March 14, 2016 at 10:38 am EDT | by Kevin Naff
Hillary’s painful mistake
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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at the International AIDS Conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on July 23, 2012. (Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key)

Hillary Clinton’s epic gaffe — if that’s what it was — in which she praised Ronald and Nancy Reagan for their efforts related to AIDS in the 1980s inspired an immediate and deserved backlash over the weekend.

“It may be hard for your viewers to remember how difficult it was for people to talk about HIV/AIDS back in the 1980s,” Clinton told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “And because of both President and Mrs. Reagan – in particular, Mrs. Reagan – we started a national conversation, when before nobody would talk about it. Nobody wanted anything to do with it.”

AIDS activists, including Larry Kramer and Peter Staley among many others, leapt in to remind Clinton that it was Reagan’s cruel indifference and criminal neglect that drove the mounting death toll in the ‘80s. Reagan did not deliver a speech on AIDS until 1987. By then, 40,000 people had already died, most of them society’s castoffs (gays, drug users, Haitians), that the Reagans didn’t give a shit about.

All the privileged gays walking the aisle at over-the-top weddings today stand on the shoulders of a generation of gay men who died at the hands of an uncaring government. Our history is not taught in schools. Those of us who survived those dark hours must ensure that younger generations understand what happened, lest we be doomed to repeat it. We cannot let politicians rewrite that history.

This is not some arcane ancient tale — it’s 30 years ago. Clinton was there at the height of the epidemic, landing in the White House in the early ‘90s, before protease inhibitors began decreasing the death toll. Later, as a U.S. senator, Clinton voted for the creation of PEPFAR. As secretary of state, she spearheaded efforts toward an “AIDS-free generation.” She spoke at the 2012 International AIDS Conference. The Clinton Foundation works to combat HIV/AIDS in low-income nations via the Clinton Health Access Initiative, founded in 2002.

Given her laudable involvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS, it’s inconceivable that she didn’t know about the sorry Reagan record or the LGBT community’s widespread and justified hatred of President Reagan.

So what explains her reprehensible comments? Her gay supporters worked overtime on social media this weekend minimizing the incident, dismissing the whole thing as Clinton’s “exhaustion” or suggesting she merely “misspoke.” They say she deserves a pass, because, well, the Republicans are so much worse.

Did she misspeak? Or were her comments a calculated pivot toward an expected general election contest against Donald Trump? Praising the Reagans is a good way to curry favor with conservative voters repulsed by Trump’s racism and xenophobia.

We don’t know because she didn’t address it in her lengthy statement on the matter released only after a glib Twitter apology made matters far worse. The Blade has requested an interview with Clinton to clarify what happened but, so far, the campaign hasn’t responded.

Some good has emerged in the wake of the controversy. Clinton, for the first time, called on states to reform HIV criminalization laws, a welcome and long overdue policy statement. She also advocated for expanding access to PrEP and called on Republican governors to extend Medicaid to those with HIV/AIDS.

These are important steps and she deserves credit for backing up her apology with concrete policy initiatives.

But the incident underscores an ongoing problem Clinton has with rewriting history, particularly as it relates to the LGBT community. No one disputes that she’s an ally today. And we all know she was woefully late to the marriage party. We can and should forgive that and move on from marriage.

But AIDS is different. It’s the third rail. We can’t allow distortions or outright lies in the retelling of that story.

Kevin Naff is editor of the Washington Blade. Reach him at

Kevin Naff is the editor and a co-owner of the Washington Blade, the nation’s oldest and most acclaimed LGBT news publication, founded in 1969.

  • Yes. Good to hear about the policy info. She has been consistently good on that. Which jolted Sanders to suddenly post policy re AIDS in the last week. As for being late to the marriage bandwagon – weren’t they all later than we would have liked? At least she doesn’t pre-date her support for that as the Sanders side likes to do by claiming he has been “consistently” for marriage. “In 2006, he took a stand against same-sex marriage in Vermont, stating that he instead endorsed civil unions. Sanders told the Associated Press that he was “comfortable” with civil unions, not full marriage equality. (To justify his stance, Sanders complained that a battle for same-sex marriage would be too “divisive.”)”

  • “All the privileged gays walking the aisle at over-the-top weddings….”

    The difference between me and Kevin is that being gay in the ’80s didn’t turn me into a bitter middle-aged queen spewing anti-gay bile.

  • I have great respect for Kevin Naff. My only thoughts on this are that if Larry Kramer can get past Clinton’s misspeaking on this- which he has and continues to endorse her by posting her Medium column and saying Onward! then I think the rest of us can and must if we are to keep a Republican out of the WH. For the LGBT community as well as so many others that has to be the priority.

  • Typical leftist view of the world. A new disease came along and a lot of susceptible people died from it before treatment could be found. That is the fact. The leftist reads that as: “a generation of gay men who died at the hands of an uncaring government…”. Disgusting.

    • a generation of faqqots who died due to their filthy, disgusting sexual perversions. Good Riddance!

      • Their loose sexual behavior helped the disease to spread quickly.

      • Better than your filthy cold heart

        • As white Christian heterosexual men are being disparaged with lies, untruths, demonized by a political movement, and you think I give a qweers rearend about their fate via disease?

          • Spoken like a true low information voter. The fact you vote based on your religion in a country where religion and government should not intersect, illustrates you are a dolt and put your self serving interests first above what is right for society. so gays are a political movement? Religion, the opium of the masses and low information voters.

          • Spoken like a brainwashed know nothing liberal fool. You think you know what others think because you are programmed that way. You along with those like you are incapable of thinking for yourselves. You just hear your slave masters tell you the other side is racist and full of hate. The funny think is you’re too stupid to realize if that were actually true (it’s not), you are no better.

          • Truthteller: First, your sentence structure makes no sense, so please excuse me if I don’t address all of your ramblings. I am not a liberal. I am an Independent voter. I usually vote Republican and will probably vote for Donald. I was taught not to be such a low information voter and educate myself. Perhaps you were in a rush, but your ramblings projected yourself as one low on fact. If you would like to learn– I make up my mind for myself based on facts, not what some “truth sayer/man of god” instructs me to do. I just don’t think a person should be blindly following a minister or rabbi and should make up their own minds based on what is best for our country and society. It is you who looks like the fool, sir. I believe those people those who let every aspect of their religion dictate every aspect of their life and are incapable of making an original thought, have a social defect and use religion like a drunk uses booze to fill a hole in their soul. That’s what I believe based on many years of observing many who fall in and out religious zealous-ism. I think religion is great and a valuable part of society, but to blindly follow it as you projected you do tells me, you are a fool incapable of making an original thought. Perhaps you are not, I do not know, but I am far from “brainwashed,” as your small mind needs to label people. I would be happy to engage in a debate of fact, communicated in proper English. Are you capable of that ?

          • One thing I disagree with is that religion is “great” and a “valuable part of society.” It is neither. It is pure poison.

          • I am anti-religion, but you need to read AND understand the 1st amendment before making any comments about it.

          • Please elaborate, if you have the time. Your comment is intriguing.

          • Your hatred of religion makes your fanatical loyalty to the Church of Homosexual Freedom as beautifully cute. In a Special Olympics sort of way. Your problem is that your acting like a spoiled petulant child who has temper tantrums to get respect.
            Earn your own damned self-respect before you figure it out, child of Homosexuality and the Social Justice WhaaWhaa babies..

      • Hey-are you one of those closeted pickle pokers? You know, the ones who sneak around in the rest areas and then kiss their wives with their seamen breath? Because the only ones I know that put down gays like you have just demonstrated are truly closeted homosexuals who have so much hate for themselves they spread their self hatred to anyone who is a homosexual that reminds them of their inner secret. Kind of like that congressman who got caught in the men’s room–he was so anti-gay it was hilarious. So why do you hate gays so? Are you one? Did a pedophile diddle you (gays aren’t pedophiles)? Really, what’s the root of your hatred? Nope, I am not one of those bleeding hearts–I am Independent, usually vote republican but have to call out pickle pokers such as yourself to wonder why you hate so much? Just admit it and you won’t hate everyone.

        • So all those pedophile priests weren’t homos? I think they were.

          • Those priests weren’t pedophiles. The definition of pedophile is somebody who molests VERY YOUNG kids. Those priests were raping older boys.
            Bu that’s the media’s dodge to avoid calling the priests what they really are: homosexual rapists

          • No kidding.. please enlighten us, was is your litmus test between VERY YOUNG kids.. and older boys? 1? 5? 8? 12?

            For me a “boy” is still a boy, and a kid, until 14-15 years old, and even then, would be a kid for few years more without the influence of this wretched world.

            Repeat after me: the abuses in the Catholic Church (I”m not one of them) were perpetrated by pedophile homosexuals infiltrating their ranks, as higher as their could.

          • I’ll explain to you as you’re a little slow. It’s like pediatrics; you take small children, under the age of six to that kind of doctor.
            Kids older than that go to a regular doctor. Pedophiles prey on kids that young because six-year-olds are in school and they know that is wrong. Little kids don’t.

