June 7, 2016 at 1:07 pm EDT | by Chris Johnson
Here’s how Trump could undermine LGBT rights
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Donald Trump could reverse LGBT advances made through administrative action. (Photo by Andy Katz; courtesy Bigstock)


As voters ponder the likely choice of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president, LGBT rights advocates are sounding the alarm over just how much Trump could roll back the progress seen during the past eight years.

With divided government throughout much of the Obama administration, many advancements on LGBT rights came thanks to executive action. Because they don’t have the force of law, a new president could undo those with the stroke of a pen.

Chief among those actions is Obama’s 2014 executive order prohibiting federal contractors from engaging in anti-LGBT workplace discrimination. Obama signed the executive order after the Republican-controlled U.S. House failed to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (and after many LGBT groups dropped support for the bill over a religious exemption more expansive than one under current civil rights law).

TJ Helmstetter, a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee, said Trump is “reckless, incoherent and dangerous” on a range of issues a poses a “serious threat” to advances in LGBT rights if elected president.

“The LGBT community would be set back decades,” Helmstetter said. “Trump would rescind President Obama’s pro-equality executive orders and he would appoint pro-discrimination Supreme Court justices. He would sign laws that allow businesses to kick out gay customers and ban transgender people from using the bathroom. The stakes could not be higher for our community and for all Americans.”

The Center for American Progress has compiled a list of eight executive actions benefiting LGBT rights enacted under the Obama administration that Trump could undo. Among them is a rule prohibiting anti-LGBT discrimination in health care and insurance, a Department of Housing & Urban Development regulation prohibiting anti-LGBT bias in government-sponsored housing and endorsement of federal LGBT non-discrimination legislation known as the Equality Act.

Laura Durso, senior director of the Center for American Progress’ LGBT research and communications project, said the initiatives show the breadth of leadership on LGBT rights under Obama.

“These actions are in stark contrast to the outright hostility we have seen in a conservative-controlled Congress and, unfortunately, we have no reason to believe that a President Trump would advocate for LGBT issues in opposition to these members,” Durso said. “It is instructive that his list of potential Supreme Court nominees includes demonstrably anti-LGBT jurists.”

It’s hard to say to what extent — if at all — Trump would seek to roll back the advancements under his administration. After all, Trump hasn’t been as vitriolic in attacks on LGBT people as he has been with other minorities, including Latinos, women, the disabled and black activists. Still, Trump has said he’d consider appointing justices to the U.S. Supreme Court who would reverse the ruling in favor of nationwide marriage equality and would sign the First Amendment Defense Act, a religious freedom bill seen to enable anti-LGBT discrimination, if Congress delivered it to his desk.

Trump has sworn to undo Obama’s executive actions that he deems unconstitutional — as soon as in one hour or even two minutes – after taking the oath of office on Inauguration Day. At a campaign town hall rally in December, Trump lamented, “the system is supposed to work” with Congress passing bills that are signed into law by the president, not executive orders.

“And then, all of a sudden, I started hearing: ‘Oh, well, he tried. He can’t do it.'” Trump said. “And boom. And another one, boom. And you have these executive actions. I don’t even think he tries anymore. I think he just signs executive actions.”

The candidate was speaking in reference to Obama’s immigration actions and it’s unclear he would include initiatives benefiting LGBT people among the orders he would undo. The Trump campaign didn’t respond to the Washington Blade’s request for comment for this article on whether pro-LGBT initiatives would be among the actions he would undo.

But Trump already has vowed to rescind one LGBT action in particular. In an interview last month with the Washington Post, he said he would rescind the joint guidance from the Departments of Justice and Education prohibiting schools from discriminating against transgender students and guaranteeing them access to the restroom consistent with their gender identity. At the same time, Trump insisted “you have to protect everybody” and said transgender people are a small part of the population.

One legislative change is also on the table for Trump to change: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal. When Congress repealed the gay military ban in 2010, lawmakers left nothing in its place directing the U.S. military not to discriminate against or eject troops based on sexual orientation. Trump could institute a change that would administratively restore “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Matthew Thorn, executive director of the LGBT military group OutServe-SLDN, nonetheless said he doesn’t think Trump would be able to reverse openly gay military service.

