April 24, 2014 at 4:30 pm EDT | by Staff reports
Cab drivers reject Gay Games ads
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Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (Photo by Kevin Payravi; courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

CLEVELAND – Some taxi drivers who work out of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport have said they will not drive cabs containing advertisements for the Gay Games that will take place in the city in August.

The Plain Dealer on April 14 reported that two of the three taxi companies that operate from the airport said several drivers told them they will no longer take part in what the newspaper described as a “dedicated taxi cab program.” A third company said two of its drivers have also decided not to drive taxis with the ads.

The Plain Dealer reported the drivers made their decision because of their religious beliefs.

The Gay Games are scheduled to take place in Cleveland from Aug. 9-16.

  • Sure their decisions were based on religion. The religion of the church of homophobia.

  • The homophobic drivers should be promptly terminated, just as it was right to terminate the CEO of Mozilla.
    Taxi services are licensed public accommodations serving the public. They should not discriminate in favor of any religious organization, belief or practice. Nor should such licensed public accommodations — whether by civil rights law or smart, best business practices and customs — discriminate against an entire class of people who are among their customers.
    Moreover, speaking of the Mozilla CEO incident, Marriage Equality is a fundamental civil right. Legislative bodies and courts are not “bestowing” any new human right upon same sex couples and families that did not already exist. They are simply ending a long-standing human rights wrong by protecting that right with new law.
    Accordingly, people who oppose Marriage Equality are favoring horrific and damaging discrimination against same sex couples (and their kids, as applicable). That is not a position worthy of any political legitimacy or respect.
    To perpetrate and further such anti-gay bigotry and harassment against employees, co-workers and customers of a public accommodation should not be tolerated in law nor by best business practices.
    Just as opponents to interracial marriage are rightfully viewed now as abhorrent, racist bigots, Marriage Equality opponents deserve all the disapprobation civilized people can muster.

  • These drivers were Muslims, not Christians. Head over to Right Wing Watch for that part.

  • Mike Lado Muslim, Christian, Buddhists…..still religious bigotry

  • another year with more stupids cab drivers, I can't believe how those company don't care about business but about their drivers home believes'' business are businnes it is not your home nor your believe'' if you don't agree just move on quite and let others work'' assholes, they should fire the head Managers for not doing the right business rules about business to their drivers'' drama drama drama.

  • What kind of PC nonsense would render the Blade too chicken-s— to state simply the cab drivers were Muslim? They were Muslim. Other mainstream news outlets have stated it; the Plain Dealer story you copied stated it. The official airport spokesperson said it. Why is that so hard to write?

    Is this about the Blade’ — honoring its home city of D.C., which lost its Gay Games bid to Cleveland — tying to paint Cleveland a standard brand of homophobic backwater? If so, get over it and try doing your job.

  • I wonder what would happen if one of these drivers was next in line at the airport for a fare and the prospective fare refused the cab, based on the driver, then asked for the next cab with an "acceptable" driver…

  • Mike Lado Same difference. Both are desperately trying to drag the 21st Century back to the Bronze Age.

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