          • Nice to know. So in your book, 7 years old abuse is not pedophilia. You’re not slow, you’re just stupid. Did it occurred to you that an “older” kid, in school, still they will not tell much because of the shame? Dumbasses like you, spiting the hair, is why so many pedophiles are at large. I’m so happy I do not have to live, or my kids, in one of the putrid Western countries.

          • The word all of you need to learn is pederast.

          • You’re just wrong. Pediatrics covers children far beyond – where did you get that? Teenagers are regularly treated by the pediatricians who have seen them their whole lives and are virtually always treated in ‘Childrens’ Hospitals. For one thing – obvious you don’t have kids – the equipment in adult offices doesn’t fit! You’re going to check a 7 year old’s BP with an adult cuff?

          • I see you don’t know anything about modern medical practice. Up to age 18, children see either a pediatrician or a family practitioner. If an internal medicine specialist sees them they may be subject to licensing board discipline. Once they are over 18 they see ‘adult’ doctors.

          • The bigger sin of the Catholic Church was the bishops hiding the offending rapists! The bishops should’ve stopped it when they first were made aware of a priest raping a child. But they hid the offenders! My nephew was only 26 when he took his own life. He was a victim for years of this brutality. I blame the The Church. I blame his mother for not noticing.

          • Roy is implying they are homos, you should be agreeing. You are correct, only about five percent are pedophiles.

          • Most of the priests were doing 6 and 8 year old boys. A few were doing older boys. An even smaller number were doing 12 and 13 year old girls. These statistics are well known.

          • Look up Father James Porter, Roy—really. He was the one that ruined me for life. He “left” the priesthood after being shuttled from more than two dozen churches where they enabled him to molest hundreds of boys and girls. (Educate yourself Roy–Many PEDOPHILE priests diddled both sexes) Porter then went on to marry for 30 years–marry a woman—just like you—- and allegedly diddled his own kids. So to say someone is married means they are not gay is a fallacy. I am gay but I don’t find children the least bit attractive.
            My personal observation? People like you who have such a myopic outlooks towards gays (probably because you have some closeted tendencies you have been fighting all your life), forced many gays into the priesthood because you spewed such hatred. As soon as being gay was accepted by those of us living with a full set of teeth in the past 20 years, the number of those joining the priesthood plummeted. Imagine if you and all those others didn’t force all those confused men into the priesthood by spewing your hatred, maybe I would never have been forced to do things I still have vivid memories about today.

            Did you see the movie Spotlight? It is a good “Reader’s Digest” version of the depravity that was permitted and clearly explains how not all gays are diddlers of children, just like not all heteros are diddlers. Perhaps it would actually empower you to sound more literate and like not like such a low information voter. Are you a Hillary supporter, per chance? They tend to not be educated either and blindly follow institutions like the church.

          • Why do you spew so much venom towards other gays?

            You are very anger. HIV+?

          • Again, you are a liar, you can’t help yourself. You were no more molested by a priest than by a creature from outer space. Deep down, think about the fact that you can’t make your points without lying, think about what that says about your positions? Just think about it, that’s all I suggest.

          • I’m on Robert’s side with this one. My brother got molested by Father Gerald F McGrath in Watertown NY and the same perv was attempting to groom me. Our family moved out of state soon afterwards.

          • You don’t think. Pedophiles want kids while gay men want men. Get educated!

        • You are a fa33ot, and more likely a commie to. Voting Republican, yeah right..

          99.99% of normal men find homosexuality disgusting. We do not fear it, or hate it, just make us sick. DISGUSTED.

          Also, the percentage of homosexuals involve din politics, media, TV and Hollywood is astonishing. I cannot remember when I saw a nude women in a Hollywood movie, but guys/gays plenty.

          They push their vice daily, especially the adoption thing. For this last bit, time will come for a clean-up, no amount of blog trolling will save you animals

        • Hahahhaha! Look for the top 10 anti-gay Republicans who turn out to be gay for more entertainment on this topic!

    • I was going to comment but you already stated most everything I would have said.
      That said, one of the best ways to rid the society of AIDS is to remove homosexuality. Maybe that’s the action they would have appreciated from Reagan. Maybe that is the kind of response that actually addresses the problem. Currently, the only real solution to the problem lies in their own behavior (which they hate others for).

      • Seems to rear its ugly head just prior to the fall of the empire (e.g. Rome) … hmmm

      • Hillary Clinton’s ongoing problem of rewriting history extends to 9/11, i.e., how as a New York Senator in 2006, she made the SHOCKING CLAIM — contradicting the 9/11 Commission Report — that her husband and his national security team never saw the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) specifically titled “Bin Ladin [sic] Preparing to Hijack US Aircraft and Other Attacks” — a daily brief that President William J. Clinton received December 4, 1998, more than TWO YEARS BEFORE the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred!

        Talk about Hillary being a loathsome liar trying to rewrite history to let Bill Clinton off the hook with a lie that disrespects every family member who lost loved ones that horrific day.

        FWIW, my most recent blog post and “pinned tweet” provide references and a YouTube video for the facts stated above. Hear for yourself Hillary LIE.

      • If the medical community could find the cure for homosexuality, that would go a long way toward eliminating AIDS.

        • And if the medical community could find a cure for Emphysema and lung cancer that would go towards eliminating deaths of smokers, but in the meantime they tell people NOT to smoke,

    • May I add that the disease is almost completely activity related. Yes, smokers would like a magic bullet to prevent lung cancer too. But they are simply ridiculed and denounced.

    • It was NOT “Reagan’s cruel indifference” that drove the minor “epidemic” of HIV/AIDS in America. Rather, it was a subculture of reckless homosexuality (primarily in the San Francisco bath house community) that turned an incredibly rare disease into a wider health threat. As a purely behaviorally-transmitted disease, we KNOW how to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS: Just don’t participate in specific dangerous behaviors. The gay community refused to curtail their dangerous behavior, and they created a minor epidemic FOR THEMSELVES. Instead of taking responsibility for their own deliberate stupidity, gays pointed the finger of blame at everyone EXCEPT THEMSELVES, just as they do to this day.

    • I also find that “Generation of gay men” a little strange usage of the word considering most homosexuals are the end of their direct family line. They leave no future generation (unless through surrogacy or adoption)… And it was pretty well known how the disease was spread even though we didn’t know how to treat it yet. I blame the spread of HIV squarely on those that chose to live that lifestyle regardless of the dangers (which the government made very clear warnings about).

    • Don’t you know that the government is supposed to do everything for the leftists? If they could ever get complete control they will have the government do things TO us.

    • generation of queer men died because of their own disgusting habits….. & their still dropping like flies… lol :P

    • Agreed! Cry us a river, Naff.

    • Radical homosexual flight attendant was one of the major spreaders of the initial phases of the homosexual epidemic! This is a homosexual disease plague thrust into the population by perverts.

    • And they still act like the disease doesn’t exist and don’t warn people of the dangers because it is not pc.

    • What’s disgusting is how you conservatives try and revise history. Those of us that lived through it remember how the Reagan Administration ignored AIDs as a gay disease. The religious conservatives seized on the hysteria to push their agenda against gay men. They have blood on their hands and nothing can wash it away.
      If the Reagan administration showed compassion and leadership intead of caving into religious conservatives, many lives might have been saved and the disease wouldn’t be the pandemic it is now! Stop selling us your lies! If it were not for gay men being militant and demand action nothing would have been done!

    • Why didn’t gay men and drug users who shared needles raise the money to research and cure HIV? Because they didn’t want to accept the responsibility for their actions. They could have chosen to be chaste or to use reliable protection, but decided against it.

      Besides, many doctors and researchers were looking for a solution because of the profit motive. It isn’t government’s responsibility, except to stop people with communicable diseases from infecting others, but the gays didn’t want that either.

      • What a stupid statement. They did try and raise funds and have been for years. They held many fund raisers led by people like Elizabeth Taylor and Elton John.

        Gay men had to take the lead to fight AIDs and have done so. But gay men don’t conduct research for identify the cause of diseases nor do they have the ability to fund drugs or do research for cures. They went to the pharmaceuticals and demanded they develop drugs which save lives today.

        It’s always been the governments business to fight disease. What do you think the CDC is for? Stop running your mouth was such stupid hogwash! You haven’t got a clue!

    • I suppose the big, bad, mean government forced them to engage in dangerous sexual activities that turned the disease into an epidemic.

      • Reagans lack of leadership in identifying the disease and seeking a cure led to the epidemic. It would have been contained if he showed real leadership. Christian conservatives egged him on to do nothing.

    • And remember the Gay community blocked CDC efforts to isolate the disease by filing privacy lawsuits.

    • When you see government as your god, you get mad when it doesn’t save you from yourself. At least that’s the best psycho-analysis I can offer for a group of folks who play in each others fecal matter and call it a “lifestyle”.

  • I categorically deny having any relations with that server.

  • Another political player uninterested in making any concessions ever, even after their worldview has prevailed…. We need less of those, not more.

  • HilLyar = I am a professioal Liar, Not quite as good as Slick Willie, but good, none the less.

  • nothing hates like filthy, disgusting homoNazis.

  • The CDC’s initial report saying AIDS was not just a gay or drug use problem was skewed (unintentionally or otherwise) to say heterosexuals had an equal risk. It ain’t so.