“I think the service chiefs would strongly object to any administrative action from Trump on a reinstatement of a DADT,” Thorn said. “We are approaching five years since the repeal this September. I would find it highly unlikely that the Pentagon would reverse and reimplement a ban and conversations our organization has had are in line with that.”

The real danger, Thorn said, is Trump rolling back administrative changes, such as those benefiting LGBT veterans or status of forces agreements allowing service members to bring a same-sex spouse with them or overseas, or halting movement on lifting the ban on openly transgender service.

“If a Trump presidency could exist he would be met with strong objection and hearty voices from our organization and I strongly believe amongst individuals inside the Pentagon and Veterans Affairs department on any changes or reversal of advancements made for the LGBT military community,” Thorn said.

Trump has made one commitment to advance LGBT rights, but it was made 16 years ago and in this election cycle he hasn’t said whether he would follow through with it. In a 2000 interview with The Advocate, Trump said he’d support amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual orientation, which is similar to the Equality Act pending before Congress (although he’s made no mention if he supports transgender inclusion, which the legislation also encompasses).

For months, the Trump campaign hasn’t responded to the Washington Blade’s request for comment on whether the candidate still supports adding sexual orientation to federal civil rights law, or if his position has since changed.

Charles Moran, a gay Republican activist seeking to represent Trump as a California delegate to the Republican National Convention, doubted Trump would seek to roll back LGBT rights because he “has not waded into the messy world of social politics” over the course of his campaign.

“I don’t think he’s going to be keen to jump in and start reversing President Obama’s executive orders,” Moran said. “While President Obama expanded the use of executive orders for LGBT protections, there were a number he simply continued from President Bush’s days. So hypothetically could a President Trump reverse some of President Obama’s executive orders concerning LGBT protections or rights? Of course. Is this likely to happen given his public policy positions and private business decisions leading up to this point? Absolutely not.”

Moran didn’t respond to a follow-up email to identify an LGBT protection that Obama continued from former President George W. Bush, who has a reputation for being anti-gay. When Obama signed his 2014 executive order against anti-LGBT workplace discrimination, he left in place a Bush-era religious exemption permitting religious organizations that are federal contractors to favor co-religionists in hiring practices.

Pointing to contributions Trump made to HIV/AIDS organizations, as reported by The New York Times, and the candidate’s support for gay rights in 2000, Moran said Trump is “the most LGBT-friendly candidate the Republican Party ran in 2015/2016.”

“While he does not have an electoral or legislative record to point to, he does have a business and philanthropic track record to read, and those indications look good for the LGBT community,” Moran said.

At the end of the day, a commitment from Trump on LGBT rights may not mean much. As Slate’s Jordan Weissman wrote earlier this month, Trump tends not to have policy positions, but “policy moods” that change as easily as the direction of the wind.

Take, for example, Trump’s position on North Carolina’s recently enacted House Bill 2. Trump initially expressed opposition to the anti-LGBT law, which bars cities from enacting pro-LGBT non-discrimination ordinances and prohibits transgender people from using the public restroom in school and government buildings consistent with their gender identity. But on the same day in a later interview, Trump backtracked on those views, saying “local communities and states should make the decision” on whether transgender people should be able to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity.

A number of safeguards are in place that would prevent Trump from making too many changes against LGBT rights, as least rapidly. The Administrative Procedure Act — a law enacted by Congress in 1946 governing the way in which administrative agencies may propose and establish rules — prohibits a quick change in regulation if a hostile administration takes over. Instituting new final regulations repealing these policies would be a multi-year process and require a justification for overturning them other than for political reasons.

Other changes are firmly in place as a result of law or changes by the courts. Although Trump has said he’d seek to appoint justices who’d overturn marriage equality, that effort would be a long shot and he unilaterally couldn’t change the right for same-sex couples to marry because the U.S. Supreme Court determined that’s a right afforded under the U.S. Constitution.

Trump may rescind the Obama administration order prohibiting schools from discriminating against transgender students, but that’s based on case law developed over two decades determining anti-trans bias amounts to gender discrimination under federal law. Courts and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have now begun to make the same determination for sexual-orientation discrimination.

