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Exelon-Pepco merger will benefit D.C. customers
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A recent column in the Blade (“Pepco/Exelon merger will burden customers,” July 6 by Peter Rosenstein) misstated the facts around the merger of Exelon and Pepco and may have unintentionally left readers with a one-sided view of what the deal means to them.

The merger will deliver a wide range of benefits to District customers, including $78 million worth of bill credits, rate relief, energy efficiency programs, workforce development credits, affordability assistance and expansion of solar programs. Better still, the merger will mean fewer and shorter outages, building on the historic performance levels by Pepco that have led to higher customer satisfaction scores as we improve reliability.

Pepco has always been a proud supporter of this community and our employees volunteer their time on boards and in the community. As part of the merger, Pepco and Exelon agreed to provide a guaranteed $19 million in charitable contributions in the District of Columbia during the next 10 years.

And contrary to what the column argued, we have never had our customers pay for the contributions that Pepco provides to community and non-profit organizations.

Pepco is proud of the role we play in the District and elsewhere and we look forward to delivering continued excellent service for many years to come.


  • Where does the money for these wonderful donations originate, if not from the ratepayers? A magical bush? The previous article was spot-on. The rate increase that Exelon requested will not only cover *all* of the proposed donations but, also, any of the credits – and help ensure that DC and other trapped ratepayers get to help Exelon pay for the shutdown of their cash-cow reactor fleet in a few years. Yes, we are all so lucky to have Exelon as our friend….

    The time is now for a non-profit power supplier, not more of the antiquated gamesmanship of the past decades.

  • “Pepco is proud of the role we play in the District”
    Sorry, but with the buyout by Exelon; PEPCO is now controlled from Chicago. As a former PEPCO shareholder, I bought the EXELON Stock and now need to work with the largest Nuclear company in the world; a business that is in major economic difficulty. As part of Exelon, Ms Cooper, who I respect and an is an excellent spokesperson and corporate executive, must check with Chicago before doing almost anything.
    I will be interested in seeing her defending the practice that Exelon has made in more than one state that requests direct taxpayer subsidies to Exelon’s Nuclear plants.
    Image the discussion in the Exelon Board room where Chris Crane, President of Exelon says, “one profit center that we need to pursue is money directly from John Q. Taxpayer, to subsidize our unprofitable Nuclear energy business model.”
    No one is surprised by the proposed PEPCO rate increase; the merger held up PEPCO from asking for a rate increase, to insure that the merger would be approved by the DCPSC.
    Those who supported merger, need to know that the average DC ratepayer paid close attention their support of this terrible deal.

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