October 8, 2012 at 1:38 pm EDT | by Michael K. Lavers
Maryland same-sex marriage opponents unveil first television ad
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Marylanders for Marriage Equality campaign director Josh Levin (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key)

Opponents of Maryland’s same-sex marriage law on Monday unveiled their first television ad against Question 6.

“Marriage, the union of a man and a woman, has served society well for thousands of years,” says the Maryland Marriage Alliance ad. It is the first of a series of spots that the anti-Question 6 group is expected to air on television stations across the state and in D.C. ahead of the Nov. 6 referendum on the same-sex marriage law that Gov. Martin O’Malley signed in March. “Marriage is more than what adults want for themselves. It’s also about the next generation. Marriage provides children the best chance of being raised by a mother and father. While death and divorce too often prevent it, children do best when raised by their married mom and dad. Everyone is entitled to love and respect, but nobody is entitled to redefine marriage. Vote against Question 6.”

Derek McCoy, chair of the Maryland Marriage Alliance, said in a press release that his campaign’s ads will “help Marylanders understand the importance of preserving marriage in our state.”

“Our ad reminds Marylanders that marriage is the building block of society and that while everyone is entitled to love and respect, no one is entitled to redefine marriage,” he said. “Voting against Question 6 keeps marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

A Baltimore Sun poll late last month shows 49 percent of likely Maryland voters support the state’s same-sex marriage law, compared to 39 percent who oppose it. A Gonzalez Research poll earlier in September notes that 51 percent of Marylanders would back Question 6, compared to 43 percent who would vote against it.

Marylanders for Marriage Equality, the group defending the state’s same-sex marriage law, is scheduled to air their first ad on WBAL in Baltimore on Wednesday. The campaign has purchased more than $550,000 worth of airtime on Baltimore and D.C. television stations through Election Day as the Washington Blade reported last week.

Marylanders for Marriage Equality declined to specifically comment on the anti-Question 6 ad. Spokesperson Kevin Nix referred the Blade to fundraising appeal it sent to supporters earlier in the day to raise money for ads to counter those from the Maryland Marriage Alliance that are expected to air on D.C. television stations in the coming weeks.

“Our opponents are up on TV in across the state with a new ad, but what they missed is that Question 6 is about fairness and equality under the law,” reads the e-mail.

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  • It is good to see conservatives standing up against this sort of nonsense in Maryland. What next, equal opportunity requirements to make companies hire gay, transgender, and every other mixed up condition the human mind can muster? The state is over-run with liberals and as a result, it has dysfunctional government, terrible school system, high taxes, high crime, and loads of lazy bums skimming off the public dole, who have no interest in working. Mark my words, MD will implode when the federal government stops spending money at insane and unsustainable levels. When that happens, there will be gangs of hungry immoral punks raping and pillaging the public. Think that could never happen? Open up a history book.

  • Please show me statistics that proves the statements in the attack ads are even REMOTELY true! It’s like these ads are saying, “you’re too dumb to question the ridiculousness of these statements and will believe anything and everything you’re told!”

    And to EO Pinion…Maryland already has a law making it illegal NOT to hire someone based on sexual orientation! Open your own history book and read up on the Constitution of the United States…the same Constitution that provides equality under the law also allows you to legally own your guns! Maryland will not implode…bigotry and intolerance will!

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