But despite the independence of the judiciary, it wouldn’t be immune to a Trump presidency seeking to reverse advances on LGBT rights.

Jon Davidson, legal director of Lambda Legal, declined to comment on any particular presidential candidate, but said the election is happening “in a critical period” of legal understanding of anti-LGBT discrimination and the next person who occupies the White House could influence that.

“Having federal judges who will rule fairly on these issues is essential,” Davidson said. “Whoever is president will influence the future composition of the EEOC, the Department of Justice’s leadership, and the makeup of the federal judiciary. In particular, given the Senate’s refusal to consider the nomination of Judge Garland to the Supreme Court, a future president may well choose who will fill the late Justice Scalia’s seat. While we can hope that, regardless of who is elected, those the future president appoints will continue to recognize that sexual-orientation discrimination is a form of sex discrimination barred by current federal statutes, that remains to be seen.”

Obama’s LGBT executive actions Trump could undo

∙ Executive Order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

∙ Final rule in May 2016 that protected LGBT people from discrimination in healthcare and insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

∙ Prison Rape Elimination Act implementation regulations in May 2012 to directly protect LGBT people.

∙ Equal Access to Housing in HUD Programs Regardless of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity Rule in February 2012, protecting LGBT people in all HUD­-funded programs.

∙ Comprehensive guidance in May 2016 on their interpretation of Title IX, clarifying that public schools receiving federal funding must treat transgender students in accordance with their gender identity.

∙ Guidance in July 2013 that all immigration visa petitions filed on behalf of a same­-sex spouse would be reviewed in the same manner as those filed on behalf of an opposite­-sex spouse.

∙ The Global Equality Fund, launched in 2011, which supports programs that advance the human rights LGBT persons around the world.

∙ Public endorsement of the Equality Act in November 2015, supporting comprehensive federal nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people.

Source: Center for American Progress

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  • Don’t be duped by Gay Republicans telling you Trump won’t do anything against our rights. How much more plain can Trump be than saying it himself?

    Trump is a con (conservative) man. He’s flip flopping all over the place like a fish out of water! What you’ve seen saw far from Trump is the old stupid let the state’s decide what your rights are. You’re rights should begin and end at state borders and not be portable across the “united” states but rather depend on independent city-like states as in ancient Greece.

    I’ve always said before that executive orders are simply band-aids. Stop relying on them. We need something permanent not subject to whim.

    I find unbelievable that people keep saying the SCOTUS ruling on marriage can’t be reversed and the DADT can’t be reinstated. Why not? The SCOTUS ruling on marriage was a narrow-ruling with all the most conservative member of the court writing dissenting opinions against the right to marry.

    Why can’t the military leadership not change in opinion against gay and lesbian service members serving openly if the leadership appointed by conservatives end up being other social conservatives?

    I say you really under-estimate the resolve of our enemies and all the damage they can do if they get the chance. The so-called leadership chooses to look the rose-colored glasses and live in denial when they tell us our enemies “can’t” or it’s a longshot!

  • Vote Trump for president! There is nothing more evil in the world than gay activism. It is a blight that should be removed from society. Support and love your gay friends and family, but rid the world of the evils of gay activism.

    • Yes, you are a child and confused! Good moniker for you!

      Gay activism is not evil. It is the reason gay people have the rights they have today. It’s a necessary thing because no one will hand them their rights otherwise. How the heck do you think you are supporting gay people exactly by opposing their legal rights?

      • “Gays” are not what people are, any more than people with a multiple personality disorder are 5 different people. Where are the “rights” for people with multiple personality disorder to have 5 different birth certificates, 5 different husbands and wives, 5 different whatevers? “Gay” is not what a person is. “Gay” is what is in people’s minds. There are no such things for rights for what you think, otherwise I could think I’m the King of England and I would have to be made it because it would be my “right”.

        Gay Rights…. what a preposterous concept.

        • Multiple personalities would be a mental disorder while being gay is not. Poor ansnolgy.

          You think yourself an expert on the issue? You’re a silly quack who appears to have his own problem knowing the difference between realty and make brlieve. Are you drunk or doped up?

          Your delusions of cohesion and making sense are scrambling your brains. You likely need electro shock therapy!!!

