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Advantages abundant to an early morning workout
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Watch your efficiency skyrocket with a regular early morning workout routine.

Exercise at any time of day is beneficial. It improves your physical health, your mental well-being and your efficiency. But when you knock out your training in the morning, it takes your life to a whole new level. Your work efficiency improves, your happiness reaches new heights and your likelihood of training increases.

Morning exercise can leave you more awake, more satisfied throughout the day and free up more time for your social life. A solid morning workout routine is your first step toward improving your life.

Start your day with routine

Exercising in the morning provides so many benefits. Morning exercise helps you establish a routine, which is one of the keys to success in life. When you wake up and knock out your workout early, it allows you to get something significant off of your plate and allows you to shift your focus to your job or other obligations quickly. We all love checking something important off the list. Avoiding the worry of whether you will get your workout in alleviates stress throughout the day and allows you to focus on things that matter. You won’t have to worry about whether something will come up later in the day that interferes with your exercise plans.

Improve your efficiency

After a morning workout, you’ll most likely find yourself more awake, aware and focused. Efficiency goes through the roof. For the first few hours after a workout, the synapses in your brain are firing on all cylinders. Your focus throughout the day will likely never be higher. Work that normally takes two hours can be completed in less than one. This mental clarity enables you to finish your work without having to stay late, possibly even allowing you to get out of work on time, a luxury most people rarely seem to have. Of course, being able to leave work on time means being able to catch happy hour with your friends, spend time with your kids or cook yourself that healthy dinner instead of needing to grab something on your way home.

Sleep better

When you train in the morning and then complete a long day’s work, you’ll most likely be exhausted. Physical exertion before the mental strain of work will add a new element of fatigue that should enable you to get a quality night’s sleep. While exercise in the evenings can also wipe you out, many people struggle to sleep for the first few hours after a training session. They’re just too amped up (see previous point). So instead, knocking out that training session in the morning allows you to come home, relax and just get ready for bed. And once your head hits the pillow, you’ll probably sleep like a baby.

Conquering challenges brings satisfaction

If life were easy, happiness would be hard to come by. It’s human nature to seek out challenges, to test ourselves, even to make ourselves a little miserable, because when we do, we find a deeper level of satisfaction and accomplishment. If you’ve ever heard of the idea that happiness cannot exist without sadness, you’ll probably find that the same can be said for struggle.

Many people feel unhappy because they’re unhappy with the purpose of the tasks they have to deal with in their lives or haven’t felt as though they are accomplishing anything significant. Tough workouts often make you question yourself at the time, but as soon as you finish them you find an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment. That pride leads to a much more enjoyable day and even life. Simply knowing you’ve taken the time to improve your overall health can take lift a weight off of your shoulders and even make you feel accomplished. And that is one of the keys to happiness.

Think about all you can gain from training early in the day. You’ll feel satisfied all day knowing you’ve already completed a significant task and won’t have to worry about anything interfering with your training. You’ll be working more efficiently and quicker. You’ll find a sense of accomplishment and happiness that will carry on throughout the rest of your day. And of course, freeing up more time to spend on the things you want to do will bring you happiness as well. So hack your life, make it easier and make it better. Get that training in early.

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