December 6, 2017 at 2:53 pm EST | by Chris Johnson
LGBT Alabamians ‘praying’ for Roy Moore’s defeat
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Roy Moore could lose his race in Alabama over sexual misconduct allegations. (Image courtesy YouTube)

The special election on Tuesday for a seat to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate has risen to national attention amid allegations of sexual misconduct by Roy Moore — and many in the LGBT community see an opportunity to defeat him after enduring his anti-LGBT hostility over the years.

Moore, who has a long career as an attorney and judge in Alabama, has faced accusations of sexual misconduct from nine women since he secured the Republican nomination to run for Senate.

The most prominent is Leigh Corfman, who said Moore sexually assaulted her in 1979, when she was 14 and he was 32. Another, Beverly Young Nelson, said when she was 15 in 1977 she received unwelcome attention from Moore. Nelson said one year later Nelson, sexually assaulted her.

Moore has denied engaging in sexual misconduct, but offered contradictory responses on whether he knows the accusers and didn’t dispute dating teenagers who were above the age of consent.

The allegations of sexual misconduct have made a seat in deep red Alabama competitive. Although polls have produced different results, Democratic nominee Doug Jones has a shot at winning the election. A former U.S. prosecutor, Jones gained notoriety by leading the government’s case against two perpetrators of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing.

These accusations have propelled Moore to the national spotlight and shaken up the special election, but Moore is already well known in the LGBT community for his hostility toward LGBT rights, even at the expense of abandoning the rule of law.

Upon the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of marriage equality in 2015, Moore called the decision “an immoral, unconstitutional and tyrannical opinion” and instructed Alabama state judges to ignore federal rulings in favor of marriage equality.

Last year, Moore issued a directive saying despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision for same-sex marriage, probate judges should still deny marriage licenses to gay couples because the Alabama Supreme Court never withheld its 2015 ruling upholding the state law against gay nuptials.

For encouraging state officials to defy federal courts, the Alabama judicial court suspended Moore for the remainder of his term from the Alabama Supreme Court, determining Moore “failed to uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary.” (It wasn’t the first time Moore was suspended from the bench. It happened in 2003 when he refused to remove a monument of the Ten Commandants from the Alabama Judicial Building.)

After he started his run for U.S. Senate, a tape emerged from 2005 in which Moore said same-sex relationships, which were illegal in many states just two years earlier before the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v. Texas, should be criminalized.

“What I think is that it was illegal under the law, that the Supreme Court usurped the role of the legislature and ruled something about our moral law that is improper, and that’s what we’re finding the Supreme Court and the federal district courts are doing today,” Moore said at the time.

As such the Democratic Party — along with LGBT advocates — see the competitive race as an opportunity to pick up a seat and to take a stand for LGBT rights.

Lane Galbraith, a transgender activist in Mobile, Ala., said he sees the connection between those who continue to support Roy Moore amid the allegations and opponents of LGBT rights.

“The people who are supporting Moore are the very same people who were attacking transgender men and women on the bathroom issue,” Galbraith said. “This is the sad, brainwashed thinking of many Alabamians. And even more sad that the backwards justification of supporting Moore comes from religious false teachings of God’s word. It is a very sad and disgusting state of affairs that Alabama has a pedophile running for a Senate seat in 2017.”

But Galbraith demurred when asked if he thinks Moore will lose the race as a result of the sexual allegations against him.

“If Roy Moore wins it will be damaging to Alabama,” Galbraith said. “Let’s just say we’re praying for a miracle.”

Many LGBT observers predict that a win for Moore in the U.S. Senate will be tantamount to a revival of late Sen. Jesse Helms of North Carolina, who endorsed homophobic policies during his tenure in Congress.

Amid sexual assault allegations, Moore has sought to rehabilitate his image by bolstering his anti-LGBT bonafides in a state that remains in many places hostile to LGBT rights amid growing acceptance nationwide.

Late last month, Moore spoke at the Magnolia Springs Baptist Church and blamed the sexual assault allegations against him on LGBT people, according to a Buzzfeed report.

“They’re liberals. They don’t hold conservative values. They are the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender who want to change our culture,” Moore is quoted saying. “They are socialists who want to change our way of life and put man above God and the government is our God. They’re the Washington establishment…who don’t want to lose their power.”

When a federal judge ruled against President Trump’s transgender military ban, Moore called for impeachment on the grounds she exceeded her authority.

“To say that President Trump cannot prohibit transgenderism in the military is a clear example of judicial activism,” Moore was quoted as saying in the Washington Post. “Even the United States Supreme Court has never declared transgenderism to be a right under the Constitution.”

