April 14, 2017 at 10:54 pm EDT | by Michael K. Lavers
Joe Biden condemns gay Chechnya arrests

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  • lnm3921

    Why is the heat only placed on Tillerson? Is Trump personally condemning this and calling Russia on it? Obama would have done so. But as usual, Trump selectively chooses what rights to support and which to ignore! We need Presidential leadership to lead the call to end this!

    Trump said he’d defend us from our enemies abroad but that excludes Russia obviously! He’s more willing to defend Syrian lives over GLBT! Wouldn’t want to offend his Russian friends and secret allies! That’s assuming his defense of Syrians isn’t just a farce to deflect the investigation into his ties to Russia by making it look like he’s willing to defy Putin to protect human rights!

  • Don Davenport

    Chechnya is predominantly Muslim and their government implements Islamic sharia law. But let’s not make a big deal about it. Not all Muslims are devout and follow sharia law. These things happen and it is racist and “Islamophobic” to mention it.

    • lnm3921

      Why isn’t your boy Trump mentioning it? He’s been silent on the issue. He’s failed to show leadership and to follow through on his campaign assurances that he would protect LGBT from Islamic terrorists! More lies from your Fake POTUS!

      Obama and Kerry would have already spoken up and condemn it and spoke on behalf of those gay men and likely offered them asylum! Admit that GLBT are not a priority for Trump!

      • Don Davenport

        Why do members of the “LGBT” community for the most part become timid little hamsters when it comes to Islamic hatred and violence directed towards them? The squeak and scamper away quietly but they’ll come back like roaring lions if Pat Robertson says he dissaproves of their lifestyle but will pray for them.

        • lnm3921

          Whose being timid? It’s you who whine endless about Islamic hatred while being blind to religious hatred from people like Pat Robertson!
          No one cares if Pat Robertson approves or not. He doesn’t pay our bills and we aren’t sleep with him!

          • Luis Duran

            Why don’t you and your fellow enlightened ones go show your solidarity with the Muslim community. You all should attend this years Gaza Gay Pride Festival. Maybe you all can then travel to Ramallah for Palestinian Pride which is held the following week.
            You would look quite stunning in a pink keffiyeh.

          • lnm3921

            With a name like Luis Duran, you’d be better off watching your back before Trump has you deported!

            It’s already happened to one Trump voter!

          • Don Davenport

            Do you condemn Islamic sharia law?

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