June 16, 2015 at 12:59 pm EDT | by Michael Key
PHOTOS: Capital Pride Parade
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The 2015 Capital Pride Parade was led by the Joint Armed Forces Color Guard for the second year in a row. (Washington Blade photo by Michael Key)

The 2015 Capital Pride Parade was held in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. Over 150,000 people attended and participated in the annual event. (Washington Blade photos by Michael Key) Capital Pride Parade

Michael Key has worked as a photojournalist for the Washington Blade since 2009 and is currently serving as the photo editor. He has worked on Capitol Hill, in the White House, on the campaign trail and in cities along the East Coast taking iconic photos documenting the extension of marriage benefits to same-sex couples, the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," and other events of interest to the LGBT community. Follow Michael

  • Is that really the best DC has to offer? A couple of fat drag queens and mostly men in speedos?

    Where’s the real pride gone? I’m gay but I wouldn’t share a float with one of these cartoon characters if you paid me.

    • There’s a lot you didn’t see- I marched with DC public school teachers. I am 37 years old. I never thought I would live to see the day when public school teachers marched in a pride parade, especially with tons and tons of straight allies. And perhaps pride would have been a lot better if you hadn’t tantrumed like a child and joined the pride committee and *helped.*

      • “Tantrumed”

        I suggest you ask some of your new teacher friends to teach you some words that are in the dictionary. Oh and perhaps you could be taught to accept other people’s opinions. My opinion reflects the photographs accompanying this article.

        • Good! Fixate on a word! Insult the OP that you don’t know. Keep representing your true self.

        • Pundit, I suggest you get some manners very quickly because you have NONE! Your opinion is just bashing a happy pride parade because you hate yourself and no it has nothing to do with the photographs in this article. The photos were wonderful. Its you that needs to disappear.

          • Hate myself? I’m in a healthy and loving relationship, been openly gay since I was 15. In what way do I “hate myself” please blast me with some more of your infinite wisdom.

      • I totally agree with you on everything you said. People are just greedy and want to tear everything down because they aren’t happy with themselves. What fun would it be to see boring people and no speedos.

    • Your comment about the lack of diversity in DC is a bit misdirected. The size of people and the choice of what they wear makes me think you have a very incorrect opinion about the event as a whole — and that you’re a shallow person.

      I know there are a majority of Caucasian presenting people in the parade–but that is directly related to the people who sign up for an participate. Yes. There are more Caucasian presenting people that participate in and sponsor and patronize dc’s capital pride.

      I’m proud to say that I was there and people got to see Chocolate City Burlesque and Cabaret. We were in the same group with many of the religious groups. A lot of people had already left by the time we had even started marching. There were around 190 contingents.

      Maybe the parade is too big? Too big for the blade to be able to represent every single group? I don’t know. Don’t have to spend the time speculating because I was there. I got to participate in the 40th anniversary of capital pride with my new troupe and I can’t ignore that. I took my own pics.

      Next time–come. See for yourself. Michael does his best and yes–I wish I were better represented, but–whatever. It happens. If it upsets you–don’t blame the Photog. He’s got rules and limits, too. Talk to capital pride.

  • WOW…there is NO DIVERSITY within this parade!
    and i know for a FACT that my Church participated in it…and marched…for LGBTQIA rights…but for some reason there is no picture of that…i wonder if it is because we are a church of color?

    • I attempt to show the full diversity of the crowd in every photo gallery that I take. Looking through the photos on this page, I see every race, sex and gender identity represented with photos. I take that comment very seriously, but I feel it is completely unwarranted.

      • sometimes Diversity is MUCH MORE than what you see…but what is seen by all…and several people have expressed that DC Capitol Pride is a little…well…light this year…
        no one of color was able to assist with any of the planning and we were turned away at the doors and asked “what were we there for?” and then told to “go volunteer for black pride”

        it is a shame that there it is so much more than diversity that is lacking though…not just in pictures…but also overall…those faces, etc. that you see are warranted by the fact that once someone that was popular in DC or within a “mixed group” is how their photos and all are seen by all.

        • Shaun, maybe if your group were all wearing speedos, or waving feather boas around, it would have got Michael Kay’s attention. That is all I see in this article. Not a reflection of the LGBTQ movement whatsoever. Just a bunch of stereotypes that some of us want to distance ourselves from.

