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Feedback: October 21

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Your front page salute (Oct. 14) to the passing of gay rights advocate Frank Kameny brought tears to my eyes and I plan to frame it and place it in a prominent place in my home.

I wonder how Kameny would have reacted to the news that Ann Coulter, the darling of the conservative right wing of the Republican Party, is going to appear in an upcoming episode of Logo’s “A-List: Dallas.” She will be joining GOProud executive director Jimmy LaSalvia in the episode.

I’ve never heard of GOProud but am guessing that it is similar to the Log Cabin group, which is comprised of conservative Republican gay men. Speaking only for myself (although I would like to think that Kameny would side with me), I have nothing but disdain for gay men and women who vote for Republican candidates in state and national elections but profess to be strong advocates of equal rights for all minority groups in this country.

They couldn’t care less about issues that impact on the clear majority of people who are just getting by financially, most likely living from paycheck to paycheck if indeed they are fortunate to have jobs.

I am not suggesting blind allegiance to one political party, although I am ready to commit to the “99 percent”/anti-Wall Street” movement and offer my services to advance its cause in any way I can. Not one of the Republican candidates for president has articulated any stance or belief that I would subscribe to and support.

I must admit to an aversion to Logo’s “A-List” series. I have tried to get through an entire 30-minute episode in the current “New York” series but haven’t been able to do so because I find the gay men on the show to be unbelievably narcissistic and self-absorbed, not to mention inarticulate and shallow twits. Come to think of it, Coulter and the “A-List: Dallas” queers probably deserve each other. —Bob Litman, Washington


  • Bob, you’re a liberal left loon, not unlike many other people, gay and straight. I’m gay and a proud Republican who has never voted for a Democrat. I could comment on your mini-piece for hours but I’m not interested in failing to attempt to change your outlook. But I will say this: one reason you deplore Republicans is because they “…couldn’t care less about issues that impact on the clear majority of people who are just getting by financially, most likely living from paycheck to paycheck if indeed they are fortunate to have jobs…” Think about it Bob. Was this country built by people standing in line waiting for a presumed entitlement to a government handout/public assistance? The answer is a resounding no. And that’s part of the reason why we have such a horrible economic situation in this country, and in the world. Anyone’s view that s/he is entitled to public assistance is dead wrong. If you can’t make it in a free economy then I feel sorry for you. But why should I and my next door neighbor and everyone else foot the bill for what are likely bad personal decisions and choices on the part of other people? The government owes nothing to the citizens, except national defense and protection of our rights. Read the Constitution – I suspect it might be the first time you picked it up.

  • This country was founded “For the People” according to the Constitution, not for Corporations, or for Tax-Exempt Mega Churches who control Legislation with cash.

    I concur wholeheartedly with Bob’s Letter – Any LGBT person voting for any Repbulican is a self-defeating fool.

  • BTW – Here is a fine example of Republican Legislation in action right here in Box Turtle Bulletin:

    “N.H. House to vote on marriage repeal in 2012” Taking your Rights away.

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