October 18, 2012 at 9:50 pm EST | by Steve Charing
Bullied Md. trans student suspended after fight

A 15-year-old transgender student at Patapsco Senior High School identified as Dee was suspended following a fight with another student, according to school officials.

The attack occurred on Oct. 11 at the Dundalk-area school. Dee was allegedly assaulted and had her hair pulled by a female student. She fought back, and during the altercation, the attacker allegedly called Dee a “tranny faggot.”

Fighting is a Category I offense in the Baltimore County Public Schools Code of Conduct, and suspension is one of the disciplinary options for the offense. Both students were immediately suspended in compliance with the policy.

The dispute stemmed from a drink-throwing incident in the cafeteria the day before in which, according to a source, Dee was defending a gay friend from ridicule.

Dee identified as a gay male named David while attending Golden Ring Middle School where he had been bullied constantly for being gay. During the summer before ninth grade, Dee came out as transgender, according to a county social worker.

Although there was a degree of acceptance, Dee always believed that she was viewed as “different” and that the attack resulted, in part, from that perspective, according to Cathi Coulson, a Towson-based licensed clinical social worker for 22 years who specializes in adolescents and has worked for years with Dee and her family. “I am amazed by her strength and courage to be true to herself,” Coulson said.

Charles Herndon, a spokesperson for Baltimore County Public Schools confirmed there was a fight involving Dee. “The school investigated the incident thoroughly and it appeared that sexual orientation did not provoke this incident,” he told the Blade.

A hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 19 to determine if the suspension should be extended and if expulsion will be considered as a result of Dee’s actions during the fight.

  • You have got to be kidding, no of course it's not sexual orientation related
    . The girl is Transgender.

    • Or a gay boy who hates being a gay boy and pretends to be a girl to make his gay sex feel less revolting to himself. Most non-op TGs have gay backgrounds. They are self-haters who are homophobic and gay so they think putting on a dress to have sex makes them less gay. And their paramours are the same in that they prefer their gay men in dresses so they can play with their penises and not be be considered gay.

      Also, keep in mind that being a male-born TG in a dress, or being a TS woman does not negate your orientation. If this is a TS, then she would be a straight, Mainstream (non-LGBT) woman. But if this is a TG, then this is just a gay boy who chooses to dress as a girl. Either way, there is still a definite orientation. I hate how some sites cannot understand that TS is not a gender (but a birth defect) nor an orientation, so their forms are messed up so you cannot honestly fill them out. Stuff like, are you a man, woman, or TS/TG? Or, are you gay/les, straight, bi, or trans? Transgender and transsexual are not orientations and do not keep you from having an orientation or gender.

  • Nope with such words as Tranny Faggot how could it be based on sexual orientation?

    • Because of redeclaring themselves and coming out as two different things, that is why they got both insults. I think this person was confused and the alleged bully decided to cover both bases.

  • I am happy to report that this matter was resolved today in the student's favor in large part due to the efforts of Aaron Merki and Free State Legal. The school system will follow up with LGBT training to address the issue.

  • In this situation Dee was a victim of bullying and hate because she is a transgender girl. I am also a transgender woman and an advocate for my transgender communities, lgbt communities, anti-bullying and anti-hate movements of the world. This is a simple act of bullying and hate towards a student who feels she is not a male, she is a female. Kids need to stop all this bullying and hate towards one another. Diversity is a gift and it is much better to have different types of people than to have all the same in society.

    Anytime I see something like this happen to our youth and it being towards a brother or sister in my transgender community it really breaks my heart because it should not matter how another human being wants to live their life. Leave the hatred behind. You live your life the way you want to and we live our lives the way we want to. Happiness is the key to everyone. Dee wants to be happy, but the problem is, that girls her age and up who see a transgender woman or girl, it seems that they are jealous of us.

    Why be? You girls/women are born the way that we feel we should all have been born in the first place. Did we choose to be transgender? No. Our brains are female and our brothers brains are male. So in order to fulfill our happiness, we have to go through a transition process that involves Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT, Facial Reconstructive Surgery, Breast Augmentation, Gender Confirmation Surgery, Name change, Top surgery for my brothers, ridicule, so in all we do have a long and hard road ahead of us, though my journey so far has been amazing and I have met so many wonderful people along the way.

    To the bullies and hater's of the world, stop all this madness before it is too late. Thanks

    Love always

    Whitney Rain Denham.

