May 8, 2016 at 8:06 pm EDT | by Chris Johnson
Bernie Sanders cancels meeting with HIV activists
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has cancelled a meeting with HIV activists. (Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key)

Bernie Sanders has cancelled a meeting with HIV advocates his campaign affirmed days before the crucial New York Democratic primary he would attend, according to the activists who sought to arrange the meeting.

The 30-minute meeting between Sanders and HIV advocates was set for May 13 in Indianapolis. Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton also agreed to meet the activists, who say they’re are still on track to meet with her Thursday for one hour in New York City.

Hilary McQuie, director of U.S. policy and grassroots mobilization for the HIV/AIDS group Health GAP, told the Blade the Sanders campaign cancelled the meeting without explanation.

“He did cancel — no reason given and they have not rescheduled,” McQuie said. “We feel a bit burned by the bern, and hope they will answer our emails now.”

Peter Staley, a New York-based gay rights and HIV advocate, told the Blade HIV advocates before the unexpected cancellation were in daily contact with the Sanders campaign.

“They sent a ‘need to reschedule’ email last Sunday (for our Tuesday meeting), and then bizarrely stopped communications completely after that,” Staley said. “We’ve been emailing and calling every day since then, including warning them days ago about our intent to go public.”

According to a statement announcing the cancellation from the Brooklyn-based HIV and homeless advocacy group Housing Works, attendees were informed on April 30 the Sanders meeting was cancelled, which was two days after many of them purchased expensive, last-minute plane ticket to attend the event. Although the Sanders campaign promised to “reschedule” as soon as possible, it has yet to propose a new date, time or city, the statement says.

The Sanders campaign didn’t respond to a request for comment late Sunday to confirm the meeting with HIV advocates was cancelled or to explain why the event would be nixed.

Both Clinton and Sanders agreed in April, days before the New York primary, to meet separately with HIV advocates. The primary, which Clinton won by 16 points, was considered crucial in the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination and ended up delivering a decisive victory for the frontrunner.

The agreement to meet was a result of letters sent to each of the presidential candidates requesting a meeting in the aftermath of Clinton’s controversial remarks earlier this year — for which she has apologized twice — praising President and Nancy Reagan for their efforts on HIV/AIDS.

In the letter to Clinton seeking a meeting, HIV advocates called on her to appoint an HIV adviser, meet with HIV community leadership and declare a commitment to end the AIDS epidemic nationally by 2025.

Among the more than 70 signers of the letter were the New York-based Gay Men’s Health Crisis, ACT UP New York, the National Black Justice Coalition, NMAC, Human Rights Campaign, the New York-based health agency Amida Care and the D.C.-based HIV/AIDS advocacy group Housing Works.

McQuie said the HIV advocates have also now heard from the campaign for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The HIV advocates were told he’s finalizing his policy team, but will get back to them once that occurs, McQuie says.

According to a statement from Housing Works, the Clinton and Sanders campaigns each proposed before the New York primary to meet with HIV community leaders, but confirmations never materialized. Only after threatening demonstrations at the Clinton and Sanders headquarters on the day before the New York primary did both campaigns promise May meetings.

Charles King, CEO of Housing Works, said in the statement he’s among Sanders’ supporters, but the candidate’s decision to cancel the meeting is “incredibly disappointing.”

“I have been a supporter of Bernie Sanders, and was proud to vote for him in the New York primary,” King said. “It is disheartening to see the ‘revolutionary’ candidate who claims to value grassroots organizing and visionary politics not make time in his schedule to meet with us. He is supposed to be the guy who walks the walk, but all we’ve heard the past six weeks is talk—and fairly tepid, reactive talk at that.”

Ramon Gardenhire, vice president of policy and advocacy for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, said Sanders should remain true to his word to meet HIV advocates.

“AIDS activists have learned the hard way that patience costs lives,” Gardenhire said. “‘SILENCE=DEATH’ was a reality in the 1980s, not just a slogan, with thousands of Americans dying while President Reagan ignored the new epidemic. As the AIDS crisis grew, politicians often said supportive things and then did nothing. True leadership requires action, not just empty words. Time and again, Sen. Sanders has publicly vowed to show up and not back down even when a fight is an uphill battle. Now is the time for him to demonstrate that to the HIV community.”