At a rally in Birmingham last month, Moore stood nearby supporters who hailed him for seeking to undermine LGBT rights, according to the Associated Press.

One supporter reportedly decried the “LGBT mafia” and “homosexualist gay terrorism.” Another admonished “homosexual sodomy” as destructive and another called same-sex marriage “a mirage” because “it’s phony and fake,” according to the report.

Fearing the loss of a Republican seat would undermine his legislative agenda, Trump endorsed Moore this week in a series of tweets on Monday after initially only hinting at support for the candidate by denigrating his opponent Jones. (Although White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was all over the place on Trump’s position on Monday, saying Trump endorsed because Jones “opposes his agenda every step of the way” and the race will “come down to the people of Alabama.”)

Among those who’ve endorsed Jones is the Human Rights Campaign, which has organized in Alabama on behalf of Jones. HRC President Chad Griffin took part in mobilization efforts in Alabama last month, estimating 60,000 LGBT people are in the state and could influence the election.

Nick Morrow, a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, said his organization “was proud” to endorse Jones in this race and “to campaign and canvass for his pro-equality agenda and against Roy Moore’s dangerous, hateful policies and rhetoric.”

“Throughout this campaign, HRC organized phone banks, canvasses and community events to encourage Alabamians to make their voices heard and defeat Roy Moore, arguably the most anti-LGBTQ Senate candidate in modern history,” Morrow said. “HRC also ramped up a public education campaign that included yard signs, online ads, direct mail to educate voters about their choices in this year’s election.”

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  • You can expect if Moore were to get into the Senate and not expelled by it that he will introduce a religious freedom bill to attempt to codify religious discrimination against GLBT Americans! You know the Fake POTUS would support it! He said so during his campaign!

  • when is this election to be held?

  • The tactics used by the Democrat/Doug Jones side in the waning days of this election should be put on steroids.

    Assuming there is enough corroborating evidence (possibly even a polygraph test) to put great faith in the claims of at least one or two of Roy Moore’s victims, imagine this:

    One or two of these women agree to a polygraph test to be televised live on TV. Non-partisan technicians above suspicion would administer the test(s). Aside from some initial control questions, the subsequent questions would only be permitted to involve the alleged actions by Moore with these specific women when they were teens. The tests would be interpreted by an expert panel of three non-partisans shortly thereafter, still on live TV.

    If, as we suspect and Team Jones would need to vet, these women are shown to have told the truth during these tests, it could be a game changer. Many of those who said they didn’t believe the women could have second thoughts and either vote for Jones or stay home.

    An offer to include Moore in the polygraph testing could be made publicly, in advance. Predictably, he would refuse, and his absence in view of the womens’ test results would be a further game changer. It could even be used in last minute advertising for Jones.

    Yes, polygraph tests can be less than perfect, and for this reason they are not typically introduced as evidence in a trial. They are, however, used extensively by law enforcement at the investigative phase to determine the truthfulness of witnesses–and many other scenarios. This would be a good scenario.

    Yes, this is the equivalent of a football “Hail Mary” pass. But Jones is likely to lose anyway since Moore has apparently improved in most polls, convincing enough of his rabid Alabamian supporters that he is incapable of all he is accused of OR that it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s time to throw the pass even if it results in an incompletion or interception.

    • His constituents are afraid of him—-Having amassed the kind of abusive power during his years in the state’s political system—they fear for their homes, their children and their own livelihoods—–Moore is not just a man who preys on vulnerable young girls, if that wasn’t enough, he is a manical tyrannt.

      There is a movie on Netflix called “Believe”. It happens to be a Christmas movie and it shows exactly the kind of manipulations that Moore does to his community—-Let’s hope this Moore political scenario has a happy ending, too.

  • I’m sorry, but when you are willing to support pedophiles and sexual predators (Trump), simply because they agree with your politically, you have lost your moral compass. Alabamians resent that the nearly all of the rest of the country thinks of them as incestuous, backwards, mentally impaired hayseeds? Then stop living up to the stereotype. If Roy Moore wins next week, you might as well replace the Alabama state flag with a tattered pair of, “Hello Kitty,” panties.

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    • Re sexual predators (Trump), are you also referring to Bill Clinton?

      I believe Juanita.

      • I’m all for including Clinton in my condemnation of sexual predation. The only issue I with with that is that Trump and his Trumptards think that because Bill Clinton did something disgusting, it excuses Trump. They also advance the argument that Mueller and other law enforcement agencies should go after Clinton instead of Trump, as if only one sexual predator can be pursued at a time, so excuse Trump and go after Clinton.