    PS Dee *HUGS* to you and your beautiful and precious family. Stay positive, stay focused, never give up and most off all stay beautiful sweetie. Always remember this that there are many girls in this great big world of ours who are trying to stop all this madness from occurring. Love yah girly.

  • sad… this is what happens when a ‘trans’ person is doubly stigmatized with sexual orientation (faggot) and young minds confuse the two to make hate doubly ripe for the danger of bullying and violence…
    it’s like having a trans person wear a sign ‘faggot (gay)’ … go ahead and have a new reason to hate me… bash away…, see… here, less than 4 months ago… surely the uninformed picks up on this, and further foments more hatred towards those who are VISIBLY different as would be the case for anyone who happens to be ‘trans’ phenotype:

  • I'm glad to hear that there is some kind of restitution to this incident, I hope someday we can all find a way to be good to each other.
    Being transgender is very hard at times but so wonderful to be, I wish her the best in her future and god bless her family.

  • "Dee identified as a gay male named David while attending Golden Ring Middle School where [she] had been bullied constantly for being gay."

    She IDs as female now. There's no need to misgender her- in fact, it's offensive and outright oppressive!

    • It is only misgendering is she is a TS. If this is a TG boy in a dress as the author says, then He is the correct term. If you weren't born with a female nature and don't have Mainstream values and needs, and are not getting surgery, then "he" is the correct pronoun regardless of what "identity" they have. By referring to non-op TG males in dresses with female pronouns, you are disrespecting TSs and other Mainstream women everywhere. A MtF CD/TG is a He despite the dress, while a MtF TS with non-LGBT values, and the need for full-assimilation and surgery is a She. If I know someone behaves like a man, has male arrogance and power, or wants to keep his penis for life, that is what I call them, a man.

    • [1/15/13 6:44:44 PM] douglas adnd: FEMALE NATURE
      [1/15/13 6:44:52 PM] douglas adnd: "IDENTITY"
      [1/15/13 6:45:06 PM] douglas adnd: MaINSTREAM WOMEN
      [1/15/13 6:45:17 PM] daphne donaghy: stop stops tops ototpsoootoosptoosotppsotosooptotpsootototpospoptposopptpodpopsppdopotpposptopoppspopopodpooptpospopopotposopposop
      [1/15/13 6:45:38 PM] douglas adnd: WEEPS
      [1/15/13 6:45:44 PM] douglas adnd: WHY DO THEY PRETEND TO IKNOW WHAT HER JUNK :LOOKS LIKE
      [1/15/13 6:46:00 PM] daphne donaghy: OIM GONAN DIE

      This is what two teenagers think of your comment.

  • That awkward moment when school officials are so dense that they can apparently say with a straight face a bullying incident that included one gender identity-based slur, and one sexual orientation-based slur was "not based on orientation". There are two options for why this was said by the official. Either complete incompetence, or bigotry (as bigots tend to view their favored slurs as perfectly fine to use and not a sign of said bigotry).

  • Was she a TS girl who would eventually need corrective surgery and hormones, or truly a TG "girl" (boy who chooses to live as a girl despite his inborn masculinity and desire to keep his penis and use it) as the article says? Too many times do reporters lie on TS girls and call them TG "girls." If this is merely a male-born TG who chooses to be like a girl (or a horny teen male's vision of what a girl is), then the name he was called was true and he should have taken his "medicine" for his choice like a man. Otherwise, I feel sorry for the girl.

  • I think Dee really is a TG boy choosing to masquerade as a girl. A self-respecting TS woman would never call herself a gay man since she'd know she was a girl her whole life. Likewise, if this were a TS girl, she would not have close loyalties to gay friends, but would have other non-LGBT girls as friends. So they need to decide whether to live a gay student as supports gays or a girl student who supports other girls, not try to straddle the fence and be both.

  • Oh, BTW, I do hate it when author change genders. If someone is truly a born TS, not a guy choosing to be a TG, it is offensive to change genders in the history. Refer to them ONLY by their current name and gender no matter what you are describing or when. Who a TS is happens to be decided at birth, so you are born with a female nature and identity if you are a TS. Then you are forced to have a name that you should have never had and be subject to the child abuse of being raised as the wrong gender. It is wrong and immoral to out a TS's past names or to ever refer to them as anything other than what they present as NOW. They transition because they hate the old name and old life and don't want others to know it. It would be stupid to change your name if you want everyone to know your old one. So I think Steve should do some more work and find out if she is a TS (or if he is a non-op TG for life) and use she throughout if TS, and he throughout if TG.

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