  • Hillary’s history, Bernie’s history, the history of socialism. Even the history of any possible replacements for Bernie and Hillary will require an EXTRAORDINARY amount of revisionist history to even begin to make them credible to any knowledgeable voters! That’s is they can pull the con off at all.

    The democrat platform, agenda, ideology etc… is devoid of any fresh thinking, has become corrupted and stinks of decay.

    People can sense it even if they don’t fully understand it.

    • You’re correct, Croaker, but “… EXTRAORDINARY amount of revisionist history to even begin to make them credible to any knowledgeable voters!”

      During his 1956 presidential campaign, a woman called out to Adlai Stevenson: “Senator, you have the vote of every thinking person!”

      Stevenson called back: “That’s not enough, madam, we need a majority!”

  • What, exactly, was Ronald Reagan supposed to do? Go hand out condoms in front of the White House? If you do something, make a choice, and get sick from that choice, why is that the fault of the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.?

    • Dwayne Mountain Dew Camacho

      He could have outlawed gay sex…I guess. Thats about the only action that might have helped.

      • Yeah, sodomy laws made a huge difference. Stupid assessment.

        • Dwayne Mountain Dew Camacho

          In the history of mankind there have been 10 perfectly stupid individuals. People so incomprehensibly stupid that others are literally in awe of their lack of ability to understand even small and trivial situations.

          You….you leave them all in the dust.

    • Reagan could have hired someone to clean the weenies at the bath houses that refused to close even after the vector of transmission was known

    • “On 9th October 1984, San Francisco’s Director of Public Health, Mervyn Silverman, ordered the closure of fourteen bathhouses in the city. Within six hours of him issuing the order two had already re-opened. A further ten had re-opened within 24 hours.
      Clearly the defiance of the closure orders highlights just what a contentious issue it was. Indeed, the events that led up to and followed the issuing of the order illustrate very clearly what happens when mainstream politics, gay ‘community’ politics and the emerging AIDS crisis collide; something that was far from unique to San Francisco.”

    • Show leadership and compassion. He could have called upon Congress to fund the CDC to identify the disease and find a cure for it. That’s what the POTUS is supposed to do.

      Instead he ignored the disease chalking it up as a gay disease impacting people that didn’t matter. Conservatives thought they would be wiped out by it and thus wanted Reagan to take no action! I was there. I know.

  • “All the privileged gays walking the aisle at over-the-top weddings today stand on the shoulders of a generation of gay men who died at the hands of an uncaring government.”

    Really? The “uncaring government” raped and sodomized you and gave you AIDS? Or, was that generation of gays simply reaping the reward of the dangerous lifestyle they CHOSE to live? I don’t hear skydivers and base-jumpers crying about an “uncaring government” when one of them dies due to the risky activities they CHOOSE to engage in. Maybe, just maybe, gays need to {cough} “man up” and accept responsibility for their own conduct.

  • It wasn’t anyone’s cruelty that prolonged the AIDS epidemic. It was homosexuals their promiscuous lifestyle. Reagan gave his first speech on AIDS in 1985. EVERY year under his presidency the money for AIDS research doubled.

  • What a pathetic article. Absolute rubbish

  • Perhaps if people didn’t wait around for the government to rescue them there wouldn’t have been a problem.

  • Coughs, exhaustion, misspoke, consfusion. Is it her age or her health condition?

  • Another article written by another true “genius”.

    History is NOT taught in schools and that is a problem. However, this may be the worst example ever provided on the subject.

    Yes, AIDS was and is a problem. However, it was not well understood in the 80s and just beginning.

    There were many other disease taking just as many or more lives that deserved attention. How convenient for this author to prioritize in retrospect out of ideology.

    • I remember when it first came out and was identified. I was living in SF at the time. It was called “the gay disease” and people really did not know a whole lot about it at the time. The first symptoms are so similar to many other diseases.

  • It’s the gubment’s fault for their reckless behavior? Get real.

    • When AIDS first was recognized as being a problem in SF, the city wanted to close the bathhouses because that’s where a lot of promiscuous gay sexual activity was occurring. The outcry from the gay community was loud and swift. It took Rock Hudson’s death to make them do it.

  • smokers = bad…. aids spreaders= coexist….

  • The gay Blade? Now THAT’S funny.

  • Hillary Clinton is a liar, proven one more time. She makes it up as she goes, and the liberal controlled media eats it up.

    If gay men kept dirty needles our of their arms and contaminated dicks out of their touchas, AIDS would not be an issue. Simple cause and effect.


  • The Republicans, under George W Bush did more to fight AIDS than anyone.

  • The Republicans, under George W Bush have done more than the Dems to fight AIDS. In fact, more than they probably should given the fact that the disease was already virtually 100% preventable. And still is.

  • The rapid spread of AIDS also known as the Anally Induced Death Syndrome, had nothing to do with the Ronald or Nancy Reagan. The accelerated AIDS death rate was the direct result of the perverted homosexual lifestyle. The homosexual community only has itself to blame for the accelerated spread of AIDS in the Queer Community.

    • This is true. I was living in SF in the early ’80s. The gay bathhouses were well known as being spots were gay men could meet and have multiple encounters. It took a lot for the health department to close them because of the outcry from the gay community.

      • You’re pointing out an instance where the government stepped in on behalf of the Homosexual community to save lives. It is unfortunate that the queer community doesn’t acknowledge the San Francisco Public Health Department’s efforts to stem the spread of AIDS.

        • Yes but it wasn’t viewed that way at the time. There was a big struggle to get it done. It didn’t happen until after Rock Hudson died. He frequented those bathhouses regularly.

  • Typical rewriting of history. The line which kills me, “a generation of gay men who died at the hands of an uncaring government.” Really? The hands of the government killed gay men? What a bunch of garbage.

    • The Anally Induced Death Syndrome culled a generation of Homosexuals from the face of the earth. The Homosexual lifestyle is responsible for their demise nothing more nothing less.

    • Your assessment is garbage. The government is responsible for identifying diseases and finding cures for them. Not individuals. Instead nothing was done at all during the Reagan administration simply telling people to be abstinent as if that ever solved anything.

      Reagan could have called upon Congress to fund research to identify the disease, and seek a cure or at least drugs to alleviate the suffering and prolong live. He didn’t even have any compassion. The religious conservatives at the time told him to do nothing and he complied!

      Even the Sr. Bush said nothing until babies started being born with AIDS. Then and only then did he even mention AIDs but adults were still ignored as deserving what they got!
      Gay men didn’t know then what was killing them. People didn’t even know what the disease was then. Many people died needlessly. You won’t be allowed to rewrite history to suit your purpose! Those of us that lived through those years know the score!

      Gay lives matter but that’s something conservatives obviously think don’t!

      • I think you need to go back and refresh your memory. The CDC and the NIH were given huge budget increases between 1992 — and 1994 .. and the numbers exploded after that. The money for research was given. While RR should and does get his due for not taking a public stand until late in his presidency the money was given and support was given to CE Koop … who otherwise would have been gone.

        I was working in NYC and DC in the late 80’s — no one knew what was actually happening .. or what was and was not safe.

        It was actually Clinton who finally cut the budget for research — redirecting it to breast cancer. Should we blame him for any delay with AZT? And the deaths that may have caused.

        • AIDs first emerged in 1982. So it’s your memory that needs to be refreshed. By your recollection it took 10 years after the disease emerged before anything was funded! Pathetic!

          • Sorry .. age I guess … 1982 – 1984. Don’t sound so angry and nasty.

            The RR and NR did not cause the AIDS crises — and there is a lot of blame to go around in the 80’s & 90 … and it goes on today.

            Look at the new infection rates … How and Why.

            I lost many friends .. And AIDS was around before 1982.

          • But their lack of leadership and help for victims at the time made it worse and people try and white wash that reality. The POTUS has a responsibility to handle those situations with leadership and call for compassion for those inflicted and they failed!

            Yes, I’m angry because people were and still are callous and awful toward gay victims. Many people I know died that should still be here!

      • Inm3921 : Where in the Constitution or anywhere else in this country does it say that the government is responsible. I am guessing you are a communist. That is the system where the state is responsible for everything. Here in AMERICA, the individual is responsible for everything, and through our servant the government, we provide for our mutual security via our Military and our Judicial system. Health and Welfare are NOT the responsiblilty of the government. They are yours. for you.

      • And abstinence is just about the ONLY way to keep from being infected.

  • Typical that these leftists believe the solution comes from the government. Grow up and stop blaming everyone else for you lot in life.

  • By the way, some of the comments are hateful and not representative of TRUE Republican or Libertarian values. I’m talking about you demoCRATsBlow! among others. Knock it off.

  • “Died at the hands of government”? Really?

    No, you died because you found love in man’s hairy behind and couldn’t be bothered to protect yourselves because you were so hopped up on meth. Let’s not blame the government for your mistakes.

    • Agree. Taking your point a step further, I still don’t understand why a man would ever prefer another man’s hairy behind over a beautiful woman’s body. Choosing pooh over beauty … what are they thinking?
      I’ve got lesbian neighbors and they are super-quiet and keep their property immaculate. Great neighbors … and most guys think the concept of two women getting down is kind of hot … but two dudes together, c’mon man, that’s just Gross.

