July 28, 2017 at 12:08 pm EDT | by Brock Thompson
For gays, is it OK to mock Sarah Huckabee Sanders?
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Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Screenshot via CSPAN)

We still have a month to go more or less, but interns are starting to go back to wherever they came from, gays are talking of their plans post Labor Day, all of these signs point to summer in the District winding down. And that means that the Miss Adams Morgan Pageant is just around the corner.

When it comes to that fantastic drag extravaganza, what I’m really waiting to see is just how many Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be wondering around. And let’s face it, a lot of us wait until the last minute when it comes to assembling our drag outfits, and mimicking Sarah Huckabee Sanders, with a rather boxy dress and snarl to match, wouldn’t be too difficult to throw together. But what I’m wondering, is it OK to make fun of a person’s appearance, even someone as ridiculous, in her lying anyway, as Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

I want to be completely honest with you. I’ve been feuding with the Huckabee clan for years. And I’ve mainly left Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of it. I grew up in Arkansas, and imagine as a teenage boy just coming to terms with his sexuality, hearing your governor say that HIV-positive people should be corralled into concentration camps. Delightful, right? My distaste for all things Huckabee continued into adulthood, and came to a head with a terse email exchange between me and Huckabee matron, Janet, over her rather questionable ethics when it came to soliciting gifts and later when she took a position as an election poll watcher, something that even the most fair-minded person would consider iffy at best.

So, as you can see, I think the whole family has rather questionable values. But it’s always a little uneasy when gays begin to bully, seeing as how many of us might have been victims of bullying ourselves. But bullying can be subtle, and can even come from their side and toward their own. The new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci advised Sanders, via national television, to continue to take advantage of a “hair and makeup person.” And if public figures are fair game, where is the line and criticizing them? Can we make fun of her style, but not her appearance? Can we make fun of that ridiculous mid-South accent that at times warrants subtitles? Or is that the line? Should we just stick to substance, or lack there of, when it comes to national figures?

Who’s to say, really? But this much is certain, looks matter far too much in this White House, and that starts from the top, from the president himself dressing down Sean Spicer over his bland, ill-fitting suits, to his intrusive comments on the looks of visitors and foreign heads of state. Remember earlier this month when Trump told French President Macron’s wife, “you’re in such good shape,” during his recent visit there. And who could forget his treatment of MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski? A whole other column should be on why looks matter so much to the current administration. It’s frankly bizarre and unsettling when you think about it.

Maybe for now we should ask ourselves if it’s OK to join in on the chorus. Forget that she looks tired, frumpish, forget that string of pearls that might actually be some sort of candy. Let’s not focus on any of that. Focus on her lies, her enabling of authoritarianism. Everything else is a distraction.


Brock Thompson is a D.C.-based writer who contributes regularly to the Blade.

  • (1) All real Americans should mock the entirety of Mike Huckabee’s family – not just his dog-torturing blob of a son but also Sarah the Inheritor (of political wealth) – at every opportunity.

    (2) How many Miss Adams Morgan attendees and participants (a) voted for Trump and (b) opposed trans-inclusion in ENDA?

    • I like Sarah Huckabee very much.. She is a brassy, strong woman who isn’t afraid to fight it out with the guys. Trump picked the right person for the job, considering she is his front line against fake news outlets like CNN and the Washington Post.

      I don’t agree with much of her politics, but it’s great to see that Trump is appointing women to high profile positions in his administration. It completely shoots down the caricature created by the pathological left that he is a misogynist.

      • I am getting very tired of this “fake news” bullshit. Just what has CNN reported inaccurately ?

        • You must be living in a delusional bubble to not realize that CNN is pretty much all lies these days.. Even Noam Chomsky says so! When ATT finishes buying CNN’s parent company, you can kiss CNN goodbye….it’s in the works.

          • Exactly what lies ? Please give me some facts , not just your pathetic right-wing rants .

          • Russia Russia Russia….you know that big “nothing burger” per Van Jones that CNN has been peddling from the DNC for almost a year now. Thank God for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks telling us what is really going on and where it came from!

            Also, you may want to remember that a couple of reporters and an editor just got fired from CNN for reporting bogus damaging information about Anthony Scaramucci.

            Pathetic rightwing rants? LOL…so rejecting propaganda is now considered right wing? That’s rich!

  • You call her a “tired frump” and say whe wore a “rather boxy dress and snarl to match.” Well, at least the readers know you don’t follow the same rules you expect others to.

  • Did you ever once call Obama’s mouthpiece out for the lies? Did you ever criticize any ridiculous dress wearers in his administration? hahahaha no of course not! Because you are one of the most tolerant people in the world if the person you are tolerating has your exact politics. lof’ingl

    • If Trump supporters are going to demand that everyone else “get over” the election, then they really ought to stop bringing up Obama whenever someone criticizes the current administration. They should also learn the meaning of the word “tolerant,” because there seems to be a lot of confusion about it out there.

  • It isn’t “bullying”. Its “fashion consulting’

  • I’m of the opinion that a person’s looks should only be an issue if *they* make it one. If SHS was going around talking about how she’s so beautiful, or making negative comments about other people’s appearances, then she’s opening herself up to that sort of criticism. If she’s not doing that, then neither should anyone else. Of course, there is something to be said for taking the high road and not stooping to someone’s level, but that doesn’t seem like something that most people can–or want to–do with their time.

  • That’s a MAN (genetic). It’s the attitude that makes all the beauty LACKING matter…No softness in that body, that’s the ugly. She (?) is osteperously hideous, bone deep. Lose the weight and get on track, Buckabee!

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