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Boulet Brothers crown drag king winner of ‘Dragula’ season 3



Landon Cider in the trailer for “Dragula” season 3 (Image courtesy The Boulet Brothers)

Landon Cider, the first drag king to ever compete in a televised drag competition series in the United States, last week set another precedent by winning the season of the show he was cast in.

Cider made history in August when the Boulet Brothers cast him in the third season of their competition reality series “Dragula.” At the time, he told The Advocate, “I am a proud cis woman, lesbian and drag king. AFAB [assigned female at birth] drag performers share the same length of history with queens, fill our communities with incredible artistry, and I am honored to be just one in an infinite sea of talent.”

He also acknowledged Hollow Eve, another contestant, saying, “Hollow and I are shattering glass ceilings. So grab a shard, AFABs, cause we’re all coming for blood!”

Eve was also assigned female at birth but describes themselves as a “post binary drag socialist.”

The Boulet Brothers (Image courtesy The Boulet Brothers)

The Boulet Brothers “Dragula” was developed by the popular drag club promoters from their long-running club event of the same name. The showoperates as a reality competition series similar to “RuPaul’s Drag Race, but with a unique twist: the contestants compete to be crowned “the world’s next drag super monster,” taking part in horror-themed challenges to prove to the judges that they are the most evil, grotesque and talented queen of the season.

For the final challenge, the three remaining competitors (Cider, Dollya Black and Priscilla Chambers) were told to create and perform in three looks for a self-designed floor show that adhered to the three “principles” of “Dragula” – filth, horror and glamour.

Both Black and Chambers impressed the judges with their respective looks, but Cider dazzled with his three looks. For “glamour,” Cider appeared in a Met Gala-inspired suit, bedecked from head to toe in shimmering black jewels; for “filth,” Cider appeared shirtless in torn-up boxers, eating what looked like moldy food and making out with a sex doll; and for “horror,” Cider appeared as a nightmare version of  the Tin Man from “Wizard of Oz,” mutilating a dead body with his axe and eating the corpse’s remains. 

At the end of the challenge, the Boulet Brothers announced Cider as the winner, and asked him to spread their message of “drag, filth, horror and glamour.” As Cider walked the stage, a bucket of blood was dumped on his head, referencing the iconic scene from “Carrie” as he laughed maniacally into the camera.

All 10 episodes of “Dragula”season 3 are now available on Amazon Prime Video.

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Out & About

Calendar: May 15-20

Events in the week to come



All About Trans, gay news, Washington Blade
SaVanna Wanzer is the activist behind May Is: All About Trans. (Photo courtesy Wanzer)

Saturday, May 15

May Is Trans DC will host a free virtual event, “May Is: Trans Pride” at 10 a.m. The event, curated by SaVanna Wanzer, will focus on addressing the critical gaps in information, services, and visibility of the transgender, gender non-conforming and gender expansive communities in the DMV. For more information, visit:

The DC Center will host online support for LGBTQ+ people of color via Zoom at 1 p.m. This peer support group is an outlet for LGBTQ People of Color to come together and talk about anything affecting them in a space that strives to be safe and judgement free. For more information, visit or

Sunday, May 16

The DC Center and the Beta Kappa Chapter of the Beta Phi Omega Sorority will host a peer-led support group devoted to the joys and challenges of being a Black lesbian via Zoom at 1 p.m. You do not need to be a member of the Beta Kappa Chapter or the Beta Phi Omega Sorority in order to join, but they do ask that you either identify as a lesbian or are questioning that aspect of your identity. For more information, email [email protected].

May Is Trans DC will host a movie night over Zoom at 5 p.m. The movie will focus on stories about the transgender community. Grab your PJ’s, a blanket and pillow and cozy up for a relaxing night of fun. To RSVP, visit: .

Monday, May 17

Join GenderQueer DC for their monthly support group for people who identify outside of the gender binary. Whether you’re bigender, agender, gender fluid, or just know that you’re not 100% cis – this is your group. The event will be on Zoom and will begin at 7 p.m. For more information, visit or their Facebook page.

Join May Is Trans DC for “Trans Led Organizations via Zoom at 7 p.m. The event will feature panelists Queen Victoria Ortaga, Jevon Martin, Kayla Gore, and Lee Blinder who will discuss how to observe the unique needs of transgender communities to create non-profit organizations. To RSVP, visit:

Tuesday, May 18

The DC Center will host “Bi Roundtable Discussion” via Zoom at 7 p.m. This monthly event will be an opportunity for people to gather to discuss issues related to bisexuality or as bi individuals in a private setting. For more information visit Center Bi’s Facebook page:

“Ask Me About My Pronouns” will be on Zoom at 7 p.m. Join Will Wanzer III, Grayson Baker, and Marian Cooper for an educational conversation about how to use pronouns and best practices if you do not know someone’s pronouns. To RSVP, visit:

Wednesday, May 19

“Allies of the Transgender Community” is an online panel that will be hosted on Zoom at 7 p.m. This event, organized by May Is Trans DC, will discuss the ins and outs of transgender allyship. The featured panelists are Justin Woods, Stephania Mahdi, and Jewel Addy. For more information, visit:

Join BookMen DC as they discuss gay literature over Zoom at 7:30 p.m. For more information, visit:

Thursday, May 20

The DC Center will host an online Poly Discussion group starting at 7 p.m. on Zoom. This group is designed to be a forum for people at all different stages to discuss polyamory and other consensual non-monogamous relationships. Newcomers will be given a basic introduction into what polyamory is and what some of the advantages and disadvantages are. Attendees who are already in relationships will also be given the opportunity to discuss their situations and get advice from the group if they feel that would be helpful. This group is open to people of all sexual orientations and people who are interested in non-monogamy in both kinky and non-kinky relationships. For more information, visit:

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Out & About

MCBC honors veterans with free COVID testing

Event sponsored by African American Health Program, National Center for Children and Families



Montgomery County Black Communities hosts “Veterans Celebration!” at Montgomery College (Rockville Campus) on Saturday May 22 at 10 a.m. The event, associated with the catchphrase “Don’t Stress. Take the Test,” will salute veterans by providing free on-site COVID-19 testing, bags of food, COVID-19 swag, and on-site vaccine pre-registration. This event is sponsored by organizations such as the African American Health Program and the National Center for Children and Families. For more information visit

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NAMI in conversation about managing mental health

Guided discussion and Q&A with a panel of experts



The National Alliance on Mental Illness hosts the fourth edition of “NAMI Ask the Expert Help Not Handcuffs,” a webinar dedicated to addressing mental health crises with effective community responses. During this webinar, community experts provide an overview of the crisis model being developed and implemented in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, and offer background on how to get started locally on implementation of a new crisis system.

Following the presentations, NAMI’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ken Duckworth will lead a guided discussion and Q&A with a panel of experts including Mary Burckell, Director of Safe Haven, Nick Richard, Executive Director of NAMI St. Tammany, Tom Rowan, Project Director and Peer Support Specialist Supervisor of NAMI St. Tammany, and Judge Alan Zaunbrecher, 22nd Judicial District Court of Louisiana. To register, visit NAMI’s website.

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