuinely promoting Gays, but rather bolstering the ailing GOP. The GOP will never help Gays, period.

  • You people have lost your damn minds and that last little bit of credibility your “little confused” group might have had…

    Greed has infected your minds.

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