  • Rwandan genocide occurred under the Clinton watch, without any response from the US for any relief. Sad record.

  • When you play Russian roulette you increase your chances of survival when you remove all the bullets from the gun except one. Not the other way around.

  • You condemn Reagan but never bother to tell us how Hills any different!

  • The Hateful Left is eating its own.


  • The left is hateful, and it lies. Why can’t “liberals” simply tell the truth? I was around during the Reagan administration. The AIDS epidemic was treated very seriously, and was the biggest health issue during the time. To say Reagan ignored the subject is a lie. A disgusting, albeit typical, lie from the left.

  • people, and especially typically braindead left-wingers, should do some research themselves instead of gobbling up all the leftwing propaganda that is thrown their way.

    all of these anti-Reagan accusations are easily proved wrong:

    For the record, Reagan first mentioned AIDS, in response to a question at a press conference, on Sept. 17, 1985. On Feb. 5, 1986, he made a surprise visit to the Department of Health and Human Services where he said, “One of our highest public health priorities is going to be continuing to find a cure for AIDS.” He also announced that he’d tasked Surgeon General C. Everett Koop to prepare a major report on the disease. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom, Reagan dragged Koop into AIDS policy, not the other way around.

    Read more:

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  • No one has done more to impact AIDS than GWB. He spent millions of our tax dollars trying to impact AIDS in Africa and still goes on mercy missions over there. Whatever you think about him, no one can say he’s racist or heartless.

  • Looks like you’re really winning them over, Kevin. Maybe if you hadn’t rewritten history yourself, and with so much unfounded vitriol, you wouldn’t be drowning in well-deserved ridicule.

  • FACT:

    The Reagan administration increased AIDS funding requests from $8 million in 1982 to $26.5 million in 1983, which Congress bumped to $44 million, a number that doubled every year thereafter during Reagan’s presidency.

    Read more:
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  • Naff is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts. AIDs research got ramped up in the early 80s — soon after to such an extent that unless you working on AIDs research is was practically impossible to get funding. The overwhelming and vast majority of NIH funding went into AIDs research from then on.
    The truth about Reagan’s views:

  • Dwayne Mountain Dew Camacho

    How absurd is this article:


    and it is not the governments responsibility to make sure you dont. Nor is it there responsibility to find a cure…you are adults (supposedly)…you can make decisions for yourself.

  • FACT:

    the claim that Reagan spoke about AIDS sufferers with “disdain” is simply a smear. Nothing like that ever happened, except maybe in the fictional “The Reagans” miniseries in which Barbra Streisand’s husband played Reagan as a bigot and rube.

    In real life—that is to say in 1983, early in the AIDS crisis—HHS Secretary Margaret Heckler (accompanied by New York City Mayor Ed Koch, another Larry Kramer target), went to the hospital bedside of a 40-year-old AIDS patient named Peter Justice. Heckler, a devout Catholic, held the dying man’s hand, both out of compassion and to allay fears about how the disease was spread.

    “We ought to be comforting the sick,” said Ronald Reagan’s top-ranking health official, “rather than afflicting them and making them a class of outcasts.”

    Read more:

    Follow us: @RCP_Articles on Twitter

  • so men that in many cases had 300 or more partners in a year died of Aids because Reagan was “slow” to react? wow

  • Democrats are demented.

  • Dwayne Mountain Dew Camacho

    According to this dipshit article

    The way to stop the spread of aids…was if the all powerful government simply waved its magic hand …and proclaimed …”diseases no longer exist, dont bother stopping any behavior that might spread the disease…we all know you cant possibly make decisions for yourself”

  • Dwayne Mountain Dew Camacho

    I drank a lot last night and no have a hang over.DARN YOU OBAMA! DARNYOU STRAIGHT TO HECK! Your uncaring indifference to finding a hangover cure is what caused this…

  • I’m not sure that it was the President’s business to fight AIDS. The premise of this story is that Reagan should have “done something” but where were the leaders of the gay community telling their members that transmission of AIDS was primarily a lifestyle issue? Small changes in personal actions would have had big effects. Reagan was a man of great compassion, but he was also a believer in personal responsibility. The role lifestyle plays in the transmission of AIDS is still ignored by the gay community, unfortunately. But it’s easier to trash a good man than take responsibility, I guess. If Reagan should have spoken out on health issues, it seems that he should have spoken out on the leading causes of death (heart disease, cancer, stroke), not one that is tragic (as all diseases are) but much lower on the mortality list. As I alluded before, I don’t really think that was his job as President.

  • I was in the Army during this time. I knew more about AIDS than a typical American. We were constantly trained on the disease, its cause, effects, and lack of a cure. The government did take it seriously.

  • Fact is that the militant homosexual community fought tooth-and-nail to keep the “gay” bathhouses open in San Francisco even though that was where AIDS was massively being spread from.

    It was and is militant homosexuals using AIDS as a political tool.

    Had they stopped doing the unnatural acts, by far the biggest spreader of AIDS, that would have stopped AIDS being spread. But what the homosexual community wanted was to keep doing those acts and then blamed someone else for the spread of AIDS.

  • RR could have done more when it came to his personal statements. Although, at the time (pre 1985) not sure how much would have been accurate. We can be thankful for C E Koop (who was supported) — and the NIH … remember the NIH got all the funding they asked for (not an easy task) .. and it was a lot of money. Funny, it was the Clintons that actually cut the finding for aids (NIH) …because they had promised more money for breast cancer.

  • I remember ACT UP activists attacking opera goers in SF,

    Many of whom were very supportive of the AIDS cause…


  • This author believes gay people are getting way out of hand.

  • Ohio workers who want American jobs doubling down for Trump 20161

  • the Flu kills more people every year than AIDS, rotovirus kills more people ever year than AIDS, and so on…but does the president give yearly speeches on those diseases? nope.

    plus, 99% of AIDS cases are/were passed through sexual contact and the dumbocrats whine and cry and wail about republincas “staying out of their bedrooms” all the time, so which is it, dumbos? you want them to stay out of the bedroom or regulate your gay buttsex?

  • Yea, it’s the governments fault that those homosexual men were wildly loose (sorry, just a statistical FACT), got the worst kind of disease and someone wasn’t there to just bail them out.

  • Finish it and Jail her

  • In truth, the best and most guaranteed way to stop the spread of aids in the 80’s was the zipper. Their behavior in those days spawned today’s anti-marriage anti-hetro, anti-traditional family sentiments on the part of my party (Democrat) and the MSM. I pray we can pull back from the societal abyss.

  • To blame Reagan for not coming out on aids soon enough is a bit of a reach. It was a scary time and a lot of those who became infected were not gay. The blood supply was tainted and Hemophiliacs were some of the most affected through transfusions of tainted blood. Everyone was slow to react, the scientific community, the medical community, and even the gay community. Ultimately, it took high profile folks like Magic Johnson and others to shed some light on this horrible disease, but that didn’t happen until the 1990’s. Long after Reagan’s speech in 1987.

  • I remember when aids showed on the scene and yes, people where dieing everywhere, all over the world. I don’t remember Mr. Reagan actually performing the injections but I’ve heard he was the culprit. And as far as adding The Homosexual Males Death Response to Aids as a new requirement at school I’m sure they’re working on it so just cool your jets.

  • jpaq68 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Micheal Key is obviously one of the conspiracy theorists who believe that Ronald Reagan single handedly created the AIDS virus in his secret underground White House laboratory

  • If revisionist history is forgivable *except* when it’s personal for *you*, then don’t be surprised when you’re written off and run over.
    That’s who the Clintons are and have always been.

  • You can tell that the article is not founded on facts, nor on reason, when the author uses the term “criminal neglect” in describing an apparent lack of action by President Reagan. Presidents are not responsible for public health alone, but for the administration of the laws and management of the business of the nation. Presidents have whole agencies to deal with health issues. Attempting to micromanage the myriad agencies for which a President is ultimately responsible is folly. Extrapolating a reasonable reliance upon such agencies into personal criminal neglect is just as foolish.

  • Keeping in mind that research was 100x slower pre-digital/internet. My fiance D. Zydalis was lost to HIV complications in 2001. I can’t be bs’ed.

  • Don’t try and ask a cancer patient about aids. Hard to swallow but aids misdirected much needed funding from cancer research and people died, and are still dieing. That’s the thing about disease. It kills.

  • With a link no one the Drudge … the Blade should close the comments.

  • jpaq68 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Sorry Mr. Key, but Hillary Clinton is no ally to you or your cause. She’s simply a political opportunist who will pander anywhere, anytime and to anybody who she thinks can garner her a vote.

  • “…extend Medicaid to those with HIV/AIDS”– Does that include Charlie Sheen & Magic Johnson?

  • Mr. Naff is a perfect example of what can happen when the fetus fails to get enough oxygen.

  • I will never get AIDS ..thats a fact…unless I get TAINTED BLOOD?..