          Gay rights now, gay right tomorrow and gay right forever more. Get over it!!!! Gays shall overcome!!!

          • And mate, you only have to read any of the hundreds of online testimonials from ex-gays to realise that gay is only a state of mind.

            I understand that those that remain gay have the reality that it is what they are, have always been, and as far as they know will ever be. So I can understand where you are coming from with that reality.

            However, as I said, that’s just a stereotype. The thousands of ex-gays out there prove that it is just a state of mind.

          • I’m not your mate! The ex gay movement is discredited. You spend time reading testimonials of self-loathing brainwashed losers? Haven’t you heard you shouldn’t believe everything you read?

            You are obsessed with homosexuality and evidently have’nt a life if you waste it reading that bs!

          • Geez the ex-gay movement is discredited by gay activists – that holds a lot of clout… not!! You can’t discredit what thousands of people testify to as their reality. That is just pure evil telling our children to affirm things that aren’t them, leading them into a self-destructive lifestyle. Gay activism is the most evil thing I have ever come across.

          • Clout indeed!! Ex-gay movement is a brain washing cult!! What’s evil is promoting a scam and a lie!!! A leopard can’t change its spots! Enough with promoting self-loathing!!!

          • Unfortunately I’m not allowed to point out the obvious biological fact that makes it a mental disorder, it must be offensive for people to hear because no matter how many different ways I say it, they won’t accept my post. Sorry for the offence.

          • spending much time in your company would lead to a brain disorder!

          • I might not be an expert on the issue, but here is one person who’s story you should hear:


            You are right, gays can overcome. I hope you find your inner peace.

          • In other words you babble about what you know nothing about!

          • Coming to that conclusion because you don’t like what I have to say isn’t exactly an effective argument.

          • Nothing you say is effective!!! You’re failing miserably!!! Take a slow boat back to Australia!!!

          • Look I’m happy to be proven wrong, but all you’re saying are baseless insults. Please by all means say I’m wrong, but you have to tell me how. “Because I don’t like what you’re saying” is not an argument.

          • Saying gay activism is evil is not an argument either!!! So you aren’t convicting anyone but your choir with that bs!

            For evey testimonial from alleged homosexuals ( can’t be validated that they really were ever gay if not bisexual)) I can find just as many and a great deal more that will tell you otherwise.

          • I have told you why gay activism is evil. It is because it encourages children to affirm things that are no ttrue, things which real science shows leads to psychological problems and suicide.

            A person attracted to rape is not a rapist until he commits the act. A person attracted to murder is not a murderer until he commits the act.

            What you are attracted to does not define who you are. It is the most preposterous, evil concept that you can teach our children. And here is the deceit straight from your gay activist handbook:

            “Now, there are two different messages about the Gay Victim that are worth communicating. First, the mainstream should be told that gays are victims of fate, in the sense that most never had a choice to accept or reject their sexual preference. The message must read: “As far as gays can tell, they were born gay, just as you were born heterosexual or white or black or bright or athletic. Nobody ever tricked or seduced them; they never made a choice, and are not morally blameworthy.”

            The evil stench of gay activism is having its day. But the truth will be revealed, it’s just a matter of how much damage is done until that happens.

          • Who are you? Anita Bryant with her save our children campaign? There’s a pie waiting to be applied to you as makeup!

            It’s evil to make gay youth feel they are evil, freaks or sick or made to feel like losers! I’ve known plenty of gays forced to drop out of school do to such attitudes and forced to live in the streets! That’s what leads to suicide or death on the streets!

            People know what they are when they are young. My attractions started in third grade. Back then no one spoke of homosexuality so no one was encouraging it in me. It wasn’t adults molesting me rather other boys trying to get in my crotch! I also had a sense of how dangerous it could be

            I recall asking a boy in summer camp to hold my hand to go in the water. I didn’t mean it sexually but I could see he simply wasn’t into guys.

            Just like I believe young people are resoonsible for their actions if the commit acts of violence including murder. Simply saying they are too young to understand the gravity of what they are doing is bogus! I understood quite well!

            Gay activism Is not going away and people like you only encourage it and substantiate the need for it!

        • Is that a comedy act? It stinks! You evidently think you’re a qualified psycho analyst but you sound more like Norman bates!