Although Trump hasn’t made comments on HIV/AIDS over the course of the 2016 campaign, both Clinton and Sanders have made confronting HIV/AIDS, which affects an estimated 1.2 million people in the United States, a component of their campaigns.

After apologizing for praising Nancy Reagan on HIV/AIDS, Clinton wrote an op-ed outlining a plan to confront the disease, which includes increased HIV and AIDS research and investment; expanding access to PrEP, especially for at-risk populations; reforming state HIV criminalization laws and encouraging Republican governors to accept Medicaid expansion.

Sanders unveiled a similar plan the day after that left out PrEP, but included a goal for “virtually universal access” to low-cost AIDS medications as soon as they’re approved and pushing for legislation to bar discrimination against LGBT people and people with HIV/AIDS.

According to media reports, winning the Democratic presidential nomination through pledged delegates alone is now mathematically impossible for Sanders. The candidate has based continuing his campaign on calling on unpledged superdelegates to back the candidate whom their state supported at the Democratic National Convention, which he says gives him a path to victory.

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  • So much for Bernie being so much better than Hillary on our issues! Not even the courtesy of giving a phony excuse!

    • Who do you think you are that you think you are more important than anyone else in the country? Get over yourselves.

    • He’s a real monster, rescheduling a thirty minute meeting while you are touring an entire country to campaign for the nations highest office! Hes been advocating for gay rights for more than 20 years people and he’s running against someone who opposed gay marriage as recently as 2013 and credits Nancy Reagan for hiv visibility.Give me a break with this pathetic hit peace, Bernie owes no explanation to these self righteous gay advocacy groups

      • You already posted the same exact thing before. Doesn’t make it anymore relevant a second time!

        • Yep, that was an accident. Doesn’t mean I’m not correct, why exactly wouldn’t it be relevant? You know what relevant means right?

          • How is cutting and pasting the same lame response to a different post result from an accident?

            We care what people are doing for us now and tomorrow. Yeah relevant means the opposite of what you said!

            You people claim Bernie has done so much for us yet until this election I never heard of him and I’ve been following out issues for decades!

          • Just shut up already. You picked Hillary. Go get your asspats from her.

          • Why don’t you stfu? go ask Bernie to wipe your stinky butt! Your smell makes the nation gag!

          • That’s a bit better. Still a little childish. Raise the bar a little more.

          • Your level can’t go any higher!

          • And for years I’ve been saying that the most important thing to understand in American politics is the corporatist/progressive divide, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus with a third of Democrats in the House – which Bernie co-founded – and that Bernie is my favorite member of Congress.

            Bernie has been the leading progressive in the country for decades. Some of us were very aware of him.

          • Your leading progressive has then been largely invisible for decades in the mainstream because the few don’t outweigh the many who see him as nothing more than a Johnny come lately who doesn’t know when it’s time to concede!

            The most important thing to understand in this election is that we do not need another Ralph Nader effect in what could be a tight election!

            There is too much at stake for our community. The SCOTUS is in play and could tilt to the right with the wrong appointments following a Trump victory.

            We don’t need a bunch of idealist with no clue of the dire consequences that can follow wasting time siphoning votes to a candidate that doesn’t realistically have a chance of winning. This isn’t an academic game! It’s real life and real life has harsh realities. Wake up!

          • Lot of ignorance in those comments.
            Johnny come lately? Idiotic. he co-founded the Progressive Caucus and has been the top progressive in the country, in my opinion, for decades, fighting the good fight while the Clintons triangulated and adopted right-wing policies.
            There is zero issue with ‘another Ralph Nader’. Bernie is committed to the Democrat winning, and will not split the vote as a third candidate in the general election – unlike Ralph Nader.
            You are arguing how important it is we not elect a Republican by arguing to put up our far weaker candidate, Hillary, against him. Every poll shows Bernie doing better than Hillary. Bernie draws from Republicans and centrists because of his honesty and fighting for the average American

            Hillary has stronger support in the Democratic Party – after being in its most famous family for 25 years.
            But Bernie is clearly stronger in the general. Hillary is the most disliked nominee in decades besides trump.
            We DO need an idealist, when an idealist is someone who doesn’t think our democracy being owned by the wealthy is the right thing and will fight to change that – since when is that an attack for a progressive?
            The idealist chose to chair the veterans committee and got the biggest veterans benefit bill in modern history passed in this obstructionist environment that can’t pass anything.
            You are the one fighting for the wrong things and hurting your own cause because you’re ignorant.

