March 6, 2017 at 12:18 pm EST | by Lou Chibbaro Jr.
Gay Trump supporters rally in D.C.
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Three gay speakers were among those who rallied on Sunday in support of President Trump. (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key)

At least four gay speakers who declared their strong support for President Donald Trump were cheered loudly while other speakers praised the group Gays for Trump during a March4Trump rally on Sunday, March 4, on the grounds of the Washington Monument in D.C.

The gathering of several hundred Trump supporters at the Washington Monument, who later marched to the White House, was one of more than a dozen pro-Trump rallies and marches held on the same day in cities around the country.

“We’re marching for a lot of things out here,” said Gays for Trump President Peter Boykin in a speech in Lafayette Park across from the White House, which followed an earlier speech he gave at the rally by the Washington Monument.

“We’re marching for love and peace,” he said. “We’re marching for people. Personally for me as president of Gays for Trump, I’m marching for the freedom of speech.”

Boykin said he participated in and played a lead role in helping to organize the March4Trump event because he wanted to show his support for Trump at a time when the new president has been under attack by “fake news” created by a biased, left-wing media and Democratic Party leaders who he said seek to undermine Trump’s legitimacy as president.

Boykin and several other speakers at the Washington Monument rally also called on a small group of anti-Trump protesters who showed up at the rally to respect Trump backers’ right to be heard and express their views.

March4Trump (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key)

March4Trump (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key)

About a dozen protesters identifying themselves as members of a group called the Anti-Fascist Resistance, or AntiFa, shouted anti-Trump slogans at the participants of the Washington Monument rally. The Trump supporters responded by chanting “U.S.A, U.S.A…” which largely drowned out the protesters’ shouts.

U.S. Park Police officers, several of whom were mounted on horses, separated the protesters from the Trump supporters, although members of both groups could be seen shouting at one another. A Park Police spokesperson, Sgt. Anna Rose, said there were no arrests made or violent clashes between the protesters and the Trump supporters at the D.C. rally.

Scuffles and fights between protesters and Trump supporters resulting in arrests broke out in several cities on Sunday where Trump rallies were held, including St. Paul, Minn. and Berkeley, Calif., according to the Associated Press.

Other gay speakers at the rally at the Washington Monument included Andre Soriano, a fashion clothing designer who made news for the ‘Make America Great Again’ gown he designed for singer and songwriter Joy Villa, who wore the gown to the Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles last month.

Villa, who was designated the keynote speaker at the Washington Monument rally, told the gathering she would work to help the Trump administration bring love and peace to a troubled world.

Also speaking was a gay man who identified himself only by the name Ajax.

“I’m here in my fair city,” he said. “This is my city – a native Washingtonian right here. And I supported Trump and I’m supporting him again,” he told the cheering crowd.

“I’m so excited to be here and I’m so excited to see all you guys. Peter Boykin is awesome,” he said. “The March4Trump is awesome. The Gays for Trump organization is awesome. I love it. And you’re probably looking at me and – wow – what is this gay black guy doing out here with a sleeveless shirt,” he told the gathering.

“Let me tell you, I love my country. I love our president,” he said. “So I just want to tell all of you and our critics that that’s not a bad thing. We love our immigrant brothers. We love our Islamic brothers and sisters but we’ve got to take care of us first,” he said. “And that’s not a bad thing to say, all right?”

Also receiving loud applause was gay college student Andrew Logan Lawrence, 21, of Savannah, Ga., who describes himself as an “LGBT millennial” who supports Trump.

“I’m a university student and I’m a pretty right-wing conservative but I also identify with the LGBT movement and I’m also Jewish,” Lawrence told the Washington Blade after the rally. “So it surprises a lot of people that I identify with the conservative side of the political spectrum,” he said.

“Conservatives are a dying breed among millennials and I felt it was important to come and make kind of a community of people heard who really don’t make their voices heard or feel like they’re being suppressed on the public university campuses of the United States,” Lawrence said.

In his speeches at the Washington Monument and at Lafayette Park, Boykin said he was also marching against what he called the “character assassination” of gay conservative commentator and activist Milo Yiannopoulos by the news media and by conservative leaders after a video surfaced in which Yiannopoulos appeared to be defending a sexual encounter between a 13-year-old boy and adult men or women.

Yiannopoulos apologized for what he said may have been a poor choice of words in a discussion about youth sexuality. But he denounced critics for claiming he had endorsed pedophilia, saying he had been a victim of sexual abuse as a child and he condemns sexual exploitation of children.

“He was basically destroyed by the media with social fake news,” Boykin said in discussing Yiannopoulos’s plight during the past few weeks. “And that goes to what’s going on now with Donald Trump,” Boykin said.

“It’s becoming obvious to the American people that the Democratic Party in conjunction with the Clintons and/or the Obamas is organized and their strategy is to subvert our government members who were duly elected by the people,” Boykin said.

He called on Congress to initiate “a full and independent investigation” into the Democratic National Committee and the leading Democratic critics of Trump, including “Hillary Rotten Clinton” and “Barack Hussein Obama.”

They and others, Boykin said, “wheeled out and organized a well-funded attempt at a coup, acting against the integrity of the U.S. Constitution and our sitting president of the United States.”

Added Boykin, “We have to fight against what I call gay zombies and the far left liberals. Liberalism – extreme liberalism – is a mental disorder, period.”

Gays for Trump, March4Trump, gay news, Washington Blade

Peter Boykin (Washington Blade photo by Lou Chibbaro, Jr.)