      • You say: “It’s good for gay people and makes America a better place by opening up minds and fulfilling America’s promise to all for a better life.”

        Actually, the Australian Institute for Research and Prevention of Suicide produced a study in 2014 to discover the main reasons behind LGBT suicide, expecting to find discrimination and family rejection as the leading cause. Surprisingly, they discovered it was relationship difficulties.

        This follows on from an extensive study done by the National Institute of Health (a US Government agency), that found that in a more inclusive society (Denmark), gay men living in long term relationships were still 5 times more likely to suicide.

        So here we have two independant, unbiased studies, telling the world that homosexuality itself is the cause of the psychological problems, but instead you choose to believe a bunch of gay activists whose sole objective is to normalise their behaviour that it is discrimination causing these psychological problems. God himself tells you that homosexuality is a sin, and sin leads to self destruction, but again, you think you know better than God, and choose to believe a bunch of gay activists instead.

        So here you are encouraging our children to establish identities that are not them, encouraging them to engage in self-destructive behaviour that will lead to their suicide, under the guise that it is what you are trying to prevent. Do you realise how sick that is? Be honest with yourself here, do you really believe this is social justice? Or is it social suicide?

        • Are you writing a thesis or a book? Either way you aren’t paying me to read it so it goes in the trash!

          This is America not Australia. Can’t you figure out where you are either?

          • Inm do you actually have any argument to counteract what I’m saying? Perhaps instead of resorting to ad hominems and baseless insults, you should consider carefully what I am saying. It could save your life, and the life of thousands of our innocent children.

            Unless of course you do have some intelligent arguments to counteract it. Because I am more than willing to listen.

          • Yawn!!! How can you have an intelligent argument when everything you say is stupid none sense? Go peddle your snake oil to the uninformed!!! I’m not buying it!!!

          • And all I ask you is to provide reasons why it is ‘stupid nonsense’. Because as yet, you haven’t given any…. all you want to do is insult me. Is this because “the truth hurts”?

          • It’s a waste of my time. I know better and don’t need to convince you one way or the other. What you believe is irrelevant.

            You have an abnormal obsession with homosexuality! I know your type. No one can tell you anything. Your mind is closed by your religious fundamentalist beliefs. You cannot think objectively.

            Go peddle your poison elsewhere Jim jones, you can’t convince me to drink your koolaid!

          • You’ve just spent 10 minutes telling me you don’t have the time to argue. So you do have the time, what you don’t have is the argument.

            I am very open-minded. I know exactly how the cessation of bullying etc will help people that identify as gay.

            What I also know is the damage that teaching our straight children that gay is a healthy and normal alternative for them will do.

          • It’s healthy and normal for gay youth to feel good about themselves and have self-esteem.

            Your assertion is it’s a choice which straight people can choose. Just because people like sweets and enjoy them doesn’t mean everyone likes sweets. Some have diabetes and will avoid them.

          • Yes I agree, gay youth need a lot more support and love.

            Attraction is not a sin. Pedophilia is not a sin. Attraction to rape is not a sin. Attraction to adultery is not a sin. Attraction to homosexuality is not a sin.

            What is wrong is acting on the attractions that superior forces like God or Nature tell you are wrong.

            As I’ve told you before, the leading cause of suicide in the LGBT community is relationship problems – in other words, acting on your temptations is what causes the damage. Just like God and Nature will tell you.

            This is why we need to give our LGBT not just support and love, but also guidance. And the current guidance is to serve one agenda, and one agenda only : the normalisation of homosexual behaviour. It is an inherently evil and dysfunctional agenda.

          • Give it up! Ex-gay ministries was abandoned and it’s leader acknowledged he was wrong and hurt people. He’s marching in the gay pride parade this year!

          • There were thousands of cancer companies that went broke before they found a cure too.

            There are organisations like NARTH (homosexuality) and B4UACT (Pedophilia) that support and help people manage their sexual attractions. There are thousands of gays and ex gays, pedophiles, and ex-pedophiles, living happy heterosexual lives with beautiful families. The success rate is not overly high, but it doesn’t mean they stop trying.

            To discriminate against people getting help for unwanted sexual attractions is yet another evil that Gay Activism has given us.