          • If the race was for leading progressive the i guess he’s qualified but it’s for President so pull it together.

            What counts is who has the delegates to win. You don’t win otherwise. As such, Sanders incessant insistence on running is pointless. It’s time to rally around the likely candidate and drop out.

            The GOP wannabes got the clue and dropped out. Continuing to bash Hillary as unfit does not show Bernie as anything more than a spoiler like Nader. Enough already surrender Dorothy!

          • He’s the best qualified for president as well.

            By far.

            trump has the nomination locked up. Hillary does not.

            A poll shows Democrats disagree with you: zero percent of Bernie supporters said he should leave the race now, and only 16% of Democrats said he should.

            He’s said and he’s right that he’s letting every state have a say.

            Running a primary race is not the same as Nader.

            You are awfully anxious for us to put the bad one up.

          • You’re in denial. Everyone says Bernie has no path to win the delegates for the nomination so unless you want a contested convention you are wasting time. Essentially you are only helping trump.

          • Wrong. But the followers of the frontrunner who have blind on always attack the challenger for helping the Repubs.

          • You’re attacked because you arrogantly think you know better when in reality you know zilch! Just because you won’t accept reality won’t change it!

            You’re in for a rude awakening! But we won’t stand by and let you drag ius down with you!

            Your incessant support for Bernie really is a vote for trump but you’re too blind to see it! Sad.

            That loud crash you about to hear is your bubble popping!

          • Clueless idiocy. You are quite ignorant about a lot of things, especially our democracy. Go cheer corruption.

          • Clueless idealism. Democracy has nothing to do with it. It’s about what it takes to win and getting the best out of the lesser of two evils!

            You are a low it all that lows squat and in for a rude awakening!

          • No. He wasnt the leading progressive. He was the leading Independent, who founded a little group of people. they got nothing accomplished. The leading Progressives were Ted Kennedy, Bella Azbug, .Shirley Chisholm, and Barney Frank and others.

            The case against Bernie Sanders, according to Barney Frank

          • Your’e wrong about Bernie, and you’re extemely wrong about Hillary. You’re voting against your own best interest. Don’t say I didnt warn you. She cares nothing about the people and only her personal interests. She’s also an opportunist. js

          • You’re the one that will be sorry if the GOP gets the White House due to this infighting between Hillary and Bernie.

            Whoever wins the nomination should get our vote. Not voting because it’s Hillary or voting for Bernie as a third party candidate likely could give the edge to the GOP!

            You’re still better off with Hillary in the White House doing nothing for us than Trump in office doing everything against us!

            Trump already said he wants to appoint judges that will reverse Roe v Wade despite it being settled law over 40 years ago.

            What therefore would you expect with marriage equality let alone the right to use the bathroom of your choice as transgender or religious freedom laws trumping glbt freedoms and rights?

      • you’re right, he really doesn’t need to explain.

        i mean, even he knows the race is over so there’s no point now.

        • True but the entire Republican party is going to vote for him in these primaries now. He might use that as an excuse to whine all summer long for superdelegates hes not going to get!

          • Um…um… I dont even know how to respond to that. There is only one semi-open primary left. So the ALL the republicans cant vote for him.

          • There is more than that California you can do it 15 days away,but their switching party registration. Testosterone finds a way. 84,000Republicans just switched to Democrat in Oregon for example. If they really were for Sanders they would of done it a long time ago not just right after Cruz dropped out and Trump clinched.

        • Then don’t bother thanking him for this.

          Senator Sanders Endorses CA Drug Price Relief Act May 10
          “U.S. presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has announced his support for AHF’s California Drug Price Relief Act. Read the press release and Sanders’ statement”

          • Senator Sanders Endorses CA Drug Price Relief Act
            Posted May 10, 2016 He only put that up to pander to the Gay Vote. Sounds good, but where has he been all this time?

      • How do you and the rest of the bern-out-bots sleep at night? FU$%&*G FOOLS!!!

      • You can’t be serious, Matt. “Self-righteous”? What’s self-righteous about wanting to save lives? About reminding people AIDS was around before Zika?