          • spot on…my church is trying to capture those who at times fall into depression…suicide..etc. and help uplift them spiritually…not parading their bodies…
            it just would have been nice to see some of THAT in the pictures. that is my only point…and also the fact that it was a little BRIGHT

          • Shaun, it’s an honor to have someone like you and your church represent our community, you have my total respect and admiration. Keep doing what you do.

          • Pundit, Why didn’t you just stay home and let everyone else have a good time? You’re the ilk of the GLBT community.

          • I don’t converse with racists. Please consider this the last time I address scum like you.

        • Shaun you blacks started black pride because you have to have everything separate from every other race. No other race has their own pride. Why don’t we have a discussion about that issue. The pictures Michael took showed everyone of every race and origin. I think you’re are being quite childish and shortsighted. You probably aren’t even GLBT and you’re a bigot that just wants to run your mouth and tear down the one big event that’s just for the GLBT community. I guess there’s always one!

          • 1- are you gay?
            2- REMOVE “you blacks” from your vocabulary because you have THE WRONG ONE!
            3- i am making a simple statement that when it comes to something as this…regardless of sexual orientation…race…sex, etc. THIS is an event that we should ALL as a LGBTQIA community be welcomed in to…be SAFE in and REJOICE in…

            it is bad enough that blacks are being singled out because of their race…that whites are being singled out because of their race…that hispanics are being singled out because of their race…when in actuality…we are ALL wanting to be a part of the bigger picture!

            if you had to say “you blacks” to make your point…then YOU sir are a DEFINITE PROBLEM IN THIS SOCIETY…and it goes way beyond the gay pride issue…but slides you right into the Race issues that we face everyday.

            it is hard enough being BLACK in America…but being GAY and hated on WITHIN the same community is absurd!

          • I’m not in any way against any race whatsoever. However blacks are the ones that separate themselves from other races in so many ways. It was even mentioned by another person on this thread. You don’t want inclusion you want divisiveness and it is clear to see in the remarks you make. You’re lying about the pictures and if you count them you’ll see you’re wrong. Simply put you’re are just a trouble maker. Plain and simple!!!

          • if you see from my initial post…i spoke that there was no DIVERSITY in the photos…once others invoked in conversation…WE spoke of race…
            the proof is there in black and white (or better yet…in the photos).

            trouble maker…not likely! an educated woman who happens to be gay and black…SURE…
            continuing the FIGHT to prove in this society that i am better than some folks who are just handed the silver spoon…

          • and as you can tell…i am one that is always involved all around in things that matter to me…i do NOT participate in Black Pride because it makes no sense to me when we should ALL celebrate our PRIDE together…so your assumptions about the race as a whole is WRONG…and the reasoning why “the blacks” tend to go to events that are geared towards them is the fact that we keep getting pushed out and discriminated against when trying to participate in events that should be inclusive!

          • “you blacks”

            Nothing racist about that.

            Shaun, please do not respond to this racist and disgusting individual. Report his comments, hopefully he will not be able to spread his poisonous elsewhere.

      • Michael you’re never going to be able to please everyone. You can’t capture every single group. Why does dc need two prides? Why do people segragate themselves?

    • Racist much!!!

      • not racist at all…but you seem to be…because to say something as “you blacks” was disturbingly rude…and counteractive to my point…however you made your point of view VERY clear not only to me…but others reading this.

        you will NEVER know the struggles that people of color face…and on top of that…people of color who happen to be gay!

        i do indeed detect ignorance…so therefore…i am concluding this conversation with you!

        God bless you Michael W. stay in your false world…as i continue to live in the real world

    • The race card…really? I see many people of color. The blade cannot publish every participant in the parade……That attitude is what causes racism….dah….put your big girl panties on and get over it

      • 1 – this is SO OLD…get a life
        2- it was NOT the race card…when i say diversity it goes beyond RACE
        3- however…you just MADE it a “race issue”
        4- i wear thongs…thank you…so you can put your own on…
        5- GIRL BYE!

  • Thanks for the pictures and for capturing the day.

  • Hi Michael… I don’t see any pictures of the 3 Marriott floats, or the marriage that was performed by Ross Matthews on the largest of them during the Parade. Did you by chance take any that didn’t get posted here?

  • Michael Key You did an outstanding job taking pictures of DC PRIDE 2015. We moved from DC six months ago and weren’t there to see the parade but have been to many others while living there. I get the blade and I think you did a great job!!!!!!!

  • Just for some peoples information there are 55 pictures in this photo-set and almost half 21 have blacks in them. I would say that these pictures are fair to all races. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and lying that it wasn’t equal to all.

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