        Personally, I’m for throwing them all in jail.

        • I think the Trumptards see Bill Clinton avoiding impeachment as somehow getting away with it, thus, in their view, there is no basis to criticize Trump.

          Rather than throwing anyone in jail, I think many such situations can easily be addressed by appointing Lorena Bobbitt to a senior position in the federal government.

          We know that Hillary Clinton’s political operation had Lorena Bobbitt’s contact information – an easily verifiable fact.

          Thank you.

  • THIS LGBT person, (ME) is praying that Roy Moore WILL be elected and get to the US Senate to work with Trump on defeating MUCH MORE of the swamp! As the Chairman of the Jackson County (Missouri) Republican Committee, a member of the Missouri State Republican Committee I believe we will win the Senate seat in Alabama. I am not worried that Moore will be successful in putting up anything detrimental to the liberty of LGBT folks. I am about creating coalitions and in fact came to be Chairman because of a coalition of social conservatives, that got to know me, and libertarians that knew me well. Until we get people in the legislature that understand states rights and value the rights of individuals above the government we will NEVER have LIBERTY! I could sit with Roy Moore for 20 minutes and have him understanding that his religious liberty INCLUDES the rights of LGBT to love whomever they wish. We have globally tried the Marxist social collectivism route for over 100 years and it doesn’t work. It’s time to work on LIBERTY for ALL! And that won’t happen under a party filled with ANTIFA! #MAGA #Leadersnotladders #DraintheSwamp

    • OH are you proposing immoral behavior –to win at all costs. Are you really an American who subscribes to the Constitutional values of all True Americans or you one of those people like that Somali terrorist who we gave refuge to and then thanks us by turning around by kicking us in the you know where as an ungrate like the person who bites the hand who feeds it., You apparently subscribe to the values an Anarchist would value . I would presume that you are suppose to be a very intelligent person but your thinking is off base and does not consider the results of such actions if put in place. You are the person who in 1930 would have put Hitler in power. Shame on you.,

      The Republican Party, today, is a corrupt and dying party and as long as you subscribe to values that turn against the Constitution of the United States and deprive others of their freedoms with such things as anti-lgbt laws, deprive aboriginee peoples of their rights like Andrew Jackson did , it is not long after that the Republican party will be no more. ITs leader is a prime example of how incompetent the Republican party is—he never has even read the Constitution and thinks that he is above the law. Those are absolute monarchists and dictatorship values. NOt American values.

      The Republican Party, today, is no longer the party that Lincoln founded which subscribed to many of today’s democratic party values. ., IT has become more a a fascist group that tries to enact laws that deprive people of their Constitutional Rights. AS an LGBT person you are stupidly shooting yourself in your own foot;. STOP IT or you will find yourself in prison just as people like you were in the 1940s facing capital execution.. You stupidly do not know the history of where we have been as an LGBTQ community and how far we have come. Perhaps you need to live in an Islamic country to learn these values–which you will greatly appreciate if you survive having yourself beheaded for being a gay person.
      Impulsive behavior is no way to govern any country etc and by the way –I am your equivalent as Precinct President in South Carolina.,

    • —Trump needs Moore for his vote on the new GOP tax plans—-which, btw, every middle-class person will be screwed and the poor. They have already fleeced the seniors by enacting IRMMA gouging their monthly Social Security checks by 15-20% in order to pay for the Dreamers citizenship—-All non-profit social services who depend on taxpayer donations, including all LGBT Centers run on donations will be struggling due to their plan to double the standard deduction and eliminate personal exemptions. The average taxpayer who itemizes deductions will forego the charitable contribution deduction and be less likely to donate due to no tax write-off. This is supposed to start in 2018. #LGBTBigotsUnite, huh?

    • Reminds me of Gays for Hitler…. You’re just hoping because you put an “R” in front of your name the GOP will kill you last. Understandable, I guess. Deluded, idiotic, but understandable.

    • Wow! You’re gay and for Roy Moore? The man who wants to make being gay illegal? One of two things might explain that. A) you ingested a near-toxic amount of lead paint chips as a child or, B) your parents are siblings who came from an obviously long line of sibling parents, as well.

      Thankfully, the majority of voters in Alabama recognized evil and hatefulness when they saw it. Even when it came dressed up in a preschooler’s cowboy suit. Hopefully, you will get help and one day be mentally healthy enough to run and jump and play with people, again.

  • Don’t just pray – and vote.

    Take next Tuesday off and volunteer to get out the vote!

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