July 13, 2011 at 8:32 am EST | by Kevin Naff
Is Bachmann’s husband also a client?

Kudos to Truth Wins Out for going undercover to expose what we all suspected was happening at the Bachmanns’ counseling center: the discredited practice of reparative therapy.

It would be laughable if not for the incalculable damage “ex-gay” therapy causes to young people confused about their sexual orientation.

The revelation begs the question: Is Michele Bachmann’s husband also a client? Has Marcus Bachmann undergone therapy to “change” from gay to straight?

The Bachmanns have lied about the clinic’s work for years and denied accusations of trying to “cure” gay people. The video from TWO proves it. In it, a counselor tells the TWO investigator that it’s possible to be “totally free” of same-sex attraction.

This would all amount to yet another GOP sideshow if not for new polls showing Michele Bachmann taking the lead over Mitt Romney in Iowa.

The state of the Republican Party should be cause for great alarm, not just among LGBT people, but sensible Americans of all stripes. The Tea Party faction of the GOP is willing to force the United States into default, unleashing untold financial disaster, all in the name of destroying President Obama and reclaiming the White House. The job of president won’t be worth spit if the country defaults on its debts and we’re sent into another Great Depression, something the last Republican president nearly wrought.

And just when the country seems to finally be moving past the divisive wedge issue politics of anti-gay bigotry, Michele Bachmann and her lisping husband arrive on the scene to resurrect the sick practice of reparative therapy, something that has been universally discredited and assailed by every credible medical association on the planet.

Mainstream Republicans, including those at Log Cabin, must denounce Bachmann and the media should continue to hound her at every stop until she directly answers questions about the dangerous practices underway at her family’s counseling center. In addition, if federal money went to support this clinic’s work, the government must investigate and demand a refund.



Kevin Naff is the editor and a co-owner of the Washington Blade, the nation’s oldest and most acclaimed LGBT news publication, founded in 1969.

  • Kevin, you’re stating hearsay as fact. Why don’t you engage in reparative therapy and then report on your experience before you lambast it as heresy? Moreover, what does her position on reparative therapy have to do with her qualifications to be president? Answer: Nothing.

  • laurelboy2 – reparative therapy? As in trying to repair something that isn’t broken? Been through that. All you end up doing to trying to believe in a lie. I went through my share of hardship until I realize (through prayer) that you have to accept yourself as you are. No lies, to yourself or to others. As far as Bachmann’s position on this having to do with her qualifications to be president, I don’t want a bigot in the White House.

  • To laurelboy2 – what planet are you living on? As I’m sure you were so quick to point out about President Clinton’s affair, it’s not that he did it – it’s that he lied about it! But given even that, Bachmann is so totally unqualified on virtually every other front, it’s kind of scary that you can’t even see that! That’s sad for you. As the saying goes — ignorance is no excuse!

  • The point that’s being missed is that the Bachmanns are accepting government subsidies for their “clinic”. They’re for small government? Hypocritical methinks? If he looks like a duck, quacks like a duck then surely he is a duck!!!!!

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