May 16, 2017 at 8:24 pm EST | by Chris Johnson
Pence faces walk-out at Notre Dame over his anti-LGBT views
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A walk-out is planned when Vice President Mike Pence speaks at Notre Dame. (Blade file photo by Michael Key)

In a demonstration intended to signal outrage over his anti-LGBT record, students at the University of Notre Dame are planning a walk-out during an upcoming commencement ceremony in which Vice President Mike Pence is set to deliver the keynote address.

Xitlaly Estrada, a Notre Dame undergraduate, said in a statement the protest — set to take place during the ceremony on Sunday — is the result of Pence enacting policies in opposition to the Catholic faith.

“The participation and degree-conferring of VP Pence stand as an endorsement of policies and actions which directly contradict Catholic social teachings and values and target vulnerable members of the university’s community,” Estrada said.

Prior to his election as vice president, Pence built an anti-LGBT record during his political career. As a U.S. House member, Pence voted against and denounced on the House floor “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal and a version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

As Indiana governor, Pence famously signed into law a “religious freedom” bill that would have allowed companies and individuals to refuse services to LGBT people. Faced with pressure from the business community and LGBT advocates, Pence was forced to sign into law a “fix” to the measure.

Organizing the protest at North Dame is a coalition of groups that include We Go High! of St. Joe County, Ind.; Michiana Alliance for Democracy; Alliance for Democracy; the Nu Black Power Movement; South Bend Equality; Inclusive Michiana; Planned Parenthood of Indiana & Kentucky; and the IWW Local 26. Organizers are using the hashtag #WalkOutND to build support for their effort.

In addition to Pence’s anti-LGBT record, the walk-out is intended to protest his rejection of the Syrian refugee resettlement program, support for Trump’s travel ban, and opposition to sanctuary cities, a statement announcing the demonstration says.

Bryan Ricketts, a Notre Dame undergraduate, said in a statement the demonstration is consistent with former Notre Dame President Theodore Hesburgh’s vision of school solidarity with the vulnerable.

“Like Father Hesburgh, we seek to stand in solidarity with the vulnerable,” Ricketts said. “We will walk out in silence, with respect for the human dignity of those with whom we disagree and with an invitation to the rest of the community to build an inclusive future together.”

The planned walk-out is set to take place weeks after Education Secretary Betsy Devos delivered the commencement speech at Bethune-Cookman University, a historically black college in Florida, and graduating seniors booed and turned their backs on her over controversial remarks she made comparing HBCUs to schools of choice.

The Washington Blade has placed a request with the office of the vice president seeking comment on the protest.

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  • Howard Gleason

    It is perfectly fine for individuals or groups to choose not to attend just as much as those who choose to attend.

    • jeffersonian_nc2

      As long as those that choose not to attend simply do not attend. Arriving and then causing disruption by leaving once the intended targeted speaker rises to speak ruins the event for those that choose to attend.

      • NJB

        Well there wouldn’t be an article in the paper and a request for the VP’s comments then, would there?

      • Howard Gleason

        Sadly the most likely of events to occur would be a seemingly peaceful protest outside of the venue where VP Pence speaks. This seemingly peaceful protest would then be hijacked by Antifa, BLM, or any other quite numerous entities. They preach peace but resort to violence. This most likely event at a university that is most recognized to be a bastion of Catholic education.

        • NJB

          I know, right? I just saw a BLM protester actually bite into a live baby last week. And yesterday? Don’t even get me started. A professed AntiFa got all Fa on me—in broad daylight! I will eat bean sprouts if I want to, girlfriend! Don’t get all up in my sprouts! Think of the Catholics! And the bastions!

      • quickmatch

        So, say I want to attend a ceremony celebrating my years at the university, but abhor the speaker, express my feelings to the university, which ignores me. I come, partake in the ceremony until the speaker rises, then leave, quietly, and leave an empty chair as visible evidence of my feelings. Granted, if half the graduates leave there will be a few minutes of calm, quiet disruption. If the university recognized the vast gulf between the speaker’s sense of religious social justice and that of the student body by choosing another speaker…no disruption at all.