        Hillary’s keeping her appointment. Bernie’s a coward for canceling, and I voted for him. Guess I’m with her now if the arrogance of his campaign and supporters like you are more interested in fighting losing battles than paying attention.

      • Advocating gay right for 20 years? hahah, i that including the resolution he signed to reaffirmed marriage between husband and wife in 1982?

        • you realize “20 years ago” would be 1996 right? So…. no that wouldn’t include the 1982 resolution…. unless you are REALLY poor at math.

          • To quote Addison DeWitt, “You have a point, my dear. An idiotic point, but a point nonetheless.”

            It is irrelevant whether he signed that resolution 20 years ago, or 40 years ago. Whenever it was signed, it was discriminatory and oppressive and bigoted. 1982 was 13 years after Stonewall, giving Sanders PLENTY of time to think through the basics of equality and respect, if he wasn’t already committed to such things. Which, clearly, he was not. And that’s all the context anyone needs for this current affront to people living with HIV and AIDS.

            Sanders pushes everything through his limited, albeit important, filter of income inequality. Not all issues are economic. And when they are not, as in foreign policy, Sanders is useless. He’s just another thin-skinned straight man with a sense of entitlement and a bad hair cut. And haven’t we as a community suffered enough of those?

          • I’d say the ‘idiotic’ point is yours – for 20 years means for 20 years, and you leave out the comparison with his opponent – was Hillary sooner or later than Bernie on supporting gay marriage?

          • Just got to your second point.

            Actually, pretty much every progressive issue is hugely affected by the issue of money.

            The inequality makes the small wealthy class the only voice that matters in our government – a study found that the non-donating public now has zero influence on votes by Congress.

            And that affects every vote, every issue, as money puts people representing the wealthy in office.

            Sanders’ foreignpolicy is far better than Hillary’s poor, hawk, Kissinger-like warmongering.

            Just this morning I was watching her and Bernie speaking on the Iraq war resolution – and I’m nicer than most to Hillary on that, cutting her some slack for Bush’s deceit, but Bernie in comparison was right on target, talking about things like how it could lead to radical groups gaining power, how it threatened to cost a huge amount unlike the administration predictions, and so on. Useless? That’s Hillary, not Bernie.

            And later, in a debate a Democratic candidate next to Hillary on stage made a passionate statement praising the candidates on the stage who had oppose the vote, and said how horribly disappointed he was in Hillary’s choice.

            She just laughed like it was hilarious.

          • Oh, yes…his “War” vote

        • You clearly did not read the resolution.

        • Hillary didn’t flip flop on Gay Marriage rights until 2013. What is your argument?

          • At least Hillary attended Gay Pride twice in NYC, she also met the HIV Activist, she responded personally to a Transgender who was attacked on NYC Subway.
            Sanders claimed to be better on this issue, but all he care is just Rally and win the nomination and collecting as much donation as he can.

          • Oh wow! A politician attends a Gay Pride in her district. In NYC. Wow! Cutting edge. What a yuge political risk… Look Hunty, we can go down this slippery slope forever. No Demo politician running for President has been all that good about gay rights. But hopefully, Bernie can get you some free remedial English college courses….

          • Bernie has been in the Senate for 25 years, did he ever attends Vermont Gay Pride? I don’t think so, he doesn’t give a damn about it, he was against Federal Gay Marriage in 2006. And he claimed to be long time LGBT supporter.. that is laughable!

          • Ha ha, you are just being silly.

          • Ha ha, you are in denial, I hope Sanders will give you free college.

          • Ah, how sweet. I guess you actually CAN see a better future for our country and aren’t completely existing in the Hillary bubble.

          • I think you’re in denial, dear.

          • Sanders backed one of the first Gay Pride parades when he was the mayor of Burlington in 1983. This was a very courageous thing to do at the time.

          • That’s correct, he did.

          • Bernie created the first Gay Pride Day in Vermont, in 1983. You need to STFU and learn history before you type another negative word, Queen.

        • That was 34 years ago

      • Bernie didn’t support full equality until 2009, when just happened to be when Vermont passed marriage equality.
        Funny how that works.

