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‘I’m mad at the dirt!’
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With the right techniques, you can make cleaning a cakewalk. (Photo courtesy of Statepoint)

(StatePoint) — Throw open those doors and windows — there’s no better cure for months of winter than some fresh spring air.

But with spring, comes spring cleaning. And if the thought of pulling out mops, buckets and brooms brings on more stress than serenity, remember that a few tricks and some great tunes can make cleaning easier and perhaps even fun.

Set the mood

There are work playlists, workout playlists — why not a cleaning playlist? Put together some of your favorite, preferably upbeat tunes to motivate you while you’re working and keep that music playing when you’re moving from room to room.

Give your nose some sensory motivation too. Spray a fresh clean scent to remind you of what’s to come when the work is done.


The soups, stews and heavy cooking of winter earn kitchen appliances everywhere a little tender loving care. While the task of cleaning accumulated splatters and stuck-on food residue from of heavy winter cooking can sound overwhelming, there are cleansers that can make the sprucing process a lot less labor-intensive.

You can clear the cutter of your cabinet by opting for a cleanser that works on a variety of surfaces and appliances. For example, affresh Kitchen & appliance cleaner and Stainless steel cleaner can be used on refrigerators, microwaves and countertops, and won’t be too abrasive on finishes. And unlike ammonia or bleach-based cleaners, you can simply spray and wipe down without rinsing.

Renew the refrigerator

It’s easier to clean the fridge with less in it, so prior to starting, throw out what’s old, pull out what stays and roll up your sleeves.

Clean door gaskets, racks and drawers with warm water and mild dish detergent. Don’t forget to clean underneath the refrigerator and the vent of the appliance. Proper air flow provides better performance and optimum efficiency.

Once it’s all sparkly clean, admire your handiwork. Then put your food back inside before it spoils.


The dishwasher cleans dishes. What cleans the dishwasher? Don’t stress! Cleaning the dishwasher may be one of the easiest tasks on your checklist. Just run a normal wash cycle and add an easy-to-use tablet, such as affresh Dishwasher cleaner, to the bottom of the tub to help clean and remove residue.

Likewise, you can clean your washing machine by running a normal cycle with hot water and a washer cleaner tablet. A formulated tablet designed to penetrate, dissolve and help remove odor-causing residue from the inside of the machine will give your washer and your clothes a fresh scent.

Don’t forget to check washer and dryer drains and pipes for blockages — such as lint or the infamous missing sock — to improve optimum water and air flow. Clean the dryer’s outside exhaust to help shorten drying time and decrease energy use.

For more helpful cleaning tips, visit affresh.com. You’ll be out enjoying the spring weather in no time.

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