March 3, 2017 at 7:26 am EST | by Donovan Trott
An open letter to gay Republicans
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Attendees of the Gays for Trump ‘Deploraball’ on Inauguration Day. (Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key)

Let me start by saying I do not stand in judgement of you or your conservative values, such as they are. Though I am an unabashed liberal I have always thought that conservatism serves an important purpose as a moderating, albeit non-obstructive, voice on the road to progress. As a millennial, I came of age during the 2000 election. It was close and contentious, not to mention stolen by the Supreme Court, but ultimately civil. I look back fondly on a time in U.S. politics when civil discourse could be had across party lines and at the end of the day we could all go home without any significant bruises.

It is within this spirit of bipartisan communication that I speak to you now. You are fighting a losing battle and splintering the resistance to Trump’s hateful agenda in the process. Your continued support of the Republican Party and its current platform, the most anti-gay in history, is self-defeating as gay Americans and as a gay American on the other side of the aisle I am not ashamed to say that we are a stronger LGBTQ community with you than without you.

It occurs to me that you might mention that Trump has spoken positively about the rights of LGBTQ individuals in the past and I know you’re clinging to his words like a piece of debris in the middle of a hurricane but let me remind you that Trump has been on both sides of many issues over the course of a few short months. He is unprincipled and driven only by his never-ending search for power, personal gain and admiration. And as his recent flip on the issue of trans bathrooms in public schools perfectly exhibits, his word is worth less than a pair of Ivanka Trump brand shoes at Nordstrom. It also occurs to me that as a gay Republican you are nothing if not a master of compartmentalization. I’m sure you’ve already drawn a line in the sand and convinced yourself that just because Trump went after the trans community doesn’t mean he’ll roll back gay rights. In this case, I’m cautioning you to remember that even if you took Trump at his fickle word, he’s not the one who ultimately decides whether our rights as gay Americans are protected. That’s up to the Supreme Court and his current nominee, Neil Gorsuch, has voiced disturbing views on the rights of our community in the past. Views that are very much in line with his previous mentor, the late Antonin Scalia.

I haven’t even gotten to the constant disrespect you face as gay Republicans. You have been sidelined and dismissed by your own. Continually humiliated and treated as oddities by your fellow Republican brethren. CPAC’s decision to have the first openly gay speaker in the convention’s history be the unabashedly racist, sexist, chauvinistic, and pedophile apologist, Milo Yiannopoulos, was further evidence of your status among fellow Republicans. You are entertainment to them and nothing more.

I know you already know all of this. There’s nothing I can say about this current Republican Party that you haven’t already heard or reflected on for yourself. So why continue to support them?

It is my best guess that during your period of self-reflection during the election when you were pondering your continued loyalty to your party you made the calculation, hopefully not consciously, that your identity as a white man/woman or as a person of wealth is more valuable than your identity as a homosexual.

No other excuse could explain why you are currently in support of a party that does not value you as equals and would, and very well may, strip you of your most basic protections as Americans at its first opportunity. And to be honest, I can’t say I blame you. As a gay black man, I’m uniquely low on the demographic hierarchy this country has established. When I get jumped in the street I must stop and actively wonder to myself which part of my identity is under attack before I fill out the hate crime form in my head. Being white and or wealthy doesn’t make you a better or more valuable person but it is undoubtedly an easier way to live life in the U.S. than as either gay or a minority.

You were born to belong to a much older community than that of the GOP. One that will be around long after something else replaces Republicans and Democrats and because of that it is important that you take this opportunity to stand on the right side of history. Reject party over country politics and stand with your gay, trans and questioning brothers and sisters and resist Trump! Everyone has something to lose in Trump’s America. I understand that you may disagree with that but you can’t possibly disagree that as a gay American, if the worst-case scenario takes place, few have more to lose than you.

  • Dear Mr. Trott – Come on up to New Hampshire sometime. I think it would be a real eye opener for you. As a gay Republican I have only been greeted with respect, kindness, and equality from str8 Republicans as well as officials of the state party here. My husband was recently elected as a Republican to the NH GOP Senate as one of just 24 Senators in our state. We are not ‘entertainment to them’ as you suggest. On the flip side, on several occasions I have been harassed and brow-beated by liberals and party officials from the NH State Democratic party here of the years. The venomous comments directed towards me from the Chairman of the NHDEMs alone, Ray Buckley, would alarm you. Folks like myself, Log Cabin Republicans, and other gay conservatives are working to help move the GOP forward to be more inclusive of the LGBT community. We are in the room making a difference by being present. What folks like yourself don’t seem to understand is that just constantly berated the GOP (as a whole) gets our mission of equality and inclusiveness nowhere. The GOP is evolving just like Obama and your candidate Hillary did, but yes, a few years behind. If you want real tolerance you need to start practicing some with folks who don’t agree with you 100%. Humans will have differences until the end of time. Until then, come on up and visit us here in NH. You’ll find Republicans are not just the few bad eggs that get all the press in the Washington Blade, on CNN, or in the NY Times. You’re missing out on a great portion of this party that has evolved and is behind our community 100%. DM me. I’d be happy to make introductions for you.

