May 24, 2013 at 4:57 pm EDT | by Chris Johnson
White House Pride reception set for June 13
The White House

The White House is holding a Pride reception on June 13 (Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key)

The White House is hosting its annual reception celebrating June as the month of Pride this year on June 13, marking the first such celebration in President Obama’s second-term.

One person invited to attend to the event received an invitation on Thursday. A White House official confirmed the event is taking place June 13.

The Obama administration has held a Pride reception at the White House for each of the previous four years President Obama has been in office. Attendees are typically made up of leaders from the LGBT community, including lawmakers, activists and celebrities. The occasion on June 13 marks the fifth such celebration at the White House.

Last year, the Pride celebration took place shortly after Obama came out in support for marriage equality, which he referenced in his remarks to attendees.

“And Americans may be still evolving when it comes to marriage equality — but as I’ve indicated personally, Michelle and I have made up our minds on this issue,” Obama said.


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  • Gay people can get married all they want, man may recognize it But GOD NEVER WILL. I lived a gay lifestyle of 45 yrs, now 49. 4 yrs ago, GOD took that lifestyle away from me as its NOT what He wanted/intended for me. I chose what path I wanted to live. Now I have been set FREE of those demonic spirits. PRAISE BE TO GOD. Obama and Miguel, Michelle, whatever her name is may recognize it. but GOD surely does not. He loves all as He loved/loves me like crazy. He just didn't like the way I was living. And I really would be ashamed to call it "PRIDE". I know many gay couples who does NOT agree with same-sex marriage. That my dear says a lot. You have every right, yes, to get married like anyone else, But just be aware, it is/was not ordained by GOD and He will never recognize it as a True Marriage. Only man ( obama/michelle) will recognize it, I mean He wanted in office desperately enough, He knew what buttons to push and what to say to the american people. Yep, sure did.

    • So you just don't like the Obama's….*yawn* Maybe God can get around to deliver you from being a racist……but seeing as it took him 45 years to deliver you back into the closet….I wouldn't count on it. So you did get one thing right…..everyone has the right to marry…….your lifestyle of being a Christian is irrelevant to equal protection. Hot angel profile pic by the way.

    • He wasn't invited, that's th reason for his diva plaint..

  • Good thing we have Obama we're actually, treated like people and not treated like we're below illegal aliens. Something you wouldn't have never seen with Bush or that religious idiot Mittens aka Rmoney aka cayman isle aka Romney.

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    • Actually the new immigration law will help illegal aliens but NOT gay couples including American citizens with foreign born spouses. That said, I very much appreciate all President Obama has done for us and we fully support him. I hope if the Supreme Court overturns DOMA, our President will do something to speed up the waiting period for bi-national married same sex couples, currently the waiting period for a visa is 1 year. Bi-national couples have already been through hell and something should be done to speed up the process and insure these couples are treated fairly.

  • I wish the leadership of all our national organizations could be relied upon to use this opportunity to stress how hurtful/harmful the abandonment of LGBT bi-national same-sex couples was during the recent not-so-comprehensive immigration reform negotiations. I suspect we will instead hear that the Pride reception is not the time to stress our concerns but rather to applaud our achievements. However, if we don't use these rare opportunities for one-on-one conversations with political leaders to make clear our frustrations then when do we? It's beyond frustrating that it's become acceptable to profess you are absolutely committed to full equality only then to turn around and say "except if it (theoretically) jeopardizes a piece of legislation I think is more important" when the going might get tough. I have said for what seems like forever that democrats need to be more like Republicans in some ways. Given the 2012 election results could the Reps really afford to scuttle immigration reform just because they hate LGBT people? We didn't give them a chance to blink because our Democrat leaders were in such a rush to do so themselves.

  • I am somewhat confused here. I appreciate the kind gestures that President Obama offers the LGBT community. However, this does matter little when, in most of the USA, gay people may still be legally discriminated against.

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