        • jeffersonian_nc2

          Being that the only thing that really occurs at a commencement (large undergraduate) is the main speaker, I would suggest you just not go as you would not miss anything. Large undergraduate commencements do not hand out the diplomas during commencement.
          If it was a small graduate commencement, then diplomas might be dispensed (my experience).

        • jeffersonian_nc2

          Besides, it is time to grow up.

  • imheart

    I’m confused. Pence is Catholic?

    • jeffersonian_nc2

      No. Nor is the Catholic church’s policy pro-gay in any light. The student is confused. The Catholic church does not believe in persecution, but it does not accept gay marriage.

    • BxBic

      “Born and raised Catholic, he became a Catholic youth minister and reportedly wanted to be a priest. But according to interviews Pence has given over the years (interestingly, he has more recently declined to talk specifically about his spiritual evolution), while in college from 1978-81, he began blending his Catholicism with Evangelical Protestantism. “I made a commitment to Christ,” Pence said. “I’m a born again, evangelical Catholic.” from the Daily Beast

      • JMS

        He wanted to be a catholic priest and is vehemently anti-lgbt? I would put money pence a pedophile.

      • imheart

        Thanks, that clarifies a lot.

  • Vince

    Staying silent is not how you stand up to hate. Not attending is not how you stand up to hate. These young men and women worked four-plus years for this day of honor, they deserve to be addressed by a person of honor, not a homophobic puppet in the white house. Good for them. The problem we have in the US is we tell people, if you don’t like it, don’t go…that’s what they said in Germany in the early 1930’s…and we all saw what happened. Hate must be opposed, faced and told again and again, THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

    Good for these kids choosing over what is right over what is ‘accepted’ by so many adults who just roll over and pretend things are okay.

    • JT

      Let me guess… republicans are nazis

      • Steve Newton

        Yes, they are

        • JT

          Isn’t that a stereotype? I thought democrats were against stereotypes.

          • baruchzed

            Republicans are actual nazis…get your head out of your a$$.

          • quickmatch

            Do you mean, some Republicans are Nazis; act like Nazis; all Republicans? Do you personally know any Republicans? Are you only blindly venting frustration?

          • David Ice

            Quite a few, actually, and several who support criminalization or “removal” of LGBT people. Way beyond being against LGBT marriage.

          • Richard A. le Maire

            only if generalized. I’d say some.

          • JT

            I suppose i can agree. Some liberals are whiners when they don’t get their way. Not all. Some liberals make very valid points. Others just whine. Anyhow, good luck america.

        • quickmatch

          You jest? All Italians are Mafia? All Jews are cheap? How about this one: all who make blanket statements are ignorant fools?

          • pippie

            Ignorant ! Educate yourself!

          • Carol Adams

            Italian isn’t a mindset. Jewish isn’t a way of thinking or acting. Can’t say that about Republicans.

      • Curt

        They are now.

        • JT

          I feel sorry for the jews

      • Harry Thorpe

        Not exactly, but close.

  • Frank Hoffman

    Maybe he should have done what Trump did — speak at a school where attendance is mandatory and booing forbidden.

    • Nicholas J Dudas

      How dictatorial. “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

  • greg

    Strange how many Americans are suddenly against protest since Trump and pence showed up…

    Is that really the America we want to raise our kids in? An America where protest is reserved for one group of people and denied to others…

    I say good for you young Americans standing up for what is right.

    • JT

      Have you not been paying attention??? People are protesting everything and anything.

      • Nicholas J Dudas

        No, just the kind of anti-American injustice which the current administration represents. They are the embodiment of all that is wrong with this country.

        • JT

          And the adminstration before this. And the one before that. Whatever though. Seems the feeble minded short memory people like to blame yesterday instead of the generations of misleading society leading to failure truly at fault.