    • Doug, There are a thousand things wrong with the Republican party. Driven by greed. Anti-science. Authoritarian. Anti-education. Stands against social programs that benefit the poor. Supports private prisons. Cares little about the environment. Would sell public lands and waters to the highest bidder.

      I am glad your local group shows you love and respect. I think that is nice.

      • Thanks for the message Mike. I’d have to agree that both parties have things wrong with them. You must admit the Dems aren’t perfect as can be seen from their loss of over 1000 seats during the last 8 years. Clearly messaging and actions are not working for their party. While we could debate your party’s issues, I think we’d be better work together on the things every American wants and politicians can agree upon: saving Medicare & Medicaid, maintaining our infrastructure, great education for our children (the GOP wants excellent education, and are not anti fyi), keeping Social Security solvent, and keeping America safe. We need to work on the big issues, and stop using smaller ones we may not agree upon to divide us.

        • New Hampshire, like most New England States are simply not the same as most red states. You are heavily influenced by the liberalism of states that surround you when it comes to LGBT inclusion.
          What plays at the state level doesn’t readily translate on the National level. Look at Mitt Romney, who tried to take Ted Kennedy’s seat by telling the GLBT community that he was better on GLBT issues than the Democrats. Yet, once he became Governor of Massachusetts, he started to lay the seeds for a Presidential run which meant becoming a very vocal opponent of Marriage Equality even going so far as to write a WSJ article urging all Governors to oppose it! We were backed stabbed!
          It starts by changing the party platform to make it clear discrimination against GLBT isn’t tolerate yet putting it in writing is too much to ask. Most of the vocal opposition to LGBT concerns continues to come the GOP. I’m sure you won’t be getting any discussion let alone free up and down votes in the Senate or House on an Equality Act with McConnell or Ryan in control. But I think it’s a good bet a Religious Freedom Act would!

          • Importing 3rd world muslims in hopes they will fight armed STR8 Christians instead of easy targets like gay bars like Pulse & Neighbors in Seattle on new years eve is only stupider than thinking you can sue people into liking you.
            London was one of the gayest cities in the world until it imported 3rd world savagery. Lewistown Maine saw a Somali muslim behead a male nurse.

          • Religious extremism is our enemy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Muslim or Christian. I can point to many Christian preachers in the US that advocate capital punishment for us. Steve Anderson for one praises the Pulse Massacre.

            London is still considered one of the gayest cities in Europe and is welcoming of gay tourists. They’ve been known to ban entry to those that preach hate against LGBT. So what are you babbling about?

        • You are very correct. I appreciate your thoughts. Democrats seem to be disorganized and often dishonest. Republicans greedy and dishonest.

          Thank you for your thoughts.


        • Every American may want to save Medicare, fix our infrastructure, have access to a great education, keep social security solvent and America safe. But what we can’t agree upon, whether conservative or liberal, is how to achieve it. Regardless of sexual politics, what steps we take on those issues will continue to be controversial and divisive. We can’t even agree on tax reform or how to pay for it. Trump’s priorities don’t add up and something has got to give.

          It strikes me that people like Mulvaney and Paul Ryan have no interest in saving social security or Medicare. Rather they seem bent on destroying it and replacing it with something inferior.

        • Doug: Voter ID Laws (aka voter suppression) and extreme gerrymandering have something to do with those losses. Social Security can be kept solid by simply lifting the cap on contributions (currently stops at ~$114,000). Education: Are you kidding me? School choice is going to severely damage the public school system. Just look at how it’s destroyed the education system in Detroit. Defense: We already spend more on defense than the next 7 countries. The problem is a lot of that money is lost to fraud, waste and abuse. Tackle that before giving the DoD anymore money. And before you attack me for not being patriotic, I am a veteran, so don’t even go there. I’m also a NH resident. You may have things cushy here in NH, but nationally your party is out on the right fringe, out of step with America wants and needs. For example they want to get rid of the Education Dept, the EPA and they think climate change is a hoax.

          • You mean the Detroit where the top public educator Otis Mathis had to sue a historically black college because it wouldn’t give him his degree if he didn’t pass an English proficiency test despite being born in the US?

      • There were hundreds of gays hoping a gay republican was in the house when the Afghani muslim came out at PULSE. As far as science goes I am glad I made it out of NYC before global warming put it underwater in 2015. The Clintons sold HIV+ prison blood & even sold it thru intermediaries when it was banned.
        If you care about the environment stop importing the 3rd world onto welfare where their carbon footprint is much bigger.

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