            Can you imagine being a pedophile and being told “it is what you are, you can’t change it”. Can you imagine being a Pedophile with no-one to turn to for help. Do you realise the danger this puts our children in? Are you starting to realise how evil Gay Activism is, despite the limited amount of good it does do?

          • PS I wonder how many millions he has been paid to become a gay activist?

          • Unwanted by you! Your movement is a scam.

          • Again, no argument, just insults, because you have nothing to argue with.

            I am starting to wonder whether or not you are evil. Nobody armed with this knowledge would want to teach society that a sexual attraction identifies them.

          • You’re evil. We keep talking in circles and are getting nowhere. You will NEVER convince me that your rhetoric holds water.So give up and try and find a life.

            When you see the light and admit you’re wrong, apologize to the gay community for your harm and March in the pride parade then you’ll have something to say worth listening to!

          • Again, no arguments against, just insults. You poor misguided fool.

          • I’m neither poor nor misguided by a tool like you. The fools are the one’s that believe you bullshit and follow like sheep!

            Go see a doctor about your abnormal obsession with homosexualtu!!! You are obviously soft in the head.

            Gay pride and activism now and forever!!! Homophobia never!!!

          • I’ve got a new slogan for you : “There’s No Shame In Sodomy”. Somehow I think even if you repeat it a million times to yourself, you’ll still never truly believe it, no matter how much you try and convince yourself.

          • http://www.mygenes.co.nz/about_us.htm

            “We were presented with a huge scientific challenge after we met people who said they had once been homosexual but weren’t any longer. At the time most people around us believed homosexuality was biologically innate and fixed and we were confused ourselves. We set about objectively investigating the causes of homosexuality, through careful analysis of the huge amount of scientific material available.

            Although the debate has now moved on – or has it? – to issues of tolerance and personal rights, many people remain confused or misinformed about the origins of homosexuality and unsure where to turn for unbiased information.

            We hope these research findings will be elucidating. They have tended to be used by people wanting to change their orientation because they show without doubt that the homosexual orientation is not biologically imprinted or fixed.”

            For a summary of all scientific research:

            I wish you the best with all your propaganda and lies. But the truth will win out, it always does.

          • The truth is winning all right that’s why we defeated sodomy laws, integrated the U.S. military and won the right to marry legally in America! We still have work to do but we will overcome!

          • The main goal of b4uact is to normalize pedophilia, the same way they did to homosexuality, by first taking it off the list of classified mental health issues. This is a blueprint for turning sin into a lifestyle, disguised as a self-help organization.

          • Pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexuality. Straight CIS people are more likely than homosexual people to have tendencies of pedophilia.

          • Do you also see how this wrongful premise that a “sexual attraction” is “what you are” is dangerous for the psychology of LGBT youth? If it is “what you are”, then there is something intrinsically wrong with you, a fact that biology will be forever reminding you. If it “is something you have”, then the problem is not you yourself.

          • Sexual attraction isn’t all you are but it is part of who you are. To deny a person the right to that is more harmful to them. It leads to depression, low self-esteem, self-loathing and unhappiness! Stop playing God!

            You have no business patronizing people and paternalistically and arrogantly trying to control their lives!

          • you left out key findings and edited to fit your anti-gay agenda

          • What are these key findings, and the research behind them?

            And it is not an anti-gay agenda. It is an anti-gay activism agenda.

  • This was disproving in 1972. You are confused!

    • Oh dear Mark, if by disproven you mean 30% of the APA voted it not a disorder, 29% voted it still was, and the rest abstained because of the intimidation and threats by gay activists … then you are 100% correct. Which of course you are not. A simple biological fact proves it.

  • If gay people vote in Trump, I’am going straight . we might as well be dead.

    • i’m a gay man and voting Trump….. he isn’t against LGBT……..i met him 4 years ago in W.Palm Beach, Florida….. he was very cordial to me and my boyfriend in person.

      • how easily you lie.

      • Oh please. I heard the same bs from a couple who met mike huckabee and yet we saw how anti-gay his agenda was.

        Trump made it clear that he wants judges appointed that will reverse massage equalty and to promote religious freedom laws.