        • JT

          Also, protesting a speaker at a college is not whats wrong. Its the violence thats wrong. I dont like baseball. I dont protest baseball. I simply dont go to games or buy merchandise. So breaking windows “in protest” is now the american way???

          • Trish Feldmann

            Is baseball suddenly violating the costitution?

          • PrussianSurfer

            Yep I Just ignore gay people and pretend they don’t exists. Works for me!

          • William Thomas Rogers

            “Prussian Surfer”, Oh NOT to worry, we AREN’T ignoring you at all. In fact we’re watching YOU VERY CLOSELY. Just as we do with all other fools, idiots, and dangerous Loonies. Works For Us!

          • PrussianSurfer

            LOL, my life is way more special than yours then.

          • William Thomas Rogers

            “Prussian Surfer”, you’re ‘life’ as such, is only what you want it to be or what you think it to be. The answer is yours, sweetie, not mine! You know, kind of like The Rump1

          • PrussianSurfer

            You’re the one so interested in watching my life VERY closely as you put it. Jealousy looks bad on you cupcake.

          • Dan Finkelstein


          • JT

            Should i change my sexual preference? What does gay have to do with anything?

          • Michael P Nagell

            It’s not a preference. A compas does not chose to find north. It’s orientation is to find north. Language matters. If we were all able to pick and choose, it might be different. Many of us are born this way. There is no choice in the matter.

          • JT

            I dont understand, you always have choice. Anyway, i dont care that youre gay. I dont hate you because youre gay. Thanks for changing the subject to gay.

      • Trish Feldmann

        It is an equal but opposite reaction to the attack on their fundamental rights

        • JT

          Someone speaking is against the constitution?

      • Lesley Smith

        Keep walking – It was probably just a bunch of fake students who went out and rented graduation caps and gowns.

    • JT

      100 people protested today and walked off. Hooray

  • Franziska Fischer

    I applaud standing up to those who try to promote hate. Pence is not appropriate to give a commencement address especially when his religious views are constitutionally prohibited. If I were a student I would rather receive my degree by mail and skip the ceremony. But they worked hard and should not be forced to make this choice. Why are colleges making such spectacularly poor choices in speakers? We don’t need the republicans shoving their views down our throats. All of the progress we have made seems to be under attack. It’s hateful and immoral. #ImpeachTrumpAndPence

  • John of Indiana

    He should have come to Purdue. All the Libertarians and Republicans in the schools of Business and Ag would have cheered him insanely.

    • Harry Thorpe

      Are there really that many stupid people at Purdue?

  • Mike E

    I believe that this would be the best approach to protest. A walk out of the speech given by Pence is very acceptable concerning his Racist and Bigoted views against Blacks, Muslim’s, Jew’s, and the LGBT community. There is nothing that he has to say that will make any difference in the lives of these graduates. There is no Christian soul in the hearts of these people. The people who profess to be acting as any good Christian would, are acting through the eyes of hate and self absorbebsion. Their God is not Jesus but it is the power and money and greed that pushes them to destroy lives.

  • M Diaz

    It’s funny…
    For asserting Christians represent the supreme being, judging by these coments, they’re sure insecure about it…

  • Richard A. le Maire

    He is apostate! Who invited this evil to one of the prime Catholic Universities in the country? He has been born again, something the Christ never was. He turned his back on the Catholic faith.

  • Iowan

    Good, show this jerk that people are people regardless of who they love and they should NEVER be discriminated on.. These damn FAUX Christians don’t run this country. We don’t have to follow their rules. I am NOT Gay but I favor -who you love is your business and these faux Christians are no different than NAZIS’

  • JT

    So… 100 out of 3100+ graduates walked off??!!?! Great story.

  • atalose

    It was OK for pro late term abortion sitting President (Obama) to speak. What flippin’ hypocrites?

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