June 14, 2010 at 1:11 pm EST | by Steve Fox
Video: Capital Pride parade
  • This pride parade was pathetic. They sold spots to anyone who was willing to pay a couple of hundred dollars. It’s was poorly managed. There were huge gaps in the parade, obscure groups/people with pathetic home-made (unreadable) signs, corporate individuals/groups with no significance to the gay community. The list goes on and on. Watch a pride parade years ago and you would have seen a representation of the gay community across all boundaries that was fun and well executed. Whomever planned this year’s parage should be fired! I couldn’t wait for it to end. At this point they should just do away with the parage. Unfortunately we’ve been assimilated, and it’s no longer relevant.

  • This years festivities were very disappointing. I wasn’t there for the parade but according some people I’m glad I wasn’t. The festival on Sunday was just as bad. The entertainment was so boring.the vendors were so overpriced. Come on really $7.00 for a glass of tea. Or $10.00 for a sub that wasn’t even a 6 inch. I agree with a lot of people it was poorly organized and just not good at all.

  • Jon Rybka-Wachhaus (Shelby Blake Stephyns)

    Scott.. I am very sorry you did not have a fun time at the parade. I was IN the parade and had a lovely time. Yes, we were towards the very end and thought it took a while to step off but with the World Cup going on in the neighborhood at the same time, it was a bit of crazy town in the area. I do have some issues to bring up that I wonder about.
    If the parade was “pathetic” as you say, why did you stay? You could have easily just left and not had to deal with all the “home-made” signs, large gaps and obscure people. Last time I checked Gay, Lesbian, Bisexuals and Transgendered people came in all colors, sizes, shapes, and ethnicities. Who are you to judge who can and cannot be respresented in the GAY Pride Parade? Do you only want people that look and act like you? That would be a rather short (and possibly boring) pride festival. In my humble opinion all colors of the gay rainbow should be allowed to be a part of this parade. That is what it is about. The corporations who have wonderful gay policies all the way down to the little straight grandma who supports her grandson (or daughters) marriage to someone of the same sex. Why can’t it be all that and more. If you want a slick parade go to Disney. If you want something that is exciting and crazy and weird and fun and frustrating and ultimately all about this amazing gay community. Go to a Gay Pride Parade.
    Again, I am very sorry that you had such a miserable time. If you think you can do better then this years staff and volunteers then I can bet they would be more then happy to help out next year.

    BTW. I had nothing to do with planning this parade. I was just a lucky person who was alble to be a part of it.

  • I was there and thoroughly enjoyed the parade, which I thought had larger turnout then last year. Sure we can always find a reason to bitch, but whats great is seeing so many gay supporters and their gay friends having a fun time.

    Its supposed to bring the community together and build enthusiasm for the gay communities goals of ending homophobia and homophobic laws created by the american taliban.

    I was kinda of disappointed in the sunday street festival -which I thought didn’t have any particular goal or reason to be other then a number of gays coming to talk with vendors, good churches (btw dozens), etc.

    BTW, I’m one of those str8 guys whose made justice for gay people his retirement’s life work. I just thoroughly enjoy hanging out with gays, its kind of a virtual fucking scene to me of my giving the religious right what many of them really want anyway – which is the “tube in their tookas” (yiddish for butt)

    So lets get together here. How do we energize the gay community is job 1. There are 20 – 30 million gays in the country. If each gave $1/month, that is a quarter of a billion to a 1/3 of a billion per year for the political battle , which is far beyond the total budget of all gay groups combined. And much of their current budget comes from foundations.

    JOb2 is being out. Some homophobes have accused me of being gay. And crapped in their draws when I said I wish I was, for I would have understood much earlier in life what a crime America commits in the name of their corrupt god. As PFLAGs motto goes, “someone you love is gay”. Polling has showed that support for gays is about 50% of our population, but goes up to 75% when people know someone who is gay, and respects them. Yes I know the closet has real threats, but being in it is like paying off pirates not to raid your ships. It just feeds the problems.

    Job 3 is marriage. You’ll never change the mind of a fundamentalist bigot, don’t was your time, ultimately their god will send them t o hell. But its being out, and working with the younger generation that will change America.

    So, what are you waiting for. Can’t you find $1 a mos, or $12 a year – every last one of us – to send online to our favorite gay group. PS – I am the #2 or #3 individual contributor to one of the local state groups for equality. If I’ve embarrassed you a little, pls take out your credit card or check book and contribute NOW. Y ou’ll feel better.

    And don’t say you cant make a change. We were in Key West just after BushJR maniac won the 2000 election. If every gay person down there had voted, the f#@ker would never have been president. 500 votes was the difference in that shitbrain getting elected.

    And if I hadn’t phone banked from home for Craig Lowe, the gay mayor of Gainesville FL he might darn well not have won the election by 42 votes. In a city that has been targetted by the American Taliban because it is one of the few northern FL cities that is not a part of the bible thumping bible belt. EG I also helped in the win for protecting trans people down there from the hate groups.

    So you can make a difference. Who’s going to come out with a symbol or pin we can all wear that says eg I’ve contributed at least $50 a year to a gay political group. (PS – my friends at HRC – are you listening?

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