  • Yeah, blame the Government because you are dying of AIDS. Brilliant

  • AIDS spread like wildfire in the gay community because of their behavior, not Reagan’s.

  • I thought gays would blame Bush. They have to blame someone other than their perverted selves.

  • What? Hillary lied about an event that happened in tbe past? Next you’ll be shocked to hear that she landed under sniper fire or was named after Sir Edmund Hillary.

  • So it’s the Gov’t fault you got AIDS?

  • This is extremely poor journalism. Saying the Reagan’s “didn’t give a sh*t, is not only wrong, in the face of a new and widely misunderstood disease at the time, but is shoddy and offensive language as well. Try to up your standards.

  • ProgressivesRMentallyUnstable

    You know Hillary its the gay community that needs to apologize for all the people that died from this disease that they brought to our shores and they spread and even today 70% of all new cases come from the gay community according to the CDC.

  • You’re the one who’s trying to rewrite history. Once the establishment realized the severity of the problem, the Reagan admin dumped unprecedented dollars per capita into it. If he’d dumped that much money into cancer it (cancer) would have been cured by now.

  • Trumps racism? Oh, you mean that ridiculous strawman the media concocted and harped on for a solid week… never mind.

  • This author seem woefully ignorant as to which party controlled both houses of Congress during all eight years of the Reagan presidency (hint: it wasn’t the Republicans). He’s also apparently ignorant of just how federal funding for things such as AIDS research originates (hint: it doesn’t originate in the executive branch).

  • One of those diseases that could have been prevented…no?
    Sometimes risky lifestyles just don’t work out, do they?
    But hey, let’s play the blame game because you can’t exercise that thing known as personal responsibility.

  • Left wing liars. Reagan never gave anyone aids.

  • Yep, no one throws a hissy fit like a bunch of old gay guys.
    I wonder how much other history Hillary has wrong in that wet brain of hers.

  • The wages of sin = death.

  • this article is a pile of steaming horse sh!t.

  • So it’s Reagan’s fault that people made bad lifestyle choices leading to contracting the disease. I see.

    I’ve always heard that AIDS is spread by a lack of federal funding.

  • When one considers all the BILLIONS wasted in attacking AIDS, one thought comes to mind…it was, and is, a 100% preventable disease. But only if one is dealing with people who give a damn about anyone other than themselves.

  • You mean “Landed under sniper fire, result of a despicable video, Russian reset, named after Sir Edmund Hillary, I can’t take care of my emails-but I’ll protect you, FBI server security check” Clinton is even an option?
    What a joke that she’s even allowed to run.

  • The Clintons have been rewriting history what a surprise! Welcome to the party Blade

  • Frankly, there are much bigger problems our Government needs to be addressing. I’m sorry that AIDS is primarily a disease of homosexual and bisexuals. They could go a long way in cleaning up the disease. Why don’t they? Is it the inability to admit that they are the ones who are the vectors for most the the disease? If you don’t admit there is a problem, then it never gets solved.

  • They “died at the hands of an uncaring government”? Sorry, did the government give them HIV/AIDs? I know and understand the argument that the government did not immediately jump out and rush to the scene of AIDs and help those suffering from a disease they contracted, whether through sexual activity or otherwise. But to say the government killed them is to pervert reality and undermines your credibility to say the least.

  • Gays don’t want to talk about all the taxpayer money George W Bush sent to Africa to combat AIDS there.

  • So you’re saying that conservative politicians didn’t care about AIDS because it, for the most part, only effected “society’s castoffs.” Maybe that’s true. Maybe it isn’t. However, on the flip side of that coin, would liberal society have ever cared about AIDS if it didn’t also disproportionately infect the “beautiful people” (artists, models, pop stars)? Every year, malaria, flu, diphtheria, and dozens of other diseases kill far more people than AIDS – even back during its height. And yet, I don’t ever remember seeing a star-studded benefit concert of any of those diseases. (By the way, a lot more of the money collected by those AIDS concerts went straight up the noses of 80s pop stars than to actual AIDS reasearch.)

  • Let me get this right.
    They want it to be perfectly legal to knowingly and purposely expose other people to HIV/AIDS?

  • I am weary of homosexuals when stricken with this disease act like they were just walking down the sidewalk minding their own business and were struck at random by the AIDS lighting bolt out of the blue.
    This is a 100% preventable condition.
    All that is required is to put a piece of latex on their weenies yet millions can’t be persuaded to put forth a tiny effort whilst the general population are expected to foot the bill.
    When will the homosexual community take responsible for their homicidal and suicidal behavior?
    Not only are homosexuals responsible for the spread of AIDS but they are also the main vectors for the spread of all other STDs another huge public expense that is absolutely avoidable.
    The “homosexual lifestyle” as currently practiced is a failed experiment in microbiology.
    This isn’t mean or homophobic it is a simple truth.
    Homosexuals are bankrupting the heath care system so they can be as be as promiscuous as they want to be.
    Heteros are required to pick up the tab and if we complain we are demonized and lectured about tolerance.
    I’m happy to leave homosexuals alone and be tolerant of their choices but I would like them to leave me alone when they need hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in drugs because of their reckless behavior.
    Homosexuals should be required to carry the costs of this reckless lifestyle not the general public.

  • The Reagans didn’t cause Aids. It was the numerous Sodomites.

  • Just another self serving lie from the witch of Wallstreet.

  • I had to look up “HIV criminalization laws” because I had no idea what that means. Apparently, they are referring to laws that punish people who know they have AIDS and transmit it to someone who doesn’t know they have it. How terrible to persecute someone just because their lack of self-control possibly leads to someone else’s death.

  • Say what they will AIDS is predominantly a gay man’s health crisis and heroin addicts. Given the amount of money that goes to it, there is nothing for the LGBT Community to ralf about. Just more divisive BS from our divisive minority communities who can never pass an opportunity to sow division and hatred in an effort to get “more than their fair share.”

  • oh boo freakin hoo!

  • “Misspoke” in HRC speech translates to “lied.” And, as far a revisionist nonsense goes like “Republicans are so much worse…” W, sad to say, to date, has done more than the Clintons and Obama combined.–his-battle-against-aids/2012/07/26/gJQAumGKCX_story.html

  • as the gaystapo shows their patented terrorism

  • “….gay men who died at the hands of an uncaring government.”

    What? There was no cure, and they knew their risky behavior made them susceptible.

    Typical leftists are never responsible for their poor life choices.

    Years ago they tried selling the idea that heterosexuals were as likely to get aids as gays.

    Decades later, still mostly a gay problem.

  • Oh, BS. Reagan being responsible for the spread of AIDS is a myth. First of all, Reagan spoke about AIDS in 1985. And the implication that Reagan was anti-gay is ridiculous and contradictory to his actual record. Look up California’s Prop 6 back in 1978. Finally, it’s simply outrageous to blame the AIDS epidemic on one man. It’s easy with hindsight to see that things should’ve been handled differently. But those who want to blame it all on one man are kidding themselves.

  • “Praising the Reagans is a good way to curry favor with conservative voters repulsed by Trump’s racism and xenophobia”.
    #1) Trump is not a racist. Stop slandering people without a shred of proof, you racist Kevin Naff.
    #2) Attempting to keep Americans safe by securing the border and vetting refugees is not xenophobic. It is exactly what the POTUS should be doing NOW.

  • Hunh. As I recall, it was the LGBT community that dropped the ball, and continued to party hard and dangerously despite the many repeated warnings about the dangers of AIDS. So typical to blame someone else…

  • Reagan’s supposed indifference to AIDS led to a mounting death toll? A disease does not understand or follow presidential statements or spreads though behavior. This might come as a shock to anyone missing the right part of their brain. I recall gays in SF refusing to close bath houses in the 80s when we knew which community was being hit hardest and understood how the virus was being spread. You couldnt or wouldnt even protect yourselves and now years later blame a politician for not yelling fire when you set and spread it. Look in the mirror before making idiotic statements. A virus is spread by behavior not a lack of speeches.

  • Newsflash!!
    The “government” (i.e. your fellow tax payers) are not responsible for your actions. You claim you “want the gov’t out of your bedroom”, yet you want them to pay for the results of your lifestyle!
    Grow up! No one cares what you do in your bedroom, stay out of my wallet!

  • Whiny leftist /SSH0LES never lay blame where blame is due. Don’t be a dysfunctional deviant and you won’t get AIDS…duh!

  • criminal neglect?


  • All BS.

    BTW, actions have consequences.

  • what drove the mounting death toll was butt f-ing queers. Nothing else.

  • Again, I am on hold…smh

  • This is one of the few times when I must say that Hillary got it right. It’s the social-left progressive and the LGBT community rewriting history. The real problem was Ronald Reagan did not single out the homosexual community for special treatment. The LGBT community then blamed Reagan as they always did and always will. And by extension the entire Republican establishment. I wonder why we never blamed Woodrow Wilson for the Spanish Flu epidemic. Because he had nothing to do with it. Social-Progressives never accept responsibility for their own actions.

  • Of worthy note is the fact that the folks getting AIDS, the folks practicing this lifestyle, and now the government run schools and media, still want to encourage the gay and other lifestyles which continue to spread the disease and death.