      • Rescheduling a meeting that people from non-profits were flying in to attend. You know, airfare, rescheduling appointments, dog sitters… This isn’t rescheduling lunch with somebody you work with. I just booked a ticket from LA to IND for a work meeting. It wasn’t cheap and would cost at least $200 to change, plus any change in airfare. Which there will be. If it ever happens. It isn’t just that simple.

        • It’s very unfortunate the trouble the group was put to.

          But don’t confuse that bad thing with the far more important issues and policies of the candidates.

          It’s a reason to be upset over the meeting but not to base support for the candidate on.

      • Wow your ridiculous to say that they deserve the same respect

      • Self righteous? Its a fricken epidemic that affects ALL walks of life! I know it may be hard to wrap your narrow mind around, but yes, heterosexuals can contract HIV and AIDS as well you low life piece of garbage. These are all human lives, not “just gay ones”…

      • Bernie opposed many things, including marriage.

    • Senator Sanders Endorses CA Drug Price Relief Act May 10th 2016
      “U.S. presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has announced his support for AHF’s California Drug Price Relief Act. Read the press release and Sanders’ statement”

      • So what? Who can get elected by the current rules which is the most electoral votes is what matters. All this banter over Bernie is a waste of time.

        Put him to bed so we can move ahead. Enough said!

  • Why don’t you meet with Bloomberg or perhaps Goldman Sachs or try Lehman Brothers….DiBlasio? How about you contact the DNC directly. I’m sure they will listen. After all, It’s the party of Hillary Clinton and she really cares. Isn’t that what she told you?

  • He’s a real monster, rescheduling a thirty minute meeting while you are touring an entire country to campaign for the nations highest office! Hes been advocating for gay rights for more than 20 years people and he’s running against someone who opposed gay marriage as recently as 2013 and credits Nancy Reagan for hiv visibility.Give me a break with this pathetic hit peace, Bernie owes no explanation to these self righteous gay advocacy groups.

    • Bernie needs to get over his ego and go to bed. So what if Hillary opposed marriage equality before so did pretty much every politician including Obama!! Yet look all Obama has done for us since then!

      • you need to quit playing victim.

        • Obviously your life is this blog and Bernie. Pathetic!

          • Pathetic is you thinking that winning a pissing match with a stranger on the internet gives you any kind of self esteem, integrity, or anything positive at all. Do the world a favor and hit Hillary up for your AIDS Medication. I’m sure she will help you.

          • Then you describe yourself as you started this with me and don’t know when to quit! I made a comment to this article not you directly! Who is really trying to win this pissing match me or you? You picked the wrong sistah to mess with! I thrive on this!

            If you can’t handle it then put a muzzle on your mouth and get back into your cage! Heal boy! You’re so petty. You’re the last person to talk about taking the high ground hypocrite.

            An open forum will include things you don’t like hearing, grow a pair and stop whining and taking tantrums like a spoiled arrogant child! It’s not about you!

            As for AIDS, no one ever said that was a personal issue! Just because you don’t have compassion and are selfish doesn’t mean everyone else is!

        • Bottom line you’re a loser backing a loser! Get over it!

          • Nah I’m someone who is voting against Hillary. Get it RIGHT!

          • No one said eveyone able to vote has common sense let alone a clue! That’s why the founders thought we needed an electoral college to elect president not a popular vote!

            You and Dorothy’s scarecrow have a lot in common.

            All you’re ready voting for is trump! You may just as well put a gun to your head as you’re essentially supporting the empowerment of people dedicated to stripping you of your civil rights and dignity as a glbt American.

            You’re hurting yourself and are too arrogant to realize it!

      • Every politician? You know Bernie has been for marriage equality since pretty much always? He was even for transgender rights in the 70’s. So no not every “politician”

        • Yeah whatever. Never heard of him until this election. Some big impact He’s made!

        • He wasn’t for marriage equality during his Senate run in 06, telling our side that civil unions should be sufficient and that fighting for anything more would be too much.
          So while his stance on many issues were ahead of his time, marriage equality wasn’t one of them.

        • he said Marriage was a states issue and did not support federal marriage equality in his 2006 senate bid. Stop deifying him

  • No, that doesn’t give Sanders a path to victory. If that happened, Hillary would still win.

  • … because he know that the gay vote is going to Hillary no matter what, so why waste the energy?

    • Why would he come all the way back to new york for your bullshit when hes busy trying to win an election? You aint nobody special.

