January 10, 2012 at 3:54 pm EST | by Phil Reese
Pope Benedict: Same-sex marriage threatens humanity
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Pope Benedict XVI condemned efforts to extend marriage to same-sex couples, Monday. (photo by Rvin88 via Wikimedia Commons)

Pope Benedict XVI used his Monday ‘State of the World’ address to condemn efforts around the world to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples, calling same-sex marriage a threat to “human dignity and the future of humanity itself.’

Initially speaking about economic issues, the ‘Arab Spring,’ and of the importance of education, the pontiff switched gears and took aim at the LGBT community.

“Pride of place goes to the family, based on the marriage of a man and woman,” the leader of the 1.3-billion member Roman Catholic Church said.

“This is not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society. Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself,” he told the crowd of 180 diplomats gathered in the Vatican.

Next month, according to New York Daily News, the pope will elevate New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, a leading opponent of marriage equality to cardinal, the elite group that leads critical Roman Catholic institutions. Dolan once attacked the Obama administration for not supporting a federal ban on gay marriage, saying the the choice would drive “conflict” between church and state of “enormous proportions.”

Marriage is now legal for same-sex couples in New York, where Dolan is located.

“The family unit is fundamental for the educational process and for the development both of individuals and states; hence there is a need for policies which promote the family and aid social cohesion and dialogue,” the pope told the diplomats.

According to Reuters, Benedict has been effective in attracting dissatisfied conservatives from other denominations into the Catholic Church, including Anglicans and Episcopalians whose traditions, core beliefs, structure of worship service, and hierarchical leadership structure mirrors that of the Catholic Church. Anglicans and Episcopalians who abandon their church over LGBT or womens’ rights can connect to a special parallel hierarchy overseen by the Catholic Church called “ordinariates,” which are similar to dioceses.


  • Now that the Catholic church is dictating how government should pass or not pass certain laws and rights. Its time for the church to start paying TAXES.

  • Exactly when is this armageddon scheduled to commence according to ze Pope? Is there a Time, or a precise Number of Gay weddings when the battle horn will be heard from the Heavens?? How will we’uns ever know that we are having a Holy Catastrophe, I mean,… aside from being told by the Pope?

    Will Jesus himself make a special return to “straighten” us all out??? Will God send another of his Prophets to [ahem] wave arms and to open up the Earth large enough to swallow all of faggotry to burn in Hell for ever and ever Amen!? […and the People may rejoice with Angels singing]?

    Isn’t this all a bit overdue?

    Or like all of the other babble spewed out by the Roman Catholic Church, are Gay Marriages having Absolutely Positively Zero affect upon all of Straight mankind? Is Nothing about to occur? Yes, Nothing tangible, Nothing audible, nor viewable, nor hearable, nor smellable, nor detectable on the finest of Ghost-Catchers’ Spirit Detecting Devices may dare be predicted by the Grand Poobah of the Gilded Mother Church, in so much as it might then be witnessed by Sane mankind, and “Oops!” the Cat would be “out of the bag!” Yes folks, Nothing is about to occur.

    Sane Mankind is seeing over and over the absolutely ridiculous claims of supernatural phenomenon made by the church, and this again, albeit proclaimed tirelessly by those who defend their self-granted dominion over the weak, shall Never come to pass any more authentically than has “The Rapture”. Holies must even lie in evidencing the modern day Miracles that are necessary to “authenticate” their “Saints” – [I chuckle!]

    No wonder the Pope, the K-Street “Family”, and the Rick Warrens of the world, seek to posess the minds of Sub-Saharan Africans. Everyone else is wiseing-up. Where WILL tomorrows minions come from?

    It is the Pope Himself who withholds “Human Dignity” from others, and this is NOT what Jezus would do. Yet sane people shall prevail. Gay people actually exist, and they are harming precisely noone.

  • Gay marriage – thread to Vatican hierarchical structure.
    No one during the history of humankind has done more to promote homosexual subculture than the hierarchs of the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman practice of compulsory clerical celibacy, underpinned by theology of ontological superiority of ordained priests, used to be a very attractive alternative choice for gay individuals living in a society condemning homosexuality.
    For a long time catholic seminaries enjoyed monopoly on providing a safe haven and guaranteed a respected and sacred career for homosexual individuals rejected by homophobic religious society. This worked well for all within the system ensuring continuity and a growth of hierarchical structure.
    Social changes, especially change of attitude towards homosexual unions in a secular society, have resulted in Roman Catholic Church losing its monopoly on providing attractive lifestyle for gays and lesbians. Dramatic drop in number of so called vocations to priesthood has sent SOS message to the catholic hierarchs. They realized that their holy celibate orders cannot longer compete with a new social order and that the only way to stop this recruitment crisis and to ensure continuity of celibacy and homosexual hierarchical structure is by restoring a homophobic attitude of the society.
    The recent homophobic statement of the pope needs to be seen in the context of the dwindling number of gays joining catholic seminaries and interpreted as a self defense mechanism that aims at hiding hierarchs own sexuality issues and maintaining their status quo. The pope’s words: “policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself” need to be read as follow: Policies which allow gays and lesbians to get married threaten a celibate hierarchical cast and future of the Roman Catholic Church itself.
    Gay men who can legally and safely get married will no longer be forced to consider hiding behind clerical collar. Amen.

  • This venomous pope and his self-righteous satraps (bishops) are the real threat to the future of humanity!

  • the Catholic church threatens our freedom.

  • Oh, please. Not with 7 billion people on the planet, it doesn’t “threaten humanity.” On the contrary . . . if more folks were gay instead of breeding like rabbits, then humanity — and the Earth itself — might stand a chance.

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