    Encouraging a lifestyle with such inherent visible risks is in itself less than responsible. Why would anyone do that?

    It’s like encouraging folks to play Russian Roulette.

  • So we are going to revile Reagan for ignoring a disease that was known to be easily preventable because a special interest demographic chose to ignore the easily available methods of prevention, Sounds like a bunch of whiners to me!

  • I make it a point every four years to really pay attention to all of the candidates running through independent news sites and watching stump speeches/rallies when available and I still to this date cannoy find any evidence what so ever that Trump is a racist. Why is it a constant narrative from almost all MSM? Liars.

  • Hillary’s painful mistake = her face! her shrill shreeking voice and her in-bred dishonesty! The most UNTRUSTWORTHY candidate EVER! A vote for the Clot is a vote to diminish America (even further than Obama already has)!

  • Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good smear campaign.

    First time he mentioned it was September 17, 1985 in a press conference. Aids funding in 1982 was $8 million. It was bumped up to $26 million in 1983 with an increase approved by Congress up to $44 million. It then doubled every year of his presidency.

    On February 5, 1986 he visited the Health and Human Services where he stated: “One of our highest public health priorities is going to be continuing to find a cure for AIDS.” He also announced that he’d tasked Surgeon General C. Everett Koop to prepare a major report on the disease.

    Don’t let the facts that people failed to take proper precautions, nor that in the US, there were less than 13,278 AIDS related deaths by 1985. It was still in the first 3 years of identifying the disease. In 1986 Reagan had the Surgeon General issue a report on the epidemic.

    AIDS was not in the top 10 causes of death in the US during this time period. However, it is easier to scapegoat Reagan than acknowledge that there were MANY factors that led to the spread of AIDS and the least of which was Ronald Reagan.

    I think there were a lot of diseases that didn’t get mentioned. Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Mental Illness….

  • Freaks///Clinton and her ilk

  • Hillary tried to name drop Nancy Reagan to promote herself, i.e.”we started a national conversation…” Just lie after lie to try to make herself look good. She is such a sleazeball politician.

  • How can they hate Reagan for something they inflicted on themselves by their disgusting filthy habits ???????

  • What has Obama done to cure cancer? He will forever be known as the uncaring president who let cancer continue to ravage our society. All presidents are responsible for curing diseases. What else do we elect them for?

  • When you lie ALL THE TIME like The Clinton Criminal it becomes very difficult to keep all the lies straight.

  • I think the writer hit it square on, as a meaningful comment meant to show favoritism towards President Reagan & Nancy for the purpose of taking the guards down on GOP voters!

  • “it was Reagan’s cruel indifference and criminal neglect that drove the mounting death toll in the ‘80s” … “a generation of gay men who died at the hands of an uncaring government”.

    If the death and suffering of the citizenry is the fault of the government, why do liberals always want so much more of it?

  • Hmph… Turd Burglars.

  • This woman will say anything for votes and money; she is a lying politician

  • Here in 20 years when we’ve got a better handle on cancer let’s all blame Obama for every life lost in the 2010’s. After all, he only gave a speech addressing it seven years into his presidency.

    That’s sound logic, according to this author.

  • Qweerz are very expensive and loud for such a miniscule swatch of society. Instead of abstaining and ending AIDS, we all had to pay a gagillion dollars for their rignt to keep their disease fresh and going. And mass funding for the government, taxation and big Pharma/fag

  • Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s aging, infirm, lying wife’s email administrator for President!

  • Run, Mrs. Stainmaker, run! (from your husband’s victims you trashed)

  • Those gay men died, not at the hands of an uncaring government, but as a consequence of their own uncaring lifestyle.

  • And the Gay community chose to further spread AIDS refusing to do what was needed to eradicate it – as they are doing now as it is on the rise.

  • Reagan and the Aids epidemic:

    “The real Reagan record on AIDS is different than the seemingly never-ending mud-slinging. His Department of Health and Human Services secretary called it a “top priority” in 1983, when the disease was so new that few people even understood what was happening. AIDS funding skyrocketed in the 1980s, almost doubling each year beginning in 1983 — when the media started blaring headlines — from $44 million to $103 million, $205 million, $508 million, $922 million and then $1.6 billion in 1988.”

    Read it all:

  • Yes, left wing hacks, we get it = Reagan was evil. Non Jewish Europeans are evil. Conservatives are evil. Republicans are evil. Poeple who like whites are evil. People who employ whites are evil. People who sympathize with whites are evil…..i wrote it down right here for future Election 2016 reference.
    Over and out, progressive haters!

    Let’s set the record straight = it was the SF Public Health Commissioner who refused to close the gay bath houses in SF in the VERY beginning despite overwhelming evidence to the ‘liberal’ ‘progressive’ doctors in wonderful independent city-state SF who could see that SOMETHING was going on in the gay community.
    The truth is out there = another lie for Dem votes.

  • Reagan actually increased fu ding from 0- 2 billion a year over his presidency and had almost daily briefings about it. You can’t instantly fund research on a new disease, folks needed to come up with plans proposals and even ideas of what the disease was about before it could be reseached. The entire narrative that Reagan hated gays and refused AIDS research is false.

  • Go back to you manifesto, 1984, History is what the party tells you it is.

  • It is easy to slap a label on someone (Trump) as being racist and xenophobic without giving any evidence for it. Wanting a secure border with some control over who comes into the country is not a new idea. There were much stricter rules about immigrants 100 years ago, and yet no one thought the USA was racist or xenophobic. Do you lock your doors at night? How about your car? If you do, you might be a racist xenophobe. Or you might just be someone who cares about the people in your house and the stuff you have worked hard for, like your car. That doesn’t make you evil, it makes you someone with healthy boundaries and common sense.

  • Let’s just mention some other Hilary Clinton fails (all from the public record): (1) Failed DC bar exam; (2) Expelled from Watergate investigation staff for lying and other unethical behavior; (3) A series of financial scandals as
    Arkansas’s first “lady”; (4) Whitewater coverup; (5) In charge of
    crafting Clinton health insurance bill, failed in a disastrous way that
    put off the possibilities of another Democrat bill for twenty years; (6)
    Partnered with Bill in admitting Poland to NATO, starting a new round
    of unnecessary hostilities with Russia. [George Kennon describes this as
    one of the greatest diplomatic blunders of the 20th century.]; (7) Was
    losing NY senate election until Bill stepped in; (7) Lost a “sure
    thing” presidential presidential nomination to the relatively unknown
    Obama; (8) Within two weeks of becoming Secretary of State committed an
    epic diplomatic faux pas that caused Whitehall to publicly and
    officially repudiate the century long “special relation” between the UK
    and the USA; (9) A bit later her incredibly stupid “reset button”
    gimmick publicly embarrassed Russian officials and widened the rift the
    Clintons had so assiduously created; (10) Fomenting and aiding and
    abewtting the so-called “Arab Spring” which has permanently
    destabilized much of North Africa; (11) Fomenting the overthrow of
    Qadafi in Libya which has turned that country into a failed anarchic
    mess and a haven for Islamo-fascist terrorists and helped spread
    terrorist movements like Boko Haram into much of central Africa; (12)
    Failed utterly to protect US diplomats in Benghazi and lied through her
    teeth about the causes of that disaster and the role she played in it;
    (13) While Secretary she violated an oath she took after being trained
    in how to handle classified materials, violated directly several section
    of the USC regarding the handling of such materials, and as a result
    exposed many US humint and elint inteeligence sources [people may have
    died as a result; (14) While Secretary her office and underlings
    negotiated deals with individuals and groups from which Clinton or her
    “foundation” had received emoluments, giving at least the appearance of
    pay-to-play and once again violating provisions of the USC.

  • death by drug overdose,mostly heroin,will soon eclipse the aids epidemic,and Obama golfs.

  • How is the above argument any different than saying, “40,000 gay men died because they didn’t give a damn that their sexual practices was spreading a deadly disease?”

    Both views are wrong simply because no one knew exactly what was going on back then. Neither government nor the gay community reacted quickly and appropriately when looked at with the clarity of hindsight.

  • Any story that uses Larry Kramer as a reference about Reagan is suspect. Kramer is not now and never has been objective about Reagan. Carl Cannon showed that, and how Reagan actually dealt with the emergence of the AIDS crisis more than 2 years ago. He also documented numerous times that Reagan stood against the oppression of gays, particularly during his time as head of the Screen Actors Guild.

  • 40,000 gay men died at the hands of an uncaring government? Really? None of them bore any responsibility whatsoever for their own disease? It’s not possible to read anything beyond that ridiculous statement with seriousness.

  • “Reagan’s cruel indifference and criminal neglect”… talk about rewriting history. So the left blames one man for the explosion of a disease spread mostly by shared needles and promiscuous behavior and tries to pass it off as a criminal act. Typical left wing lunacy. Every thought of disagreement is met with violence and calls for prohibition or banishment. Apparently free thought is prohibited by left wing fascism.

    • As “And the Band Played On” pointed out, an unwillingness to shut down both the gay bathhouses, as well as to engage in basic public health measures such as contact tracing (so as to not out otherwise closeted gays) played a significant role in the initial spread. This was in San Francisco, which has long been in progressive Democrat hands.

