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Please enter all required information about the photo you’d like to purchase from the Washington Blade. The photo must exist in a gallery on our website in order for us to process your online order. Once we’re able to make the photo available in our store, we’ll contact you with instructions on how to complete your purchase.

High-resolution digital copies of Blade photos cost $9.99 per photo for personal use. If you are with another publication or website and would like to purchase a one-time editorial license for a photo, the cost is $99.00. If you are a non-profit and would like to purchase a single-use license, the cost is $49.00 per photo.

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Each photo in each gallery has a '# of #' number. For example, the third photo in a 15-photo gallery is numbered 3 of 15 when you click on it. What is the number of the photo you'd like?
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Tell us what is going on in the photo you would like. The more you tell us, the more likely we're able to match the photo you desire.
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