March 16, 2016 at 3:54 pm EDT | by Mariah Cooper
Jim Parsons says it was logical to not hide his sexuality
(Screenshot courtesy of YouTube)

(Screenshot courtesy of YouTube)

Jim Parsons never needed a coming out moment when he gained success in Hollywood.

Speaking with Migro-Magazin, a publication in Switzerland, “The Big Bang Theory” star says he grew up openly gay in Houston and never felt threatened to be closeted.

“Houston is a metropolis, I never had the feeling not to have the right to my life,” Parsons says.

“I also don’t think I’m particularly brave to be the way I am,” Parsons continued. “Because I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me and paved this way.”

When Parsons entered the entertainment industry he had been with his partner art director Todd Spiewak for five years.

‘There was no going back, luckily. I took Todd along to the first award shows, as my date, and what happened?,’ Parsons said. “Absolutely nothing. And afterwards, nobody ever asked me: “Are you gay?”’

The actor, who was named the highest paid television actor last year by Forbes, also says he was surprised he and Spiewak were awarded Glisten’s Inspiration award in 2014.

“I’m not an activist. We simply live our life. And if that’s inspirational, it’s completely incidental – but it’s also okay,” Parsons says.

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  • Gay or perceived-gay celebrities tend to have it a lot easier than gays that are not in the limelight. They have fans and people who enjoy their work. The rest of us get judged based on who we are sleeping with and often our achievements don’t seem to matter.

    I recall with all the blatant horrible homophobia we had during the 1980s, Michael Jackson, who had huge success then was often assumed to be gay despite his denials. One homophobe said he could respect him because of his great talent. I took that to mean that he couldn’t respect a gay person otherwise. Such attitudes we still have today only they are less blatant and overt than they were then!

    Instead of saying it to your face they can assault you online through social media anonymously.

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