February 28, 2011 at 11:34 am EST | by Joey DiGuglielmo
‘King’s Speech’ gay Oscar winner thanks boyfriend

Producer Iain Canning (Courtesy of AMPAS)

It was a great year for film but not such a good year for the Oscars.

The year brought solid movies like last night’s Best Picture winner “The King’s Speech” and nominee “The Social Network,” but the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony telecast was unusually flat with co-hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway exhibiting little chemistry and offering few laughs.

It was so bad that a mid-show sequence that found eight-time Oscar host Billy Crystal returning to the stage for a tribute to long-time Oscar host Bob Hope and the Academy’s first telecast in the ’50s, made one pine for those Oscar hosts of yore. One yearned for Crystal to simply take the reins. Even 50-year-old kinescopes of Hope’s oft-repeated jokes seemed fresher and funnier than the schtick Franco and Hathaway delivered.

The show, too, felt off — and I’m not one of these perennial moaners who say the telecast is always too long. Last night didn’t feel overly long — just bad. The off-key kids’ choir singing “Over the Rainbow”— wearing T-shirts and swaying wildly out of sync — was painful. That gave way to a backdrop of the Emerald City and this year’s winners returning to the stage for a sing-along. Oscar has never been known for its production numbers, but to end on such an amateurish, maudlin note was jarring.

The lesbian-themed  “Kids Are All Right,” up for four awards, won none.

Two gay filmmakers — neither household names — ended up with Oscars, though. The Blade couldn’t independently confirm the sexual orientation of sound mixer Lora Hirschberg, a co-winner for her work on “Inception,” but several media outlets are reporting that the woman she kissed before heading to the stage is her partner. Hirschberg also worked on “The Dark Knight,” “Batman Begins,” “Titanic,” “The Horse Whisperer” and “Panic Room.”

And Iain Canning, a 31-year-old Brit who shared the Best Picture Oscar for “The King’s Speech” with Gareth Unwin and Emile Sherman, thanked “my boyfriend, Ben” from the stage. Canning’s credits include “The King of Mykonos,” “Linear,” Mary and Max” and “Hunger.”

Go here for a complete list of the winners.

Joey DiGuglielmo is the Features Editor for the Washington Blade.

  • Actually the guys coming up to accept with Lora Hirschberg confirmed it themselves when the guy who accepted said and “I want to thank our three wives”.

  • Oh OK, cool. I missed that, thanks!

  • I bet that movie lost millions from that statement. Many people who aren’t comfortable or agree with the gay lifestyle probably may not want to go see this movie due to that one utterance. He may of made a bold stand for gay rights but he cost the studio millions. JMHO

    • Yup…I will not let my children watch the Oscars with a pregnant whore getting an award and some gays kissing on stage get some too. I speak for the morality of this nation and for the large majority of the families of this nation. WE will NOT put up with this. Money talks….and this money isn’t watching their films nor their Oscar show! EVER.

  • Gee, PatrickLA, would those be the same people who stayed away because it starred an actor who played a gay character in an Oscar-nominated movie last year? The movie and the studio did just fine. You’re an idiot.

  • Terrific post Joey. I completely agree, it was a breath of fresh air to see Billy. As much as I wanted the two hosts to succeed I was a bit surprised by how little chemistry and humor they both exuded. NObody should be allowed to sing Over the Rainbow except Judy. Poor end to the show.
    [I’m happy for Iain]

  • Patrick, exactly what is a gay lifestyle? Waking up, dressing your children for school, going to work, shopping, making dinner, praying with your family before a meal, putting your children to bed? Seems like a regular life to me, not a lifestyle!

    • A gay lifestyle, Stephanie. K. is doing all you say and celebrating the destruction of a normal lifestyle. Normal is having 1 dad, 1 mom married and 1 God as a union, and their love outpours their children. Being gay isn’t a sin…but having a sexual relationship outside a normal marriage, is, and is abnormal. We are all redeemable, so lets go to the confessional and get tidied up. I mean, really, who do you know likes to kiss someone who doesn’t brush their teeth. Sin, is plaque on your spiritual smile. I hope God wants to kiss you.

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