August 21, 2013 at 4:00 pm EDT | by Lou Chibbaro Jr.
New D.C. anti-violence group debuts
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A coalition of local LGBT organizations this week announced the formation of a new group called the D.C. Anti-Violence Collaborative. From left, Ruby Corado of Casa Ruby, Jason Terry of the D.C. Trans Coalition and Hassan Naveed of Gays and Lesbians Opposing Violence (GLOV). (Washington Blade photos by Michael Key)`

A coalition of local LGBT organizations this week announced the formation of a new group called the D.C. Anti-Violence Collaborative.

In a statement released on Tuesday, organizers said the new organization is “dedicated to ending cycles of violence and oppression impacting the LGBT community in the District of Columbia.”

Gays and Lesbians Opposing Violence (GLOV), Casa Ruby, and D.C. Trans Coalition are among the organizations joining forces to operate the new group, the statement says.

“The D.C. Anti-Violence Collaborative will allow us to start coordinating vital services for survivors of violence in our communities,” said Ruby Corado, founder and executive director of Casa Ruby, an LGBT community center with an outreach to the Latino and transgender communities.

“There is a tremendous need, and by working together across organizations, we will be better able to address that need,” Corado said.

Jason Terry, the anti-violence coordinator for the D.C. Trans Coalition, said the new group would enable its member organizations to better address issues of “police violence, hate violence sexual violence, and partner violence through advocacy, education, grassroots organizing, and providing services.”

GLOV co-chair Hassan Naveed said the Collaborative would help create “an inclusive advocacy agenda in a safe space for all intersections” of the community. “It’s time for us to tighten coordination in our advocacy efforts and make sure we are providing representation for everyone,” he said.

The Aug. 20 statement says the new group will meet monthly and plans to organize two town hall meetings in the fall. It says the group would soon launch a new online tool to report incidents of anti-LGBT violence.

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  • Jason Terry, the anti-violence coordinator for the D.C. Trans Coalition, said the new group would enable its member organizations to better address issues of “police violence..”
    **** **** **** **** ****

    Ward 5 area LGBTs have a case regarding MPD’s ongoing biased policing that hopefully this new group can investigate…

    The long history of racist, homophobic and transphobic policing in MPD’s Fifth District (NE) is nothing new. But this past month, it has raised its ugly head again with MPD’s *COVER-UP* of felony-level threats to “bash in the heads” of an Asian grocery store manager at a Yes! Organic Market, as well as the gay African American man who came to his defense.

    The threats to kill the two minority individuals were reportedly made by two of the 10 or more individuals who conducted a *Flash Mob* style attack on that Yes! grocery store just before 1 pm on Sunday afternoon, July 14th.

    Worse still– apparently in an attempt to further MPD-5D’s cover-up– now have a credible public report that MPD-5D Commander Andy Solberg is openly dismissing, in a unofficial conversation, the credibility of the eyewitness account of the gay man (reprinted below) who was one of the victims.

    If true, that is outrageous, unprofessional and biased conduct by any high-ranking MPD commander.

    Blade readers should be reminded that 5D’s Andy Solberg had no credible response to the MPD-5D cover-up of the trans woman’s assault in Trinidad last year. MPD did not even report it as a REGULAR assault in their Daily Crime Report. Then, a few months later in summer, MPD-5D’s excuse-making and foot-dragging regarding the case of the two gay men brutally beaten in Eckington was equally disappointing.

    Now MPD-5D’s command is conducting a whispering campaign against the gay African American– a VICTIM of the crime– who dared to come forward? Shame on MPD’s Fifth District! 5D’s record of biased policing is safer than ever, apparently.

    I remember when Chief Lanier appointed Solberg. She wrote me that she was sure I would like him. So it is very clear who is behind this cover-up, as well.

    BTW, MPD’s PSA-504 took over 25 minutes to respond to the gay man’s 911 call. Then, when MPD team did respond, it did not call in MPD’s ALU for the openly racist remarks made to the Asian immigrant.

    MPD’s cover-up began to unravel when a neighbor heard about the Flash Mob attack and asked a MPD Sergeant about it over two days later at a civic meeting. The Sergeant for that area professed to know nothing about it. I think many were astonished to hear that.

    After nearly two weeks of no serious investigation by MPD, the gay man, “R”, posted a detailed account on our local LGBT listserv, reprinted in full here…


    — In, R wrote:

    I was the patron who was there when the teens hit the store. It was a very unsettling event. I decided to get out of the store prior to them getting violent. Unfortunately, as I was leaving the store, they began to make racial slurs and threats to the assistant manager. I started to walk out of the store, but their abuse of the assistant manager was such that I fear they would physically attack him. I stopped as I walked out the door.

    The two thieves ran north on 12th Street (they ran towards Quincy street) and then went east up Quincy Street. The other kids stood outside of the door taunting the assistant manager, making racial slurs and threats. I was threatened with having my head bashed in by one of the kids who told me that I better mind my own business. I started to say something but thought better of it. He, however, continued to threaten me telling me that I did not know who I was talking to and that I better mind my own business.

    The assistant manager had been trying to call the police but asked me to speak to them. After waiting for over 25 minutes, I made a second call to the police dispatcher complaining that no one had shown up. I asked what did it take to get a police person there—-did we need to report “police in trouble”. She went to check on the dispatch and 27 minutes after making the first call, a police officer showed up.

    I have not been contacted even thought I wasted 45 minutes “being a responsible citizen”. I could identify the kid who threatened me but as I said I have not been contacted. Yes has pictures of the thugs as they were in the store for over 5 minutes. They also gathered at the front door of the store, so the report should have a good count of the number of kids involved plus very good pictures of them.

    I do not often support Brian’s tirades against the police because they do try to do their best. In this case, it seems to me that the police had no interest in pursuing this matter. I do not know about you, but kids who threaten to bash my head in, and tell me I do not know who they are —-and what they are capable of doing—-should not be allowed to get away with making such threats. It seems to me that this one kid clearly has a history of physical attacks on DC citizens. By the way, all the kids went east towards 13th street. In the store, they had said that they were on their way to CVS after the got finished at Yes.

    Waiting 27 minutes for a police response to a flash mob and threats (including racial comments against the assistant managers) should be taken seriously. I think it was not only a case of threats but also a hate crime as they were really badly abusing the manager because of his ethnic background (they thought he was Chinese, he is Korean). I know that the police have not taken this event seriously because no one has asked me to identify the kid who threatened me. I still have not been contacted by the police despite giving them my contact information. I can identify the kid who made the threats—-I checked back at Yes two days later and they informed me that they had given them to the police. Of course, you cannot get information if you do not bother to contact those of us who were there and were subject to threats by a flash mob. What does it take to get a case to be taken seriously. I bet if the case involved a police officer, we would have had every single available police officer in the district there.

    The police can still contact me but I will not hold my breath.


    MPD-5D’s cover-up continues– now with a whispering campaign. It’s August.– with lots of slow news days. So who really cares about another case of racist, anti-LGBT police bias in MPD’s 5D?


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