May 31, 2016 at 1:57 pm EDT | by Mariah Cooper
Evan Rachel Wood blasts press coverage of Amber Heard’s bisexuality
(Screenshot via YouTube)

(Evan Rachel Wood. Screenshot via YouTube)

Evan Rachel Wood spoke out on Twitter in Amber Heard’s defense amid Heard’s public divorce with Johnny Depp.

Heard, who appeared in court on Friday with a visible bruise on her face, has alleged Depp threw a phone at her face and had a history of violence against her throughout their marriage. The 30-year-old’s bisexuality has been cited in media stories and Wood, 28, believes Heard’s sexuality is highlighted unfairly.

“Amber Heard‘s sexuality is only relevant in that bi women are at far greater risk of experiencing intimate partner violence. Bisexuality however is not a reason for violence. It doesn’t mean Heard is somehow immoral or deserving of abuse,” Wood, who is also bisexual, tweeted.

PinkNews reports Wood’s tweet has since been deleted. The Independent reports Wood also retweeted “What does amber being bisexual and having lesbian friends have to do with anything? F*** the media seriously.”

The Sun reports Heard’s close friendship with bisexual model Cara Delevingne and interest in women was a contributing factor in the divorce.

“Amber always made her bisexual tendencies quite obvious. But that would spark furious rows with Johnny, who hated how indiscreet she was being. On one occasion he even screamed at her, ‘You’re making a fool of me’” The Sun reports.

Prior to marrying Depp, Heard was in a relationship with photographer Tasya van Ree for three years. The actress spoke about her sexuality earlier this year saying she did not want to deny her bisexuality, but also did not want to be defined by it. Heard publicly came out in 2010.



  • What does Amber Heard’s bisexuality have to do with anything Miss Wood? Good question. I can only speculate: Diminish Depps importance as the person she supposedly chose to spend her life with thru her marriage vows. Duh!

    Why harp on other love interests after you’ve married — just because? Even if she talked about other men it would still be exceptionally rude of her, not to mention enraging considering the sacrifices he made for her so that she wouldn’t be prosecuted by the Australian gov’t for illegally bringing those stupid dogs into their country. She was guilty afterall.

    I’m not condoning abuse, but it sounds like Miss Wood thinks bisexual women deserve a double-standard — or women in general which would ironically be very hetero-normative of her.

  • No such thing as a bisexual. You prefer one over the other (to experiment with) and can’t commit to both.

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