November 27, 2013 at 1:30 pm EST | by Lou Chibbaro Jr.
Gay Libertarian enters mayor’s race
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Libertarian Bruce Majors. (Photo courtesy of Bruce Majors)

Gay Realtor and Libertarian Party activist Bruce Majors announced last week that he filed papers to run in his party’s primary in April 2014 as a candidate for D.C. mayor.

Majors, 55, ran last year as a Libertarian Party candidate for the D.C. congressional delegate seat against longtime incumbent Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat.

Although Majors lost to Norton by a margin of 88.5 percent to 5.9 percent, he received 16,524 votes, far exceeding the minimum number of votes needed to allow the Libertarian Party to hold a primary in the next D.C. election.

Without a primary, independent and small party candidates running in citywide races must obtain 2,000 petition signatures to gain access to the ballot. With a primary, candidates can get on the ballot with petition signatures equal to 1 percent of voters registered with their party.

In the case of the tiny Libertarian Party, Majors and other Libertarian candidates expected to run for City Council seats need just two valid signatures to gain access to the primary ballot. If they win their primary they are automatically placed on the general election ballot in November.

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  • TWO valid signatures to get on a primary ballot? What an example of needless paperwork, and waste of everyone's time! Why not just let candidates on the ballot without making them jump through stupid, petty hoops?

    Anyway, that being said, go Bruce! Good work in your run for Congress, and hope you make an impact in the DC mayor's race! I encourage you to make police accountability a major focus and take the message to black neighborhoods. I think many people are sick of the arrogance and abuses.

  • Thanks! It’s not actually 2 signatures simply. It’s one percent of the people currently registered in your party, for all parties. Only people registered as a Libertarian can sign a petition for someone to run in a Libertarian primary. Though we became a “major” party with the November 2012 election, new voter registration forms with the box for Libertarian became available only in March 2013, and I believe some public libraries and DMV offices may still only have the old form – I’ve received calls from people renewing a driver’s license earlier this year who couldn’t register Libertarian as they wished (you could do it online as long as you were already registered to vote in DC in another party and were just switching). Since then about 20 new people register as Libertarians every month, though it it still under 200, luckily for us in a way. Indeed I might encourage libertarian DC voters to register as Democrats and vote for any Democrat in that primary who will actually give some lip service to protecting you from surveillance, protecting whistleblowers, lowering taxes, reducing job killing licensure and regulation so the people with only a GED might be able to start a business or find a job, ending the excessive zoning and building code and height restrictions that reduce the supply of housing and drive up rents and prices (by up to 40%), etc. If you can find one among their 30 year incumbents.

    Police accountability, gay bashing and hate crimes, and the right and the need (especially for women and gays and people in neighborhoods that seem to get slower police responses) of people to be able to arm and protect themselves, at least in their homes, without burdensome weeks long bureaucratic hassles, are all important issues.

    We will be running a nearly full slate: Sara Panfil for Delegate to Congress, Frederick Steiner for City Council At Large, Ryan Sabot for Ward 3 City Council and others to be named. I’m still recruiting. I also will not be the only LGBT candidate by the time we finish recruiting.

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