  • AIDS activists, including Larry Kramer and Peter Staley among many others, leapt in to remind Clinton that it was Reagan’s cruel indifference and criminal neglect that drove the mounting death toll in the ‘80s.

    I suppose the copious amounts of unprotected gay intercourse and drug use had nothing to do with the spread of the disease..

  • Looks like same old pro-gay vs anti-gay rhetoric.

    Beware of your own ignorance and the contribution to the problems you complain about.


  • Nonsense. Reagan tried to have the bath houses shut down where the plague was traced to. The radical, pillow biters wouldn’t have any of it. Meanwhile the disease spread & continued to smote their own. Stupid is as stupid does Forrest.

  • Oh, more angry special interest groups. What a surprise.

  • Hillary Blames Bush.

  • She’s had quite a life. Wasn’t she also shot at by snipers in Bosnia? And how she survived the vast right wing conspiracy against her and her husband I’ll never know. The one thing that amazes the most is, I don’t know how she keeps from melting every time it rains on her.

  • Wow, thats wrong. The San Francisco leaders fairly quickly found out that the incredibly large amount of sexual activity with strangers was a factor and shut down the bath houses in the city. Early on in the disease people in the Reagan administration wanted to quarantine those with symptoms of this new disease. Imagine if they had, we could have nipped this thing in the bud. As we are supposed to do with diseases.

    Instead we have a population of people who don’t care about themselves enough to stop behavior that leads to their own harm. Look at the CDC data and its still the same people doing the same things 30+ years down the road with a few thrown in as collateral damage.

  • Much more accurate: A lot of people died because of their own irresponsible behavior. Not victims but arrogant dumba$$es.

  • It’s really disgusting that the blade allows so many homophobic attacks and revisionist historical lies by conservatives on a gay website! Who would think so many conservatives read it. They are out in force like an infestation of roaches.

    All this hate and venom just reminds the GLBT community that they need to remain vigilant and keep fighting for their freedoms and rights as there are lot of people eager to deprive them of it!

    Those of us that lived through the AIDS crises and survived it find their attempts to ignore the reality of what role conservatives had in the deaths of many gay men by fighting against attempts to identify the disease and cure obnoxious! Fess up to your crimes against humanity! Groups like ACT UP led the fight for AIDS when conservatives failed to provide any leadership. Preaching abstinence is a joke not reality!

  • Oh get over yourself Naff. You really see Reagan and Bush Sr walking into the San Francisco bath-houses wagging their fingers admonishing the boys there to wear protection??? You know DAMN GOOD AND WELL the the promiscuity in the gay community was its downfall here, not what some old men in the government did or didn’t do. Your the ass-hat rewriting history, you sorry fool.

  • AIDS our first politically correct disease.

  • Fruitcake, anyone….?

  • The Reagans didn’t hate catamites any more than most normal people did and still do. The catamites spread an African plague by promiscuous sodomy. There was lots of taxpayer money spent on AIDS research in order to save some of the worst and least-productive people in the republic–pathics and needle freaks, almost exclusively. Don’t blame the Reagans, blame yourselves for spreading the plague.

  • Obama looks like he has the bathhouse skinnies. Obama probably should thank the Reagan’s that he isn’t like one of those of the 80’s with getting the ball rolling for a cure.

  • I don’t recall President or Nancy Reagan giving AIDS to anyone, much less millions. Is the author asserting that the infected died of broken hearts because the President’s wife didn’t care enough? Maybe he means the federal government should have gone after AIDS like it has gone oh so successfully after cancer. But the power of the purse lies with Congress, which was firmly under the control of the Democrats during most of Reagan’s term. I honestly don’t know WHAT this author is trying to say.

  • Died at the hands of uncaring government? Sorry, government didn’t create HIV. Government (read taxpayers) don’t want to pay for the costs. It is not governments job to provide free healthcare to anyone. Sorry, but having the taxpayers pick up the tab, is WRONG. It is not right to enslave one segment of the population to benefit another.

  • Let’s just get it over with and extend medicaid to everybody except the white guy at the end of the street.

  • What socialist BS. In 1984, the CDC barely announces that it is working on a drug to fight Aids, in 1987 when Reagan makes his speech to fight Aids, AZT is released as the first drug to combat Aids both Clinton and the media are freaking LIARS.

  • So Reagan was responsible for the 1980s AIDs deaths?
    It’s 2016, is there is still NO cure for AIDs….Bullsh#t leftest spooge.

  • It was all started by bad meat in the can.

  • what is the the definition of “is”?
    Oh what does it matter at this point anyways.

  • Reagan was president from 1980 to 1988. The first occurrences of AIDS in the US was 1981. It was 1983 before scientists began to suspect it was caused by a virus and 1986 before the virus was identified. There was no real epidemic during Reagan’s administration. Clinton may be confusing the contributions of the Reagans after he left office.

  • Am I correct that about 3.5-4% of the US population is bisexual or gay? What are the true figures?

  • It was Diane Feinstein, Mayor of Sodom and Gomorrha — I mean San Francisco– that is responsible for the deaths Naff writes of. As the mayor, she opposed wise and intelligent measures that would have prevented the spread of this disease from its epicenter — the bathhouses where homosexual acts were occurring. Naff is as ignorant and immature as Feinstein. Blaming someone else (Reagan) for the actions of others. This is typical progressive BS. Their poor choices are always somebody else’s fault. If this is true, then they must not have a mind of their own.

  • Think of the untold numbers of straight men who have died of colon cancer during Obama’s hateful eight years, and him just laughing as they suffer. As if he is actually enjoying it. Reagan may have been bad but everyone agrees Obama is ten times more evil.

  • She is struggling for every vote she gets. Now she figures: LIES, At this point what difference does it make!!

  • The people that got AIDS did so mostly by engaging in high risk behaviors. Blaming their demise on anyone but them is just another exercise in left wing blame shifting. A bit of personal responsibility goes a long way. Unfortunately liberals refuse to accept it.

  • In 2014, there were 36.9 million [34.3 million–41.4 million] people living with HIV.

    Since 2000, around 38.1 million people have become infected with
    HIV and 25.3 million people have died of AIDS-related illnesses.

    Homosexuality kills.

  • Hyperbole anyone? Only the ugliest among us talk about “justified hatred”

  • They are still spreading disease with their meth fueled gay orgies.

  • The following Sych-ops was a mover and shaker in my life time.
    Hillary had access to his intel:

  • So Obama allowing a host of deadly, disfiguring, debilitating, painful diseases in the US is okay? How about the plan to farm foreigners in who were afflicted with Ebola, the failure to vet and contain in places where it was coming from? How about the massive influx of immigrants coming across the borders who are bringing diseases we had under control and some that haven’t been a source of significant threat? Even the medical specialists were slow to recognize the significance of the AIDS threat. It’s one thing to face a new threat and question how long and how serious it’s going to be, it’s completely another for a seated President to knowingly and deliberately be the host of populations who are bringing many diseases to the US. Save the outrage, the response might have been slow, but the disease was new and I don’t think they could have anticipated how the first demographic affected in mass would ignore attempts to reign in the behaviors that caused it to spread like wild fire. Yeah, blame it on Reagan…

  • Still hoping aids and suicide rids this world of the lgbt/perverts/pedophiles gangs.

  • Typical leftwing claptrap. He expends so much energy to view every negative event as at the hands of his political enemies. It can’t possibly be that we – as a species – weren’t ready to deal with AIDS…no, it has to be because of those wily, nefarious republicans who always seem to creep out of the shadows and commit atrocities when we aren’t looking.

    And of course no mention is made of Obama’s complete abandonment of our AIDS programs in Africa, which have saved millions. Bono and Desmond Tutu both gave Bush enormous credit for his efforts there.

    So what’s worse, Reagan not “getting it fast enough”…or Obama abandoning something that we knew was working and helping. You can forgive Reagan because we were all ignorant back then…but, Obama, today…?

  • She should get out of politics, now. She is simply not good at it. She can’t pull it off.

    Not to mention the criminal investigations.

  • Trump is neither a xenophobe nor a racists. Catch up Europes troubles with the muslims. What a bunch of hooligans. 80% are from N. africa not Syria. CIA estimates of 2% are terrorists. I know that you products of ‘core’ education are mathimatically challenged so thats 200k per mllion or 20 infantry divisions.
    Ilegal immigration is not immigratiin. Its an invasion without firing a shot. Aided and abetted by our gatekeepers whom are traitors of the lowest sort.

  • The stuff about Reagan is very much true, but otherwise there’s some serious revisionist history being presented in this article. The majority of gay men in the 70s and early 80s didn’t want to get married. They ridiculed marriage supporters. Why? Because they considered it to be too mainstream, too traditional, too conventional; in other words, ‘too conservative’ for their high-risk tastes. Privileged gays are walking down the aisle today because the majority of the generation of gays that wanted nothing to do with marriage all died out. Those left alive after the initial onslaught of AIDS were more likely to value monogamous or long-term relationships, and support marriage as a result.