    • Yeah, maybe the stupid gay men who thought legalizing gay marriage was the most important issue that queer people faced. I’m out here in California and the only gay people supporting Clinton are the “YASSSS” white men in West Hollywood.

  • People should know more about HIV/AIDs to prevent the spreading of this virus.

  • New York already said their peace about Sanders. Now STFU.

  • All you Hillary supporters who count on Sanders supporters to throw away their vote on a write in ballot think again. We are all going to vote for Trump.

  • It’s not about Bernie anymore. It’s about making Hillary lose.

  • No wonder New Yorkers like Hillary so much. They are all retarded.

  • I have said this time and time again… bern-out only cares about getting fools to send money to his campaign to keep family members on his pay roll…He has never cared about the L.G.B.T. community, Latinos, African-Americans or other groups…Let’s NOT forget this OLD FART has been in congress 20 plus years and has nothing to show for it…still voting for b.s? Only a TRUE Progressive Democrat for me…Hillary 2016!!

    • Hillary a progressive democrat? Hahahahahahaha very funny. Since when neoliberals are progressives? ???

      • Well… given that during their time in the Senate together Clinton and Sanders voting records aligned more than 90% of the time, either she’s more progressive than you are willing to admit, or he’s less progressive in practice than he claims.

        Acting as if these two are light-years apart has never made sense to me, throughout this campaign.

        • Those aligned votes for post offices etc (which make up so much of the 90%) had nothing to do with policy. The differences are when there were policy oriented votes (like the war vote).

          • And still only a small portion of their overall record. Look at their stances on the whole spectrum of political issues — they are not that far apart. There are differences, yes, but they are differences of degree, of strategy, most of the time. They are absolutely closer to each other than either of them are to conservatives, and there’s a significant amount of overlap to their goals.

          • You have to look at a lot more than votes, but rather what they advocate.

            Look at Bernie’s filibuster, made into a book called “The Speech”, and compare it to Hillary’s speeches, which were legalized bribery by groups like Goldman-Sachs, enriching her by $153 million.

          • I have looked at what they both advocate, and what they have both advocated throughout the decades. Both have their pluses and minuses, but both overlap significantly more than you are crediting. And Sanders has some negatives in his past as well.

            They’re both politicians. Neither of them is Gandhi or Mother Theresa. They are both flawed human beings, but they’re for more of the same things than any other realistically-possible candidate of any party right now.

            Seriously, the overlap in their positions is significant.

          • Actually the difference between them is HUGE.

            Yes, they overlap on some things, meaning Hillary has lesser versions of Bernie’s policies.

            But Hillary will continue our corporate takeover of our government while Bernie will not.

            You undercredit the huge differences.

            And just wait until Hllary gets out of ‘say anything to beat Bernie’ mode.

            She already reversed her position on coal.

            She’s going to Bush donors saying she represents their interests for a reason. Bernie’s not.

          • It’s absolutely NOT huge, and this “corporate takeover” thing is all scurrilous rumor-mongering, not fact. I realize that election season brings out the “we have to hate our competitor” mindset, but it does a huge disservice to Clinton’s overall record to keep repeating this kind of falsehood.

            She’s a moderate and a pragmatist, but her end goals are VERY similar to Sanders. The difference is more of approach and nuance than end result.

            She’s not “say anything to beat Bernie” by any stretch — she’s got a boatload of materials which she could bury him with (his past is filled with statements and positions that absolutely will turn off many voters) but she has chosen not to. But the GOP won’t go so softly on him.

            Sanders seems to think he can make radical changes quickly; Clinton believes these changes have to be made through compromise and more incremental steps.

            There are excellent reasons to support either candidate, but to think they are light-years apart is just not credible.

    • You are mendacious at best and a paid troll at best. Off with you. Your reply is cut and paste from other users on other sites.

    • You’re simply a liar.
      Bernie is the one who DOES care about those groups.

      Hillary is the most phony so-called ‘progressive’ we might have ever seen – HERSELF saying last year she is a “centrist”, not a progressive.

      Until competing with Bernie made it useful to say the opposite – but now she is off telling Bush donors SHE represents their interests.

    • A true progressive… you know, the kind that earns millions from Goldman Sachs and refuses to tell us what she said to them. Real progressive.

