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Classified Ad Guidelines


Below are directions about placing your ad.  This method allows you the ability to control and manage your ad online 24/7 and submit how the ad will print in the newspaper as well.  If you have any trouble, please do not get frustrated, instead just email me with the information and I’ll take care of it for you, contacting you for your payment.

Ads are charged a base price of $19.50 for huge number of words online & include 25 words in print. Anything over 25 words in print are charged at $1.00 each additional word. There are many optional features you can add to your print & online ad.

Deadlines for Friday’s printed issue are 5 pm Monday, but after that time, we often times are able to accommodate late requests.

You can place your ad online yourself on our website.  Go to, once there select classifieds.  Once on the classifieds page register as a user. Once you’ve done that you can place as many ads as you like and pay right there and return as often as you like to update information, place more ads etc.

Once you’ve registered, on the left side of the navigation screen choose NEW CLASSIFIED.

On the next screen you will select the number of weeks you want your ad to run.
Choose continue…

Select the category for placing your ad. ie. Massage, Real Estate, etc.
Choose continue…

Select the sub-category for placing your ad. ie. in Real Estate, choose For Sale/DC.
Choose continue…

On the next page there are 3 boxes for text: the first 2 boxes are for your Online Ad: Headline & Body text of your ad; the 3rd box is for the printed text of your ad (it is here that the number of words over 25 are calculated for your print ad). IF YOU SKIP THIS STEP YOUR AD CHARGES WILL NOT BE ACCURATE!!!!
Choose continue…

The next step allows you to upload up to 6 photos, they are $35.00 each per week.
We can only print 1 photo, the first photo you upload is the one we will use to print in the newspaper.  If you experience trouble uploading images, be sure they are not too big or that they are tifs or jpgs.
Choose continue…

On the next page you can choose several additional features for your printed and online ad.
Choose continue…

The next page choose CHECKOUT.
Choose continue…

Finally, you are at the PAYMENT page.  You should enter your credit/debit card information, credit/debit card billing address.

If you are unsure about proceeding.  Choose the CASH option and contact us at [email protected].

Some people have claimed frustration at using the system.  Do not get frustrated.  If that starts, simply email your information to [email protected] and we will contact you with your best options as we understand your needs.


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