June 17, 2016 at 12:23 pm EST | by Mariah Cooper
Walmart fires employee who called Orlando shooting ‘community service’
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(Photo by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia; courtesy Flickr)

Walmart has fired a Georgia employee after he tweeted his support for the Orlando gunman, following Sunday’s shooting.

“Y’all see a Gay club shooting as a horrible tragedy. I see it as someone doing Community Service,” Twitter user @IWillTryLater wrote on Sunday evening.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports other Twitter users searched his profile and discovered a photo of the man wearing a Walmart vest. One user took a screenshot of the tweet and contacted Walmart.

“We don’t tolerate this kind of behavior. He no longer works for Walmart. Our hearts go out to all affected by the Orlando tragedy,” Walmart tweeted on Monday.

@IWillTryLater’s tweet has since been deleted.


  • They keep coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches now! A preacher in Sacramento, CA calling on the federal government to put us before firing squads, an old man and bus driver in DC and now an employee in Walmart down in Georgia. This is just of few among many people.

    If he wasn’t so stupid he wouldn’t have been caught. How many others out there are getting away with this with no means of having them pay the consequences?

    Do you still think that being GLBT in America doesn’t matter anymore? That having a supportive GLBT community to go to in time of need and gay spaces like bars are not necessary anymore? Do you really think you can kiss your boyfriend anywhere without peril? Stop being lulled into a false sense of safety and complete acceptance. Like race, sexual orientation sadly does still mater!

    • We can’t live in fear, but must live with caution.

    • “…having a supportive GLBT community to go to in time of need.”

      Well, I’m glad you appear to better understand that with this post, lnm3921.

      Because supportive LGBTs don’t slam and re-victimize fellow LGBTs who have been the targets of official homophobic/transphobic hate– whether state-sponsored or corporate-sponsored.

      That would be hypocrisy of a high order.

      • By supportive community, I wasn’t expecting a love in or utopia like evidently you must be. Let’s be realistic that where there are people there will be always some level of strife. I’m talking about feeling safe from being physically attacked or verbally abused by anti gay slurs. Where you feel supported simply by seeing that you are one of many.

        Humans are more aggressive like chimpanzees rather than more docile like bonobos.

        As for slamming, we need to learn to have thicker skins if we expect to survive and let it roll off our backs or give it just as hard in return!

        Gay men can be vicious. They’ve become so in order to survive just like any minority. We don’t need to feed the stereotype of all being milsops!

        • More should fight back, get involved with gay organisations, continue supporting our bars as friendly meeting places and fight back and do so strongly; without forgetting to fight HIV as well. Pulse in Orlando will be this generation’s Stonewall.
          But not everyone in our communities will be strong enough to fight back, or to develop thick skins. Some will always be docile like the bonobos. We must not abandon these. Instead, we must make our communities stronger overall, prepared to shelter the weakest of our own, the homeless youth, the poorest of our seniors, and those impacted with HIV.

        • Well, do tell, Inm3921.

          When, where and which LGBTQ victims of hate crimes and/or harassment have you seen me publicly denigrate, lecture or ‘slam’ here or elsewhere?

          Can you cite one instance of that? Ever?

          It is beyond sad when any gay man, in order to advance his own pretentiousness (or salve his insecurities), feels compelled to lecture and denigrate the character and judgment of another gay man– merely for his reporting of anti-LGBT hate in our city.

          Like Trump, some have to greatly alter the truth, so as to make comparative excuses for their bad behavior.

          Disabled reporters? Anti-LGBT hate victims? Yeah, they’re all just like bonobos, after all.
          I see you slamming people in your posts. Who really is being hypocritical?**

          • Evidently i’ve struck a nerve. I didn’t say you slammed victims of hates crimes specifically but you have slammed people for other reasons, what is the difference? what are you doing now with me? You can’t wag fingers at people and arrogantly criticize me and still claim to be any better. Your ego is showing!

            if I’m pretentious then you are self-righteous and condescending. Often you come across as a know it all yourself lecturing me and others with your annoying links and naive child like sense of the world.

            If you don’t like what I have to say then no one compels you to read it! Feel free to ignore it like I ignore the things that annoy me about your rants and tirades!

            We’ve all been victims of hate crimes and some like me victimized for reasons other than being gay. It has made me stronger in the long run and I’m better off for it. As victims simply roll over and are paralyzed with fear while the thicker skinned press on and are able to fight back!

          • Uh huh. It’s all a contest about me, me, me, me, me.

            It’s kinda like Donald Trump. He presumes no one notices the narcissism that compels his inevitable return from ad hominem bullying of ‘docile bonobos’ to boasting of self.

            Busted. See you in the funnies.

          • Well I’m glad to see you admit you think it’s all about you!

            You’re wearing out your Donald trump analogy, time for something new!

            You showing me your chimp fangs? Looks like Your Hyde is showing ms. Jekyll. Made you lose your composure have I?

            You’ll get over it and be all right tomorrow night and then some! ?

          • That’s a VERY good question, Mr. Trumpness. And no, contrary to your reckless assertion, “we” have not “all” been victims of hate crimes.

            Your other comments make clear you honestly do not know the ethical and legal answers called for by your question.

            So take an incredibly good piece of advice, Inm3921. Consult with a good lawyer you trust– LGBT or straight– it doesn’t really matter on this subject.

            You need to better understand YOUR legal rights and responsibilities when “slamming” or otherwise attacking the character and honesty of non-public figures who have been victims of hate.

            Maybe you don’t even reside in the DC area. If so, you probably don’t know or care about the elements of DC’s Bias-Related Crimes Act (Hate Crimes Law)– or how it relates to both criminal and civil remedies for victims of hate crimes in Washington, DC.

            I’ll just respectfully request, that as an ethical matter, you try to *DO NO HARM* to LGBT victims of hate in your postings.

            And try not to give aid and comfort to those who wish bad things for LGBTQ people everywhere.
            I didn’t say you slammed victims of hates crimes specifically but you have slammed people for other reasons,
            what is the difference?
            …We’ve all been victims of hate crimes …**

          • I think I know what is a hate crime. I don’t need to read a legal definition. I’ve been the brunt of it on many levels most of my life. Lucky for you if you have not.

            Where I live is irrelevant as the issues are the same everywhere. Bounderies obviously don’t stop you from interjecting your two cents!

            Why in the world would I need to consult a good lawyer? Is that a thinly veiled threat?

            You are very paternalistic telling me what I need to understand and do. It’s not your place to tell me what I can and cannot do. It’s also not your place to tell me what I can say or not say.

            Request away. I’ll take it under consideration but don’t expect me to censor myself to meet your sense of right and wrong. I’m not responsible for how others take or perceive what I say.

            If you choose to interject yourself in a conversation that’s fine, but what I say to anyone is my business and I don’t have to consult anyone else anymore than you do. You’re not my daddy.

          • Be well. Be happy.

          • And I never called disabled reporters or Orlando victims bonobos! You did! stop trying to fabricate things I never said, the subject was about people on metro not Orlando!

  • Drive these insects out from under their rocks. Expose them. Shame them (if they have any shame to work with). Fire them. Show them there is a price for savages who have no place in a civilized society.

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