June 30, 2016 at 9:15 am EDT | by Mariah Cooper
Caitlyn Jenner says Donald Trump ‘seems behind the LGBT community”
Caitlyn Jenner, gay news, Washington Blade

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Caitlyn Jenner believes Donald Trump is a better chance for the LGBT community over Hillary Clinton.

“Everybody looks at the Democrats as being better with these issues. But Trump seems to be very much for women. He seems very much behind the LGBT community because of what happened in North Carolina with the bathroom issue,” Jenner told Colorado medical publication STAT.

“He backed the LGBT community. But in Trump’s case, there’s a lot more unknowns. With Hillary, you pretty much know what you’re gonna get with the LGBT community,” the former Olympic gold medalist continued.

Jenner did go on to give praise to the Democratic party for its support of the transgender community.

“I’m on the conservative Republican side. I’m not excited with what Obama has done to the economy, to our Constitution, all that kind of stuff. But as far as the transgender community, they’ve actually been very good,” Jenner says.

Jenner has spoken out about her conservative political views in the past. On the last season of her reality show “I Am Cait” she said she would “never ever, ever vote for Hillary.”

“If Hillary becomes President, the country is over,” Jenner said.

  • All very easy for someone who is not yet, physically, a woman nor has ever had the displeasure of being humiliated or attacked for being who they are. Come back in five years and tell me your opinion of this nut job. Until then? don’t try and convince me that a man, who espouses as many different views on the same subject in a week as I wear pairs of underwear in the same period, is good for my community.

  • Joshua Stephen Thomas Sr.

    The wealthy support the right-wing more often than not due to tax policy and entitlement reform. Either Caitlyn doesn’t know the political facts of this ridiculous argument she’s making or she’s being completely disingenuous for totally self-serving reasons. I do not see a third option or “edge of the coin” in this regard. Personally I think this erodes her credibility as it pertains to her opinion in such matters. I guess it would be silly to expect more from an overly image obsessed ex-jock with a reality TV career. So sad. She had a chance to be the voice of a movement that desperately needs loud credible voices right now.

  • It’s now official- Caitlyn Jenner is a motherf*ckin MORON!!!

  • Has Caitlyn Jenner lost her ever-lovin’ mind?

    Donald Trump has categorically sworn to appoint Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Marriage Equality, and to support the Republican Party Platform which condones the practice of Conversion Therapy.

    Caitlyn appeared on her show speaking to a group of transgendered people, giving the impression of empathy and understanding. For her to now turn around and support politically the election of the sworn enemy of LGBT people is a slap in the proverbial face to these people. Caitlyn is as caught up in the trappings of show business as is Donald Trump. It matters not to either of these two show-whores how their actions affect defenseless citizens.

    Caitlyn Jenner’s political positions have stained what could have otherwise been a beautiful and exemplary gender transition. “Disgust” now seems terribly inadequate.

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