July 15, 2016 at 2:06 pm EDT | by Chris Johnson
New Trump-Pence logo mocked for gay overtones
Trump-Pence logo

Trump-Pence logo

Donald Trump campaign’s debuted its new logo on the day the candidate affirmed Indiana Gov. Mike Pence would be the No. 2 person on the Republican presidential ticket — leading others to mock the image for the gay overtones.

The new Trump-Pence campaign logo, which features the long part of the “T” penetrating the loop of the “P,” was lampooned on social media for being sexually suggestive.

Upon affirming he would select Pence as his running mate, Trump was criticized for choosing a candidate with a long anti-LGBT history, including a signing into law a “religious freedom” bill in Indiana seen to enable sweeping anti-LGBT discrimination. Pence was later faced to sign a “fix” for the law.

Here’s some of the reaction:

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  • Mike Pence says he’s a Christian first before he’s even a Republican meaning that he’s just a bad for our community as Rick Santorum or Ted Cruz. Yet another reason why voting Republican in November is like suicide.

    I wouldn’t be surprised in fact that Trump merely wants to win the Presidency as just another check mark for his ego with no intention of being there for the long run especially if he gets bored with it. That would mean Pence would assume power if Trump were to step down before his term ends or setup Pence to run later. Either way, it spells disaster for the GLBT community.

    • Either way, it spells disaster for the USA, if not the planet Earth.

    • Who do I believe you or Milo Yiannopoulos?

      • Well if I lived by her principles of cultural libertarianism then I should be able to do anything I want including b-slap her right without legal consequences?
        We can just tear each other apart.

        There should be no rules of decorum and people should call you and her by any demeaning slur and you can just suck it a up as eveyone has a thick skin, right? Everyone has great anger management skills like her and won’t take violent action in return.

        She loves to bash the liberal left for being pc ignoring the fact that liberals like it or not made it possible for gays to be as free as they are and have legal rights in the western world. She couldn’t be out today without being considered disturbed or an avowed criminal.

        Is she even an American citizen? She can’t even manage her own hair yet she thinks she had the answers to everything else. No nation in the world is governed by libertarians so that just shows how she is blowing smoke out her rear. She should stick to bending over!

        • I would be jealous of Milo as well if I were you. You do realize those very same liberals you praise for giving you your “gay’ rights are the very same ones enabling the invasion of Europe and America by millions who want you tortured and executed. What good will your “rights” do then?

          • Jealous? Of what? She’s a troll and so superficial. I looked at her site and saw an image of her sitting with a Louis vuitton bag and her legs open to tell us what exactly? That she’s a woman at heart ready to be picked up and has the money to pay for him?

            As far as I’m concerned, the valid issues over Muslim terrorists immigrating here still do not trump my concerns over the status quo and future of glbt freedom and rights in America. I’m just as much under threat by Christian conservatives and their agenda as I am Muslim conservatives.

            There are christian conservatives in this country that advocate capital punishment for glbt. Hatemongering and hysteria over Muslims won’t dupe me into voting my known enemies into power!

            Trump cannot protect us any better from terrorism than Bush could protect us from 9/11 under his presidency! Wake up!!’

          • OMG you’re one of the dumbest I’ve ever come across. It must be truly miserable wallowing in that much stupidity while being convinced you have all the answers!

          • That’s the typical conservative response. That’s it has to be stupid if it doesn’t agree with your ideology. That makes it no less valid or true!!!

            As for being convinced I have all the answers, you obviously think you do. Do you practice at being so smug and arrogant or does it come naturally?

            You describe yourself perfectly not me! Like your heroine miss Milo, I could care less what you think of me! You don’t matter! But I’m more than happy to trash you. Bring it on!

            Obviously what I think and have to say scares you!

          • Have a nice, miserable paranoid life. Must be because of the dim lighting in your mom and dad’s basement.

          • Spare me your hatchett jobs missy. Obviously miss Milo isn’t the only one that needs a b-slap. You need many!

            I’m not the one whining about Muslim hoards invading Europe and America so you’re no one to talk about paranoia.

            At least I know who my parents are. I’m sure you’re mother never could figure out who your real daddy was that’s why you like Miss Milo rely on the oldest profession and seek older dogs like Trump as your daddy

            I’m hardly miserable when I can bash conservative trash!

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