  • Lol look at this pathetic comments. “He cancelled he’s the worst” lol pathetic.

  • Hey, this reminds me of that hatchet job that atlanta’s mayor had going. Written by shill’s super pac. Give me a break. Bernie has stood with the lgbt community for decades. His Medicare for all healthcare plan would significantly improve the lives of the sick. This story is a complete paid shill propaganda piece. Don’t be fooled.

  • Sanders knows he is not going to win, so he just not interested meeting really people, he just want to get as much as fame as possible by doing big rally.

  • Bernie is probably a good guy, but voters have rightly concluded that he is not the right guy. Not sure what there is left to argue about. So his canceling appearances and meetings is just a precursor to his “campaign on hold” announcement. How much more money he can pull out of donors is the only thing keeping him in the race at this point.

    • Bernie is simply ‘winding down’ his campaign as necessary.

    • No, voters have WRONGLY made that decision, by a relatively small margin, and I suspect almost entirely on ignorance.
      Hillary has 25 years of fame as the best known Democratic family in politics that whole period.
      Bernie was unknown to most.
      It’s incredible what he has done this campaign – 3% to 50% support.
      Basically the only issue has been how many people the campaign can inform – the more that are exposed the more votes he gets.

      Hillary has never gone up in her ratings in any election.
      Bernie, on the other hand, is the #1 rated out of all hundred Senators for the most support from his state’s voters.
      He not only dominates the Democratic vote in Vermont, but gets 20%-25% of the REPUBLICAN vote.
      It’s why he won HIS state by 84% while Hillary won hers by a far smaller margin.
      She is the second least liked candidate in modern history after trump – Bernie tops the favorability ratings.
      But many Democrats are clueless about him and pulled the lever for Hillary because they know the name, in my opinion.

      • He won his very small state by 84% because Vermont is a very far-left Democratic voting state. If you had any knowledge of politics, you would never compare Vermont to Arkansas. *smh

        • No, Donna, your post is badly lacking in reading comprehension.

          First, the size of the state is irrelevant to the percent of people who have an opinion.

          And Bernie has the highest percent supporting him of any Senator.

          Second, Vermont is a ‘very far-left Democratic voting state’ largely BECAUSE Bernie made it that way. He had an incredible influence on the state’s political culture, shifting it from a more apolitical state to the progressive state it is.

          When he became mayor he did all kinds of things that built that progressive culture, and the next election had double the voter turnout because of how energized he got people. That’s progressive leadership.

          Bill Clinton’s coattails couldn’t even get a future Nobel Prize winner who led the creation of the internet able to defeat George W. Bush, the incompetent and corrupt son of a former one-term president.

          Leadership, not so much.

          Thirdly I was comparing Bernie’s home state of Vermont to Hillary’s home state of New York – which she represented in the Senate, not Arkansas – but take your pick.

  • This seems like kind of a non- story, there was obviously miscommunication involved somewhere along the pipeline, Bernie just downsized his campaign staff.

  • I wish people wouldn’t jump to conclusions. Bernie sanders often has to set up impromptu rallies and town halls, after all, he is still competing in a primary. So you can imagine how his schedule must change from day to day and week, and how many other meetings he may have had to reschedule. I seriously doubt he would intentionally rebuff the HIV advocacy group, when it probably comes down to just not knowing what his primary schedule is looking like. With that said, it is in Sanders best interest to reach out to the advocacy group and give them the consideration of some sort of explanation.

    • That’s fine enough, if his campaign reimburses the non-profit employers of the scheduled attendees for the money they have spent to travel, in reliance on his broken commitment.

      • Which should be a private matter rather than airing out their grievances in public. This issue is such a non-issue…

        • God forbid, someone criticize Saint Bernie in public.

          • Please feel free to criticize Bernie. I’ll definitely be the first to do it. For instance, I think he should have gone a bit further to help PROGRESSIVES, not establishment candidates down ballot. He could have gone a bit further on breaking up banks though I interpreted the NY Daily News article as he wanted to leave the process up to the banks themselves. But for those who didn’t have the mental capacity to understand that, he could have spelled it out for them.

            I could go on if you like? So please spare me your condescension.

        • So HIV/AIDS is a “non-issue” to you? Apparently you nor anyone you know or have known has been infected or died as a result. Must be nice to be one of the privileged ones.