    The success of the gay rights movement stands ironically on the shoulders Reagan’s cold indifference. Reagan’s dithering on recognizing the scope of AIDS, and especially, his cutting of the existing AIDS research budgets greatly mobilized and grew the incredibly powerful AIDS activism that became the legacy for today’s gay marriage movement. Reagan inspired the opposition movement that ultimately made gay marriage happen; he was the unlikely catalyst that culminated in Obergefell.

    It’s true that Reagan’s first speech wholly concerning AIDS was not made until 1987, but he publicly addressed the disease years before, while friend, fellow actor, and Reagan-supporter Rock Hudson was dying, and he promised to make AIDS research a priority. This was in 1985, only about a year and a half after AIDS ‘Patient Zero’ had first died, and after Reagan had won a landslide re-election, supported by huge numbers of Democrats. Which reminds me: can anyone name any other President who was indifferent and dithering on an issue very important to the gay community while he was seeking re-election?

    If you answered Obama then you are correct with respect to gay marriage, and if you answered Bill Clinton then you are correct with respect to
    AIDS. In 1996, the year Bill was running for re-election, he and his wife were busy triangulating policy like DOMA into law, and earning D’s from AIDS groups for his wholly inadequate actions
    to combat AIDS. You see, revisionist history is OK when it comes to Democrats; “forgive” and “move on”, author Kevin Naff intones, is the order of the day. But what Naff describes as gay community “hatred” for Republicans must not be allowed to abate. You’ve probably never heard of democratic socialist Lyndon LaRouche’s California Proposition 64 to forcibly quarantine AIDS patients, and Kevin Naff wants to keep it that way.

  • Oh stop with the BS! I was a young adult in the mid 80’s. No one even knew what HIV was yet! So the Reagan’s are somehow responsible for not doing something even though most of the infected were living high risk life styles?

  • Shame more of the LGBT’s did not find eternal rest.

  • “Trump’s racism and xenophobia.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. I have never seen either of those out of Donald Trump. he deals with people from all over the world all the time.. Scratch out Xenophobia.. Assuming racist stems from his comment on illegal immigrants from Mexico, well neither “illegal immigrant” or “Mexican” is a race. I can’t think of any other made up reason for calling him a racist offhand..

  • Times were good in the 80s. People were partying. The middle class had money to party! The culture was rather hedonistic. Gay culture was very hedonistic! Many partners, many many partners. Maybe all in one night.

  • The GAYNESS of a mans AN US drives a male sodomite INSANUS…

  • Racism and xenophobia means: we don’t want any borders. We don’t believe in countries. We live in La La Land.

  • Think about it…

    Men eat the poo poo out of other mens anuses and wonder why they get AIDS & many other fecal related diseases….!

  • It’s painfully simple and obvious. Like most things in life, YOU and you alone are responsible for your own actions. Learn it, live it!

  • Kevin, you people apparently cannot read history or pay attention when it is being made. Reagan took action in regard to that disease.

  • Bush II did more then any administration to combat aids. The nations in Africa know that and worship him. Funny that wasnt mentioned in the biased article.

  • And now Obama is President, many years later, and large numbers of gay men still refuse to wear condoms. Therefore, MSM are still the largest source of new AIDS cases in the USA, despite their small numbers.

  • Most of the arguments in this comment column seem to be that gays deserved AIDS for being gay.

    I differ. Even if they engaged in reckless behavior – as every smoker and drunk driver do – it is still proper public health to scream about the threat from the highest hilltop and try to modify the risk behavior.

    Reagan suppressed that. Many gay people might have chosen to be less promiscuous and been spared AIDS as a result.

    Ignoring AIDS was like ignoring serial killers who prey on prostitutes.

    • How did Reagan suppress knowledge of AIDS? Did he order the CDC to keep information about AIDS from the public?

    • Gay men still engage in risky behavior. They are still the largest source of new HIV/AIDS cases in the USA.
      Since you mentioned smokers, perhaps you agree that gay men should have to pay more for health insurance, just as smokers do.

  • Reagan was supposed to do what, leave the presidency and pick up a microscope. AIDS activists made alot of noise for two years of delay. HIV wasn’t connect to AIDS till 1986. The disease started appearing in 1981, and was unamed till 1982. Still, the CDC acknowledged the disease clearly by 84, under Reagan. ACT UP has its own version of events, but Reagan followed the science for unknown ‘rare cancer’, as it was described.

  • AIDS is natures way of telling you something is wrong…

    The AnalCavity is an EXIT, not an ENTRANCE…

    Spread the word and not your cracks….!

  • Homosexuals were responsible for the AIDS epidemic.

    Not Ronald Reagan.
    Not Nancy Reagan.
    Not the government.

    Gay’s own actions killed them, but they want to blame someone else. They knew AIDS was sexually transmitted, but how many lives were lost because homosexuals couldn’t control their urges? When will idiots like the author learn to take responsibility for their own actions?

  • Yeah, Reagan made people gay and AIDS killed them. What a load of PC typical leftwing horse sh*t.

  • Noone gives a damp about the affected groups. It was caused by their behavior and regulated to.a small part of society.

  • Hey Kevin, you forgot to mention that the Reagan’s also refused to patrol neighborhoods at night to take away the keys from inebriated gay people leaving bars before they got into their cars, too…

  • “All the privileged gays walking the aisle at over-the-top weddings today
    stand on the shoulders of a generation of gay men who died at the hands
    of an uncaring government”

    What BS! AIDS is mostly a self-inflicted disease. A tragic disease, but one that can mostly be avoided. I don’t know if it is still the case, but in the past more people died of heart disease yet we spent more on AIDS — mainly because of propaganda and politics. These “activists” like Pete and Harry take on a cause, then precede to make ups stories and spread propaganda to get others to have sympathy and pay up for their life-style choices. If you want a good read, find a copy of “The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS”, by Michael Fumento, and become enlightened.

  • Gay fudge packing contained the disease …anyone with two brain cells knew it then and now …fudge packers tried to hoodwink the public the and do the same now

  • No fudge packing acceptance aids …pretty simple

  • How can leftist blame the government because the gay men didn’t wrap their ding dongs?

  • Hillary’s history, Bernie’s history, the history of socialism. Even the history of any possible replacements for Bernie and Hillary will require an EXTRAORDINARY amount of revisionist history to even begin to make them credible to any knowledgeable voters! That’s is they can pull the con off at all.

    The democrat platform, agenda, ideology etc… is devoid of any fresh thinking, has become corrupted and stinks of decay.

    People can sense it even if they don’t fully understand it.

  • To be clear, this author is saying that because the Reagan Administration did not speak quickly on AIDS, those early deaths were at the hands of the government. In the mind of Mr.Naff, culpability in disease related deaths lies with the Reagans. The Reagans were great people, but halting a disease first identified in 1981 (and for which there is still no cure) was probably beyond their divine power.

  • Evolution says being gay is wrong, Science and medicine say being gay is wrong and may/will cause AIDS,
    Up until the 1970’s and thousands of years prior, psychologists and psychiatrists classified homosexuality as a mental disorder.
    Morality says it’s wrong, as example by “fears of coming out of the closet” cause anxiety, stress, and even suicidal tendencies;

    But if anybody actually says it’s wrong, they are evil.

  • Oh why don’t you fairies shut up. Reagan didn’t kill them, they killed themselves. You homoes must understand that aids is what happens when you turn your backs on God.

  • The liberal whiners and perpetually ‘offended’ always looking for government to save them (in this case, from themselves) – They burn down their own cities when govt doesn’t do it fast enough

  • “a generation of gay men who died at the hands of an uncaring government…”.

    more like from their own choices. It is disgusting to me that they REFUSE to take any responsibility for HIV/AIDS outbreak. The majority of HIV cases are among people who chose the homosexual lifestyle and/or IV drug use. But it is everyone else who is to blame.

  • He got a Drudge link. He must be wondering WTF who are all these people reading and commenting. More readers on this story than all the other one combined.

  • If you cram your treasured assemblage into someones diseased sewer pipe you maayy wanna think twice about having to live the rest of your life with whatever they’re living with. BUT, you’ll get to Protest with Righteous Indignation at the damn Right. And really, isn’t that worth it?

  • Comparing the hate, scorn and discrimination experienced by gay men historically even before factoring AIDS into the equation to that of being a smoker is ridiculous. The magnitude of the former crushes the latter.

    Social conservatives seized upon the disease as a political weapon against gay men fueling the fear and hysteria of it. Those attitudes were prevalent everywhere in the eighties.

    Smoking was historically seen as sexy, cool and macho. Tobacco companies fought long and hard to refute a connection between cancer and the product. Many people in Congress were in their pocket.

    The government is always funding studies and research to cure lung cancer. Their is no social stigma attached to that and never was!

  • What Ronald Reagen did about aids when he was president is the same thing Governor Rick Snyder did in Flint, Michigan with the led in the water. ))))))))))))))))NOTHING((((((((((((((( In both cases people have died and in both cases no one has paided!

  • I tried to respond with numbers but apparently the Washington Blade takes issue with any sort of truth or facts as my comment which pulled from the CDC is “Pending”. Oh well, I know the truth. Anyone who wants to can find it out and those who prefer to live in darkness can also do so.

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