July 19, 2016 at 3:33 pm EST | by Michael K. Lavers
Rachel Hoff won’t ‘leave’ GOP over anti-LGBT platform
Rachel Hoff, gay news, Washington Blade

Republican Party Platform Committee Member Rachel Hoff speaks ahead of a panel organized by Equality Ohio in Cleveland on Tuesday, July 19, 2016. (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key)

CLEVELAND — The first openly gay member of the Republican Party’s platform committee on Tuesday said she does not “plan to leave” the GOP.

Rachel Hoff, a defense analyst for the American Action Forum in D.C., made the comment as she spoke about her party’s anti-LGBT platform at a panel that Equality Ohio, a statewide advocacy group, held at the New West Theatre in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood.

She acknowledged there is “some bad stuff on bathrooms” and “hurtful language on gay parenting and adoption” in the platform. Hoff also noted there is a “veiled reference” to so-called conversion therapy.

“It no longer says conversion,” she said. “We’re supposed to thank them that it only says therapy, but we’ll take small signs of progress as mini-victories.”

Draft platform ‘much better’ on LGBT issues

The panel took place a day after delegates to the Republican National Convention approved their party’s platform that Log Cabin Republicans described as the most anti-LGBT in the GOP’s history.

Hoff said the draft platform that the committee received from the Republican National Committee was “much better on LGBT issues.”

“It then went into a sort of family values subcommittee and came out worse,” she said.

Hoff said the full committee debated three proposed amendments.

One would have removed what she described as “traditional marriage language” from the platform and replaced it “with a message of inclusion, to basically respect and acknowledge a diversity of opinion within the Republican Party on this issue.”

Another proposed amendment would have acknowledged “the LGBT community around the world as victims of violence and extremism.” The third proposed amendment would “specifically name and call the LGBT community as the victims” of the June 12 massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla.

Hoff said the debate took place a month to the day after a gunman killed 49 people inside the gay nightclub.

“I’m dismayed to report that that amendment along with the other two were defeated pretty soundly by the committee,” she said.

Hoff said that 23 members of the committee supported the marriage amendment.

“[It was] clearly not enough for a win, but it is . . . almost a quarter of the committee,” she said. “So that one was actually an encouraging sign to me.”

Hoff spoke shortly before she introduced Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the U.S. Supreme Court case that extended marriage rights to same-sex couples throughout the country in June 2015.

“It was somewhat awkward to talk about marriage because we’re way past that as a country, as an LGBT community,” she said.

Hoff added that the platform committee is “the last stronghold of traditional marriage advocates” within the Republican Party.

“They know that and that’s why they fight there so strongly,” she said. “They know that they’ve lost this issue. They know that the country has moved on. They know that the party is ready to move on and they sort of staked out that ground for that reasons.”

Hoff said her primary goal on the platform committee was to “simply start a conversation about being a more inclusive party.” She described Obergefell as a “personal hero” and thanked the other panelists for their efforts in support of LGBT rights.

“I’m sorry that we’re lagging so far behind in the Republican Party,” said Hoff.

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  • Apparently some people enjoy getting kicked in the teeth.

    • And manipulated, dehumanized and used. She wants to be married to the GOP failing to realize she’s a battered spouse being raped and beaten repeatedly and sadly asking for more.

  • “I’m sorry that we’re lagging so far behind in the Republican Party”

    Has it ever cost you anything?

    If not, then you’re not.

  • That girl visits Stockholm entirety too often.

  • “I’m sorry that we’re lagging so far behind in the Republican Party,” said Hoff.
    And yet you’ll gleefully support their regressive efforts and vote for them, AND fight tooth and nail against the party that accomplished any of the progressive measures that offer you a modicum of dignity and justice in our society.
    Makes sense.

  • It used to be that the gathering of the heads of the “klans” only hated the thought of two women getting married. However they have always been cool with seeing two women together as long as they were naked thrashing around in a pool of Jello. Now the republicans want to ban internet porn as well as same-sex marriage. Rachel, open your eyes honey. Porn! Old white guys just voted to eliminate internet porn. How much more of a sign do you need to accept that things aren’t advancing with the GOP platform committee?

  • mental illness, to answer slowe11’s
    question on why a gay person would be a republican….
    i have talked to a few “gays for trump”
    they wear their self hatred on their sleeves for all to see but somehow
    dont see it in the mirror.
    You can see the pitiful cry” accept me! i hate all of the same people you do” in their eyes as they robotically say
    that trump is the best that gays can get
    but i dont pity them, i find them to be disgusting a holes.

  • She’s privileged, white, and quite stupid!

  • This woman is too dumb to function.

  • “It no longer says conversion,” she said. “We’re supposed to thank them that it only says therapy, but we’ll take small signs of progress as mini-victories.”

    That’s your victory? Changing the word for how they want to erase us?!


    She should marry that Log Cabin guy and they can pretend to be a stable, traditional family to impress their colleagues.

  • “But he only beat me once yesterday, and that’s a small victory.” What a brainwashed idiot. In an interview Hoff stated she read about the tenets of the Republican party being one of individual rights and freedoms and smaller government – and she believed it! Evidently her Tuft’s education did not teach her to dig deeper and read current statistics and to actually learn history. No, I am not a card carrying Democrat, and I too think H.C. is evil incarnate. Republican presidents are arguably responsible for more government expansion and defecit spending (under the auspices of “keeping us safer.” All you have to do is research the statistics over the last 40 years. Socially, the Republican party’s platform is meddlesome and punitive toward those who do not fit into the “family values” category. Hoff is a wannabe for some reason. She is also a prime example that a lot of educational credentials do not necessarily make someone better informed and more able to to see the truth. I pity her because she is chasing something that she will never get – to be a member of a club that will never really have her. She must’ve been beside herself when she became a token platform committee member, chosen to garner LGBT votes no doubt. Her inability to see the difference between party “tenets” and actual history astounds me. People like Rachel Hoff are the greatest threats to individual liberties because they are members of marginalized groups who are apologists for their oppressors, and consider losses as small victories because the losses were not as great from one election to the next – but they were still losses nonetheless. She will help move civil liberties backwards for marginalized communities and should be impuned – not congratulated or celebrated because her actions seem more like personal psychological challenges that need to be addressed to gain approval from an unforgiving “daddy” more than championing for the greater good. Hoff is another example of someone suffering from a Stockholm Syndrome like delusion and she does not belong at any table discussing social policy. She belongs on a shrink’s couch.

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