          • Are you dense? If you CAREFULLY read the thread, I said it would be in Bernie’s best interest to reach out to the advocacy group… You’re just grasping at straws.

  • If he won’t offer an explanation of why he canceled the meeting, you can let him know at the ballot box how you feel…

  • I doubt you were as active then as you said, because if you were, then you would acknowledge that Bill and Hillary campaigned on funding the AIDS crisis in 1992. They were the first national politicians to do so, and when Clinton got into office he immediately kept his promise and started funding research and care through the federal govt.

  • Mixups happen. What isn’t a mixup is how HRC supporters will use anything against the American Candidate Bernie Sanders. I forgot to mention the HRC trolls are live and well using others pain for their perverted end.

  • People using the term “mathematically impossible” must not understand what it means. Jesus.

  • His campaign said they had to reschedule, and they replied by sending emails threatening to go public–sounds like a move intended to antagonize the campaign rather than come to any genuine understanding. It’s only been a week–I’m sure something could have been worked out before this declaration of war against Bernie Sanders.

    • They had been in daily communication with the campaign from the time the meeting was initially set up until it was cancelled. Now the campaign will not return phone calls at all. Why?

  • Those of you who use this as an excuse to attack Bernie Sanders with character assassination only demonstrate why many of us say “no way, no how” to the idea of supporting Hilary Clinton. And with the way the DNC (an extension of the Clinton political machine) is treating Sanders, I think it’s time for him to bail on the Democratic Party and run with the Green Party. They are on the ballot in the majority of states. Sanders can run as the Green candidate and make turning the Green Party into a viable third party a part of this legacy. It’s evident the Democratic Party establishment is intent that Bernie’s political revolution wil be dead and gone before the Democratic Party convention.

  • Would you be cutting Hillary slack if she cancelled and never rescheduled?

    • Given Hillary’s record of opposing gay marriage until only very recently – when it became politically expediently to do, I wouldn’t cut her slack on anything related to gay rights.

  • Bernie Sanders only meets when it benefits him I bet if they were to have media he would show up he only cares about his legacy and not the people

  • How do we know these are THE activists worth talking to on this issue? Maybe Bernie heard something about how lame they are but was too nice to say that out loud. There are 300 million Americans and only one Bernie; not everyone is going to get F2F with him. Sucks that they spring into action and incurred costs to make it to the doomed meeting.

    • You might want to make your page private for safety and practical reasons. Some people follow where you made comments and reply to the people you replied to.

  • You’re insane Jeff.

  • Have your voice heard by the candidates!! American affected by HIV? Take our survey at
    The candidates are listening.


  • a proud gun owner and a member of the NRA shitheal

  • you like number 69 beef with brocaree?

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  • Don’t jump the gun, people. Bernie has support the LGBT community since the early 1960s when he was governor of Vermont. There had to be a very good reason for him to cancel. For instance, the issue of voter fraud that has caused him to lose thousands, if not millions of votes across the nation.

    This is not a joke. You can research the phenomenon all all over the internet. Both the Republican and Democratic parties have been committing voter fraud for decades and it is just now coming out into the open.

    The digital voting machines are rigged to flip votes or not recognize them at all. Secretaries of States are purging millions of voters’ names from the registries across the nation. Polling places, such as in Arizona where they closed down all but 60 of their 200 polling places so that people would stand in line all day until the polls closed and they were unable to vote.

    For those purged from the registries, polling places hand out provisional ballots which are not counted and are thrown away. And there are still more ways voters are being disenfranchised. Delegates supporting Bernie were taken from the list in Nevada, giving Hillary Clinton a means to grab them for herself, as if she doesn’t already have more than enough. They endorsed her before Bernie even announced he was running.

    Because of all this, the Bernie Sanders campaign is having to file lawsuits in many of the states where there is proof that his votes were stolen, including New York, Iowa, Rhode Island, and others.

    As a Bernie supporter, I’m sorry this meeting was cancelled. If you haven’t been answered, hold his campaign manager responsible, not Bernie Sanders. He is currently here in California trying to beat Hillary Clinton (also here) in a race that he should have been winning to begin with. I will see if I can reach his management team and make an issue of this and get a rescheduling for you.

    Please don’t give up on Bernie, people. His heart is still in this but his time is limited.

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