May 26, 2011 at 2:59 pm EST | by Steve Fox
Summer movie preview

Actor Ryan Reynolds — sadly he’s straight — in ‘Green Lantern.’ (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Summer is usually the time for shoot-‘em-up, big budget, special effects-laden blockbusters. Hardly the climate for LGBT fare. But there are a few highlights of the summer movie season gays may want to check out.

‘The Hangover 2’

This weekend, Bradley Cooper returns as Phil in the second offering of ‘The Hangover.’ Best buddies, Phil, Stu (Ed Helms) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) head to Bangkok, Thailand to celebrate Stu’s wedding. Leaving the antics in Vegas behind them, the group hopes for a more subdued celebration in Thailand. Undoubtedly, there will be plenty of laughs as the group presumably tries to recount their experiences.

What soon came to pass though is apparently unimaginable. Oh Bradley, what are we going to do with you? Out now.


Christopher Plummer and Ewan McGregor star in this tale of a father and son faced with adjusting the preconceived notions of each other. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Hal (Plummer) announces to his son that not only is he dying, but he is also with a young male lover. Should be interesting to see Plummer and McGregor take on these challenging roles and undoubtedly tough resolutions. June 3

‘Green Lantern’

Ryan Reynolds brings the DC Comics superhero to the big screen. Reynolds finds himself in possession of a mystical green ring that gives him otherworldly powers. As a new member of an intergalactic squadron of peacekeepers, Ryan must train to harness his humanity combined with new extraordinary powers in the effort to fight to save earth from destruction. About the suit: it’s not so much amazing spandex, but rather CGI technology used to create the appearance of a skin-tight superhero costume. June 17

‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2’

Yes, believe it or not, the beloved “Potter” series comes to an end this summer. Die-hard fans can expect the biggest battle yet between Voldemort and Harry, Ron and Hermione. While the first installment of “Deathly Hallows” set the stage for the final showdown, part two promises to be an action-packed (if not surprising!) finale. In keeping with the summer blockbuster feel of the film, rumors are swirling that the trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” will be shown prior to the film. This next installment of the “Batman” series stars Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway, as Catwoman. July 15

‘Snow Flower and The Secret Fan’

Wayne Wang, director of “Joy Luck Club,” brings to the screen a story of a friendship between two women in 19th-century Shanghai contrasted with a similar story shared by two of their descendants in present-day China. The movie demonstrates the incredible commitment and emotional bonds between the two sets of women in two very different eras of China. “Secret Fan” could prove to be an Oscar contender for at least Best Cinematography and Best Adapted Screenplay, if not more. Aug. 19


The movie takes place in present day Tehran and tells the story of two high school girls who fall in love. The movie is said to be visually stunning with witty dialogue and a fabulous sountrack. The two free-spirited girls experiment with drugs, go to underground parties, flirt with boys. They seem inseparable. To the frustration of their families, it seems they are in love. Aug. 19

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