        He’s a con man who knows how to play the naive and tell you what to hear. He’s been friendly to pat Robertson, too! Did trump see you kiss your boyfriend in the mouth? Did you introduce yourself a as a couple or simply shook hand in a crowd?

  • I think the number of teenage girls turning up at hospitals cause they can’t hold their sh*t in might disagree with you.

    • I’ve never known any men with that problem so I doubt girls are.

      Maybe the girls are showing up with locked jaws instead and blame it on jawbreakers . It’s another form of birth control.

      Didn’t take long for you to disrespect those massacred by pushing yor crass and callous agenda.

      • Well just look up the medical journal on the problem and you know it is very real:

        You are a liar and an evil person. This never had anything to do with the attack. You saying that just shows what a crass and evil agenda you are pushing, one filled with lies, deceit, and harm form our children.

        • Gay does not equal pedophile. Gay men want other men not kids. You try and blur the lines to push your wicked agenda of lies and hysteria.

          Your anti-gay brainwashing contributed to the hate that led to the murders in Orlando!!

          An evil Christian pastor applauded the massacre as just punishment and pushed for the federal gov’t to kill people by firing squad. That’s a scoundrel manipulating religion to commit evil acts of murder,

          • I never said that gay equals pedophile.

            I am not anti-gay. I am anti-gay activism. Yes maybe it does contribute to hate, but maybe also that stigma is what will save children from going down a path of self-destruction.

            If the attack was on gay activists then I would agree with the pastor. Gay activism should be a crime punishable by extreme force.

          • I equate you say me being anti-gay with me saying you are anti-health.

          • Gay activism is a goof thing for glbt people. Opposing gay activism is a crime against human dignity and self-respect that should be punishable by long-term imprisonment and for the unrepentant castration.

        • You need medication and a padded cell before you lose it and go on a rampage. You’ve caused enough harm and death. Tine to ef off as you’ve become a broken record.

          • Really, that actually sounds like you if you think about it.

          • Yes, really. I see a swat team in your future!

            I’ll be defined by myself not you!!!

          • Looks like you’ve missed my whole point. Nobody should be defined by their sexual orientation. it does not define you. It is not who you are. It is not who you have to be. It can change. it does change. And what you do with your attractions will change you. Don’t let it define you. Don’t let it define your life. And more importantly, don’t teach my children that it is what they are and that it defines them.

          • Poppycock! People define themselves by religion, political affiliation or ethnicity even though that is not all they are. Sexual orientation would be no diifferent. It is not all one is obviously but certainly something one must fight to be honest about without repercussions.

            You can’t deny that part of yourself because people around you want to know as they ask if you are dating, or married and off not why not. Don’t tell me otherwise as I’ve had such questions posed to me! People are naturally nosey or they may be interested in you!

          • Yes I can understand fully where you’re coming from, but that doesn’t mean you should say your sexuality is part of what or who you are.

            It is not the equivalent of defining yourself by religion or politics or anything like that, it is the equivalent of defining yourself as being an alcoholic, or a drug addict. I know you won’t agree with this for homosexuality, but consider it as a generalisation of all sexual attractions, and I cannot imagine how you could justify me being wrong.

            when you let it define you as a person, that’s where the problems begin.

          • You need a life, you having nothing else to do but keep this post going,

            Your analogy to drug addition or alcoholism is offensive and condescending! Being gay is not about who is between your legs but rather what is between your ears!

            Don’t reply anymore!

          • far out man I say “I know you won’t agree with this for homosexuality, but consider it as a generalisation of all sexual attractions”. So what do you do, you go and compare it to homosexuality. I wish you did have something between your ears.

          • And you are 100% right, it is what is in between your ears. Not what’s in your body, what’s in your mind. It is not a part of who you are, it is a part of what you think.

          • What comes out of you is typically brown and stinks!

          • Far out man? Are you senile and think we’re still living in the early 1970s?

            You are highly presumptuous to think you know what it is to be gay. That’s like a white man telling someone what it means to be non-white. Do you arrogantly tell women what it is to be female, too?

            Well at least a breeze doesn’t howl between my ears like you!

            You must be love me since you are stuck to me like a leech! You most be a sad and very lonely man. Can’t find a woman to spend time with instead of me?

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