July 19, 2010 at 5:00 pm EDT | by Staff reports
WGAY podcast: July 19

This week’s WGAY submission covers Robert Turner’s op-ed, “Ain’t I an American?

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  • I appreciate you guys reviewing my article. But I feel you fail to understand what the entire article is about. At the beginning, you aptly understand that I am mimicing a speech from the 1800s. But then you quickly go partisan.

    The only reason I mention Republianism is because of the byline at the end of the op-ed. Were it not for my byline, would you even know that I was Republican?

    I feel the article stands on its own in spite of my classification.

  • Like any group, we have some reflexive partisans, and we have some people who feel you make a good point. I happen to be one of the latter. Since our segment is always unrehearsed (we decide what to talk about about five minutes before broadcast, which gives us just enough time to read an article), you’re hearing initial reactions to your piece. I should note that we don’t claim to be anything other than a group of friends who do a radio show. In that sense, these pieces are an audio blog.

    I think more than anything the reactions of our group illustrates the stigma of the phrase “Gay Republican.” You probably know that you have to expect hard and often annoying questions about your politics whenever you’re not within your particular circle. And you’re right – I wouldn’t know that you’re a Republican if it weren’t for your byline. Why would that be? It’s a shame that the party platform is so anti-LGBT, and my point (albeit flippantly stated) was that we need gay Republicans to speak out and stand up to the social conservatives within the party (and that’s not to say that Democrats can’t be homophobic either). My experience is that the LGBT community votes Democratic by default since the Republicans seem to take extra pleasure in using gay issues as a wedge to win elections (for example, the ’04 and ’06 state constitution marriage amendments push). That needs to stop.

    The LGBT community has very diverse political views, but the perception of many is that they are only welcomed (and until recently, only tolerated) by one party. I look forward to the day when both parties will push for LGBT rights, or take it as a given. We all have a part to play in that goal.


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