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  • “duly elected by the people” . . . by a very small, very stupid majority, with help from the Russians. Why gay people would support a man who is trying to take all their rights away is beyond anyone with a brain ., . . .

    • Silly faggoott, dix are for chix

    • Trump was “duly elected” under the law of the land. Anti-Trump-hate mongers and Anarchists should research American History regarding the reasoning behind the Electoral College. If they can possibly overcome their delusional hostility, they may comprehend, with any degree of reasonable understanding, why our early leaders drew up the compromising basis for the E.C. so that regional anarchists would not drown out others in the country who morally think, live, and act differently. “Anyone with a brain” will remember it was President Clinton who codified DADT and DOMA and that the campaigning Presidential Candidate Obama proclaimed in Florida Black Churches that marriage was “between one man and one woman.” Let’s also not forget it was President Obama who sent AG Holder to defend the DADT Supreme Court challenge that went down in flames not thanks to Holder. To correct more “fake” allegations about Trump being anti-gay President Trump, among other things, appointed gay man to an ambassador’s post . I know a number of Log Cabin members and friends that are not as well paid as the radicals being back financially by Leftists of the likes of George Soros who had a history of alleged collaboration with the Nazis. Be careful of people who toss stones calling all Conservative Egalitarians Nazis in their Facebook house of glass.

  • That Peter Boykin sounds like a real hateful nut case! She’s way too uppity! She thinks she’s bullet proof with Trump in office. Her comeuppance will come just like Milo’s sooner or later! GOPROUD also fell apart didn’t it!

    Look how quickly Trump distanced himself from Milo once she was exposed as a pedophile. Notice that Bannon did not defend him and the fact that Milo resigned from Breibart so soon after the video, despite her denials of being a pedophile, only means that Breibart wouldn’t stand by her and told her to resign before she was fired!

    It was a libertarian who released the Milo video to a more conservative group not liberals. Miss Milo self-destructed as I knew she would eventually and as all you right-wing extremist conservatives will sooner or later!

    We don’t have to point to just Milo. Look at the other conservative Pedophiles like Dennis Hastert and Mark Foley!

    Milo is self-hating. She’s on record saying that gays can never be happy and she would like conversion therapy. She promotes stereotypes like she was molested by a priest, and that is what made her gay. She has said gays men are irresponsible when it comes to work, does that include her? This only encourages people not to hire them.

    It’s interesting she says that trans people have a personality disorder yet I saw her on the bill Maher show wearing women’s pearls and bracelets. What’s up with that?

    It’s also ironic that she says she has a none-white boyfriend given how much she bashes non-white people!

  • That Peter Boykin looks so whimpy and ugly looking! Yuck! They must have b-slapped her alot in school! She’s so ridiculous saying she supports Trump because she doesn’t want to be killed by Muslim Terrorists! She’s using it as a fund raising tactic so she can have booths at gay pride to support Trump.

    If they want to get you, they will and nothing Trump does will save you. We have Christian conservatives that have praised the Pulse Massacre like the Preacher Steven Anderson from Arizona! Religious extremists are the problem not how you worship!

    What exactly is Trump promoting to support the GLBT community? Not rescinding an order put forth by a liberal President? Other than that, he’s on record supporting religious freedom bills and appointing judges to reverse marriage equality.

    He’s abandoned the transgender community, too. They didn’t get their day at the SCOTUS thanks to Trump not supporting the Obama guidance! They are just buying time hoping that Gorsuch will be on the court and vote against it. Did Trump return Jenner’s call? Would it matter anyway?!

    Trump has no consistency, he flip flops and he’s also got a screw lose. Tweeting nonsense like Hillary got 3.0 Million illegal votes than he or that Obama wiretapped is a embarrassment to the office of the POTUS! I question whether he is developing early stages of dementia! It was discovered that Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s after all!

  • The Gays for Trump rally continued until both of them had to use the bathroom.

  • A Facebook friend told me that Gays for Trump are like Black People for David Duke and Jews for Hitler. They’re all idiots. I said it was true and that they were all around here. Then I realized how right I was – as I work with Peter Boykin. He is an idiot – a well paid one at that.

  • You have a right to have your own opinions and to speak those freely.
    You don’t have a right to be shielded from pushback against those
    opinions. Our current President Bannon and his handpuppet Trump is the
    gravest threat to democracy and our values that this country has ever
    faced. That some gay men actually support this regime fills me with
    shame and disgust. It’s as if we aren’t worthy of freedom any longer,
    since this awful thing has descended on us. Nothing Islamic extremists
    could do to this country would compare with the damage this regime will
    do. Our environment will be degraded. People will die from lack of
    healthcare and from environmental degradation. Abusers of police power –
    murderers with badges – will go unpunished; will even be hailed as
    heroes. Women’s rights and gay rights will be stripped away.
    Christofascists will be encouraged to enact their limited religious
    views into law. Everyone who isn’t a str8 white male will become
    second-class citizens (or third, or fourth, or etc.). Hell, we may all
    end up in death camps before this is over. So thank you “gays for Trump”
    for all the destruction you’ve helped rain down on the world. If all
    you ever suffer for that is the scorn of liberal gays, you will have
    gotten off lightly.

  • What a bunch of bs? Milo was destroyed by fake news? Really Peter? His attacks on Ghostbusters female cast was fake news? Support Trump if you must, but do not insult the rest of us for seeing you exactly what you are, social climbing power hungry douche who will prostitute yourself.

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